Tuesday, September 30, 2014

girls weekend {Scottsdale, AZ}

skirt c/o eShakti (photo is in the window display of Anthropologie, ha ha!)
Mia and I were invited to a girls weekend in Arizona and since Eric had to work... it was a no brainer to accept that invite! We had the BEST time! I summarized my favorite parts of our girl time in a bullet list below :)
  • We literally shopped 'til we dropped Friday and Saturday! I made my FIRST EVER purchase from Anthropologie and the best part? The top was under $25, say whaaaaa? #score
  • I was introduced to Victoria's Secret leggings and I can't even express how much I love them! If anyone is wondering what to get me for Christmas... VS leggings or gift cards to go towards them ;) I seriously can't WAIT to buy more! Soooo comfy!
  • Mia loooooves making friends! For example, our friend and her two little boys met us at the mall. Mia was introduced to her two year old and she started squealing and ran circles around him... while he just stood there and stared at her in shock, ha ha! She didn't stop running circles (and squealing) until I pulled her away! 
  • A monsoon storm raged outside (for probably 15 minutes at the most) and knocked the power out at the mall! I didn't get to see the actual storm but I saw the after math of flooded parking lots, etc. Those crazy rains are no joke in AZ!
  • We ate, and ate, and ate. We literally stuffed our faces full of food nonstop
  • Mia was introduced to Sunny D and just a few sips in, Mia was going craaaaazy! I'm really regretting not recording her, because I've never seen her that hyper in her life, ha!
  • I planned on taking a billion pictures all weekend, but I ended up taking like 3. I'm actually okay with it because that means I was too busy soaking up the fun ;)
We are so thankful for the amazing trip to the Phoenix area! Mia is the best little traveler, thank heavens! And she is quite the little shopper, ha ha! We had the best time, and I'm already trying to plan our next trip back to Arizona! I could seriously live there, we love it so much!
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Friday, September 26, 2014

serious talk {win a Coach purse}

I like to keep my corner of the Internet light hearted (for the most part) and focused on my family, because this is my online journal after all :) But sometimes people reach out, in this case it was a dear friend from high school, and I just can't say no. If this can help even one person, how can I deny posting?
Have you heard of Safe Harbor Crisis Center - Davis County Coalition Against Violence? I hadn't either until my dear friend emailed me. They are apart of a neat fundraiser right now called Purple Purse Challenge. Basically, any donation of $20 enters you into a drawing to win a purple Coach purse designed by Kerry Washington, donated by Allstate (donation of $100 = 5 entries. make sense?) If you'd like to be entered into the drawing check out the official page here.

So, how is your donation benefiting Safe Harbor Crisis Center? Here is a little background on the center that my friend sent me: The Center deals rape victims right after their attack, all through their court dates, and the many years of healing after. We also have a shelter where they house women and their children who are in immediate danger due to domestic abuse. We are a high crisis center, pretty much everyone staying there's life is in jeopardy. They can stay in the shelter for 30 days or longer depending on their situation, we help them get jobs, safe housing, and the counselling they need. If men need our help we have a deal with a near by hotel, it's not nearly as safe but for now it's all we can do with our funding....did you know 40% of domestic violence victims are men? Crazy, huh?

We also have what is called Transitional Housing where the women can stay for 2-4 years, they pay low rent based on how much they make and live in an apartment complex we have tricked out with major security systems. It's basically a reverse jail, it's pretty cool. 

We also have two Protective Order girls who all they do, all day long is file restraining order, protective orders etc, for anyone in the community that seeks our help, men or women. 

And what we call "Outreach" it's where anyone can come and get counseling from the community along with their children.

We may be in Davis County (Utah) but since people are fleeing from their abusers they come from all over the state, so fundraising for us helps the entire state, not just women of Davis County. 
Your donation money goes to the services mentioned above.

