Wednesday, November 27, 2013

just in case!

Just in case my dear readers friends don't know how much I appreciate you all... I want to offer the code "givethanks" to receive half off ANY ad space! This code is only good for today so jump on this offer asap! And thank you for being such amazing readers/friends/confidants!

Just in case you're looking for last minute appetizers, side dishes, or desserts for Thanksgiving dinner, I want to share my favorite recipes!
The perfect appetizer? The easiest Cheese Ball recipe (and the yummiest!)
The perfect side dish? I suppose it could be considered a dessert, but the Apple Snicker Salad is amazing as a side, and then you still get to eat all that pie!
The perfect dessert? If you're not a pie lover like me, you'll love this Cream Cheese Toffee dip. I recommend dipping apples :)

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Just in case you didn't see my last post, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! 

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I don't know about you...

...but I'm as ready as Mia is to get outta here and enjoy some family time and Thanksgiving dinner! I remember being so anxious to travel last year because, what if I went into labor?? I should have known that Mia would be incredibly stubborn about coming out! But this year? I am definitely looking forward to watching Mia go to town on her first Thanksgiving dinner :) And I know that Eric can't WAIT to introduce his daughter to pie!
Don't forget to vote for Mia!!

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!
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Sunday, November 24, 2013

just some randoms {11}

One more from Halloween because she is just that cute! (Does anyone else feel like Halloween was forever ago?)

I know I've mentioned a few times how Mia has perfected the fake smile? Well this is proof... She knew I wanted a smile and this is what she was willing to give me, HA!

We should all thank Janna for pimpin' out Mia's feet. I mean, seriously. These shoes? I die! (Mia's feet are tiny! These are totally 3-6 month size!)

Mia loves to stick her tongue out but we've been noticing that she especially does it while concentrating. Her tongue is always out when she's looking at her books :) Just like her daddy!

Bed head and talking with her mouth full of food for the win ;)

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Friday, November 22, 2013

let is snow...

photo pulled from my Instagram
I grew up in the dessert where it rarely snows in the winter. I remember my parents waking my brothers and I up in the middle of the night once, when we were young, to watch the snow fall because it was that rare! The first winter after Eric and I were married we experienced my first "snow day" (that I can remember), and it was a total joke to those who have lived in snow. We woke up to snow everywhere which was exciting!... but it had melted away by 11am, ha ha! But my home town wasn't equipped to to have the buses travel in safety to school and well? Snow just kind of shuts the town down, so it was an exciting morning to have school and work cancelled :)
This will be my fourth year living in the snooooow. I always dread this time of year because the first time I experienced a "real" winter, I also experienced seasonal depression for the first time. I am usually a happy girl and the idea of being in that dark place again really terrifies me!
Last night we had our first "real" snow where it actually felt like winter. Eric was so sweet and let me trade date night for a much needed girls night. When it was time to go home, my friend and I were about to run out to the car, we decided to take a couple pictures in the snow. As we were laughing hysterically and freezing our buns off (I stupidly forgot my coat, I'm not cut out for winter!) trying to get a picture (or 20) I realized I was experiencing true joy in the snow! Maybe I was on a little high from girls night, maybe I was sleep deprived and totally delirious? Or maybe my sweet angel baby has me looking at life in a totally different way! I'm not so scared of winter because I have my little bestie to spend my days with. And if kids don't make snow magical, I don't know what will! Plus, the snow finally makes it feel like Christmas really is right around the corner :)
So I'm sure as soon as the new year begins I will be crying about the freezing weather and slick roads... but until then? Let it snow!

P.S. Pray that I don't wreck my new car this winter even though I've already scratched the paint ;)
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P.P.P.S. (Are you sick of me yet?) If you're looking for a new blog to love, Kirsty is the sweetest!!

