Sunday, June 30, 2013

snippets from the past week

Eric had more training in northern Utah so Mia and I tagged along again (well, sorta. We were already up there for the color run) and had the best time! I actually took pictures this time! So here's what our week looked like!

- Water park fun!
- Not a flattering picture of me, but I LOVE Mia's face in this picture! I think she liked the wave pool :)
- We introduced the sippy cup and Mia loves it! She figured out how to hold it and drink it all by herself in less than a day! Not that it's hard to do, but she rarely gets a bottle so she's not used to feeding herself! 
- We've also been mixing food with her rice cereal... and she loves to get it everrrrrywhere, ha ha!
- Don't mind the garbage can, it wouldn't get out of our picture ;) We enjoyed a quick stroll around the Salt Lake City Temple grounds.
- More from the Temple grounds.
- Splash pad fun!
- Mia loved splashing the water! I'm so glad she loves the water like her momma :)
- Fun with our friends!
- Mia took another nap in her floaty at the pool. It cracks me up that she gets so comfortable in it!

We spent a lot of time in the water, but that's what you do to beat the 100 degree weather. We got to visit a lot of our friends, and we were able to spend a day with family! It was a great week to be in northern Utah and we especially loved spending so much time with Eric! The man works too much. We definitely prefer having him around :)
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Friday, June 28, 2013

little letters {the good, the happy, the sad}

Sorry for the poor picture quality, you have no idea how much work it took to get a picture this decent... ha ha! Seriously!
Dear Alyx, I loved our spontaneous get together! It was SO great meeting up! You are so cute! And I'm betting with the way Mia was snuggling you, she thinks you're just as awesome as I do :)

Dear great Grandma, we will miss you so much but my heart is happy knowing that you are reunited with grandpa! You've been so ready to be with him again these past 10 years. It's amazing to think of the legacy you have left behind... 10 kids, 52 grandkids, 67 great grandkids, and 1 great great grandbaby (my sweet Mia). I am so happy you got to meet my baby before your passing. We love you forever!

Dear Eric, will you run another race with me? Pretty please.... with a cherry me on top? The color run was just so fun and I'm dying to run something else with you! I suppose I'd love you either way, but you'd score some major brownie points if you say yes ;)

Dear Mia, I had the urge to check and see if you're teething yesterday when BAM! You have 1 tooth that has cut through and part of a second one! Your bottom two front teeth! Let me tell you baby girl, this was quite the surprise! My heart almost burst with mommy pride because you are growing so well, and you handled teething like a champ! You were a little whiny for a couple of hours the day before and that's it! I thought you were just tired but obviously it was your teeth. But at the same time, I'm kind of sad because you're growing too fast, and I'm going to miss your huge gummy smile!

Dear July, you are a month full of fun and changes! Life is going to be crazy but it will be worth it! 

Dear readers blog friends, to celebrate Mia's big milestone of teething (and handling it like a champ) I am offering 25% off advertising from now until the end of July! Just enter "25july" for the promo code! Here's to a happy month of July and many more milestones for Mia :)

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

just some randoms {6}

Don't judge me... Mia had to nap and her sheets were still in the dryer :) But this girl is all over the place when she sleeps now! We don't swaddle her or anything anymore because I worry about her getting tangled in her blankets... that's how mobile she is.

Mia went and found herself a boyfriend. She loved Harris so much that she was squealing, laughing, and trying to touch him as much as possible. Poor Harris was shaking he was so terrified of her {insert cry-laughing emoji} If they ever make it past this stage, this will be in their wedding slide show!

 Mia and her grandad! Grandma spoiled her with this outfit... she even had the shoes handmade for Mia!

Mia still loves bath time! And her tongue... she loves that tongue!

My water-loving baby. Gosh, we love this girl!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Eric could have killed me...

Eric hates running and he hates being dirty.... so naturally I thought it would be a great idea to sign us both up for the color me rad 5k! A few of our friends signed up for it as well so I knew we'd have a good time :)
a not so subtle photo bomb
Before the race even started Eric swore he'd never run another race ever again. Something about an early morning wake up call, an estimated 10,000 runners, no breakfast and the excitement dread of color bombs being thrown at him may have had him a little on edge? Despite his negativity I was super excited for this race!
I'm happy to say that we all ran the whole time (not a whole lot of training happened leading up to this race, ha!) We don't know our time because they weren't timing us, it really was all about the fun :) A couple poor, unsuspecting children thought it would be funny to color bomb our husbands.... I'm sure those kids will be washing color out of their hair for the next week by the time the men were finished with them. And of course we had our own color war :) And if you can't tell by the pictures.... I daresay Eric had a little bit of fun on Saturday! I hope he'll run more races with me in the near future!
And a huge thank you to mom and dad B. for coming up and watching Mia while we were of inhaling more gluten free color powder that we've ever wanted to ;)

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

weekend review {a much needed getaway}

Life has been so crazy and busy lately... 100 hour work weeks, going out of town separately, a little baby who needs us for everything, etc. All good things (well, except for the long hours at work. But a job is a good thing.) but they have been so demanding these past few weeks that Eric and I were being distanced from each other and becoming increasingly disconnected. This weekend has been just what we needed to reconnect!