I realize that this is a hard topic, and mainly geared for my Utah readers, but it got me thinking. I really don't know anything about any of the shelters in Utah. I am grateful they are there... but is that enough? I need to educate myself on the help that is offered (and what help these shelters need from me) because violence is too real these days. It's heart breaking and scary to talk about, but it's necessary to be educated. There is no pressure to donate, of course!! If anything, I hope this is eye opening to the things that are easily ignored until they are suddenly needed. I will be putting more effort in involving myself in the community and serving those around me!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

just some randoms {21}

Not the best quality, but this photo had to be documented! Mia's first time getting into momma's make up. She was so proud :) ha ha!

During one nap, Mia decided it was best to stack everything, including herself, on top of the pillow :)

Once again, sorry for the poor photo quality, but I wanted to document :) This what Mia looks like more often than not, ha ha! She loves to dress herself in all things comfy and over sized! (My running medal, her shirt that is just way too big and my slippers!)

 Since that one time (above photo) Mia has decided that she sleeps better under her pillow. Every single night before I go to bed, I go in her room and remove the pillow from her body and stick it on the opposite end of her bed. She has blankets, and I've watched her pull them on top of her, so I don't understand where this obsession is coming from??

When we pulled out the fall decor from our storage room on Sunday, we had to remove some stuff in front of it, including the bumbo. Everything else went back in the storage room except this. Mia is obsessed with sitting in it (while the bumbo is sitting on the couch) to watch shows, read books, or just hangout with us :) ha ha!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

farm life

can't. stop. laughing. I like goats but don't blame Mia for trying to get away, this one was kinda freaky!
photo bombed!
my shirt c/o Collectively Yours Mia's headband c/o Emma's Kloset

So. I may have made my #1 on the Fall bucket list a visit to the farm because we already had plans to go with friends, ha ha! We celebrated the first (full) day of Fall exploring the most picturesque farm and sweating our guts out! I didn't know what to expect with the farm, but I knew Mia would love the animals! Turns out that the farm is darling and I want to have family photos done here (Eric will LOVE that...), and Mia only liked the animals from a far, like really far away, ha ha! I meant to get a picture of the whole group but that thought got lost in chasing children, wiping (animal) poop off pants, kids locking themselves in animal cages, etc. Proof of a really fun morning :)
Aside from the way our day started- Mia tripping over her feet and hurting herself enough to not put any weight on her leg for awhile (she was better before our farm trip), thinking it would be cute to match my hair to my shirt (because I'm cheesy like that) and it didn't turn out as cute as I thought... but I ran out of time to do anything different (ha!!), and running out of the house without my keys (and asking the neighbors to break into my home, they failed, and hitching a ride to the farm until I could get keys from Eric), we ended up having a lot of fun! I loved that we had such a large group of friends together and hope we can do it again soon! Cheers to this sweet season!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall 2014 bucket list

Moccasins c/o Freshly Picked Bow headband c/o Her Joyful Studio
Our happy mail days, the stormy weekend that dropped the temps and my Halloween decor are proof that Fall really is officially here ;) I had so much fun crossing items off our Fall bucket list last year that I couldn't resist making another one... especially now that Mia's a little older and understands a little better. I'm really looking forward to all the fun Eric and I are going to have with Mia!

1- Go to a farm and visit the animals (plus purchase some yummy veggies/pumpkins for baking)!

2- Get crafty and make Mia's Halloween costume (just kidding, I'll only be making a small part of it, ha!)

3- Bake Fall goodies!

4- Pumpkin patches. Wagon hay rides. Hot chocolate. etc

5- Paint pumpkins with Mia to put on our door step. (This one is a big deal for me because it's so hard for me to let Mia get dirty, but I know she will love it! Also, I don't even know what paint to buy? Ha! Guess I'll be googling!)

6- Take Mia trick-or-treating, even if it's just to a couple homes. I know she would LOVE it!

7- I just realized that I should probably try and teach Mia to say "Trick or Treat" :) Wish me luck!

8- Clean out my gosh, dang home! I put this on every bucket list yet I never make it happen. I need to yard sale my junk asap!

