Friday, August 29, 2014

what I live for

 Dress c/o Olive the Things
So that may be a little dramatic... but I'm pretty sure I'm mostly serious when I say that I live for long weekends ;) We actually have zero plans (which is rare for us, but I thought I'd give Eric a break, ha ha!) and I couldn't be happier knowing that I get an extra day for my little family to spend together! Anyway, a couple things to note-

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This photo makes me really baby hungry. Like, yikes!

Eric has picked up golfing as a hobby in the last month and he and Mia are obsessed now! I always thought I would hate it if he got into golfing but I'm so relieved that he has a hobby he can enjoy right now, it's something we can do as a family (well, sorta) and it's theraputic for him which is a huge plus! Although, I may be singin' a different tune if he gets too obsessed, ha ha!

I'm having a hard time believing that it's Labor Day Weekend and summer is coming to an end... but this bow screams "Fall" and you better believe Mia will be wearing it all season long!

We rearranged Mia's room and FINALLY finished decorating and putting it together. I've only been working on it for the last 2 years, oops! Anyway, each time she walks into her room she stops and in an awed voice says, "Oh wooooooow!" Ha! It's SO cute! I can't wait to share pictures of her room!

Have a happy, SAFE weekend, my friends!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

am I enough?

I'm keepin' it real with today's topic and it's a little scary... "Feeling confident as a mom"... I have to admit that I have never felt more confident at anything in my life before! I'm a dang good mom and I rarely worry or stress about the mom I am. I definitely have my moments where I wish I would have had more patience, or wish I would have put down the cleaning supplies and snuggled my baby, and the list can go on! But Mia's fun personality, her instant forgiveness, her loyal love and her need for "momma" builds my confidence a little more each day! I don't even think to second guess our relationship as I watch her grow, flourish and learn on the daily!
I do struggle with feeling confident with every other role I have taken on in my life- wife, daughter, sister, friend, etc. The one that bothers me the most is my role as a wife, because I feel like for the most part, before Mia, I was a dang good wife!
Eric and I married young, he was 22 and I was 20, and we wouldn't change a thing! We have matured together, grown together, and figured out a lot of the hard parts of marriage together! But I come up with new items to add to the list each day that I need to become better at for Eric, for myself and for our relationship. As we've experienced different trials in our marriage, we both have to learn how to react, communicate, and work together to get through each rough spot on top and stronger than ever together. And it's hard! Marriage is hard! But it is oh so worth it!
Something I am trying to overcome right now is that I've noticed as I'm teaching Mia, watching her personality come out I am her biggest influence (next to Eric) on how she reacts to different situations. I am helping mold the kind of girl she will be as she grows by guiding her through the emotions she feels. Quite frankly, I'm a bossy mom sometimes but she's a year and a half! I have to be bossy, put my foot down, and teach her some boundaries because that's what she needs! The bad thing is that I find myself doing the same things to Eric... which is a problem since he's a grown man and doesn't need his wife treating him like he's a toddler! We are supposed to be working together instead of me laying down the law, ha ha! But seriously. It sounds ridiculous when I type it out, and even scarier because I know I'll have even more eyes watching the kind of wife I'll be and if I can overcome the things I'm saying now. It's scary because I'll fail. I'll fail multiple times before I start getting it right.
Becoming a mother and loving my sweet baby with little fears in the back of my mind has been the easiest, most natural thing I've ever experienced. Navigating the rest of my life as a new mother has not. It's been hard, but it will be worth it to figure this stuff out! Eric and I have already come a long way as we've discovered how to reconnect after that major life changes that a baby brings, and eventually I will come full circle and be the wife he needs in every aspect! It's just really scary admitting out loud that I have been failing and feeling like I'm the only one who has been sucking at something that I take such pride in! But one day I will perfect my wifey skills again and I will be better!
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Aug 28:  Feeling confident as a mom (How to feel this way, Your struggle with, etc.)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

