Tuesday, October 30, 2012

baby showers {and accessory question!}

The soon to be first time grandma!
It blows my mind how people take the time to make these adorable diaper cakes! So nice!
We all know how I love me some ruffle bums!! 
My grandma, soon to be first time great grandma, sewed baby girl's first quilt!

I know, I know.... this is like the 5th baby post in a row (but I can't be sure, and I'm not going back to count because I'm already typing with one hand and holding my beloved hot chocolate in the other.... ha!) but I'm not sorry! Baby girl is what's on my mind lately, so that's what I'm talkin' about :)
I just have to say that I am blessed with incredible friends and family!! Don't ask me how I got so lucky... It's been SO fun to see everyone be so excited about baby girl! Good heck, she is one spoiled baby already. And she has way cuter clothes than I do! But she deserves it :) (And so do I, Eric. Once I can buy normal clothes again... right? I deserve cute clothes again, RIGHT?!) 
It just makes our hearts so full to see how people are so giving to our baby, and how much love they have for our tiny family. Eric and I could not be more grateful!! So thank you to our amazing friends and family! (And don't worry my blog friends.... you guys have made me cry more than once.... but you get your own post!) 
And just in case you're wondering... I wrap every single gift back up so that Eric can reopen them. Sounds silly but he LOVES it! And I love watching his reaction every time. He already melts and baby girl ain't even here yet :)

P.S. Can you tell as the weeks go by that my hair gets slicked back a bit tighter each time? Yeah... I'm about ready to shave it off and shred all of my clothes. That's where my irritability level is at these days :)
P.P.S. Baby girl needs headbands and bows! LOTS of them... ha ha. I'm on the hunt for skinny headbands in every color but I have to do all of my shopping online because our tiny town sucks and has no shopping options. What are your favorite stores/etsy shops for headbands and bows? I need specifics because I'm the worst online shopper ever!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

pregnancy bloopers

This is the day that I was trying to get a picture of us announcing we are having a baby girl. It's safe to say that my husband AND my mom were driving me nuts, and I wasn't handling it well. What a cute picture, huh? :)

We went to Chili's a couple weeks ago with another couple and we all did the 2 for $20 deal. We were going to share our appetizers so our friends agreed to get the chips/salsa and we'd get the mozzarella sticks. The boys were watching the baseball game so when the waitress came to take our order, the wives ordered!
I told the waitress we'd get the crispy onion string and jalapeno stack (not realizing what I'd just done) and gave her the rest of our order. When the appetizers came out we had chips and salsa.... and onion rings? I asked our friends if they ordered that.... nope! Well who ordered it then? I did?! Holy crap, I'm losing my mind!!

Don't ask me what I'm doing here.... I don't even know. But Shay obviously has a problem with it :) Apparently my manners went out the door when I got pregnant?

I often forget mid-word what I'm saying. I mean, my mind will go completely blank and I just sit there feeling and looking like a fool. Pregnancy brains!

I have so many more bloopers, it's ridiculous. But of course I can't remember right now.... so I'll just have to make another post down the road :)
I often joke that I wake up a little dumber each day... but for real! Baby girl is sucking away all my brain power!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

32 weeks

There is a tiny shadow outlining my belly and hands that is making my bump look a tad bit bigger :)
picture taken at 32 weeks 2 days

- I don't have much for an update this week! My Dr. told me on Monday at my appointment that no news is good news! We don't want any changes (except for growth) for the next couple weeks!

- I feel like there's just no more room at the inn! I don't think my body can grow anymore, or that it can hold a growing baby. So these next 8 weeks are going to be interesting... ha ha!

- The other day I sat down to rest and was feeling SO accomplished! I'd gone to spin, cleaned house, finished laundry, and I even baked! Then I got off the couch and COULDN'T WALK!! Oh my goodness, I was in so much pain! I guess it's up to Eric to clean house and bake for me since my body obviously can't handle it ;)

- Eric has finally felt baby girl flipping around in my belly and he loves it :) It's still a weird/crazy feeling for me!

- I haven't been having any specific cravings which is kind of a bummer. Not that I acted on them before, but I just really want to call Eric up and tell him he NEEDS to bring a pizza home... or something! Ha ha!