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

$50 and surprise goodies GIVEAWAY

I have been blessed with so much love in the social media world so in return, I want to offer a huge thank you! Thank you for letting me bug you each day about voting for my Mia. Thank you for taking time out of your day to vote for Mia! Thank you for being amazing friends (some I know, some I've met once or twice, but most strangers) and loving my baby so much! You all are the best!

This is the perfect time to gift one of you, although I wish I could do this for all of you (seriously!), with a gift card of your choice (I'll give the winner 5 options to choose from) and a package full of my favorite things! I promise it's gonna be good! 
Good luck to everyone and again, thank you for being such AMAZING friends!

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

happy 11 months to my love bug

I seriously teared up over these pictures (I took like 20 and they are all adorrrrable!) and had the hardest time choosing which ones to use (don't worry, I am sharing a couple more on Instagram if you're dying to see them, ha)! Eric gave me this bear for Christmas when we were dating, and now my 11 month old (not possible!) is loving playing with it! This girl.... *sigh*

- Mia started standing up (like sitting/squatting on the grown and standing up without holding on to anything) by herself on October 27th.
- She has mastered waving to everyone and she loves it! She will wave to everyone the whole time we are grocery shopping! And she waves on demand! Everyone says her wave is like Lane Frost's (from Eight Seconds) and it's just the cutest!
- Mia took her first accidental step on November 8th.
- But in the last week she has been taking deliberate, steady steps! The most she has taken is 5 in a row so far. She things it's the funnest game to walk between mommy and daddy and she loves to make us cheer for her :) 
- Her talk is sounding less babyish and more alienish, ha ha! I think she is trying to sound like us... instead of making the same sounds over and over (like dadada, make sense?). I really love listening to her jabber when she has a lot to say!
- Mia has started dancing to music and it's my favorite thing!
- Her favorite play time activity is to dump things in her box. There is one box I haven't unpacked in our living room because Mia loves to stand and play at it. She will open and close the flaps, and now she loves to throw stuff in and close the flaps!
- Mia got her top front two teeth! They were a beast compared to her bottom two, but they are here now and she is loving biting into food with them :)
- She is still wearing 6-9 months clothes. I haven't even tried the 12 month clothes on her yet.
- And she still wears size 2 diapers. 

We are so thankful for these past 11 months! They have definitely gone too fast, but we have loved every second of having Mia in our lives! She is kind of our favorite ;)

If you want to wish Mia happy 11 months, you can do it by voting for her! ;) Please and thank you!
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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

talkin' about MY fitness

I tend to be a very non violent person... but nothing makes me want to punch someone in the mouth quicker than when they say, "I hate girls that have babies and lose their baby weight without even trying." Or, "Sometimes I wish skinny girls would get fat after having a baby, just so you know how the rest of us feel." But it always ends with, "You have no idea how lucky you are!" Oh yes, these have been said to my face more than once!

Here's the deal, I work hard to be in shape! I sacrifice time, sleep and comfort to be strong! I do have good genes and I recognize what a blessing that is. BUT I work out 4-6 days a week. I always have, and I will always HAVE to, you know? I don't want this to come off as super snoody, but honestly? It takes hard work to be in shape, to be strong, to feel good about yourself physically... and that hard work shouldn't be discounted for luck.

I want to share what I do, what has worked for me to be where I am with my body post-baby. My diet really hasn't changed much in the last 5 years. I make it a point to eat my fruits and veggies each day. I am subbing whole wheat for rice, tortillas (except for the Costco tortillas that you cook on the griddle, because YUM!), pasta, etc. Okay, that part has changed since I had Mia. Eric isn't a fan but he is getting used to it! I stopped buying bread so that I only eat it when going out. I really try to only eat out once a week. But I still have my treats, every single day :) I've been extremely lucky to be able to (basically) eat what I want and still get results. I am kind of nervous to stop nursing because I have no doubt that extra calorie burn has benefited me so much. I will probably be cutting out more treats once I do stop nursing! But I have to say, I feel like I didn't benefit from the nursing calories until Mia was about 6 months. I know it's different for everyone!

