Friday, January 31, 2014

one time I had 6 kids

I've been a little too absent from blog land this past week.... but I promise I have a good excuse! I was basically single mommin' it up to 6 kids. SIX! Mia inherited 5 brothers, ages 6-16, for a whole week! Eric was only able to come down for the weekend so it was just me and my mini!
This was actually the fifth year that I've watched these boys, but the first adding my own baby to the mix. I was a little nervous to see how the boys would react to Mia (I'm not sure why?) but maaaaaan! It went way better than I could have hoped! They were smitten with Mia, and she fell in love with them instantly!!
I was expecting lots of ridiculous things to be said but instead of gaining "funnies" to write about, my heart almost burst on the daily because of how loving the kids were! Our first morning there, the 6 year old had been playing with Mia for a half hour before he asked me, "is it a girl, or a he??" ha ha! And the next day he was playing outside with a friend when Mia got a little too close. He told me, "Hey! Get that little girl outta my way!" After that he remembered HER name with no problems ;)
These boys have so much going on in their lives between school, scouts, sports, friends, etc! But seriously? Sports is their life! I wouldn't be surprised if every. single. one of them turns out to be famous, professional ball players! They are so disciplined with their grueling schedules. And they are SO well behaved and good natured! It was easy-peasy taking care of them. But what surprised me the most was when they were home? They were all about Mia! And she was allllllll about them! They would disappear with Mia into the play room, outside, etc and I would hear constant shrieks of satisfaction and deep-belly laughs from my girl. It killed me!!
I was feeling a little heart broken for Mia when we came home. She loved having so many playmates and so much attention on her! It almost convinced me that it's time to give her a sibling... ALMOST! But when we arrived home and she saw her daddy? All was right in her world. I've never seen Mia so giddy and excited to be home with her mom and dad. So life as a family of 3 is still perfect for us right now :)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mia's 12 month photos {pt 2}


St. George, Utah (my hometown) is famous for its vibrant, red rock! I lived there for 22 years and never had a single picture taken on the red rock so I knew I wanted these pictures taken there! Another little fact... it rarely snows in St. George and when it does? It's usually melted by sundown so it was especially neat to get pictures with snow on the red rock!
I'm too in love with these pictures; so many cute ones! So I'll probably be showing more off in random posts, ha ha. See part 1 here.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

just some randoms {13}

Mia loves to sit on our shoulders. And stick her fingers in our mouths, ha ha! I think she loves the feel of teeth.

I'm trying to take more pictures of Mia sleeping. I kind of love this one!

We have discovered that Mia loves playing in snow! Now I'm kind of antsy to have our next snow storm. This winter has been uncharacteristically dry and warm (but really, I'm not complaining)!

I think I don't take many sleeping pictures because we have a video monitor, so I rarely go in Mia's room and check on her. One day I noticed Mia kneeling in the corner of her crib, against the bumper/bars. I am pretty sure she fell asleep with her face in the bars (ha ha) but I took to long to go check on her. When I went to snap a picture she had made herself more comfortable. But I kind of love this stink bug position with her foot coming out of her slipper. (And hello PINK onesie!)

King size bed + daddy + Mia = no room for mommy!

Monday, January 27, 2014

27 before 27

1. Go on a vacation with Eric... without Mia.
2. Enjoy a spa day (ie: enjoy the moment and no stressing about getting home to Eric and Mia)
3. Hike Angels Landing in Zion.
4. Learn one word of Spanish a day. (Eric speaks Spanish fluently and I, well, don't. But I really want him to teach Mia so I had better learn as well! I think I can handle a word a day :).
5. Visit the Green Monster.
6. Run a 10k.
7. Print my blog into a book (or five, ha ha!)
8. Go to the Temple once a month with Eric, and once every 6 months by myself (so twice before my birthday)!
9. Put pink in my hair!
10. Go on a girl's over nighter (without Mia)!
11. Offer/host a huge giveaway on my blog or Instagram. (You all are always so amazing to me and I want to give back!)
12. #tmi #tmi #tmi Get laser hair removal.
13. Get strong enough to do 50 push ups.... in a row!
14. Finish reading the Book of Mormon.
15. De-junk my house and sell the junk on those ridiculous FB yard sale pages (ha ha)!
16. Try one new hairstyle on Mia a week. (I'm kind of burnt out from doing hair at work that my hair is put on the back burner. I don't want that to be the case with Mia!) I have styled her hair at least once a week, we will call that a success with the amount of hair and style I've had to work with!
17. Read all of the 2014 Conference talks (after listening to them during General Conference). 
18. Get dolled up and wear heels once a month (aside from church)!
19. Use my kindle more.
20. Take more selfies :) (there is a reason behind my madness.) I've taken a few sooooo, success!
21. Try one new cooking/baking recipe a week.
22. Go to Yellowstone.
23. Read a new {book} series.
24. Go camping.
25. Work everyday on being a more loving, patient, fun and supportive wife. still doing my best each day!
26. Try a barre workout. They don't offer this in my small town so I will probably have to travel for it.
27. Focus less on what I don't have, and more on what I do have! I feel like I've come a long way with this, but I won't ever stop working on this!