9- Try and prep for Christmas and Mia's birthday as much as possible. December is the craziest month for me now that Mia's birthday falls during the month, along with Christmas! So I'm really hoping to have mostly everything taken care of before the month even begins.

10- Soak up every second with our quickly growing babe! Last year we really had a blast, but in the back of my mind I was heart broken with every second that passed, knowing that we were getting closer and closer to her first birthday. I don't know why I had such a difficult time with that milestone, but it really killed me inside! So this Fall? My goal is to not have a care in the world and look at the world through Mia's eyes. This is gonna be the funnest Fall/Halloween, ever!
October 2013

Monday, September 22, 2014

a weekend {not} worth blogging about

Some weekends just don't seem worth blogging about (and it feels like we've had a lot of those lately) but I want to remember these low key days with my family! Sometimes these are the days that matter most!
Friday evening I was feeling a little frustrated and stir crazy! I was hoping to go out of town but we weren't able to, so we had zero plans to look forward to. I'd asked Eric if we could go on a date, but we were having one heckuva time planning something, Mia was in a mood during dinner and I was frustrated with Eric because nothing was working out (as if that's his fault, ha ha! Sorry babe!) Just as I was walking away to get some space (while telling Eric that he and Mia were driving me to the loony bin, ha!) Eric snatched me up in a hug and asked if I wanted to go tour his work! That's not the most romantic suggestion but I was so excited (and a little bugged because I wanted to be annoyed with the world... am I the only one who gets in those moods? ha!) My weekend was looking up!
Saturday morning I went to piyo (it's my new favorite class at the gym!), the farmer's market and played with Mia. After she napped, Eric and I dropped her off with our friends (where she had the time of her life and was ticked when we came to pick her up, ha ha!) and drove out to his work. We got caught in the craziest rain/hail storm! It was so bad we could hardly see while driving! We arrived to his work, an iron mill, to the worst flooding Eric has ever seen out there! The storm limited my tour to just the mill, but I can't wait to go back out and have Eric show me the mining pits and everything else I missed. Anyway, Eric is the electrical superintendent of the mill and it was so eye opening to see the machinery he works with! It's kind of mind blowing that Eric understands what it takes electrically for that place to run, and if he doesn't understand when something breaks down? You better believe he learns what it needs to start running again! It's not a glamorous job and Eric comes home dirty each day, but he's good at what he does and passionate about the work! I'm just so incredibly proud to call that hard working man mine! We ended the night by stuffing our faces with good food and good friends! (Thanks for babysitting Kort and Jord!)
Sunday was so good! The temps dropped thanks to the storm and it continued to rain for most of the day! Mia was in and out of the house all day playing in the water :) I couldn't resist pulling out the fall decor and making a pot of soup! Mia loves the decorations! She checked out every single pumpkin, wreath, garland etc and took her time staring them down and saying "yes!" each time we asked her if she liked it :) We even pulled out the hot chocolate, Mia's first time having a cup, and she loved it so much that she threw a fit when hers was gone. Obviously she gets her attitude from her daddy ;) So this weekend wasn't much for making conversation on the blog, but it turned out just perfect so I had to document!