My main form of exercise has been running. Running is the best way to get a flat stomach and an over-all, total body work out! I was running 4 miles daily during the summer, but I'm only running 2-3 miles 3-4 days a week now. The colder it gets, the less I will be running :( Soon enough I'm going to have to be brave enough to take Mia to the gym daycare so that I can run on the treadmill and take some classes, ugh! I LOVE spin classes, but I've only been able to take a handful of them since having Mia because of Eric's work schedule. I love Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and No Trouble Zones DVD's. They have been perfect for toning my arms. I do (real) push ups (I can bust out 30 at a time now, woo hoo! I couldn't even do one push up on my knees after Mia was born) and pull ups (I can only do 2 sets of 3 or 4). I've done a squat challenge and I'd love to find a push up challenge on Pinterest! Hiking has been the funnest form of exercise! I get a killer work out without even realizing it! The easiest way to exercise consistently is to find something you love! But switching up the routine is incredibly important, as well as weights! If you don't have weights, be sure to do push ups, pull ups, dips, sit ups, squats, lunges. Cross Fit has proven that using your own body weight creates amazing results! Working out isn't easy, but it is worth it! Don't discount your effort, or anyone else's effort to getting fit! It's an amazing feeling to know your hard work is paying off!

P.S. There is the cutest BURLAP Christmas decor giveaway on my Instagram if you're interested!
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Sunday, November 17, 2013

love is...

...watching you smile in your sleep and wonder what you're dreaming about.
...feeding you before we feed our own faces. (Better yet, love is daddy feeding mommy, while mommy feeds Mia. That is how your very first feeding went down, and many more times in the first couple weeks of your life!)
...bath time, story time, nap time, etc. It's the little things!
...not being able to hold back the laughs as you're scolded ("No, Mia!") and you look at me/us with a straight face and shake your head, no!
...surviving a sleepless night without throwing you out the window. Kidding! Sort of. But seriously? I would NEVER!
...cheering over a poopy diaper. Constipation has brought on a whole new meaning of misery in the parenting world! giving you the remote control. Because daddy won't even share that with mommy. mouthed, slobbery kisses. The BEST kind of kisses! letting you tear a tissue into a thousand tiny pieces, just because we know it will make you happy!
...changing your diaper before we use the bathroom. Even if that means mommy almost doesn't make it to the bathroom, ah!
...watching your reaction when trying different foods. Of course we have our fun and have tested lemons and limes, pickles, etc. But we also give you (tiny tastes of) ice cream, brownies, pumpkin treats, etc. See? Love!
...cheering every time you reach a milestone (while crying inside at the same time)! We love to watch you grow!
...picking you up when you are crying and snuggling you close. You always stop crying, lay your head on our shoulders and soak up the love. I'm pretty sure our hearts feel like they will burst every. single. time.
... us + you.

P.S. Love is also voting for Mia ;) Unless you don't think she should be Gerber's model baby (ha!)?
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Thursday, November 14, 2013

no big deal...

Once upon a time, I was extremely sleep deprived thanks to my brand new, angel baby. I basically didn't sleep the first two weeks of Mia's life. Which is to be expected, of course! What I didn't expect was the hallucinations that came with lack of sleep.