Quick question: this is my first maxi skirt and I'm in love! So cute and even better? SO COMFY! Where are your favorite stores to buy maxi skirts? (Not dresses, I feel like I'm wearing a circus tent when I wear a maxi dress :( But they look so cute on all the other pregnant girls!)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

perks of being pregnant {good and bad}

picture taken at 30 weeks 6 days

Lately I've been feeling very worn out. My body aches all the time, I'm exhausted and not sleeping well at night, my insides are scalded daily by heart burn, and I'm almost convinced I'll never see my ankles ever again (gotta love swelling!)... and sometimes I complain about it. I get nervous when I think about the big purchases we still need to make before baby girl arrives (in just 8 short weeks!) and all of the incredible hospital bills we are going to have. But you know what? I'd never wish any of this away!
I admit that being pregnant is not my favorite. I can't wait to breath normal again, to eat and sleep normal, and to have my body stop being stretched out because it's just uncomfortable. I'm excited to have my body back to myself but at the same time I will miss feeling baby girl move around. She is the perfect reminder that I'm never alone! 
And sometimes when I see Eric sleeping like the dead, sprawled on his stomach.... I develop the biggest urge to jump on his back, wake him up and cause him some pain. It's only fair that we both suffer, right?? Ha ha! But I suppress the urge because Eric will rub my back or my tummy (and I always feel like a puppy dog when he does, but it just feels so good!! Ha ha) anytime I need pain relief. But I've only been able to get a couple foot rubs out of him this pregnancy... :) But Eric shows me so much love and support each day because he is so grateful that we have a little miracle growing inside my body!
All the unpleasant side effects of pregnancy only last a short amount of time, and will soon be forgotten. But what won't be forgotten is our miracle daughter that Eric and I created together. We love her so much already, I can only imagine how that love will grow when we finally get to meet her. And our love for each other has grown! I seriously feel like Eric and I are in a "honeymoon" phase all over again! As scary, expensive, and nerve-racking this journey has been... it's been that much more exciting!! I can't wait to see how our love expands as our family grows :) This has been the greatest adventure so far in our marriage! I'm so grateful for the opportunity I have to be a momma! The aches, pains and discomforts will mean nothing once I finally have my baby girl in my arms!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

our golden mini weekend

Driving up the canyon on a beautiful fall day to check out the changing leaves is a recipe for a perfect day!...
Until you tell the husband that you want a picture of the two of you together and he tells you he's not in the mood to be in any of the pictures. Then world war 3 breaks out in the car. One day he'll learn not to argue with the pregnant wifey. Obviously I won. But I promised him only one picture, so ignore those sun spots. Heaven knows I don't have a clue how to edit pictures :)
We ended the day with dinner and Taken 2 with friends! Despite our mini war (that lasted all of 2 minutes) it really was a perfect day. Our time together is so limited these days so I am incredibly grateful for the times that Eric and I do get to share together!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

31 weeks

Wow! This dress really makes my baby bump look huge :) Picture taken at 31 weeks 2 days.

- I think I've been experiencing braxton hicks this past week! I really don't know what else the brief tummy pains would be.

- I am always being asked if I have stretch marks and the answer is: nope! Not yet at least. But the bump is definitely growing much faster now so I won't be surprised if I start getting some.

- Baby girl is finally starting to drag body parts across my tummy. It is the craziest feeling and kind of tickles :) (But I've never ever felt hiccups. I hope that's normal that she never gets them.)

- I'm finally taking naps during the day. Especially the days when I'm up at 6:30am for spin classes. I used to feel guilty for napping, but not anymore! It's just too hard to try and make it through the day when I'm exhausted.

- I'm definitely eating smaller portions! If I eat too much it feels like my ribs will split open. And baby girl already causes me rib pain on the left side all day, every day. It's her favorite spot to practice kicking :)

- I still have a major sweet tooth. Anytime I have a craving, it's for some type of dessert. It's definitely a problem, ha ha.

- We are so anxious to meet our baby girl!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

parmesan chicken {a recipe}

Well, it's official. I suck at taking pictures of food. I don't know how people have mastered the art of taking mouth-watering pictures of food, because I took like 20 pictures and they're all horrible! Oh well :)

Parmesan Chicken

Chicken (I use chicken tenders)
Butter (Or plain yogurt for a healthier version)
Ritz or Saltine crackers (I use ritz because they are easier to smash and I feel like they stick to the chicken a little easier.)
Parmesan cheese

Melt butter in a bowl big enough for dipping. While butter is melting, crush crackers into tiny pieces. Mix equal parts crushed crackers and parmesan cheese in another bowl big enough for dipping. Dip thawed chicken first in butter, then in the parmesan mixture. Lay on cookie sheet and bake in oven for 25 minutes at 350. (If you use chicken breast you will need to bake 35-45 minutes.) 