Friday, September 19, 2014

happy 21 months to my love bug

Our sweet baby Mia is only 3 months away from turning 2!! I'm having the hardest time wrapping my head around that fact! Time is flying.... and I REALLY need to get started on her party prep, birthday gifts, family photo outfits and Christmas gifts (for everyone) because halfway through November and all of December I'm going to be a worthless, blubbering mess until her birthday, HA! At least we are having so much fun watching Mia grow and expand her vocabulary! I kind of want to squeeze her every time I see her sweet face!
bracelet c/o Our Little Pretties
- Mia's new words this month are "he-oo" (hello), "coo kie" (cookie, spoken as if two words), "cu" (cup), "cheeeeeeese", "mow" (more), "bee beeeee" (beep beep), "goo" (good).
- She's really starting to put 2-3 words together now and it's so fun! Just yesterday she pointed to the beads on my shirt and said, "Oh, dat pre-y!"! Melt my heart! She also says, "He-oo? Hi! Hey you! Bye you!" (all in on breath, ha!), "mmm, dat goo!", "heugo" (here you go), "youokay?" "deritis!" (there is is), "whasdat?" (what's that). My very favorite is when she hears a bang or something drop she comes running, "oh no! uh oh! youokay?" She's the sweetest!
- I did catch 2 of the cutest videos of Mia's little voice and posted on Instagram! Here is one of her saying words, and here is one making animal noises!
- Mia is obsessed with helicopters, airplanes, birds, dogs, cats and horns honking or a loud engine. 
- This kind of grosses us out but she likes to eat eggs (cooked, of course) cold. Pineapple is her favorite. She calls it "coo kie", ha ha. 
- She has perfected drinking out of a cup with no lid! Occasionally she spills, but we give her water AND milk in a cup with no lid now!
- Mia got her 3rd haircut and once again, she loved it!
- I let Mia go down the "big kid" slide all by herself a few days ago, I just caught her at the bottom! Trust me, this was a huge deal for me! I'm sure Mia's been dying for me to let her do it on her own, ha! The kid is fearless and a thrill seeker!
- Her favorite place to be is outside! She brings us our shoes when she wants to go out. She knows what pair belongs to mom/dad, and brings us matching pairs!
- Sweet girl needs mommy to kiss her "owies" now! I love that I can make her feel better with a little kiss! The other day I showed her an "owie" I had and what did she do? Kissed it, all on her own without any prompting from me! Love her!
- Mia still wears all different sizes of clothes. 6-9 month, 12 month and 18 month! Size 4 shoes fit her perfectly now, but we do have some size 5 and I even got size 6 boots. They are SO cute but I'm worried they will be way too big for half the winter :(
- She officially moved up to size 4 diapers.     

Happy 21 months (tomorrow) baby girl! You really are the best part of our lives! Dada and momma love you SO much! 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

dancing with *the star*

Headband c/o Her Joyful Studio

I took Mia to her first ever {mommy and me} dance class last week and good grief, my heart could barely handle it! As cheesy as this sounds... I've been dreaming of this day since we found out we were having a girl!! I only found out about the class the morning of, so I rushed home from the gym, found the fluffiest, frilliest outfit in Mia's closet and pulled out her darling sparkly bow headband from Her Joyful Studio... and then my heart proceeded to explode, ha ha! She just looked so dang CUTE!
The best part by far was watching how excited Mia was in class! There was lots of squealing, laughing and "wow"ing, ha ha! Mia loved mimicking the teacher and her little friends, and she actually followed along pretty well! I'm also really excited to teach Mia to listen to her teacher and to follow direction. She's a little young to fully understand, but I'm happy to be getting an early start with her, especially since she isn't in a daycare or preschool! 
During our class Mia got to stretch, run in circles (there's not much else a one and a half year old can do, HA!) shake her little body, make animal sounds (Mia's favorite was growling like a lion!), hula hoop (or in Mia's case, carry the hula hoop around) and do somersaults! Girlfriend was in heaven! We have definitely found our new favorite activity together and I can't wait for her next dance class! Gosh, it really is the little things!!
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Monday, September 15, 2014

my thoughts on her beauty

I have been wanting to write this post for some time, but I've been too nervous to actually type it out for fear of getting it wrong. I'm not one to participate in the "mommy wars" and I'm certainly not going to tell another mother they are doing it wrong (so don't take it that way)! I'm just here to tell you how I feel, and I feel so passionately about this!

I feel like my daughter is beautiful (my biased opinion is that she's the most beautiful child I've ever laid eyes on, ha!) and she should know it, feel it and believe it! I've seen this new trend among mothers (or maybe it's not a trend but I'm only hearing about it now because of social media?) that they do everything they can to avoid letting their child focus on their outer beauty. I've heard of them asking their friends and family to refrain from telling their child they are "pretty" or "handsome". They want to instill in their child that beauty comes from within and it doesn't matter what you look like on the outside. Of course I whole heartily agree that beauty comes from within; and I will be teaching Mia to love everyone around her, to be the best version of herself and to strive to be as Christlike as possible at all times and in all things and in all places. BUT you better believe that I will also be teaching her that she is beautiful and perfect physically, in her own way!