These hallucinations started small. I'd wake up for just a minute, feel Mia in arms and think to myself that I thought I put her back in her bassinet after feeding her, but being too tired to actually put her back. Then I'd wake up later to feed her and realize that she hadn't been in my arms at all, I had put her back in her bassinet! But as the nights wore on the hallucinations grew. I would be awake feeding Mia when all the sudden Mia would start crying in her bassinet across the room. Obviously she was crying because she was ready to eat... but I was already feeding her! I would look at my arms and realize I was laying down, not sitting up feeding my baby. But I could still feel her in my arms! I'd look at the clock on my phone and realize that she really was in her bassinet crying for food!
One night, every single time I woke up I would frantically start throwing my blankets and sheets off the bed (swearing like a crazy woman) because I KNEW I fell asleep with Mia in my arms and somehow lost her in the bedding. I would flip on the light and keep searching for her because I knew she was suffocating.... even though I could see her sleeping in the bassinet peacefully. That was a rough night!
The worst was when Eric "woke me up" (I really was asleep, but I thought I wasn't) and asked me if Mia needed to eat. I was so annoyed with him... couldn't he see that I was already feeding Mia? We argued back and forth as I told him I was already feeding her, and he'd tell me I definitely wasn't feeding her. I remember Eric saying, "COURTNEY! OPEN YOUR EYES! You are NOT feeding her." My reply? "My eyes ARE open... why don't YOU open YOUR eyes??" Then I opened my eyes and suddenly I couldn't feel Mia in my arms, because she hadn't been there in the first place! I mean, SERIOUSLY!

I never, ever slept with Mia in the bed because I was too worried I would roll over her (I move around a lot in my sleep) so it was crazy that each night I would wake up thinking I let myself sleep with her. I could literally feel the weight of her in my arms, even though she wasn't there. It was so confusing, ha ha! As soon as we got on a regular sleep schedule (around 2 weeks) I stopped dreaming/hallucinating Mia in my arms. But it was a trip each night trying to figure out what was real, and what wasn't! The things we go through for our tiny babies ;) Has something like this happened to any of you?!
Sorry, I'm still playing catch up!  | Mia's Birth StoryNursing | Hospital Story #1 | Hospital Story #2 | First Night Home |

Have you voted for Mia today? (Pretty please!)

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

share the wealth

So, I love my iPhone! I love it, a lot! But I know I could be using it for so much more than phone calls, texts, Facebook and Instagram, ha ha. Although, I must admit that my very favorite thing about the phone is the camera (could you have imagined saying that when we were young? That my favorite part about my phone is the camera?? Crazy!) I can't ever take enough photos of Mia, and Mia can't get enough of looking at herself :) Her favorite thing is to look at pictures of herself, and even better? Watch videos of herself! But back to the point, I want to share my favorite apps (that aren't very original) and in return I'm hoping that you'll set me straight and tell me what apps I've been missing out on. I'm all ears for any kind of app! Share the wealth, friends!

Camera+ I have found that I don't really care to take pictures in this app... mainly because I don't know how to use it to the best of its ability. But I love the editing options this app offers, especially since I'm clueless! For an editing dumb-dumb like me, this app is just what I need! (This one costs $1.99 I think. Worth the money!)
Laugh & Learn Shapes & Colors I don't let Mia play games on my phone very often (ie: a couple minutes once a week, if that) because I don't want her to get addicted. I realize how crazy that sounds, but she already knows how to swipe through the pictures so I have no doubt that she could become hooked to these games before I know it! But this is the game I let her play. She laughs and laughs and is totally entertained!
Viber This app is awesome! It allows you to text or call FOR FREE across the world! I believe you just need access to wi-fi if you use this outside of the country.
F2D Freebies 2 Deals is my favorite site to follow for sales and free promos. So of course I needed the app!
RunKeeper This is the app I use when I go running and it works for me. But I'm totally open to trying other apps out! So what do you use while running?
Pandora You guys, don't ask me how, but I just discovered Pandora only a couple months ago. I know, CRAZY! So you can imagine how much I'm loving this app! I'm just counting down the days until I can start blasting the Christmas music station :)
These apps may have a different name for the HTC phones. These are from my iPhone.

So, as I said before, I definitely need to be introduced to new apps! What will make my photos better? What's are your favorite filter apps (for instagram, of course)? Are there any coupon or shopping apps I need? What apps will Mia love when I let her play? Seriously, what am I missing out on?