My golden year was by far one of my favorite years of my life!! But I have no doubt that each year can be better and better! Hopefully these goals will help shape 26 up to an even better year! I'm hoping I will be able to cross everything off my list :)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

happy birthday to me

In honor of the big 26 (ha ha) I'd like to offer 26% off any ad spot using the promo code: "birthdaygirl"! This offer is good today only! Check out my sponsor page for additional info :)
And keep a look out... I will have a belated birthday giveaway coming your way via this blog, or my Instagram ;)

I hope you all have the best day (it's one of the best days of the year, after all)!! I will be spending my birthday enjoying my husband and baby girl + 5 more boys (that are showing Mia the life of not being the only child)! Wish us luck!

Friday, January 24, 2014

top 5 from my golden year

This is how I spent my golden birthday. Cuddling my precious baby!

Remember when 25 was old? I mean... I thought that was ancient! I remember being a senior in high school and hearing a teacher admit she was 25. SO OLD!!
You guys.
Tomorrow I turn 26. TWENTY SIX. 
I'm older than old!
Except I don't feel old. You know? Watching the numbers go up is kind of painful. Especially since I know what the "young ones" think about my ancient age *shudder* ha!
So I thought the best way to say goodbye to 25 is to recap my 5 favorite moments from my golden year.

1- The moment I made the connection that Mia was giving me a kiss. Her wide open, slobbery mouth landed on my nose and she kept bobbing her head  (spreading the slobber) over my nose... until she was done. Then she did it again! That's when I KNEW my baby was giving me a kiss. Heart melted and slobber forgotten!
2- My very first day at the spa. It was the perfect golden birthday gift from my husband. HEAVEN!! And yes, it's totally one of my favorite moments last year!
3- Going to Disneyland (and the beach AND baseball games) as a family of 3! Even though Mia had no clue what was going on, and she won't remember it, it made me SO excited for our future family vacations and the excitement that kids bring into every moment!
4- The eve of Mia's first birthday I was feeding Mia and she fell asleep in my arms!! It's like she knew my momma heart was having a hard time coming to grips with how quickly she grew. Those extra snuggles were extra precious that night! (She hasn't fallen asleep in my arms again since that night!)
5- Every single moment it hit me that Eric and I created Mia. We are parents to a perfect, loving, happy baby girl and it STILL blows my mind that she came from us! Our gratitude to Heavenly Father for trusting us with Mia's sweet spirit is never ending! We love being her parents! 

5 on Friday link up with The Good Life. A. Liz Adventures. Carolina Charm. & Hello! Happiness.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


My friend sent me this pin on Pinterest and I think it's perfect! It's no secret that friends are my sunshine and I've been pretty blessed in that department! I always dread starting over somewhere new whether it's a city, a neighborhood, etc. But I admit that I've met the best of the best each time Eric and I have made a change! I take comfort knowing that some of these friendships won't ever die. We were meant to be in each others lives forever :) 
I hope that I'm able to teach Mia the importance of relationships; the value in treating them like gold whether it be family, love (but she won't ever grow up and get boyfriends and a husband, right?!) and friendships! I hope that we can raise her to be the kind, sweet girl that everyone wants to be friends with!  
Anyway,I'm just feeling really grateful for all the people that have come into my life (and stayed) just when I needed them! It's one reason I love social media so much :) The friendships that have evolved via this blog and my Instagram are priceless to me! So to all my brownies (including my man brownie), I'm so thankful for you! You now who you are.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

a little princess and her ice castle

I totally ruined this photo trying to get my own to post to IG right then! ha ha. But it was just too cute!
Mia totally didn't care about Olaf, obviously. But in a year or two she will LOVE this picture!
 So many people! But you can kind of get an idea of the inside of the castle. So cool!

