Sunday, December 30, 2012

scenes from my Christmas

I look like death.... totally blaming it on the newborn!

Christmas was definitely different this year, thanks to my angel baby! Instead of going out for Christmas eve breakfast, Eric and I took Mia to her first doctor's appointment. Instead of spending the holiday at my parents house, my family stayed at mine. We didn't open presents until after noon. Mia had more Christmas gifts than Eric and I did (but they were just as fun to open, ha!) And there was the sweetest feeling around the house because we were celebrating Christmas with a brand new baby, my daughter! Eric and I have never been more blessed.... we are so grateful for our perfect Mia. And we are also extremely grateful to my family for all of their help, and for being patient enough to let Mia run the show :) 
I'm definitely looking forward to celebrating this special season next year. Teaching Mia about the birth of our Savior, playing Santa, having my life together again (this mom thing is quite the adjustment, ha) to start new traditions and continue with old ones, etc... I'm so excited to experience all of it with my growing Mia!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

one week

She loves to play the kissy game with Daddy...
...and hates taking pictures with Mommy :)

How is my baby a week old already?!
This has been the fastest week of my life!
Also the most exhausting, rewarding, happiest, and craziest week of my life :)
It's so easy to get flustered and feel like a failure as a mom. But Eric and I could not feel more blessed to be Mia's parents! We're slowly catching on to this parenting thing and loving every second of it.
We could not be more in love with baby Mia!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas


Mia wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas :)

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Mia Marie Brinkerhoff
5:21 PM
7 lbs 19 1/2 inches

We are in such incredible awe that this bundle of perfection is our daughter!
We love baby Mia!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

40 weeks

picture taken at 40 weeks 2 days

- Baby Girl has missed her due date! It was Sunday, December 16th :( I'm so ready for her to be here!!

- Still no stretch marks! I hope my belly can hold out until she comes, ha ha.

- I haven't talked about my weight gain because I think it's silly. Every body and baby is different, so I don't like the comparing of weight gain. And I'm not even sure the exact amount I've gained (I don't remember what my start weight was and I don't care to ask my Dr) but it's at least 30-35 pounds. One of my clients about had a heart attack when I told her that.... "REALLY?? THAT MUCH?!" she asked me, so shocked. "You don't look like you've gained that much!" Did I want to shave her hair off? Yes. Did I? No, unfortunately.

-  Other than needing a serious foot massage (ha!) I am feeling really good! Squished, but good :)

- I'm still a walkin' fool! Don't ask me why.... I'm convinced this baby won't come until she's good and ready (or I get induced) regardless of the amount of walking I do each day!

- As excited as I am to finally be able to hold my baby, I'm still super nervous for labor and delivery. Eric and I would appreciate any and all prayers for the safe arrival of our baby!! We can't wait to introduce her to you guys :)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

lights, camera....

Always so happy to take a picture :) ha ha
39 weeks 4 days

It's no Temple Square but I'm grateful we got to stroll the St. George Temple grounds and enjoy the beautiful lights! Listening to the nativity story warms my heart so much.... especially as we are waiting anxiously for our baby girl's arrival (today is my due date, but I'm thinking she has other plans and won't be joining us today). What a special time of year!! I can't wait to celebrate Christmas with my brand new family of 3 :)

P.S. She needs to hurry up so we can give our poor baby a name!!
P.P.S. We're pretty sure she got more Christmas gifts from my parents than we did, ha ha :)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

39 weeks

picture taken at 39 weeks (on time for once, too bad this post is like 4 days late)

- As Eric and I were headed out for a walk earlier this week, we passed the stroller on our way out the door. Eric said, "I can't WAIT to take this stroller out on a walk with us!" It was just the cutest little statement... I love how excited he is to be a dad!!

- The swelling has been relentless this past week. I am constantly drinking water and doing everything I can to keep the swelling down, but it doesn't seem to help. I guess my body is just done being pregnant?

- I retired my wedding ring on Sunday :( I'll be wearing a fake one until baby is born. It's better than running the risk of not being able to get my ring off because of the swelling, right?

- Here's something FUN... I sprained my jaw Tuesday evening. SERIOUSLY! Anytime I lay down it puts quite a bit of strain on my body considering my tummy muscles are useless because my full grown baby has taken over. Tuesday night I took a bath and the strain of laying back in the tub transferred pressure to my jaw and sprained it because the ligaments are so loose. Ha ha... it's just so ridiculous! Those loose ligaments better mean that baby girl is poppin' out ASAP ;)

- My due date is SUNDAY! (I know, I'm always late with my weekly updates...) Say a little prayer that baby girl makes her arrival in the next couple days :) I really don't want to be overdue, ha ha!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

snickerdoodle cookies {a recipe}


You know how there are certain treats that just scream "Christmas time" to you?? Snickerdoodles are just that for me! Oh how I LOVE these cookies! I have an amazingly yummy (and easy) recipe to share today!