my secret {makeup} weapon

Once upon a time, shortly after Mia was born I got eyelash extensions, and I loved them! I felt so pretty with long, gorgeous lashes and I didn't mind the upkeep... until Mia grew out of the stage where she slept for hours at a time, whether it was in her car seat, crib, my arms, wherever! It became to much of a hassle to get my lashes touched up every 2-3 weeks so I quit. And I missed them, I missed them a lot! I have debated over time whether I can commit to the upkeep and putting them back on, but I ultimately decided that it's just plain expensive and not in our budget to have gorgeous eyelashes. Then I was introduced to Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara.
Now, these pictures might suck (Eric doesn't pretend to be a pro at photography and let's face it, pictures of eyes are kind of freaky and it's hard to make 'em look good! While I'm at it, I don't pretend to be a pro at applying mascara... ha!) but this mascara doesn't! I won't lie, it was kind of a pain applying the multiple coats my first time or two, but now it's just a normal part of my routine! When I ran out of the 3D Fiber Lash, I actually waited a bit to purchase some more. I wanted to be sure I loved this stuff because I've never spent more than $5 on mascara before in my life... but I couldn't stay away for long! This is way cheaper than extensions (although, I can't promise I wouldn't go back to those if we could afford it, HA!) and I find the time in my day to apply make up, so what's a couple more minutes (versus an hour or more, plus finding a babysitter to go get lash touch ups) of applying a couple coats of mascara for amazing eyelashes?!
Anyway, I just wanted to share my find for beautiful lashes (wish you could see these in person so that my eyes don't freak you out, ha ha!) and if you're interested in checking them out for yourself, go here!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

just some randoms {20}

"Mia, where is your belly button?!"

We love that Mia is the perfect mix of girly, girl and getdirtyplaywithballsandtrucks kind of girl!

"Mia, show me your muscles!"

Fun fact: Mia calls crackers (or any treat) "coooookie?" I'm pretty sure she learned that at nursery because she didn't learn it from us! Our treat of choice is ice cream and I never bake. So seriously, where did she learn that word?
Also, notice her cute nails?! Don't forget to enter the Jamberry beauty basket giveaway!!

Mia wants to bring home the dog AND a boyfriend from Old Navy!

Monday, August 25, 2014

the perfect end

Bunker Hill Monument
Like a kid in a candy store... except for he's an adult on the USS Constitution, ha ha!
 Exploring more of the Freedom Trail
 Finally got to meet Jen!
Had to throw in a photo of the 1 bedroom apartment we stayed in! It was so fun feeling like we actually lived in Boston for a few days!
Not the best picture of us... but that's okay because THE GREEN MONSTER!
 Oh Boston, how we love you so!! Our last day in the city was exhausting but perfect in every way! We saved the Freedom Trail for the last day, which was a little crazy after walking 33+ miles the past two days, but we were excited to spend a little more time diving into Boston's history. We started at Bunker Hill Monument. Eric told me we could walk up the stairs of that tall, skinny building to the top and when we found out it was 294 steps... I scoffed at it and told Eric I could do that no problem! Not one to turn down a challenge, Eric said "Fine! We're doing it!" 10 steps up and we were already regretting our decision, ha ha! We made it to the top... eventually! We were passed by two little boys, they were probably 5 years old! Did I mention it was the hottest, most humid day of our trip? Great way to start our day... by the time we made it to the bottom we were pouring sweat and our legs could barely hold us up! Then we managed to walk 15 more miles that day... #stupid. 
We spent a bit of time exploring the USS Constitution and learning more about that amazing ship. My FIL served in the Navy and that holds a proud, soft spot in Eric's heart and he loves learning about anything to do with the Navy whether it be past, present or future! We kind of skipped the North End of the Freedom Trail since that's where we stayed and we explored each day! But we hit up Mikes Pastry for a third time as we passed through ;)
We met up with Jen at Fanueil Hall... the perks of blogging! Friends wherever we go! Jen and I have been friends almost since the beginning of my blogging days! It was such a treat to finally meet and explore a little bit of the city with her!
Eric and I headed back to our place for a little bit to rest and gear up for the big game that night! (I mentioned in previous posts, we stayed in a 1 bedroom apartment, pictured above, in Little Italy. We LOVED the location!) After resting we went to Fenway Park to soak up the pregame fun, take pictures next to the green monster and watched the Red Sox play the Yankees!! We planned our whole trip around this game and had been looking forward to it for sometime! We need the energy would be incredible, and we were right! It was a million times funner than Wednesdays game (not that the first one wasn't fun, but this was fantastic!!) The Red Sox won and we really couldn't have asked for a better ending to the perfect vacation! 