Kirsty and Seth

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Even though Eric was talking when this was taken, I still love it! Notice Mia's little tongue??
Loving: my hair parted down the middle! I changed up my part to avoid shaving my hair off (I'm only kidding a little) and I never thought I'd get used to it, or come close to liking it. But the more my bangs grow out, the more I like it! Yay!! I probably need to post a selfie to instagram to show the progress. But maybe not :)

Reading: I'm failing right now! I just don't have the time to read anything. But I'm sure I'll be reading plenty of books once winter hits and we are cooped up inside for months on end! So I'm definitely taking recommendations! :)

Trying to: not bug the crap outta everyone... but I just need enough votes for Gerber to notice Mia! Because who can deny that she should be their winner? Cutest dang baby I've ever seen (says every mother to her child, ha)! If you'd like to vote just go here (if you want to share her link, I wouldn't hate it)! Thank you SO much!

Wishing: that babies didn't get sick or have to be in pain! First, Mia is miserable for eight days while her top two front teeth come in. Second, she gets an ear infection from said teething. Third, she comes down with a cold the same night that she gets her last dose of antibiotic for said ear infection. She can't catch a break, poor thing! And you better believe I'm feeling very sorry for myself as well! I think we will spend the day in our jammies drinking hot chocolate (okay, she gets water, but she loves it!), watching movies (okay, Mia never holds still long enough to watch a movie), and cuddling (okay, I'll have all of her toys in my lap so that she wants to sit by me and I'll put my arm around her while she plays). Or maybe we won't relax at all. I just hope she gets feeling better asap!

Excited for: our first ever Jazz game! I can't believe I've never been to a Utah Jazz game (or any NBA game for that matter) the whole time I've lived in Utah... which would be my whole life. I think it's gonna be F U N!

The Little Things in Life

Monday, November 11, 2013

weekend review

Awesome pictures brought to you by crappy lighting and bad angles. At least Mia is cute!
This weekend was far from exciting, but once again it was just what we needed! The only thing I remember about Friday is that we were out cold before 10pm. Maybe around 9? I'm happy to say that Mia is finally feeling better and back to her "normal" self, but we have all been a little sleep deprived the last 2 weeks (dang teeth)!
I had signed up for a 5k and was so excited to cross that off my list Saturday morning! But to my major disappointment, I couldn't find the race! Turns out the site that I used to sign up wasn't really affiliated with the race so they totally gave out the wrong info. Super lame! I still went out and ran 3 miles but it wasn't nearly as satisfying as racing! I'm on the hunt for another 5k to participate in before the month ends!
Eric went shooting for a couple hours which is just what he needed. I mean, who knew that dad's needed their own time as well?? Ha! But really, he's been working so hard and he deserves his own time (as long as he sends me to the spa when he gets back, right?)! We didn't get a date night last week so when he got home we decided to take Mia swimming for a family date! The indoor pool is kind of loud so I think that intimidated Mia, but as soon as she got used to the sounds, she was in heaven! It's incredible how entertaining baby's are! Eric and I were so content to just sit in the water and watch Mia have her fun :) We finished the night off with good friends and good BBQ!
Sunday was the most gorgeous day! High 60's, sunny and no wind... that's unheard of in my neck of the woods (especially considering the fact that it was snowing just 6 days prior)! We took Mia on a walk and relaxed the rest of the day at home!
I'm getting antsy over these weekends at home. I feel like I want to plan a weekend full of traveling, friends and places to be! But then I remember that we were gone almost every single weekend during the summer and that was exhausting! So enjoying these low key weekends (with zero plans) with my little family is just perfect!
Vote for Mia? Entry ID: 249510
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Friday, November 8, 2013

little letters (I'm ashamed to admit...)

Dear new "mom" car, I thought I loved you so... until I hit a freakin' pole! I've never hit a pole before!! But now that I have a brand new vehicle, that I haven't even made a payment on yet, and I swipe the pole and mess up your pretty paint job. Uuuugh! {insert the ugly cry emoji}

Dear hubs, remember that you love me! Better yet, remember why you fell in love with me! (Hint: it wasn't because of my driving skills.)