I have been dying to take a road trip and visit the Ice Castles in Midway, UT (seeing Frozen did me in!) and when I told Eric? He made my dream come true :) We'll call it an early birthday weekend for me. We had plans to meet up with our best friends and I was looking forward to a perfect day! Of course once we arrived we realized we needed snow boots. They rake the ice (to keep from getting to slippery, I'm sure) and some parts were deep and none of us had snow boots. Cue the attitude from Eric. And then my sweet, precious Mia wanted nothing more than to run around (which was hard to do because the snow/ice was deep in some areas) and play with the ice! So getting pictures with her was quite difficult, ha ha! And anytime we tried to help her get through the deep parts? Cue the attitude, ha ha!
BUT! The ice castle really was pretty magical! It was so fun to watch Mia explore and discover :) She was in heaven! And we enjoyed donuts and hot chocolate after we played in the castle... which is Mia's new favorite. She ate most of Eric's donut (which I was unaware of until after the fact) and her face lit up when she tried my hot chocolate and she wouldn't stop saying "num-num" until I gave her more! I only wish I had been able to take more pictures (and that I knew how to edit so that these could be amazing!) but I'm glad Eric treated me to this little getaway!

Monday, January 20, 2014

happy 13 months to my love bug

Mia is still changing and learning so quickly that I have to keep doing these monthly updates for my journaling sake! Plus she is the funnest, smartest and cutest baby ever (biased much?) so I can't help but talk about her, ha ha!

- The sweetest thing we are loving right now is that Mia will give random hugs now! She was always good about giving loves, but now she loves to hug AND pat our legs, our back, our neck... whatever she can get our hands on depending on if we are standing, sitting/kneeling or holding her :)
- Mia blows kisses now! I mean, she gets the hand to her mouth but doesn't understand the blowing part, yet :) But still, cutest thing ever!
- She loves to play dress up in my clothes. Her favorites are my work out tank tops (a blue one in particular) bikini top and the occasional underwear, ha ha! I need to take a video of her because the look on her face when she gets the tank top draped around her neck is priceless! She knows she's cute stuff!
- Mia can point to her nose, and sometimes she points at her mouth and eyes correctly. She's learning!
- It was a total surprise to us, but Mia understands folding her arms and sometimes bowing her head for a prayer... what?! She just surprised us one night in the middle of family prayer by folding her arms! Now we ask her every time, and she totally does it! So sweet!
- Aside from "dada" and occasionally "mom", Mia says: "no", "don't", "whoa", and "num-num" when she's eating something she loves. Can you tell what she hears most in this house? Oops, ha ha!
- We took Mia to her first movie in the theaters... Frozen! So adorable!  
- Mia had her first real park date with mom and dad yesterday and she was in love! She loved being able to run free outside and we loved being able to watch her go! She wasn't too fond of the swings this time, but she LOVED going down the slide (first time) with daddy! She got pretty daring where she would go down the slide (I would barely hold on to her, my hands were pretty much there for support if she fell backwards) by herself and daddy would catch her! We will be enjoying the park way more with these beautiful, winter days!
- She is wearing 6-9 month and 12 month clothes. She wears 3-6 month shoes which I'm guessing is size 3?
- And she wears size 3 diapers!

I can't believe I have a 13 month old, but at the same time? Her birthday feels like it was months ago. I still want time to slow down! I love every stage of my baby growing, but I'm not ready for her to not be a baby anymore, you know? Oh the emotions of a momma heart!! We love Mia more and more each day! 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mia's 12 month photos {pt 1}

