Wednesday, February 29, 2012

11 things (I promise I tried to make it interesting)

You guys...  I am horrible at playing along with these tag posts. Mandy tagged me and I've decided to be a good bloggy friend for once and participate :) Plus her post was sooo fun to read, hope I can be that interesting!

I'm skipping the 11 random things about me because I REALLY do have a post coming up with my randoms :)

Questions from Mandy

1. What's the most interesting thing you have ever done?
 Oh good grief. My life is just not that interesting.... One time I was a model in a hair show. The hair, the make up, the outfit? so. not. me. It was interesting to say the least! This story would be even more interesting if I had pictures to show, but I lost those when my computer crashed :(  Does this lame story count?

2. How much time every day do you spend on the internet? (be honest people!) :)
Crap. Does netflix count? Cause Eric and I spend an hour or two each night watching a show and winding down for bed :) Honestly... I spend too much time on the internet right now. But to be fair, we just moved and for the past 2 weeks my life has been in limbo. I start working at the salon part time each week TODAY! Yay :) And soon I'll be teaching spin classes at the gym here. And someday I'll have new friends to go out with, haha.

3. What are some of your favorite blogs?
Shalyn, Ashley, Connie, Melanie, Alycia (not just because we're family!)... to name a few! I am leaving SO many out, but I have been following these girls pretty much since day one! I LOVE so many blogs! I am grateful for the blogging community and all of the friends it brings into my life.

4. If you had to eat at the same restaurant every day for a month, where would you choose?
If I have to choose a restaurant that I live near... I guess pizza factory. I don't really know of anything else around yet. And I don't see myself getting sick of pizza :) If I could choose any restaurant it would be Cheesecake Factory! YUM!

5. Who do you really look up to and admire?
Of course I look up to my parents and Eric's parents.... but I look up to/admire Jesus Christ the most! He is the only one who truly knows what it is like to defy temptation and live a sin free life. And He sacrificed his life for us because he loves us. I can only do my best to strive to be like Him each day.

6. If you could live anywhere in the world besides your current location, where would that be?
I would choose to live anywhere but here, haha! I'm sure someday I'll fall in love with our new town and won't ever want to move... But I'd LOVE to live by a warm, sunny beach. I would seriously visit the beach everyday!

7. How do you feel about reality shows?
It depends! The trashy reality shows are ridiculous but they suck me in every. time. There are definitely some inspirational reality shows like The Biggest Loser (which I've only ever watched 1 episode. Crazy, right?). The Bachelor/Bachelorette is my #1 fave trashy reality show :) And fyi? I love Courtney! She's perfect for Ben, I think they're both idiots. But at least she's entertaining :)

8. How would you describe your style?
I'm not sure that I have a specific style... but I guess I'd say girly. I love all things pink, sparkly, ruffly, and frilly! Although, I'd love to throw some colored jeans and blazers into my wardrobe! I'm loving those looks!

9. Where do you see yourself & your family in 10 years?
I didn't know if this was possible... but I see us both settled happily into our careers (Eric finally loves his job). I see us with a baby or two ;) and living in a home that we own. And I'm hoping to have a few vacations under the belt as well. I love to travel and Eric is learning to love it, too!

10. Favorite dessert?
 Any kind of dessert. If you haven't picked up on that yet... I'm that kind of girl. I love all desserts and sweets! Unless it has nuts in it, or pie. The only kind of pie I like is lemon meringue!
11. What is your most valued possession? (kids don't count) 
My wedding ring! I would cry forever and ever if I lost it!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

thoughts on being a mom (someday)

Babysitting 5 boys a couple weeks ago made me sit back and really think about what life would be like as a mom. This was actually our 4th year doing it, so I think about this every year.... what kind of mom will I be? Maybe that's why we still don't have kids yet? Haha!
Will I be a fun mom? I want to take my kids on adventures. I want to really play with my kids. Will I be a good example to my kids? I want to teach them right from wrong. I want them to learn to be honest through my examples. I don't want my kids to think it's ok to swear, because I swear. (I actually don't curse, but sometimes it just slips out, you know? And sometimes it's really funny yet horrifying to hear a child repeat it...) Will I be a patient mom?
What will my kids be like? Even the best kids in the world have their moments.... But will they be happy and active? Or mopey and lazy? I want my kids to be very involved in playing with each other, playing sports, playing instruments, etc. But will they be interested? Will they thank me for the meals I cook them, the laundry that is washed, etc? If they are anything like me, it will happen before and after teenage years ha!
When my kids thank me for dinner, will I smile and say "you're welcome"? Or will I nag at them to hurry up and clean up the dishes? When my kid poops his pants, will I laugh and make the best of the situation? Or will I cry and scold my child? (This totally happened while babysitting, thank goodness Gentri was there and I was able to laugh instead of cry! But that's a story for another time... if you want to know more just ask!) When it's time to teach  my children how to read, will I snap at them because they can't remember how to read a simple word? Or will I be patient and understanding, and help them to learn to love reading? When my kid needs to confide in me, will I point out all the wrong they are doing in the situation and make my kid feel like they can't talk to me? Or will I listen and point my kid in the right direction and be someone they can confide in?
Will I love my babies as much as they need to be loved? Will I be a good mom? I believe that being a mama is the most important role I will ever have in this world! I want to do it right. It is scary to think of all my imperfections... will those affect my abilities to be an awesome mom? I guess I'll find out someday... and until then? I can't wait to have a mini Eric or Courtney :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