Dear Mia, I thought we were in the clear when your second top tooth popped through (which took eight days I might add. Eight long, miserable days. I wish they didn't hurt you!) but nope! You have your first ear infection because of those little teethies. And it has not been kind to us. Hopefully that antibiotic kicks the infection to the curb last night because we all need more sleep in this house!

Dear Netflix, I am loving the updated queue! I don't have a lot of time to watch my shows (hence the reason we don't have satellite, why pay the money for something we have no time for?) but when I do? I am almost giddy when I remember that I have new episodes to watch :) What are your favorite shows on Netflix??

Dear November thankful game, some people get really annoyed with you because "we should be thankful all year long". While I do agree with that, I love seeing what people are thankful for! It reminds us of every single blessing we are thankful for, or at times, take for granted. Plus I love that people recognize the spirit of Thanksgiving!!

Dear hubs, You have the cutest tush in the world. Not manly enough? You can grow a mean beard, or whatever kind of facial hair you want. You are the hardest worker and I appreciate everything you do to provide for our family! You will always be my forever!! (Have you forgiven me yet??)

Dear Mia, I feel bad complaining about your teeth and ear infection because you are still happier than most babies! But it just makes my momma heart hurt knowing your in pain! And what can I say? I miss sleeping through the night! But you are my favorite baby and I love you forever!

Dear readers friends, thank you SO much for taking the time out of your day to vote for sweet Mia. Gerber has changed things up and the direct link to Mia's photo doesn't work anymore (sorry!) If you want to vote click this link, click "view gallery" and enter her ID #: 249510. Thank you SO much!!

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

November bucket list

I made a fall bucket list here and I'm proud to say that I crossed almost everything off the list! I thought I'd make another bucket list because apparently that's the only way I get stuff done, AND November doesn't really feel like fall to me. We have crazy bipolar weather where I live. Let me explain. Monday we didn't get above 30 and it snowed all afternoon. Today our high is supposed to be 63. So because the weather changes so drastically from day to day, November doesn't really count as fall in my book. So a new bucket list it is :)

1- Buy a candle (or two) from Bath and Body Works. I admit that this was on my last bucket list but I couldn't find any scents I liked (I know, crazy!) But I found a couple that are so yummy plus their Christmas scents? Too die for, or something! Does anyone know when B&BW's is supposed to have a sale??

2- Make a dang craft! This was also on my last list and it just didn't happen. (I blame my friends because friends don't let friends craft alone!)

3- Clean out our storage room. I mean, pull out every. single. box. and throw stuff away! I guess not everything can be fun and carefree on this list.

4- Set up a little playgroup. I admit that Mia and I have been having a lot of fun with friends but it's been months since we did an actual play date with with all of our friends who have babies within just weeks of Mia! I wouldn't have survived the move to this town without those girls so I want to make more of an effort to not let our busy lives get in the way of our friendships (and our babes friendships)!

5- Bake more pumpkin goodies, of course :) I still can't believe how much I baked (with the fresh pumpkin from my MIL's garden that I pureed, thank you very much!) in the last month and a half. Eric doesn't know what to think about it, either ;)

6- Run a race this month. It's been difficult to get out and run with the cold weather but I really don't want to lose it! I get out of (running) shape so quickly if I slack!

7- Win the Gerber photo contest... but we can't do that without your help! Click this link and vote if you want to help change Mia's future (and share the link with your friends if you'd like)! Please and thank yoooou!!

What's on your bucket list?