We had pictures taken every 3 months during Mia's first year of life and while it drove Eric crazy, I have LOVED it! It's been so fun to capture each stage- the cuddly new born stage, laying around but supporting her own head at 3 months, sitting up all on her own at 6 months, crawling around at 9 months, and walking at 12 months. CRAZY! I will cherish these pictures forever! And I can't wait to show off more of my favorites from Mia's 1 year photos :)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

nap time dilemmas

Why do I always realize how quickly time flies, when it's too late?! I'm always determined to remember how precious each moment is, but then I get caught up in life and I forgot that this stage of life will pass in the blink of an eye.
I've been feeling extremely guilty lately because I've barely made it to church in the last 2 months. Eric has been called in to work almost every weekend (so. freaking. annoying.) and Mia's nap time is during church. We are kind of a slave to Mia's naps because she won't sleep anywhere but her crib. If she would sleep in my arms then I would have no problem going to church the whole time! And if she doesn't get a nap, it takes a couple of days for her to get back into a good sleep routine. And when we are at church I always feel kind of bad because Mia is SO social and SOOOO mobile, so Mia loves to walk around and cheese it at people, or run around and play. I always end up in the hall because I don't want everyone to be annoyed with her. I mean, it's hard to get annoyed with the cutest baby in the world, but you never know ;)
I was talking to one of my clients about this and she said she wished she could be there to play with Mia so that I could listen to the lesson. She told me that these days will be over before I know it and I will be wishing to have them back! Someday I will be begging the young mom's to let their kids distract me because I have no more distractions at home (oh the horror! I'm going to be old before I know it, ha ha).
Her words totally hit home. Mia is already one! She's not a little baby anymore! Before I know it she will be over nap times (and we can kiss my sanity goodbye when that happens). I mean, the sweet newborn-snuggle and sleep on mom anytime, anywhere- stage is long gone. And I wish I would have taken advantage of it more! So no more feeling guilty about missing anything because of Mia's naps. In a couple more years I will be wishing I'd taken advantage of the quiet moments naps provide.
This stage of life will be over way too soon. And I will be heart broken when I look back and see that it is gone! So here's another reminder to enjoy every second because life is so good right now... and it's not going to last forever!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


currently: daydreaming 
Loving: that I finally went to the dentist yesterday! You guys, I haven't been to the dentist since just before Eric and I got married. That equals almost *gasp* 6 years! I know, pretty freakin' disgusting. And to be honest? I told my hygienist (who I know personally and is really good friends with my mom, so I'm sure the truth will come out to her eventually) that I hadn't been since I got pregnant, ha ha. I was just too embarrassed to tell the truth! Anyway... this girl has no cavities (I've never had one)! AND she was praising how good my teeth were for not going in for a couple years (little did she know that it's actually been 6. Oh the horror!) so I'm a happy, relieved girl :) And now you know why going to the dentist every 6 months is on my resolution list, ha!

Reading: The Book of Mormon. Eric and I have made a goal to read the scriptures each day together in 2014 and so far, so good! I'm loving this account on Instagram to help keep us on track for reading.

Trying to: gear up for a week of babysitting 5 boys! That's right my friends, I will be a single mom to 6 children! Eric will be there to help for the weekend and that's it! This will be my fifth year watching these boys and they are great! But obviously this is my first year having my own child in the mix. I have no doubt that Mia will be in heaven and follow them around like a puppy dog! Hopefully they don't get sick of her :)

Wishing: that winter was almost over. We have been having beautiful weather with lots of sunshine and temperatures close to 50 which is just crazy talk for where I live at this time of the year! It's going to be pretty miserable when the freezing temps and snow come back in full force!

Excited for: the trips we are planning. We have some big dreams as far as our traveling wish list goes this year.... hopefully we can make them all come true! First up? A spontaneous early birthday weekend getaway (since I'll be baby sitting on my birthday) thanks to that husband who loves to make my dreams come true :)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

2013 in review

2013 was SO good to us! We definitely had our hard times, but the good definitely outweighed them! This was the fastest year of my life. I can't believe how much Mia grew and developed.... well, I guess I should say I can't believe how quickly she grew and developed :) We had the funnest year full of so much exploring! We went on new adventures each month, even multiple adventures each month! I'm so glad that having a baby hasn't slowed us down. Mia has made life funner and we couldn't be more grateful!