Friday, August 22, 2014

cuteness all around

We started out this week with the funnest play date... hiking in Zion National Park! Thank goodness we had our fun because Mia has been sick the rest of the week :( Anyway, we did the Riverside Walk which is my very favorite to do with Mia in Zion! Its a paved path that is wheelchair/stroller accessible, but it's so incredibly gorgeous and right along the river! The kids did SO great and hiked at least 2 miles on their own! This is the first time I let Mia walk that much (I didn't even bring my pack!) and she loved running around... as far as her leash would allow, ha ha! It was the cutest watching the kids hold hands, hug and chase each other around as we hiked! I'm going to be so sad when it gets too cold to spend our days outside!
my workout top c/o
I'm going to be totally honest for a minute... you know how people post pictures or talk about how excited they are about their new workout clothes? I never understood the excitement. You see, when I'm decked out in my workout outfit, my hair is slicked back and probably really greasy, no make up, no perfume... I mean, I'm just gross, and there is no way a new tank is going to make me feel cuter. Amiright?! (Or maybe it's just me... ha ha. In that case, be glad you're not my workout buddy and don't have to be seen with me in public!)
Anyway! I was contacted by to review whatever I wanted, and while they had cute clothing, I couldn't resist this tank when I saw it. And then I about died when I tried it on. This is the first time I felt CUTE in workout gear! I am loving the "perfect core" look and pretty much everything else about this tank! I think I understand where the excitement comes from now, because I am excited to wear this while working out (even though the rest of me will look like a hot mess, yikes!) You must check out the summer sale at and be sure to use the code "bridgepose" to receive 15% off your first purchase (did you catch that? Use the promo code on top of the sale price!) Happy shopping, my friends!
tank c/o

Thursday, August 21, 2014

we like to eat

Sorry for the bad restaurant lighting, but that cheese smile is just too good! Bow c/o SAK threads Bracelet c/o Our Little Pretties
As I'm sitting here typing up this post at 3:30am, in the closet because Eric can't sleep through Mia's screaming and the bright computer screen, I'm wishing I would have read all the sleep training posts I came across in the last 20 months of Mia's life. She has always been the BEST sleeper until the past 5 nights and I'm about to lose my mind! Last night I decided I was going to have to let her cry it out so that she could reteach herself to self soothe (or something, I don't really know what her problem is) and she cried 20 minutes before going back to sleep, right now she's currently been crying for over an hour. Why yes! I am dying, thanks for asking! Now gimme allllll the sleep training posts before I poke my eyes out from exhaustion and frustration!  
Anyway, the whole point of that rant is for someone to tell me we will survive this, and to say that I will be reading all of your posts for future reference, in case Mia suddenly turns into a monster when we try to eat out! Overall, we've been really blessed with an easy going baby that is easy to take out in public... but I have figured out a few tips that have made life easier on all of us when we go out to eat.
  • Go to the restaurant a little earlier than normal meal times. If we show up right when Mia is used to having a plate of food in front of her, she has little to no patience for the wait time of being seated, checking out the menu, ordering, waiting for food to be brought to us, etc.
  • As soon as we are seated at our table, we buckle Mia into her hair chair instead of letting her sit on our laps. She is a lot more willing to stay in the high chair if we have her sit in it from the start.
  • Have activities to distract her during the boring time of waiting for our food. I always ask for the kids menu even if we aren't ordering one for Mia, they usually have crayons and girlfriend loves to color! I have books in my bag for back up, and our phones are last resort for distracting our impatient, bored, hungry toddler :)
  • Bring snacks. I do my best to avoid feeding Mia snacks, unless it's a pouch or baggy of fruits and veggies, because I want her to eat her meal. But if I have to choose between gold fish or a screaming toddler, I'll give her all the goldfish since we drug her to the restaurant in the first place ;) But I always do my best to be prepared with said pouch or fruits/veggies if I know we will be eating out that day!
  • Relax and don't forget that she is just a baby/toddler! It's okay if Mia spills her drink. It's okay if she doesn't eat what we ordered (because we have said snacks on hand, ha!). It's okay if she has a meltdown or 5. It's okay if everyone stares because they've all been there, or they will have kids of their own in the future and... well... karma, people. Karma ;) But seriously, just enjoy your time out and let the incidents roll off your back because you want to remember the good times out with your family over the bad!
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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