Snickerdoodle Cookies
1 1/2 cup Sugar
1/2 cup Shortening
2 Eggs
1 tsp Vanilla
1/2 cup Butter {I use unsalted}
2 3/4 cup Flour
1/2 tsp Baking Soda
1/2 tsp Salt
1 tsp Baking Powder

Chill dough in refrigerator for 1 hour

In a bowl mix 2 tsp Sugar and 1 tsp Cinnamon
Roll dough into balls {any size you want}
Roll dough balls in sugar/cinnamon mixture then place on cookie sheet

Bake at 400 degrees 8-10 minutes {I pull mine out as soon as the cookies start to crackle}
Don't overcook :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

weekend review

 We only got one crappy cell phone picture of the whole weekend! This is at our church Christmas party.

Eric and I had a great weekend together! It's the first Friday, Saturday and Sunday we got to spend together with NO work in..... months! I can't even remember the last time we had a whole weekend together. It was amazing :) We were hoping to be in the hospital with our brand new baby but of course, she has other plans and baby girl wants to cook a little longer! So we spent the weekend with friends celebrating Christmas! Friday night we went to Cafe Rio (I can't WAIT to be able to stuff a whole salad or burrito in my body again.... I'm ready for baby to get out so I can have room for food again ha ha) and watched A Christmas Story with friends. That movie never gets old :) Saturday we went to our church Christmas party and spent more time with friends. And Sunday evening we got together with friends again just because it might be the last time in awhile we are able to do that :) Or I guess I should say it's the last time we'll easily be able to pick up and go hangout with friends... baby girl is going to be a lot of work! But we can't wait to have her here! Hopefully this was our last weekend as a family of 2!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

38 weeks

picture taken at 38 weeks 2 days

- The process has started.... I'm dialating :) (And that's all I'm sayin' about that since this subject can totally gross people out, ha ha.)

- A cute old man came up to me at the grocery store and told me I shouldn't wear this shirt (the one in the picture) because it makes me look pregnant, ha ha. He was trying to be funny and make conversation when he told me his granddaughter is probably a little further along than me, and she's due the end of January. Gosh, it felt SO good to tell him I was due in about a week and a half :)

- Baby girl is getting restless it seems like. Her movements feel like she's searching for a way OUT! :)

- I've been a walkin' fool these days trying to help the process along. It's actually really painful to walk so hopefully it's worth it!

- I don't sleep at night... like ever. Tuesday night was an especially bad night for me and Eric. The next morning Eric asked if I was going to be okay traveling to and from work (I work 45 minutes away) with my crazy schedule because I was up ALL night! I told him I'm up all night like that EVERY night.
He asked, "not like that?!"
"Just like that! I've already told you this plenty of times."
"What can we do to fix this? You don't get enough sleep!"
I told him, "I don't think there is anything we can do. It must be mother nature's way of preparing me for a newborn."
"Mother nature suuuuuuucks!"
Yes, yes it does :) And Eric only had to endure 1 night of little sleep. I've been doing it for weeks now, ha ha.

- My updates are really boring each week but we're pretty much waiting on her arrival to make life exciting again :) So anxious to meet baby girl!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Eric sent me this picture when he finished setting them up and I got butterflies in my tummy! Can't wait to bring baby home!


My sis in law got Eric and I hooked on waffles + peanut butter + syrup. I could eat these morning/day/night 24/7. YUM!

Baby Girl was gifted this adorable ornament! I have the sweetest friends :)

I can't wait to have my instagram fill up with pictures of our baby girl! If you want to follow this new, exciting time in our lives my username is courtbrink. Hopefully you won't get sick of seeing baby girl plastered all over my social media outlets ;)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

weekend review


 Eric and I finally had a day off together! Life has been so crazy since Thanksgiving and we've been on opposite work schedules.... so spending a day together was the BEST :) We were able to relax and enjoy each other! I have a feeling we won't have one of these days again for quite awhile, ha ha.
Eric has been wanting to see the new 007 movie so we hit up the matinee (and had the theater to ourselves... perks of going to a matinee on a Monday!) We made sure to stock up on candy before the movie, but I promise we hardly ate any of it :) Life is about to get real crazy and I just might put myself into labor by the weekend with the work schedule I have. Either that or I won't be able to walk for a week... the things I do for my beloved clients :) Wish me luck, ha ha!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