I feel like we all have different beliefs, religions, upbringings, cultures... you probably don't believe in everything (if anything) I believe in, and that's okay! But I believe we are made in God's image and that our loving Heavenly Father wants us to know of our worth. God does not down play our beauty, our important role as women in the world and the worth of our self esteem... so why would I downplay our beauty to someone, anyone, but especially my daughter? Mia is the daughter of a King and there is no greater knowledge than knowing where she came from to help her navigate through this tricky world.

I feel like we live in a time where the world tears us down every chance it gets. Mia will have many uphill battles and struggles to face as she grows and becomes less naive to the hate that exists here. Oh how I wish I could fight those battles for her! I wish I could erase every doubt and self loathing she will experience. I wish she could avoid being challenged, second guessing her worth and feeling like she isn't living up to the expectations of society.  But I can't and she won't. Which is why I feel so strongly of the importance that Mia develops the knowledge of her beauty, inner AND outer, now and forever. Her body, her physical traits, her personality and heart are a gift from God. A gift that should be cherished instead of downplayed.

I feel that it is my duty to instill in Mia a love for herself that she can't deny, even in her darkest of moments. Mia does not have to live up the the world's standards to be beautiful. She is enough. Just being herself and embracing her outward appearance, her personality, her uniqueness, her inner beauty and her self worth... she is enough!

My sweet Mia, you are beautiful and don't allow anyone to let you believe otherwise!

Friday, September 12, 2014

wrapped up in you

Freshly Picked moccs-
"How do I love thee, well count the ways..."
When I was trying to decide what to write in my review, this song popped into my head, ha! But seriously, we love them in so many ways!
Shorts c/o Dainty and Lion
Headband c/o SAK Threads Dress c/o Matilda Jane
Headband c/o SAK Threads Moccasins c/o Freshly Picked

In all seriousness, we had to retire Mia's first pair of moccs just last week and we are so sad about it! It took awhile for us to warm up to these shoes, we weren't used to the style. But once we realized how comfortable they were for Mia and how much she loved them? We couldn't help but love them! Eric even said in passing one day, "I didn't think those moccasins would ever grow on me... but I kinda like them on her now!" Men, ha ha! These are the first pair of shoes that Mia was able to put on all by herself, she kept them on in the car (the first thing she does when we start driving is rip her shoes off!), she could walk, run and jump in puddles :) We really can't say enough good things about Freshly Picked moccasins!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

I remember

via (get your own free printable here)

I couldn't help but spend my morning on Pinterest and Google searching 9/11... and the *chills* keep coming. I was reminded of a conversation I had with one of my clients a couple weeks ago. She told me that the younger generation, late elementary-early middle school, don't remember September 11, 2001 (how is that possible? Am I that old already?) Her nieces and nephews were visiting over 9/11 of last year, and they watched recaps of that horrific day. She said her niece stared at the screen and exclaimed in a hushed voice, "wow, this really did happen?!"
Oh, it happened! And I will never forget! But I will also never forget the way our country pulled together, united, and gave everything we could to stand stronger than ever! My heart bursts with pride each time I think of it. I am proud to be an American, I love this country and I am so thankful for those who fight for our freedom! I will never forget 9/11 and I will let the memories remind me in my weakest of moments, how strong we truly are!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

waffles, pjs and rebels... oh my!