happy 20 months to my love bug

- Mia finally learned how to jump... and have her feet leave the ground! Before she would make the jumping motion but her feet always stayed in the same place :)
- She says "momma" all the time now and it melts my heart each and every time!
- Her fourth canine finally popped through over the weekend so Mia has all of her teeth except for her 2-year molars. We are so over teething, ha! 
- Mia is picking up SO many words and loves repeating what we say! The words she's learned that I remembered to write down are: "cower" (color), "Whe-w" (where), "Shir" (shirt), "Cuuuu" (cute), "no way!", "toh" (hot), "how", "ca" (car), "Hewugo" (here you go), and my favorite, "Ceoool" (cool).
- She's not really into making animal sounds, but she thinks it's hilarious when we do them :) But she has started meowing and it is SO cute! I have GOT to get a video of it. In a really high pitched voice she meows, "how-how!" Kills me every. time.
- One of her favorite games is to sit in the cabinet under the sink in our kitchen, close the door as much as she can (her feet are hanging out the bottom) and says "eeee-la!" (Mia) until we start calling her name and asking where she is. She will laugh but stay hidden for a few seconds up to a couple minutes before throwing the door open and watching our "surprised" reaction :) 
- Mia is still wearing 6-9 month, 12 month and 18 month clothing. She's in size 4 and 5 (they are big, we strap 'em tight) shoes.
- She wears size 3 diapers during the day and size 4 at night. Once we run out of size 3 we will just keep buying size 4! I honestly didn't think she would make it to size 4 before potty training because she is so tiny, ha ha!

We can't believe Mia is just 4 short months away from turning 2! I know I say it all the time, but time is flying! She is our greatest blessing and we are so grateful Mia is ours! She grounds us every day and reminds us what is truly important in life. Funnest 20 months of our lives thanks to Mia!  

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

we found p a r a d i s e

Normally I would share our weekend review, especially since it was a good one! We pretended Thursday was the start of our weekend (even though Eric had to work Friday) and Eric planned a double date! We met up with another couple who have a little girl just a few months older than Mia and ate dinner, ice cream and stayed up late talking while the girls played! Friday night we finally watched Divergent, loved it! Then Saturday we spent our day up the mountain with our friends and we had the best time! BUT! I really didn't take any pictures.... so I guess I'll share a different adventure Mia and I enjoyed together :)
I have been seeing pictures all summer long of people swimming at "Little Jamaica" and I had to explore this place for myself! It is seriously in the crappiest, ugliest spot.... it's in Arizona, right between the Utah and Nevada borders, directly underneath the freeway! My friend, Kortney, made the trek with us and we were in awe of this gorgeous, tiny paradise in the middle of crappiness (ha ha)! Someone dammed a section of the waterfall to create a pool and it's the perfect spot to spend a summer day! The waterfall is surrounded by grapevines and it makes the prettiest backdrop! I pretty much wish this was in my backyard, ha ha! Mia is quite the little fishy, which I love, and we had so much fun swimming and hiking the waterfall! I kind of don't want summer to end!

Monday, August 18, 2014

GIVEAWAY {Jamberry nails + beauty products}

Please ignore that little stain. Mia spilled lunch and I had to wait until nap time (I would've changed her except I didn't see the spot until after I took the pictures) to snap these photos, oops!
Mia got her first ever manicure (#jamicure) last week! My favorite part is that we matched! Nelle was so generous and sent us a Mommy and Me set of Jamberry Nail Wraps to review! I have to be honest, I get shellac manicures because I can't stand chipped polish, and they hold up so well to my normal day to day routine (which is not gentle on my fingernails) and the chemicals I encounter while doing hair. Sooooo I was pretty skeptical of the Jamberry nail wraps I've been seeing everyone post about. I'm shocked and happy to say that after a week of wearing these wraps, they are still holding on strong! No chipping, and growing out just the same as my shellac manicures do!
To continue in my honesty, I admit that I will probably wait a few more years to try another "jamicure" on Mia's fingernails. While I loved matching her, the wraps had a difficult time with her tiny fingernails. It doesn't help that Mia instantly picked at hers (because she thought they were so "cuuuuu") and stuck her fingers in her mouth a ton (not normal for her, I blame teething). Keep in mind, Mia is just a year and a half! To be fair, I don't paint her fingernails for the same reasons. I will be trying the nail wraps on her toes though, I've heard those hold up well on little ones! But I'm definitely excited to have more matchy nails with Mia when she's older because the wraps are adorable (so many cute designs!!) and the application is so simple (it takes about 1 or 2 fingernails at first to feel like you've got it figured out).
I was supposed to get pictures of us together, but other than the one photo I snapped during her nap (and could only do one handed since Eric wasn't home) nothing else really worked out. I mean... we tried... and they turned out like this... nails for Mia, and the worst angle on mine, ha! The majority looked like this...
...yeah. Mia wasn't having it, ha ha! #reallife
But luckily for you, I have a giveaway below where you have a chance to win your own Jamberry nail wraps so that you can see for yourself instead of trying to decide if you like them from my awful pictures ;) Nelle is generously giving away a $40 gift certificate to her Jamberry site, as well as tons of the best in 'beauty business' samples (too many to list! but they include make up, perfume and Bath & Body products!) Giveaway will run through the rest of August. Good luck and happy Monday! xoxo