weekend review: Brian Head Resort

My parents got a cabin at a ski resort over the weekend for our family. I'd been looking forward to this trip ever since my parents told us about it! It was sooo nice to get away from the world for a weekend, snowboard, and enjoy family time! I am truly blessed to have such an amazing family!

view from the slopes
10 points for whoever guesses who's in the picture with me :)
my mom almost broke her back taking this picture.. it HAD to be posted :)
I LOVE monopoly. But no one will ever play because it turns into such a long game :(  recipe for cheese ball (or log) here
view from the slopes
my snow angel, haha ;)

Thanks Mom and Dad for a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

gunlock lake + blog makeover

I love when the blog world collides with the real world! I met Gentri when we both lived up north, and then we both moved south within days of each other. A couple weeks ago (when I was babysitting 5 boys) all the kids were at school except for one, so I met up with Gentri and we went to my favorite place! I have the best memories of ditching school (sorry mom and dad) and hanging out at Gunlock Lake! It was a gorgeous day, with an amazing friend, and a darling 4yr old!

P.S. Notice anything new about the blog??  :) Connie B gave my blog a makeover and I am in love! When I saw that she did some work for my sister in law's blog I knew I had to contact her! Call me a copycat.. but Connie's blog is one of the first blogs I ever started following and I adore her taste! One day I'm going to meet up with her so that she can take pictures of me and Eric! And I think she's gorgeous and has the cutest family... basically I want to be her best friend! Now you can call me a creeper, haha!
Anyway.... thoughts on the new look? Heaven knows I love me some feedback!! :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

i smile

Even though my heart has been a little heavy, and I have definitely been sad these past couple of weeks... I still have so many reasons to smile! Today is the perfect day to share those reasons because I am joining my sweet friend, Jessica as she posts her reasons to smile each week. This girl inspires me SO much. Not to mention how often she makes me smile, and usually laugh out loud when I read her blog! Love her :) Anyway....

I Smile...
...Because my husband finally has a job that he LOVES. The man is so happy all the time now! I am grateful for that!
...Because I get to start working part time at my salon each week. It will make my days so much happier to see my wonderful clients/friends a couple days a week!
...Because I have the best family and friends a girl could ask for! That includes YOU, my bloggy friends :)
...Because we will be spending the weekend up the mountain. Snowboarding, family time, no cell phones... can't wait!
...Because I have been on a serious cooking/baking kick (best wifey ever?) and thanks to my wonderful in-laws, I have an amazing Bosch mixer that makes this kick much more enjoyable :) 
...Because I have a healthy body that allows me to work out, and play, and have all kinds of fun.
...Because I get texts/FB messages/phone calls everyday from my friends up north. I'm so glad I am missed as much as I'm missing them!
...Because my husband and I can be the biggest dorks around each other and still be so in love! We were meant for each other... even during those moments of wanting to kill each other ;)
...Because my life is good. I am blessed. And the Lord loves me and comforts me when I need it.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

pasta carbonara {a recipe}

I'm finally sharing the recipe that my sweet hubs made for our Valentine dinner! All of the credit goes to my  mother in law, though. When we got married, she gave us a recipe book full of family recipes and everything in it is amazing! Ever since the dumb waffle incident, this pasta only gets cooked when Eric cooks it :) But he is sooo good at making it. This is the BEST pasta carbonara I've ever had (way better than any restaurant version).

Pasta Carbonara
4 eggs
1/4 cup butter or margarine
1/4 cup whipping cream
1/2 pound (we use full pound) bacon
1 pound fettuccine or spaghetti
1 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1 tablespoon parsley

Let eggs, butter, and cream and stand at room temperature for 2 to 3 hours. Cook bacon (we lay it on a pan and cook it in oven at 375 for 20 minutes or 400 for 10). Drain grease from bacon.
Beat together eggs and cream just til combined.
Cook pasta. Turn hot pasta into serving dish (we use 9x13).
Toss pasta with butter. Pour egg mixture over and toss til pasta is well coated. Add bacon, cheese and parsley, toss to mix.
Season to taste with pepper.
Put in oven at 350 for about 10 minutes to cook eggs completely.

Enjoy :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

weekend review: Vegas baby!

This weekend was just what I needed! Our friends from northern Utah came down and we spent our Saturday in Vegas!