  • We kicked off the new year as brand new parents! The first 2 weeks of Mia's life were pretty difficult but after that? Heaven! But January was pretty much a month full of adjusting to parenthood.
  • I turned 25.
  • We went to my great grandma's 90th birthday (we share the same birthday) party where my grandma and great grandma were able to meet Mia for the first time! We got a 5 generation picture (Mia, me, my mom, my grandma and my great grandma... all first born girls to each other, and we all share the same middle name: Marie!) which is incredibly special!!
  • We celebrated our first Valentines as a family of THREE!
  • Mia went on her first vacation. We stayed in a cabin up the mountain with my family. My mom and Mia stayed cozy in the cabin while the rest of us enjoyed fresh powder, it was amazing!
  • Mia was blessed the first weekend in March. Such a special day!! 
  • Mia and I traveled to Colorado with my parents where Mia got to meet my other grandma (my dad's mom) for the first time! It was a special treat because grandma was 97 at the time!
  • We went to Vegas with some of our best friends where Mia experienced warm sunshine and a pool for the first time! It was such a fun trip, especially because our babies are less than two weeks apart in age!
  • Eric went to his first baseball game {spring training} of the season.
  • Mia and I went on our first weekend getaway without Eric... and we survived!
  • Mia celebrated her first Easter!
  • I enjoyed my first ever spa day. This is totally worth remembering forever :) It was amazing!
  • Eric turned 27.
  • Eric and I celebrated 5 years of marriage!
  • I celebrated my first ever Mother's Day (with my baby in my arms instead of belly)!
  • I took Mia on her very first hike! And she experience a couple more in May... and a ton more throughout the summer/fall.
  • Mia experienced a water park for the first time!
  • We took Mia shooting for the first time. 
  • Mia started eating solid foods for the first time!
  • Eric celebrated his first Father's Day!
  • I took Mia to Wet n Wild in Las Vegas with my salon girls.
  • Mia went boating for her first time ever! 
  • Eric and I ran the Color Me Rad 5k together.
  • We took Mia to Disneyland for her first time!
  • We went to the beach for Mia's first time!
  • We went to our first ever Red Sox baseball game (and one other MLB game)!
  • Mia celebrated her first 4th and 24th (yay for another holiday in Utah!) of July.
  • We moved to the other side of town. So much harder moving with a baby!
  • We did more traveling to northern Utah and Las Vegas. We traveled somewhere almost every single month this year!
  • We went to Lagoon with Eric's family. SO much fun! We look forward to this every year!
  • Mia experienced her first ever county fair... which wasn't much to brag about :) 
  • I entered Mia in her first and last beauty baby contest! I'm a sore loser.
  • We enjoyed more hiking. I loved hiking with my babe and friends all spring/summer. I was trying to fit in as much as possible before it got too cold!
  • Mia and I spent the weekend in northern Utah with my best friend and started our Halloween celebrations a little early :)
  • We traveled to Colorado and visited my 98 year old grandma!
  • We visited Arches National Park in Moab, Utah.
  • We bought our first ever brand new vehicle, my "mom" car. A 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee.
  • Eric's beloved Red Sox won the world series!!
  • We celebrated my mom's 50th birthday.
  • We spent a weekend up north crossing items off my fall bucket list. Love that husband of mine who does what he can to make my dreams come true!
  • Mia celebrated her first Halloween!
  • I entered Mia in the Gerber baby search 2013 contest. I doubt she'll win the grand prize because they are probably looking for a new baby. But I'm hoping she won her age group! We find out this month.
  • We went to our first ever NBA (Utah Jazz) game and had a lot of fun!
  • Mia celebrated her first Thanksgiving!
  • Mia met Santa for the first time and she is not a fan :)
  • Our baby turned 1!!
  • We celebrated Christmas with Eric's family. This was Mia's second Christmas but I would say that it was a lot funner than her first :) It makes a difference when I'm not recovering from child birth, Mia isn't adjusting to her brand new life, and Eric's not working, ha ha!
  • We spent New Year's Eve with friends, then rang in the new year at home as a little family of 3!
We miss you 2013!! I am hoping and praying for an even better year full of opportunities and growth for my little family. But I know that with Mia in our lives, life can't ever be too bad ;) I will do my best to make the best of EVERY moment in 2014!

Friday, January 10, 2014

worst. day. ever.

Yesterday was by far the worst day of motherhood to date! And it's not even Mia's fault. Our day started out so good! Mia woke up after a good, long night of sleep, we played and laughed, ate breakfast then went to the gym. After my workout, we were walking out to the jeep (my new mom car that I haven't even showed off yet, except I kind of hate it right now so I'll show it off when it redeems itself) I started it (from my keys) to get it warming up while I buckled Mia into her car seat. I let Mia play with the keys while I buckled her in, took them back and dropped them in the diaper bag (like I always do) and closed her door. I tried to open my door... but I couldn't! I ran around the jeep trying every door and they were LOCKED! I almost died right then and there. I didn't know it was possible to lock the keys inside the jeep!