I got this recipe from my mom and I love it! It's a super easy dinner and Eric requests it all the time! Definitely a recipe I plan to keep around forever :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

weekend review {fall fun}

Uncle Eric and baby Zoe!
This gross little lady rocked in her chair and laughed her creepy laugh at us!
We look for these donuts at every carnival type setting and it took us 2 years to find them! Totally hit the spot!!
Ha ha... this picture will come back to haunt her when she starts dating boys ;)
30 weeks 6 days

This weekend was such a GOOD one! Eric and I were in need of some quality time together and we got that, finally! We spent the weekend in northern Utah and stayed with Trevor and Alycia. It was so fun to hangout with them! But they just might be sick of us by November.... :) 
We also got to visit Eric's little brother and his wife and meet their precious baby Zoe! Oh, we are so smitten with our new little niece. She is beyond adorable! I'm so excited baby girl has a cousin so close in age. They will be best friends! We can't wait to visit again in a couple weeks, we definitely don't get to see them enough!
And we got to catch up with a few of our friends which was so great! One highlight of the weekend was spending the day at Cornbelly's. We enjoyed it so much last year that we had to go back this year :) One of my favorite parts of the day was hearing Kaydence tell me I'm her "bestest friend!" Melt my heart! And then she and Adallyn both wanted to be held, how could I say no? As soon as I had them both in my arms Kaydence said, "my mommy can't even hold us at the same time!" Ha ha, the pregnant girl still has a tiny bit of muscle left :) (But mommy also has a brand new baby boy... I know, she looks amazing!) I had to get a picture to capture that memory and Ada-bug said the sweetest little "cheeeeeese"! Gosh, we miss living next to these girls!
Our weekend was packed full of so many other fun times! It was the little get away we needed! And it also reminded us of how much we miss living up there, ha ha. But we're lucky we get to go back and visit everyone that we love and miss!

Monday, October 15, 2012

things I'm....

LOVING: my new Nike Free's. Eric researched until he found the perfect pair of shoes for me to wear throughout this pregnancy. They are so comfy, great support, and light as air. And he picked some fun colors :)
I'm also loving the conversation we had about my shoes.
me: Babe, I'm always getting compliments on my new "kicks" (ha ha) I think people really love them!
E: Well yeeeeeah! You really know how to pick 'em!
me: Wait. You picked them.
E: Exactly. And you picked me {insert cheesy, over exaggerated wink face}
He does have a good point!

NOT LOVING: heart freakin' burn.

LOVING: all things lace, frilly, girly and baby sized ;)

LOVING: boot socks. I need more of these in my wardrobe! I'd love links to your favorite etsy shops that sell boot socks!

NOT LOVING: missing my hubs. We are on completely opposite schedules in every way possible right now. He is working night shift (which makes my blood boil because he's not supposed to be on it right now) and his weekend is Wednesday and Thursday. I work out of town Wednesday's and Thursday's so I don't even get to come home to him :( This schedule would be so amazing if we didn't like each other.... but we do. So we get to miss each other all the time instead.

LOVING: reading! It's been too long since I've taken the time to read a book so I'm SO happy to be making time for it again! I need suggestions for books, please?!

LOVING: my little family! (minus the couple off to the side... I don't know how to crop pictures!)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

30 weeks {aaaaahh!}

 Well... sorry the chalkboard is ugly this week :)

- I start seeing the doctor every 2 weeks now. Crazy! (Speaking of doc appointments... why didn't anyone warn me about the strep-something-or-other test? You people are supposed to warn me about these awkward, horrifying tests! In case you forgot, I get no support from my husband. And my Dr. thinks Eric is hilarious for loving those awkward situations!)

- Hot chocolate is my latest craving! Totally hits the spot :)

- My baby bump is growing like crazy! Eric and I didn't see each other for 1 week and the first thing Eric said to me was how much my belly grew! He was sad he missed a whole week of it :)

- My first baby shower is the weekend and I'm so excited!! (I hope people come... ha ha!)

- Strangers are constantly commenting about my belly or asking me when I'm due... finally! It's taken forever for my body to actually look pregnant.

- Baby girl's movements have changed in the past week. Instead of being sporadic and all over the place all the time, I feel most of the movement down against my bladder, and up in my ribs. She's running out of room inside! But she still has her moments where I feel explosions across my whole belly :)

- We are still crazy excited about meeting baby girl! I'm so happy time is flying! (Just wish us luck that we get everything we need before she makes her arrival... I haven't bought one thing since I said I was going to last week. Oops!)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

no Disney movies for my daughter!