I have Mia's schedule nailed down pretty well and we both thrive when we stick to it! But sometimes it feels so good to throw the schedule out the window and enjoy staying up past bedtime together!
head wrap c/o Sew Much Baby
So when I found out the waffle truck was in town, we threw on our shoes and ran out the door! We met my friend, Kortney and her little dog (Mia was in love), Eric dropped by on his way home from work and we all stuffed ourselves senseless! Waffles, pjs, and hanging out with our favorite people... Summer nights don't get any better than this!
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Tuesday, September 9, 2014


This little beauty and her eyelashes killlll me!
Loving: that Eric has picked up a new hobby- golf! I never in a million years thought I would say that, but I'm so glad he has found something he loves, something that he can indulge in right now (his other hobbies are too time consuming/expensive, or he doesn't have access to until we own a home with a garage) something he feels confident doing, and something that is therapeutic and relaxing for him! The best part is that it's turning into a family affair! At least, I think that's a good thing? Eric has plans to take me to the golf course with him (all hail date night!!) and he puts in the living room with Mia :) We are going to get her a little (cheap) golf set for her birthday!

Reading/Watching: I'm not reading anything for myself right now but I am a little too excited about the Halloween books I just bought for Mia. I'm trying to hold out until the last week of September because it doesn't quite feel like Fall outside, but I'm looking forward to our Halloween fun :)
I am loving my Netflix queue right now! Almost all of our favorite shows have been updated so the countdown to Mia's bedtime is on each night so that we can watch an episode or two before our bedtime ;) We just finished Scandal and have moved on to Psych. I try to sneak in an occasional episode of Pretty Little Liars during Mia's nap on the days that I have spare time!

Trying to: dedicate more time to blogging! I am having the hardest time balancing everything on my plate, and it seems like blogging is the one that always gets left out :( Maybe I'll have more time for the computer once it's too cold to spend our days out exploring? Either way I am determined to make it work because I love blogging and all the amazing friendships it has brought into my life!

Wishing: that summer didn't have to end! Mia loves being outside and I'm kind of dreading being couped up all winter long! Crossing my fingers that we get lucky with another mild winter like last year (not likely)! BUT I am stinkin' excited for Fall, there's just nothing like the crisp air, changing leaves and pumpkin treats!

Excited for: October.... ha! I know, I know! It's the beginning of September! But we have a couple of fun adventures planned, I get to visit my best friends and hello? Halloween fun!! Although, I am hoping to sneak in one last trip to the lake this month... Here's to making the best of September!!

P.S. Last chance to enter yourself in our giveaway to win a $60 Gap gift card! xoxo

Monday, September 8, 2014

weekend review

Proof of our park date! This park has the kind of "toys" that I used to play on as a kid. It triggered so many memories, and so much nausea, ha ha! I don't know how I used to stomach the spinning stuff!
We had one heckuva weekend and I have zero pictures to show for it... #facepalm. We went home to Eric's parents house for the weekend and I was so excited about this trip! While Eric's hometown is far from glamorous and exciting, it truly feels like home now and that is the best feeling! I married into the best family, and I think Eric lucked out as well ;) Anyway! This wasn't our normal trip home, we were actually going to a family reunion of sorts! My mother in law's side of the family all came to town (we missed out getting to see one aunt, darn it!) which created the best dang excuse for everyone to get together!
Since I didn't really take any pictures, you'll just have to take my word for it when I tell ya that our weekend consisted of: park time, lots of walks, playing in the yard (if she could, Mia would live in her grandparents backyard!), lots of talking, catching up and getting to know each other, a nap with Mia (what?! I don't remember the last time I've been able to sleep with Mia sleeping in my arms!), cousins, cousins, cousins(!!!), eating- non stop eating, crafting, Mia's cousins teaching her a new word- "cheeeeeeeese!!", church, me successfully inviting myself to a Lake Powell trip next summer (at least they let me believe I've successfully invited myself, ha!), celebrating my niece turning 2, and tons of pictures! You'd think with how many times a camera or phone snapped a picture, it would have reminded me to pull the dSLR camera out of the jeep, but nope! Mia, that angel baby, has permanently melted my brain, ha ha! But I have no doubt that Eric was so happy that I was living in the moment instead of making him take a picture every 5 seconds ;) And I'm even more grateful that we were able to enjoy so much family time over the weekend, our hearts are so full right now!!