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

week(end) review

Last week was a good week but kind of rough at the same time! My friend, Kyndra, and her two boys came and stayed with us for a few days. Her baby is just two days older than Mia and her little boy is 4. Mia had SO much fun with them! She was always touching them (ie: picture of the babies swinging) and anytime we got in the car, Mia would hold Ryder's (4 yrs) hand, ha ha! But the crappy weather ruined all of our plans :( Have I mentioned that I'm not ready for winter yet??
On Halloween I toted Mia around on all of my errands in her costume. I tried to get a good picture of her all day but she just wasn't having it! She wouldn't look at the camera or else she'd crawl away from me! Did I mention that Mia was teething all week? Anyway, as soon as dad got home she was allllll smiles, of course! (You can read about our Halloween here.)
I'd been dying to see Thriller but Eric told me he didn't want to go this year. So I decided to make a girls night out of it! I had the BEST time with these girls! And I did so good about not letting the zombies scare me until... The zombie in the last picture?? When I took my phone back from the boy who snapped our picture, I turned around and she jumped in my face and did some nasty, horrible growl thing that made me scream and almost pee my pants. I mean seriously, doesn't she know I've given birth?? I'm not as strong as I once was, ha! Anyway, it was such a fun night!
I soaked up lots of relaxing time with Eric and my poor, teething baby the rest of the weekend. I hate seeing Mia in pain, especially when it's beyond my control! Teething is awful :(
Vote for Mia??

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Bath time is our FAVORITE! (And that smile...)

"Even after all this time the Sun never says to the Earth,
"You owe me."
Look what happens with a love like that, it lights the whole sky."

My super cute Halloween nails! Does anyone else find that trying to take a picture of your nails is totally and completely awkward??

The many faces of my little bestie! We just happen to be posing right in front my new "mom" car. Any guesses? :)

My loves on Halloween. They just happen to be my f a v o r i t e!

This screams the perfect Fall day! Too bad my running (outside) days are over now that winter has arrived (it snowed all afternoon yesterday).

Check out my new picture from Easy Canvas Prints! It is beautiful and it was just the change up I needed to add to my gallery wall of photos. The colors are so vibrant and crisp (such a clean print job)... I can't even tell you how much I love this canvas! I will definitely be adding more to my collage! Easy Canvas Prints was incredibly easy (for real) to order through and I couldn't be more happy with the product!

If you want to follow along on IG my username is courtbrink. You should probably check out the latest video I posted of Mia anyway. It will melt. your. heart.
Please don't hate me, this is your friendly reminder to click here and vote for Mia (we can't do it without you)!  

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Monday, November 4, 2013

her future needs YOU!

So, I have entered Mia in a contest that is practically impossible to win, but Mia deserves a chance so I'm bringing it to the blog to ask for help. Gerber is hosting a cutest baby contest on their Facebook page (I know, impossible!) and if we won, well, it was be huge for Mia's future!

This picture is a little dark, but it is what it is.
There are strict rules I had to follow to enter Mia's photo and one of them was no professional photographs. Well, unfortunately I don't know how to edit pictures soooo it's kind of dark BUT it's still cute :) Plus anyone who follows my blog or instagram has seen (too) many photos of Mia and we all know that she is beautiful!
I apologize ahead of time because I am going to be super annoying (especially if Mia can truly be in the running to win). Lives are touched, futures are changed because of social media!! So this is why I am totally begging... PLEASE help change my daughter's future! I can't do it without you!

If you want to vote just click here (you may have to like Gerber's page before voting, but you can hide the posts or unlike them after!). Gerber will ask if they can share on your FB wall (which is super annoying) but just skip it each time it asks. I know it's kind of a pain, but I will love you forever if you vote for Mia! And if you want to help even more you could share with your FB friends, twitter, blog, etc. Just be sure to share Mia's entry id number (249510) if you don't share the direct link. Seriously, thank you sooooo much for humoring me! (And I'll just throw it out there, if Mia makes it far enough, I will totally be doing a sweet giveaway to thank you for your help and to bribe more votes out of everyone I can :) ha ha!)

P.S. If you entered the contest, leave me your entry id in the comments and I will be SO happy to vote for you!
P.P.S. You can vote everyday. Like I said, I'm going to be super annoying (sorry)!!
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