'tis the season

Crystal binky ornament! One of baby girl's ornaments!  
Christmas tree lights are on, Christmas scentsy is burnin', and Josh Groban's Christmas cd is playing as I'm typing this post.... and I have butterflies in my tummy! Yes, baby girl is moving around as well, but the butterflies are separate from her movement :) I have been daydreaming about this day ever since I found out my due date was in December. I am 38 weeks today and so grateful to be expecting our baby girl any day. What a special Christmas for us, the most exciting one of our lives!
I am so overwhelmed with gratitude for the Christmas season! Anticipating the arrival of my baby has made me appreciate Christ's birth more than ever before. What a wonderful time of year to be reminded of all the miracles in this world! Baby girl is the most special miracle to our little family... I couldn't possibly ask for a better Christmas gift! It feels like I've been waiting forever for this season to arrive and now that it's finally here? I'm going to soak up every second that I can :) And pray for the safe arrival of our perfect miracle!
What are you looking forward to this season??
Does it get anymore glamorous than wearing the hubs shirt and sweats? :) This is what happens at 38 weeks!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

37 weeks

picture taken at 37 weeks 2 days

- Baby girl could make her arrival any day now and be totally fine! Let's all say a little prayer that she comes sooner rather than later, ha ha!

- I'm still having braxton hicks regularly. I notice an increase when I work out or when I've done a lot in a day. It's amazing to think that my body just knows to practice so that it's ready for labor when the time comes!

- My heartburn has definitely taken a turn for the worst this past week. I hope that means labor is just around the corner? ha ha

- Baby girl got her first Christmas ornament! My sweet friend surprised me with it and I love it! I'm still having a hard time believing I'll have my very own baby for Christmas... aahhh!!!

- I understand now why women get to a point in their pregnancy where they are just DONE! Eric and I are ready to be done (and he's not that one that is carrying her inside his body, ha!) because I'm in quite a bit of pain each day. But we are mostly just so anxious and excited to meet our baby girl! Even though I'm so over being pregnant... I know I'd do it again and again to bring this little girl into our family! We love her so much and can't wait to snuggle and love on her!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

My niece, baby Zoe, just nappin' next to her cousin. They will be the best of friends!
Grandma Brinkerhoff made baby girl a blanket! All the granddaughters have butterfly blankets from her :)
Can you tell I love blankets?

This Thanksgiving was so wonderful! I was worried that I'd be spending Thanksgiving alone because of Eric's work schedule (and I wasn't about to travel without him, just IN CASE I went into labor) and then we needed to get the okay from the Dr. so that we could travel.... and everything worked out! We had Thanksgiving with the Brinkerhoff's and obviously I was enjoying myself too much to worry about pictures :) The food was amazing, the company was even better, and the pie.... oh the pie! Eric had been daydreaming about the pie for days leading up to Thanksgiving! The Brinkerhoff's don't mess around when it comes to their pie. There were 26 pies (plus extra pie crusts in case they needed to make more....) And only 25 people, total! It's safe to say that Eric ate at least 2 pies worth of slices in a day and a half, ha!
And my sweet in law's through a shower for baby girl!! She is so loved and spoiled :) We got some fun gifts and beautiful blankets! I'm just overwhelmed with gratitude! Now that Thanksgiving has ended... I'm just so excited to celebrate the most exciting Christmas of our lives with baby girl in my ARMS instead of my belly :)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

what goes?

I feel like Eric and I have pretty much prepared for our baby girl's arrival as much as possible... except for packing the bags. With this being our first experience EVER of welcoming a new one into this world, I truly have no idea what to expect!

We got this bag for 20% off... woo hoo! And it's not very girly but Eric helped me pick it out and told me he'd carry it around ;)
The diaper bag- Am I packing it full of items to use in the hospital? Or does the hospital provide everything we'll need? Do I only pack her going home outfit (which I still don't have picked out, oops!) and a blanket? Or do I pack it full of... I don't even know? Help!!

The hospital bag- I am not one who likes to pack excessively. If I don't need it, I don't want to deal with it. So what do I absolutely NEED to take to the hospital? The only items on my list are socks (I hear your feet get cold?), my going home outfit (we found a cute sweats outfit, I want to be comfortable!), nursing bra and my boppy pillow (or does the hospital provide one so I don't have to take mine?). If all goes well, I only want to stay in the hospital for the necessary 24 hours and then go home so I can be truly comfortable! Of course I understand these things can't be planned.... so that's where I need your advice! What the heck do I pack in my hospital bag??