Friday, September 5, 2014


There were times during my pregnancy that I legit feared "it WOULDN'T be worth it" Everyone kept telling me the pains and discomfort would pay off in the end... but I couldn't imagine the end result. So I had doubts (I also thought I would be pregnant for the rest of my life... Discomfort makes me cray) Here's my proof that "it was SO worth it" I grew that... and she couldn't be more perfect!

 Eric has been trying to convince me to buy a hat for the last 6+ years, and I finally took his advice in Boston! I think I kinda like it :)

 Date night at Tuachan in southern Utah... only the most gorgeous outdoor amphitheater! I forgot how much I love musicals! Such a fun night watching Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat with Eric (and listening to my dad play the guitar in the live orchestra)!

Family date night has never been sweeter ;)

Eric set up date night with another couple (their adorable daughter is playing in the background) so I had to document this night, but of course this is the only way we could get Mia in the picture! Eric was so proud of himself for setting this up, "so that I can have friends." HA! It's kind of true though... everyone is moving away :(

 D I V A baby!

 This is how we do splash pads, HA!

Poor Mia has been so sick with a crazy high fever (but she's finally on the mend, yay!) and I haven't been able to get on the computer in the last couple of days (sorry, blog!). I'm definitely not complaining that I've been spending my days cuddling my little love bug (but seeing her so sick is awful!) and I've done lots of stalking on Instagram since my phone is easy access, ha ha! If you want to join the party, follow us at courtbrink
Because I love you guys, I thought I would give you a heads up that I'm in the middle of putting together a super amazing giveaway... so keep your eye out on my IG during these next couple of weeks! ;)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

back to school GIVEAWAY {$60 Gap giftcard}

I'm still in denial that summer is coming to an end! While I love the holidays, I'm not ready for the miserable winter to keep us couped up inside! But I can't deny that summer is living out it's last days when school is back in session! I've teamed up with some pretty fantastic women for an awesome giveaway! We are gifting one of you with a $60 gift card to Gap for surviving sending your kids back to school, going back to school yourself, or dreaming about the days that you WILL be sending your kids to school, ha ha! I'm wishing I could win this because you better believe I would spend most of it on Mia, and maybe find one thing for myself ;) I hope you all enter! Giveaway ends in a week! Good luck! xoxo
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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

our Labor Day weekend

Labor Day weekend didn't go at all as planned,. not that we had that much planned, but work definitely wasn't in the plans! I was incredibly disappointed that Eric had to go in over the weekend, but we made the best of the time we did have together! Saturday evening we decided to take Mia to the movies! Eric loves How to Train Your Dragon, so we took Mia to the sequel in the discounted movie theater. Eric's cousin that lives in town just happened to bring her kids to the same movie so it was a little party! Mia LOVED shoving her face full of popcorn and treats (a rare treat for her, and us!) while climbing all over her cousins! We had such a fun time!
A little blurry but sooooo cute!
 On Labor Day Monday, Mia and I had Eric all to ourselves, and we loved it! The fair was in town so we couldn't resist taking Mia! We stopped by the car show first... Eric was in heaven! Mia loved roaming around but was a little peeved that she couldn't touch all the shiny cars :) We went straight over to the food booths after the car show and we had to buy a bag of kettle corn popcorn... Mia is obsessed with popcorn thanks to her grandad Crowley :) Next, we headed over to the rides/games and Mia instantly wanted to ride the carousel. I made her take a picture in front of it (she's not looking at the camera because she couldn't take her eyes off the carousel, and she was crying for it, HA!) and then it was just pure torture waiting for us to buy the tickets. Mia is obsessed with the carousel thanks to her grandma and grandpa Brinkerhoff :) She's got some fun influences in her life! And luckily for her, Eric and I can't say no! Eric and Mia got to make a little tool box together, and Eric's got big plans to paint it and basically "pimp" it out for Mia, ha! We ended our fun morning by eating lunch with friends and taking a big, family nap!
Our Labor Day weekend didn't go as planned, but we made the best of it and had so much fun together!