Tuesday, August 12, 2014

leg{ging}s for days

This may or may not be a sneak peek of Mia's Halloween costume... Can you guess what she'll be?!
bracelet c/o Our Little Pretties
Eric served an LDS mission in Mexico City, which had him living there for 2 years! I couldn't resist the Viva La Mexico leggings since Mexico will always have a place in Eric's heart :)
 bow c/o Sweet Angel Kreations all leggings c/o Baby Leggings
This isn't even posed! Mia is an ankle crosser and we think it's the cutest thing!
We have finally experienced a couple rainy days that dropped our temperatures by quite a bit, which of course called for a day to play with our leggings from Baby Leggings! I have been dying to try these on Mia ever since we received them, but it's just been so hot! We love them so much (seriously, Mia threw a huge fit each time I took them off!) that I think I'll forget her tops and just have her run around in these leggings the rest of the summer ;) ha ha!
Seriously though, I'm kind of itching for cooler weather so that Mia can start wearing her Baby Leggings daily! I foresee tutu's, Halloween costume(s), skirts, scrunched leggings, boots and holiday outfits in our future! The possibilities are endless with the selection that Baby Leggings offers!
On that note, Baby Leggings is offering my readers a killer deal! Use the code "BRINKBL" at checkout to receive 100% (what?!) off of and order of 5 pairs of leggings, you just pay shipping!


~Dawn~ said...

I love love LOVE baby legs. My daughters wore them non-stop, in fact they still do now that they are older :) I love the Viva la Mexico ones.

Amanda {Tickled Pink} said...

Omg. Who doesn't love some baby leggings!!! ..Say wwwhhhhhaaattt? That's such a generous code! thanks for sharing!


Jasam said...

Those are just the cutest things! I want to get my daughter one for football season. I wonder if they have one like it. That is so generous of them to offer 100% discount. I might just take advantage of that!

Julie said...

Leggings are great - adorable on kiddos, cute on adults if they know how to wear them the right way!

sara [at] journey of doing said...

These are the cutest!!! I can't figure out what Mia is going to be... but she's cute either way!!

Anne Hill said...

so dang cute! I need a baby girl asap ;)

Kimberly said...

SO CUTE!!! Axel is an ankle crosser too and it just makes him look so grown up and chill when he's crossing his legs in the stroller or car seat. And Olivia loves leg warmers so much, that sometimes she has to wear them under her pants (if they don't fit over the top!)

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

I looove baby leggings! So cute! Wow what a discount. I could never get Aria's to stay on her though. They weren't this particular brand.
Aria crosses her legs when she sits in her high chair. My little lady! It is super duper cute!

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