Mia's headband c/o Sew Much Baby
We escaped to northern Utah and we have been having the best time! My in laws even met up with us to watch Mia so that we could go have some fun.... but more on that later! We spent our Saturday afternoon at Strawberry Days. Good company, happy baby, and the most amazing strawberries n cream ever makes for a good time :) Eric and I even soaked in a hot tub while Mia was off on the side playing in her car seat! How we were blessed with a perfect baby, I'll never know! But we are grateful :) And I'm even more grateful for the time that Eric and I have been able to share together this weekend! I really can't explain how needed this was! I can't wait to share what else we've been up to!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

happy 6 months to my love bug

I know it's not the best picture quality, but this melts my heart! Girlfriend is just chillin' while I mix up her cereal :)

- Mia rolled from her back to her belly to her back (one full roll) for the first time on May 21st! She didn't do it again until a couple weeks later. Now she rolls all over the place! 
- We don't swaddle Mia at bedtime anymore because the girl is so mobile in her sleep! She is all over the place :) The cutest position I've caught her sleeping in on the monitor is the stink bug with her bum in the air :) So cute!
- Mia can sit up all by herself, but she's not a pro yet. She topples over quite often. But when she lays on her back she often strains herself like she is trying to sit up. She just never stops moving and growing :)
- She eats rice cereal like a champ! She gets a bowl every night before bed!
- Since we can't celebrate her half birthday with cake, we decided to treat Mia to carrots. She didn't think it was much of a treat, ha ha! I mixed some in with her rice cereal last night and she had a pretty hard time choking that stuff down. But she ate it like a good girl! We are looking forward to giving her the good stuff ;)
- Mia is wearing 0-3 month (only in pj's), 3 month, 3-6 month and 6 month clothes. I have to safety pin some of the bottoms to keep them on, ha!
- She is finally wearing size 2 diapers.
- We haven't taken Mia to her official 6 month check up yet, but I took her into the doctor (today, happy 6 months baby girl :( ha!) for a horrible diaper rash. I mean, I thought it had to be more than a rash because it was so awful. They just laughed and told me "this is nothin'!" Maybe I'm over protective, but I'm okay with that :) The point of this story is that Mia got weighed on our way in, and it rang up at 14 pounds! She is just the perfect size for us!

Now please excuse me while I go finish crying my eyes out.... I can't believe my baby is half a year old! Craziest, funnest and happiest 6 months of our lives!!  
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

sweet summatime

Mia is sucking on the same life jacket that I sucked on 25 years ago :) ha ha!

Trevor and Alycia were down for the weekend so of course it was a good excuse for my dad to pull out the boat! I LOVE boating, lakes, sunshine, being pulled on the tube at 5 miles an hour (ha ha), etc. Anything that has to do with the lake? I love it! So I couldn't WAIT to take Mia out, and the girl did so good! She slept through most of the wake boarding, knee boarding and tubing, but woke up just in time to take a dip in the brisk water. Trust me, 75 degree lake water is practically freezing in southern Utah, ha ha!! I can't wait for more boating days this summer..... it's the BEST way to waste away these hot summer days with my little fishy!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

matchy matchy

headband c/o Sew Much Baby

So I've been noticing after I get all ready, Mia and I are kind of matchy matchy each day. It's rare when we aren't wearing the same color or print. I know, I'm crazy. But I always get Mia dressed first and then I get myself ready. I'm obviously in the mood for that certain color, or polka dots, or whatever it is that we have in common with our outfits :) But here's the thing, and this is super dorky to admit, I LOVE matching Mia. If only her frilly outfits looked good in my size, HA! Since that's obviously not the case, I am loving the trend of mommy and me headbands! I love Sew Much Baby because they are feeding into my love of matching my baby without looking like a complete moron!
I was going to get all "dolled up" and do my hair super cute for these pictures, but whatever. This is real life. We spent the day at the lake and I just didn't have time to do anything with my hair after. There are a lot of days that I don't have enough time to do my hair, welcome to the world of being a mommy. But throwing on this cute headband totally brightened my day and made me feel cute (even though I still had gross lake hair. I know, some things I really shouldn't confess.) I really could go on and on, but I won't. I just wanted to share my new love for Sew Much Baby. They are making it so much more fun to have these little bonding moments with Mia. Because we all know as soon as the girl is old enough, she will refuse to look like me, talk like me, dress like me.... oh I can't even think of it now. I gotta soak this up while I can ;)
What other "mommy and me" trends are out there? I gotta know so I can jump on the bandwagon before it's too late!
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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day... to Eric!