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

36 weeks {last month!}

picture taken at 36 weeks 2 days (there is a shadow outlining my belly again, making it look a little bigger)

- According to the charts, Baby Girl should be the size of a watermelon now. Yikes! But I don't think she is that big. I'm still measuring small but it's not a problem because we see the right amount of growth each week! (And to be honest? I don't mind if she comes out a little small... she can grow as big as she wants once she's out of my body, HA!)

- I go into the doctor every week now. We are definitely on the countdown!

- My braxton hicks have increased quite noticeably this last week! I don't know if that means anything but I'll find out at my appointment today.

- I find myself slowing down a little more each day. I don't know why... but I wasn't expecting pregnancy to slow me down. Ha ha, I'm ridiculous! But each day I'm a little more worn out, physically and emotionally. But it will all be worth it once I get to hold my baby!

- I'm a BAD mom!! I just realized I don't have a baby book of any sort and I've heard I will want one at the hospital for her footprints? MOMS: Am I going to regret it if I don't have a baby book? What is your favorite baby book? I don't even know where to look for one! Help this mama out, pretty please?! :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

a food post

I am so excited that Thanksgiving is only a couple days away!! I can finally decorate for Christmas this weekend since Eric won't let me "skip" Thanksgiving..... I meeeeean, I can't wait to hangout with family and stuff my face with good food :) Baby Girl is taking up most of the space in my belly so I'm only going to be able to try 1 bite of everything, but it will be worth it! And Eric's family goes all out with their pies. I can't wait to tell you how many they have this year :)
I wanted to share a couple of my very favorite recipes around this time of year! They might be so special because I don't eat them throughout the year? Whatever the reason, I love them and want to share the love :)

First up: a Cheese Ball! Seriously, this is the easiest recipe ever and it tastes oh so amazing! My pregnant taste buds have been drooling at the thought of this for the past month!
Next: Cream Cheese Toffee Dip! I don't know what I need to say about this except.... YUM!
Last: Apple Snicker Salad! This recipe is always a huge hit. But I actually make it year round. It's perfect for bbq's, holiday meals, and any get together! But this is my contribution to Thanksgiving meal and I can't wait to indulge :)

What are your favorite things to eat during the holidays?! (My list is kind of short so I'd love to add to it! Plus there is something so satisfying about talking about goooooood food, ha!)

Monday, November 19, 2012

a letter to my daughter

Dear Baby Girl,

So you aren't all the way here yet...but in just one month (maybe less) I will finally get to meet you and hold you in my arms! You can't imagine how much I'm looking forward to that moment. Or can you? I hope you are just as excited to love us, as we are to love you!! Your dad and I have been waiting a long time to become your parents. We DID dream of you, imagine what you'd look like, guess what kind of personality you'd have.... and now that you're growing in my body we talk to you, daddy plays with you (sorry I scold you, but those bladder shots aren't very nice), we hope for you and we love you! From day one we have prayed for you and thanked God for you, and that will never change!! We will always love you and be so grateful that you are ours!
I feel so honored that God has trusted us with the responsibility to raise you. Baby Girl, I promise to do my very best as your mom, and your dad will do his best! I fear for those moments when I will fail, or when I make you upset, but please never forget that we love you and that we will do anything for you!
You are our greatest creation, you bring us the most anticipated excitement, and you radiate so much love within our little family. You are ours for eternity and we couldn't be happier about that! Daddy and I love you SO much!!

With all my heart.... Love your momma!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

35 weeks

picture taken at 35 weeks 3 days (no chalkboard this week cause I'm a slacker!)

- Baby girl gets the hiccups now! I felt them for the first time this past week, 3 different times! 

- We cleaned the baby's room, washed every baby item she'll use up to 3 months, set up the car seat and stroller, and did everything else we can think of to prepare for her arrival! (Sadly, her nursery is very plain. We aren't decorating because we'll be moving shortly after she's born. No point in decorating just to pack up and move to a different house!)

- My pelvis has been killing me. No one tells you about this part of pregnancy... ha ha! I've been told it's because of the spreading and baby is dropping. Whatever it is.... it's awful!

- I have perfected the waddle :) But sometimes I just can't walk normal and I blame it on the above statement!