You see, we don't use the keys to lock, unlock or start the car. We lock the jeep from the door handle, it senses the key and unlocks itself, and we have push to start... so my keys always stay in the diaper bag so I don't forget them somewhere. When we first bought the jeep I tried locking the door but it just. wouldn't. lock. I realized I left the keys in the cup holder and as soon as I had in my hand, the jeep locked! So like I said, I didn't know it was possible to lock the keys inside! I guess Mia pushed the lock button (the buttons are h a r d to push, she's never actually pushed down on them before) without my knowledge.

I kept looking at my hands praying that my keys would magically appear. But nope, only my phone (don't know why that wasn't in the diaper bag with the keys because that's where I always put it) and a credit card (I just renewed my gym membership). I tried to call Eric but my phone wouldn't work.... OH MY GOSH! I forgot to pay the phone bill (first time this has ever happened, of course)! I ran inside the gym and used their phone to call Eric. He told me he would leave right then to get our spare keys and bring them over. I felt zero relief. It takes Eric about 45 minutes to get home from work. And did I mention that Mia started crying the instant I shut her door?! I was in major panic mode! I ran back out to try and open the doors again (just in case, right?) and Mia was screaming bloody murder. Poor baby! She was probably mad, annoyed and scared as to why she was in the car by herself watching mom run away! At least I knew she wasn't cold because the car warmed up when I started it from the key (thank heavens).

I suddenly remembered that I was supposed to be able to unlock my car from my phone... except it still wasn't working! So I ran back inside the gym and they let me use their computer to pay my freaking phone bill to access my app (credit card came in handy!). Well, I couldn't figure out how to use the app so I called customer service and was on the phone for 20 MINUTES trying to figure out why it wasn't working. It took so dang long because my mind was so far gone and I couldn't calm myself down. I would tell them info between hysterical cries which means I would have to repeat everything 5 times (I feel so bad for them) as they tried to trouble shoot. I had to stand in front of my car because each time I checked on Mia she would cry the saddest cry and wave at me through the window (I cried just typing that. It was heart breaking!) and when I walked off? She would scream bloody murder. The man finally set everything correctly (I set up the app wrong) and sent a signal to my jeep to unlock. He seriously was so nice and patient with me through the whole process even though he admitted that I was stressing him out (ha) and I am so thankful for him! My door finally unlocked the same moment Eric pulled up (of course). I checked on Mia and realized that she had finally cried herself to sleep.... and that's when I totally fell apart in Eric's arms (as if I wasn't already a mess before)!

Don't ask me why I didn't call the police department or roadside service. I literally could not make myself think straight! (Customer service suggested calling r.r.s. but then they figured we'd be able to fix the problem long before r.r.s. reached me. Unfortunately I'm an idiot and made it harder for everything to work out). Mia was safe, warm and locked in her car seat. I knew she would cry herself to sleep. But the only thing I could process was that my baby wanted and needed me, and I couldn't get to her. And she just didn't understand. Worst. Feeling. EVER!! I was literally frozen from the wind chill but I didn't feel the pain until I had access to Mia again. I mean, my brain shut everything down except the panic that I couldn't get to Mia!

Thinking back on it, I roll my eyes over my stupid phone being shut off (maybe someday I'll laugh about it?) when I needed it most! I die a little inside wondering what the gym employees must be saying about me (most incompetent, idiotic mother EVER). I am sure I might get a comment or twenty about how I shouldn't be a mom (no one can bring me down more than I already did to myself). But mostly I've learned to stop procrastinating. I knew I didn't understand the app, but if I had simply called and asked a question to make sure I had it set up correctly, I would have been able to unlock my car (once I paid my freaking bill) and hold my baby 30 minutes sooner! I mean, UGH!! I'm so mad at myself. And mad because I wasn't aware this could happen in the first place... otherwise my keys never would have been placed in the diaper bag. I'll be mad about that for a long time. But mostly I've never been so thankful for a husband who loved me and comforted me (and broke the law driving to town to save his girls) when I needed it most. Seriously, not one word of chastisement! And I've never been so thankful to hold my sweet, sleeping baby who instantly forgave and forgot the moment she woke up!

Yesterday was just pretty sucky. But I learned a lot of lessons! And Mia got to enjoy the rest of the day of having whatever she wanted ;) Including a family date night for ice cream!