Eric's first time holding his baby. Yes, in case you were wondering, that is pure joy written all over his face, HA!

I never give this man enough credit. He is working on his first Father's Day just so that the other guys can be home with their families. I swear I could smack him for that, but at the same time, I admire how giving he is of himself. It's one of the qualities that makes him the BEST daddy in the world. 
So here's a little shout out to my husband and baby daddy. Thank you for being YOU. You have Mia wrapped around your fingers..... oh wait. I've got that backwards. We all know you're Mia's favorite BUT she has got you wrapped around her fingers :) And you wouldn't have it any other way! I didn't change one diaper for days after Mia was born because you were right there taking care of her. You two sing back and forth to each other and it's my favorite sounds in the world! It's crazy how much you light up her world. Just hearing your voice sends Mia into a fit of smiles and giggles. You truly are the most loving, doting and selfless dad Mia could ever ask for. We are so lucky to have you!! Happy Father's Day Eric! Mia and I love you from here to eternity!
And Happy Father's Day to our dads! Thank you for loving us and teaching us how we want to parent our sweet Mia. Love you both!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

hair talk {more ways to add volume}

So I know that the "rats nest" isn't for everyone, I'm not sure how I even got turned on to it. But now I feel so drab and just "blah" if I don't poof my hair, ha ha! Anyway, for those that asked, my gorgeous friend, Ashley, is sharing her favorite ways to add volume MINUS the ratting! And trust me, the girl knows what she's talkin' about! 

Hi! I'm Ashley and I'm here to tell you that it is possible to get Courtney's volume without the ratting! I, for one, have never been good at the whole "ratting" thing... yes, I am a Cosmetologist, and yes I learned how... but ratting is not for everyone! That's where I come in! But before I share my secrets with you, I'll tell you a little bit about myself first.
I'm married to a handsome stud named Austin, and we have an adorable 5 month old baby girl named Chandler. We're originally from Las Vegas, NV but are here in this crazy town so my husband can finish school (one year left, yay!). I met Courtney through church when I was a few months pregnant... only to find out she was just a few weeks ahead of me! Perfect! So, we decided that we better be friends. Our husbands became good friends and now Chandler and Mia are little besties too!

Now I'll tell you my secrets! I'll share with you some of my favorite products on how to go from this: this! No use of a comb at all!

Here are a few products to use when your hair is wet:

Paul Mitchell Lemon Sage Thickening Spray

This stuff is super light and it smells soo good! I spray this on my roots (or all over if you have thin hair) and blow dry my hair upside down. This isn't a product that gives a ton of volume, but it gives your hair that little boost to move.

Tigi Bedhead Catwalk Root Boost

This is a product that you spray directly onto your roots. You want to be very careful with this (it sprays like spray paint; very fast and a lot comes out). So I just lift up sections of my hair and spray this in a line along my scalp. Then I take my fingers and scrub my head just to rub it in a little. Too much of this in one spot will leave a little greasy spot at your roots. This product can be used along with the thickening spray above. Just do the thickening spray first and then the root boost.

Redken Aerate 08

For me, this stuff is the mother of all volumizing products (for wet hair anyway). I bought it once just on a whim (I do that a lot) and I tried it on my client with the thinnest, finest hair... ohh man, she looked like she had the thickest, most flowing, most voluminous hair I've ever seen! And ever since then, I've been hooked. I use about a nickel size dollop of this, rub it in my hands like lotion, flip my head upside down, and rub it directly on my roots. Then I blow dry my hair upside down as well. I've found that it works best with the use of a round brush, but when I don't have time (or I'm too lazy) it still does the trick!

Now, for a few of my favorite products to use on dry hair:

Suave Dry Shampoo Spray

Okay, really any dry shampoo will work... but I won't lie, I like the smell of this one. I've found that this product works best for volume on clean hair. Otherwise, it simply works as a normal dry shampoo. Just lift up your hair in sections, spray it directly on your roots (careful, this comes out really quick too), and scrub your hair a little.

Big Sexy Hair - Powder Play

Okay guys, this one is my best friend, my absolute favorite. It's a teensy little bottle, but I promise it will last forever. This product looks like and comes out like baby powder. All you do is lift up your hair in sections around the crown of your head (the top where you want the volume), sprinkle a little (only a little, otherwise it gets pretty sticky) on your roots (it will get on your hair and that's just fine), and scrub your scalp. It's magic, I swear!

Paul Mitchell - Hold Me Tight Hairspray

This one isn't so much for volume, but more to hold the volume you've just created. This hairspray is my favorite because it's a light hold. I can't stand the hairspray that makes your hair all crunchy. And it smells good! But really, your favorite hairspray will work! Just spray a little all around and you're good to go!

Alright, there are my hair "no poofing but get volume anyway" secrets! I hope that helps for all of you that aren't quite as talented as Courtney :)

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