Despite our sore feet and that hour or so of Eric and I almost killing each other because we were starving.... We had a GREAT time! I have missed Kyndra SO much! It was fun being able to spend the whole day sightseeing with our husbands. I think that's the first time Eric and I have ever been to Vegas and not done any shopping :).... but we did ride the NY, NY roller coaster. It is crazy, fun! And we saw Pete Rose, that made the boys day! And we ate at Margarita Ville, did you see the size of those nachos?? Eric and I shared and hardly made a dent!
I love the weekends, I love Vegas, I love my friends, and I LOVE my hubs!

P.S. Are we friends on twitter??
P.P.S. Seriously.... thank you for the amazing, encouraging, and sweet comments on my last post. I am so grateful to have so many amazing bloggy friends! Makes my world seem a lot less lonely right now :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

change is HARD

Note: This post is definitely out of character for me. Unfortunately my life is not a perfect script, and sometimes I go through hard times and I have to keep it real. I am weary to write this because I don't want family and friends to worry... but like I said, keepin' it real.

This is the first full week I've spent in our home. We moved (almost) 3 Saturdays ago and then I left town for 2 weeks straight. One week I worked at the salon and the next week I was babysitting. I haven't been around long enough for it to sink in that this is our new home, until now. Sadly, I am NOT loving the idea.
I am homesick for northern Utah. I never thought I'd feel this way, but I do! I think it's because that is the first time that Eric and I truly started our lives on our own. No parents, no comfort zones, no familiarity. It was just me and him, relying on each other. We did have a few friends living up there who definitely helped make the transition easier. But for the most part we built our life from scratch... together. And we built a very happy life. I can't get over how many amazing friends we have up there. And the old relationships that we were able to build up were amazing, too. I loved the city life and all the adventures it offered. Living in this small town is definitely going to take some getting used to.
There was definitely a period of time where I had some dark days up there. I haven't really talked about it because it's not something I like to think about, or have people worrying about. Between the change of location, raging hormones, horrid acne, and the dreary winter, it is safe to say that I had a major case of the winter blues. I never realized how bad it was until summer was coming to an end and I was dreading winter like I'd never dreaded anything before. I remember a specific time when I should have realized how bad of a place I was in.... one of my best friends had her baby and I went to the hospital to visit. Her family and in law family were there and everyone was SO happy. And for good reason, right? Well, I remember sitting there watching them and feeling so out of place. I was just wishing that I had something in my life to be happy about (I am a happy girl. That was NOT normal for me.) There were days, maybe weeks (I can't remember) that I just didn't want to get out of bed. I had no reason to get up! So I stayed in bed or lounged around until an hour or so before Eric would get home from work. Then I'd hurry to shower and clean house. I don't think he knew how bad things were for me. I would snap out of it when I was around people or working, but for awhile I was one very depressed girl.
I share this because I am terrified of going back to that dark place. I am praying that with each major change in my life, my mind doesn't go fall back into that pit. I have an amazing husband who would do anything for me. He deserves this job and the happiness it brings him. I feel so guilty for being so sad that we moved here, because I don't want to bring him down. I realize that it's all hitting me really hard because this is the first time it's all sinking in. I know I'll make new friends. I know that I'll get into a routine and this will feel like home. I know that being closer to my salon and being able to work part time each week instead of one week a month will make me happy. I know that I'll probably look back in a few years and say that I loved living here.... But right now I miss my friends. Right now I miss the city. Right now I miss that life. It may be dramatic but right now? Right now I am so, so sad.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

our Valentines 2012

- I decorated our home with homemade hearts that had pick up lines written on them. Cheesy/mushy lines only go so far with my hubs. So I had to throw in some gross/funny "guy" ones to mix it up for him :)
- Eric surprised me with my sparkly TOMS. Best.Husband.EVER.
- Eric took me up the canyon (as far as we could go, a lot of it is closed off) to play in the snow, sight see, and take pictures. What a trooper!
At one point I heard Eric snickering and went to find out what he was up to. The man freakin' peed an "I love you" into the snow. He was so proud, ha! I realize how gross this is, but it had to be told for my journal's sake.

- I totally dressed "Valentine-ish" :). Pink and a heart, love!
- Eric made me dinner! Pasta with Carbonara sauce... SO amazing! Interested in the recipe? I'd be happy to share it!
Eric planned a perfect evening for us, I enjoyed it SO much! I love Valentines Day :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

sorta like nutter butters... but WAY better

What you need:
Spread peanut butter on cracker, and make a sandwich out of it :)
Dunk peanut butter cracker sandwiches in chocolate (fake chocolate if you're cheap like me, ha!):

 Let chocolate harden. Enjoy!

You guys... my friend Carly introduced me to this amazingly simple yet DELICIOUS treat. Please give it a try, it will make you SO happy :)

P.S. Please tell me we aren't the only ones??