Friday, August 15, 2014


Loving: that Mia is such a little girly girl (who loves to play with rocks, trucks and cars, balls and is obsessed with being outside and getting dirty, ha!) and is so into her hair lately. I did little piggy tails and she would touch them and say, "cuuuuu" (cute) :) I gave her her 3rd haircut this week and she LOVED it! And she puts on her own headbands! I let her run around like this because I love it so much, ha ha! Mia is so fun!

Reading/Watching: I just finished the Poison Study, but I have the whole series (don't remember what it's called) on my kindle so I'm read to read the next one! It's not one of my favorite books, but it was an easy read! I'd love suggestions for a "MUST read"!
I know I'm so behind the times (ha ha) but I just finished watching the Bachelorette finale and the After the Final Rose episode yesterday... ummmm! Can we just talk about Nick and what he said on live, national TV?? Not that I think it's okay, I actually lost respect for her since she knew she wouldn't be picking him, but I'm dying that he said that! I don't know how she didn't haul off and punch him in the mouth, ha ha! He's such a jerk! (I've never liked him from day 1)

Trying to: wrapping my head around the fact that summer will be over in the next couple months, which will fly by! I mean, school started this week in my neck of the woods! So crazy!! It's going to be a sad day for me when I send Mia off to school, ha!

Wishing: that I lived in Boston (or surrounding area)! I'm still kind of shocked by how much I fell in love with that city!

Excited for: Mia's birthday (which isn't until December)! That feeling could very well change between now and then, but last year I dreaded December! As the days flew by I was just torn up that my baby was going to turn one, and wouldn't be my baby anymore! Obviously she still is my baby :) and I'm really looking forward to enjoying planning her party and just soak up the fun with our little love, instead of suffering from an anxiety attack the minute her party ends (I really took it hard, harder than I thought I would, HA!) Even though I'm keeping her party super simple, I'm excited to start planning now and slowly gathering decor and other fun stuff for her special day! I'm even thinking about putting together a huge, fun giveaway to celebrate her (so if any shops are interested in participating, let me know!)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

baby number two?

"Is it time for another one?" What a tough, scary question (for me) and I wish that I had a road map to my future so that I knew what the right time is to make these big decisions! The only real answer I can give is that Eric and I, and only Eric and I will know when the right time to expand our family is.
I love to tease friends and ask them when they will be having kids, but I really try to avoid the question because it is so touchy! You never know one's situation! So how do we handle answering the question? Before we got pregnant with Mia, sometimes we laughed when we were asked "when?", other times we rolled our eyes, and other times it just hurt to hear the question... as if we have total control of that, you know? Eric finally got sick enough of people asking that he started to tell them, "we try every day! Sometimes multiple times a day! I guess practice makes perfect, right?" I was just as mortified as they were to hear that come out of his mouth, ha ha! But hey! They stopped asking! Looking back, we see that it truly was the perfect timing (God's timing, in our opinion) when Mia came into our lives!
How do we handle the question of adding more kids to the mix? I really don't know, it's a different answer each time! Do we want Mia to have a sibling? Yes! Are we kind of terrified to change up our routine and see if our hearts really will expand to loving another baby as much as we love Mia? Yes! These are legit stresses we experience (that I used to roll my eyes at when I heard other mothers say this, oops!) but we know it will be worth it in the end. So sometimes our answer is, "practice made perfect and there's no way we will get this lucky a second time, so we think we are done!" (ha ha). But mostly is just the honest truth, "we really don't know!" I just hope that we will know it's the right time when we feel calm (er) and (more) confident that it is time. But whether I'm feeling calm or not, I will put my faith in God because I know that my family is what will make me happiest in this world!
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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