- I've noticed an increase in my braxton hicks. So glad my body is getting prepared because I'm about ready to have my body back to myself, ha!

- Did I mention that Eric painted my toenails this past week? He's the best :)

- We are just so ready to meet out baby girl!! I can't believe it really could happen anytime now.... I hope the next month goes by just as quickly as the whole pregnancy has :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I just love my little family!
Daddy thinks there's such thing as too much pink and too much sparkle. But mama's lookin' out for baby girl! I don't see ANY pink on this dress ;)
 It just seemed like the right thing to do... post an "I Voted" picture on voting day!
Trevor and Alycia took us to the BYU creamery for the first time... YUM! (They also fed us Taco Bell for breakfast... don't try it. Just don't. Love my brother and his ideas :) ha ha!)
I love having so many pregnant friends! Baby girl is going to have lots of besties :)

I know I say this every time... but instagram is the funnest way to get a sneak peak into each others lives!
Sometimes life gets too busy for blogging, but we always have a second to snap a picture and post it for the world to see :) I'm sure that will become my life next month, once baby girl arrives!
Find me at courtbrink and let's be insta-friends!

Monday, November 12, 2012

best decision I ever made....

When I was engaged to Eric I got a ton of feedback about how I was making the wrong decision. Why were so many people against the idea of Eric and I getting married? Because we were young.

Eric was 21 and I was 19 when we started dating. 10 months later we sealed the deal at ages 22 and 20. When we got engaged all of our loved ones were ecstatic for us! But I'm a hairstylist which means I see and have conversations with a ton of different people every single day. I had a lot of people sit down in my chair and tell me that I should wait to get married. I should travel the world before picking my spouse. We both needed to grow up before we could handle a marriage. The list of reasons why we "needed" to wait could go on forever. But I knew that Eric was the one for me. He is the one that I wanted to experience the highs and lows of this life with. I wanted him by my side while I traveled the world. Eric is the one I choose to be with for eternity.

Marriage isn't always easy... but it's not supposed to be! I don't think marriage would have been an easier adjustment had I waited until 30 instead of 20 to be married. But we went into this commitment with the knowledge that even though it wasn't going to be easy, we were going to work our buns off to make this thing work! It helps that I picked the right man to be my husband, and visa versa, but it is so satisfying each time we make it through a difficult trial together. We come out of the highs and lows more in love than before!

Eric is my best friend, my biggest support, my partner in crime, and my deepest love. We fight hard, we play harder, and we love the hardest. We don't ever stop working at our marriage because the moment we do is the moment it will all fall apart. Our marriage means everything to us, and for that reason we are willing to give it our all! I'm not ashamed to say that we married young because we have grown together. And I can't wait to see how we will continue to grow and love as our life together goes on... starting with the newest addition to our family come December :) Experiencing these huge changes, and the highs and lows each day with Eric by my side, is the BEST decision I ever made!

This post has actually been published before on Janna's blog! But lately I've been feeling so much gratitude towards my amazing husband. He has been so great and I wanted to express how much he means to me! This past week Eric has painted my toe nails because I can't reach anymore, he's rubbed my back to help relax my muscles so that I can walk again, made waffles because I was craving them, and so much more! He truly is the BEST and I'm so thankful he's mine!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

34 weeks

picture taken at 34 weeks 2 days

- I just figured out this week what a braxton hick feels like and realized I have those all the time! And I've been experiencing them for the past month! And yes... I felt like an idiot that I never realized those were braxton hicks :)

- It's official... I can't reach my toes to paint them. Eric's gonna have to buy me a pedicure or paint those nails himself!

- Baby girl started stretching this past week. And I mean really stretching.... I'm worried she's going to bust a rib or 2 if she keeps that up.

- According to my baby app, baby girl has reached her full height/length! She won't be growing any longer while she's inside my body. It's all about the fat now :)

- I think I have permanent kankles. Seriously.... does the swelling go away after the baby comes? PLEASE tell me it does! My legs kind of make me want to barf.... (I know that's vain... but I still care even though I'm pregnant!)

- Baby girl and I are starting to feel very cramped!! These next 6 weeks (actually, closer to 5 weeks by the time I post this) are going to be very interesting.... ha ha!

- I really want to get a few freezer meals prepared to have on hand while I'm recovering (or just too lazy to cook) from having our baby. I've looked for recipes on pinterest but I'm wanting to make meals that I know people have actually tried and loved. So if you've made any freezer meals that you totally loved PLEASE share the recipe or a link :) Thank you!!