Friday, August 29, 2014

what I live for

 Dress c/o Olive the Things
So that may be a little dramatic... but I'm pretty sure I'm mostly serious when I say that I live for long weekends ;) We actually have zero plans (which is rare for us, but I thought I'd give Eric a break, ha ha!) and I couldn't be happier knowing that I get an extra day for my little family to spend together! Anyway, a couple things to note-

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This photo makes me really baby hungry. Like, yikes!

Eric has picked up golfing as a hobby in the last month and he and Mia are obsessed now! I always thought I would hate it if he got into golfing but I'm so relieved that he has a hobby he can enjoy right now, it's something we can do as a family (well, sorta) and it's theraputic for him which is a huge plus! Although, I may be singin' a different tune if he gets too obsessed, ha ha!

I'm having a hard time believing that it's Labor Day Weekend and summer is coming to an end... but this bow screams "Fall" and you better believe Mia will be wearing it all season long!

We rearranged Mia's room and FINALLY finished decorating and putting it together. I've only been working on it for the last 2 years, oops! Anyway, each time she walks into her room she stops and in an awed voice says, "Oh wooooooow!" Ha! It's SO cute! I can't wait to share pictures of her room!

Have a happy, SAFE weekend, my friends!!


Kimberly said...

My husband is obsessed with golf. Sometimes it's annoying but sometimes I like saying "I bought a new top because you went golfing" it helps even the shopping score, but that's probably not a good thing! :) thanks for sharing my dress again!!

Kathleen said...

Long weekends are great! No plans here either, but sometimes I think those make for the best weekends.

Thanks for sharing our fall glitter bow! :)

~Dawn~ said...

Golf is a great family hobby! :)
Can't wait to see Mia's room all complete. Sounds like she really loves it.
Happy LONG weekend!!

Mandie said..., that dress is adorable! Do they have it in my size cuz I really want it for myself! :)

Mandie ~

Ashley Brickner said...

Can't wait to see her room! Happy weekend, love!

Hannah said...

Oh, how exciting to have her room all finished! I'm excited to see it! And how cute that she walks in and says, "oh wooow!" Love it! I changed some stuff in our room recently and ever time Emerson walks in, he looks at the wall and says, "whoooa!" They are too cute at this age!! Enjoy your long weekend!

Pink and Fabulous said...

Cannot wait to see her room!!!

Sarita @ it's my girls' world said...

loooove long weekends! hope yours was amazing my friend!!

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