A couple weeks ago my bestie and little bestie spent the weekend down south. That means they got to spend a night with me... yay! Ever since Eric and I got married we have slowly been collecting Disney movies. Each time one is released from the vault we buy it (as well as the other pixar movies we love... How to Train a Dragon is Eric's favorite movie. And Tangled might be mine. No judging!) so that when we have kids we'll have the movies! It was so fun buying Cinderella last week knowing that I will actually have my own little princess to watch the movie with :) Anyway, Lily wanted to watch a movie and she picked Mulan. Ashley told me Lily hadn't watched that one before and I was excited for her to see it! Eric and I love the music in Mulan. We always bust out singing, "Let's get down to business....." and I know we aren't the only ones who love that song :)
As Lily snuggled up on the floor with blankets and treats (again, don't judge! I'm not used to the idea of sticky, slimy fingers all over my couches just yet, ha ha!) Ashley and I sat and talked each others ears off! I heard the music begin in the scene when Mulan leaves her family to go be a soldier, when all the sudden I stopped paying attention to what Ashley was saying and I watched Lily to see her reaction to the part that was coming up. Wondering what part I'm talking about?

Yeah. That part. Freaking Disney! Don't they think about the ideas they will be putting in little girl's minds before writing out the script?? Anyway, Lily didn't seem to react when Mulan chopped her hair off. But she caught me staring at her and the first thing that comes out of her mouth is, "Mulan cut her hair!" So I paused the movie and gave her a stern talk that only Courtney cuts her hair! If Lily cuts her hair she'll be in big trouble because only Courtney cuts it. She agreed with me but I have been worried about her hair ever since she watched that movie! Why am I so worried? Because Lily has the most gorgeous head of hair ever.

My little bestie is one gorgeous girl! Wondering where she got all that hair?

Her mama! I know... we can all talk about how much we hate her because we are jealous of her hair later. Back to the story! Ashley sent me a text a couple days ago informing me that I might need to bring my scissors when I come visit because Lily cut her hair. I almost had a heart attack! (Again, no judging! I can be dramatic at times, ha!) Ashely had Lily call to tell me that she cut her hair all by herself. I tried to scold her but I could hear the fear in her voice as she apologized over and over again. I couldn't help it and I started laughing! Ashley took the phone away from Lily as fast as she could and scolded me for laughing because Lily's fear disappeared as soon as I did. Oops! Here's hoping I'll have the scolding thing down by the time my daughter needs it ;) Are you dying to know how bad Lily's chop job was? I know I was dying... and Ash waited 2 whole days to text me a picture.

Not bad! She must have learned a thing or two from her amazing hairstylist ;) But seriously. I'm so grateful she didn't cut a bigger chunk of hair, or go any shorter. Luckily this is an easy fix! It definitely could have been SO much worse! I just hope Lily doesn't try cutting her hair ever again!
And needless to say... I guess I'll be watching Disney movies all by myself while baby girl naps. Disney movies are a bad influence ;) ha ha!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Future auntie Alycia
Eric is kind of mad I didn't buy this :)
First camping trip together!
Is there anything cuter than ruffle bums?? I can't wait to see baby girl in this! Thanks again, Lori!!
Love him!
No explanation needed :)

It's true... my instagram is full of baby themed pictures but can you blame me? We are just so excited about this new chapter in our lives! I promise I post a ridiculous amount of yummy food pictures as well ;)
Sometimes life gets so crazy it's hard to keep up in blog land! That's why I love instagram... I get a peek into my friend's lives and feel like I can keep up with everything going on!
If we aren't friends on instagram already... follow me at courtbrink! And let me know your username so I can follow back!

Monday, October 8, 2012

weekend review {marathon edition}

How is this the best picture I got? Oops! Sorry Alycia :)
Crossing the finish line!
My sister in law's sister in law. Did you get that? But who's keeping track... I love her like she's my own!
Sister love!
I may not ever be forgiven for posting this...
...but I this cute picture makes up for it, right? (In case you're wondering, no my brother didn't comb his hair that morning.)

Saturday morning I finished babysitting kids! I've decided that I can't ever be pregnant and have other kids to take care of at the same time.... especially because my kids will be nowhere near as perfect as the kids I was watching! So, baby girl is going to be an only child ;) ha ha I'm kidding!
After we left the kids, Eric and I were able to go with my family to the finish line to watch my amazing sister in law, Alycia, finish the marathon! Alycia (and most of her family) ran 26.2 miles that morning and I look up to them so much! It was definitely motivating to witness them cross the finish line. Such an accomplishment! I told Eric that I want to do it next year... but the truth is? I don't! As amazing as it was to watch, I can only imagine how painful it is to actually run it :) But it was definitely inspiring and motivating! I can't wait to get back into running after I have baby girl! I can only promise that I'll be racing in 5K's and 10K's though, ha. Hopefully Eric will be running those with me!
We spent the rest of the day hanging out with family and enjoying an amazing bbq! It was a great Saturday! In fact, if you ask Eric, it was the best Saturday! I didn't even make him take 1 picture... I'm such a good wifey :) (But I am disappointed that I didn't get any pictures at the bbq or with any other family. I blame it on pregnancy brain.)