Tuesday, August 30, 2016

save this memory

Save This Memory- could there be a more perfect name considering the photos captured here?! I'm so in love with our family pictures!
Don't even worry that these gorgeous family photos were taken 5 months ago... Also, don't tell me that I've aged since then ;) Seriously though, I can't believe what a slacker I am with this blog that I love so much!! Life is busy but I'm grateful for everything in it that keeps me busy- including this sweet family of mine! I just adore this phase of life I'm in with Eric and our two babies, and having it photographed and frozen in time means the world to me!
One of my best friend's moved to Arizona recently and I'm so excited to share her with all of you! Not only do we get our weekly play dates, but we get to take advantage of her incredible photography talents... score!! If you're local to Arizona, I highly recommend Save This Memory for your photography and videography needs! She covers it all from family photos to weddings, etc.We loved working with her and I know you will, too!! Now excuse me while I go cry a river because it's time to schedule James' 1 year photos. Time is a thief!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


I am sooooo behind in my updates but I can't let myself skip talking about our favorite girl in da house! Mia is 3 1/2 (closer to 4... how do I make it stop?!) and kills us every day with her sweet, silly, SPUNKY personality! She is so full of it and we just can't get enough!

At 3 1/2 Mia is constantly talking about when she is "big like mommydad". "When I'm big like mommydad, I will drive a big, red truck like daddy used to. 'member dat?! He had a big, red truck!" "When I big like mommydad, I will 5 kids. I will be a mommy and you will be my kid." "When I big like mommydad, I will go on a mission to Mexico!" She loves to take all the stories we tell her about our past (like the big, red truck and daddy's mission in Mexico) and spin the story to make it about herself :)

She talks about going to school every. single. day. She is going to die when I tell her she gets to start preschool in just a couple weeks! But I'm sure she will be equally bummed when she discovers she doesn't get to ride a bus to preschool, ha ha!

Mia can spell her (first) name and write it! She can identify all the letters of the alphabet and is so eager to learn how to write them (but mom is a slacker and hasn't really worked with her like I should!).

She is a total tease. She actually reminds me a lot of my older brother which totally freaks me out at times (because we totally didn't get along growing up) but makes me proud at the same time because he's pretty awesome! It's my favorite thing to watch Mia and Eric interact and play off each other! She fits right in this family with that teasing personality! Now to teach her that it's not fun anymore when people (kids, ha!) start crying!

I don't even remember the days before Mia could talk. Like, I'm sure she was born talking, ha ha. Sometimes I forget that she's only 3 because of how well she talks! She also has the BEST imagination! One day during dinner, she was playing with a toy and I took it away because, "we don't play with toys while we're eating!" She gave me a very annoyed look then started playing make believe with her HAND! I mean... I can't take her hand away?! ha ha! Sometimes I feel guilty for not doing enough projects at home with her but at the same time, she's developed such a fun imagination and can play and play... and I love it! 

Mia is fiercely loyal as a daughter, sister and friend. She has the biggest heart and sometimes I just can't believe she's mine! She makes me sooooo proud! I am forever thankful to be her momma!

We are pretty obsessed with Mia (James more so than all of us!) and I thank my Heavenly Father every day that we were chosen to be her parents! I wish I could slow time down, but since I can't, I'm doing my best to soak up every second at this amazing stage in life with our Mia girl!