we're going on a witch hunt {Boston day 2}

I posted these photos as our day played out instead of placing the horizontal & vertical photos in a better order.
Eric has an app on his phone that tracks his steps... at the end of our first day in Boston it recorded over 17 miles! I didn't even believe it because I felt so good! By the end of our second day we walked over 16 miles, and I finally started to believe because I was feelin' it in my back and feet. But that didn't ruin our fun, day two of our Boston trip was incredible!
I woke up that second morning with butterflies in my stomach and feeling so excited to explore with Eric! It took about a day and a half to get out of mommy-mode and into vacation mode! While I obviously still missed Mia, I was truly enjoying my time with Eric! We decided pretty spur of the moment to take a ferry to Salem. We bought our tickets and wandered around the north end until it was time to go! The ferry was definitely a longer form of transportation but it was so cool to see Boston from the water, and to check out the shoreline (and amazing mansion/castles) until we arrived at Salem!
Our first stop once we were on land again was Ye Old Companie, the oldest candy shop in the US! We tried their cashew turtles and I've been craving one ever since! We walked around the town, checked out the Witch Trials Monument, shared a plate of nachos bigger than our heads (ha ha) and played at Salem Willow. Salem is such a picturesque town and we loved wandering the streets and taking it all in! Add this to my list of places I could live :) Eric probably heard that come out of my mouth 10 times that day, maybe more! Even though we would have loved to play in Salem well into the night, we headed back to Boston later afternoon because we had dinner plans!
A blog/IG friend suggested we try Neptune's Oyster Bar for dinner because the lobster roll changed her life :) (We seriously can't thank everyone enough for all the suggestions and tips that made our trip even better than we could have imagined!!) Anyway, Eric was on the hunt for amazing "lobstah" rolls and luckily for us, Neptune's was literally 10 steps from where we were staying! When we got off the ferry we could have sworn we were headed towards the north end when we found ourselves at Faneuil Hall (ha ha)! Eric finally convinced me to buy my first hat (he's been trying to talk me into it our whole 6+ years of marriage!), we wandered through the shops and watched street performers. We slowly made our way back to Little Italy and I can't say it enough, we loooved exploring the streets of Boston! We love the brick roads and adore the buildings!
We gave our name and number to Neptune's because it was a 2 hour wait (we were warned of the wait time, it's worth it!), went home where I changed into normal clothes, then explored the north end some more! This was seriously the funnest location for us to stay! Anyway, we headed to Mike's pastry, again, and I got some gelato! Just as we were headed back to our place to wait until we could eat, Neptune's called! I keep mentioning this place because if you ever go to Boston, you should totally plan this stop into your trip! Eric's lobstah roll was devoured in 2.5 seconds and he swears it's the best thing he's ever eaten! So thank you, Rach, for the recommendation! After dinner we went back to our place, put our feet up and geared up for our last day in Boston!
Boston Day One

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

leg{ging}s for days

This may or may not be a sneak peek of Mia's Halloween costume... Can you guess what she'll be?!
bracelet c/o Our Little Pretties
Eric served an LDS mission in Mexico City, which had him living there for 2 years! I couldn't resist the Viva La Mexico leggings since Mexico will always have a place in Eric's heart :)
 bow c/o Sweet Angel Kreations all leggings c/o Baby Leggings
This isn't even posed! Mia is an ankle crosser and we think it's the cutest thing!
We have finally experienced a couple rainy days that dropped our temperatures by quite a bit, which of course called for a day to play with our leggings from Baby Leggings! I have been dying to try these on Mia ever since we received them, but it's just been so hot! We love them so much (seriously, Mia threw a huge fit each time I took them off!) that I think I'll forget her tops and just have her run around in these leggings the rest of the summer ;) ha ha!
Seriously though, I'm kind of itching for cooler weather so that Mia can start wearing her Baby Leggings daily! I foresee tutu's, Halloween costume(s), skirts, scrunched leggings, boots and holiday outfits in our future! The possibilities are endless with the selection that Baby Leggings offers!
On that note, Baby Leggings is offering my readers a killer deal! Use the code "BRINKBL" at checkout to receive 100% (what?!) off of and order of 5 pairs of leggings, you just pay shipping!