Thursday, August 7, 2014

what's in Mia's bag

We've never flown with Mia before, but we road trip with her alllll the time! Thankfully, Mia is pretty easy going in the car... as long as we have the binky for back up. I have major mixed feelings about that thing, it's such a relief sometimes, but gosh, I wish we would have gotten rid of it before she could ask for it! Mia knows she only gets the binky for nap and bed time at home, but sometimes she's asking, "geeky? geeky?" before we are even done buckling her in the car seat. Heaven help us when we get rid of it in the next couple of months!
Anyway, we feel like we've got the necessities down to keep Mia happy in the car! Our list is pretty simple (which makes life easier on my for the packing and unpacking!) I fill one of Mia's little backpacks with the following-
  • Books. Mia loves books. I buy new ones to sneak in if we are going on a trip any longer than 3 hours! Books with flaps are a necessity to include in the mix! They keep her busy and entertained and she's pretty good about not ripping the flaps off!
  • Crayons and a notebook. Mia is way into coloring right now and it's the cutest thing! She's also really into emptying the ziplock bag of crayons and putting them back in, just another activity that keeps her distracted!
  • Stickers! Enough said ;)
  • Her cell phone toy. It lights up and sings songs and she loves it!
  • Toy cars, because she loves to play with them and drive them over the top of a large book!
  • A sippy full of water.
  • Snacks for just in case! She usually doesn't snack in the car (because we don't want to deal with the mess, which is okay because she's used to it!) but we find the least messy snacks possible for when she does need something! Puffs used to be awesome but she won't eat those anymore. She still eats pouches and those are pretty mess free! I'm afraid we will have to start letting her snack more once we get rid of the binky!
  • We stop and take food/potty/stretch breaks on any trip that is longer than 3 hours! (If you haven't noticed by now, our normal road trip is 2-3 hours long so she is pretty used to that, and she usually sleeps for at least half of it, so it's easy for all of us!)
  • The dreaded and beloved binky :)
There you have it! Our road trip necessities! I'm excited to see your posts and get some new ideas to entertain Mia, I always love to surprise her with fun, little items on road trips!
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Brittany said...

Hahaha...I love that you switched it up and said what's in MIA's bag! So many bloggers do posts where they show what they keep in their purse. I must admit - I like this version a lot better!

Heather Leigh_A beautiful ministry said...

Haha! That picture looks like my Evie! She loves stickers! Great tips girl :)

Sarah said...

haha, I think we have the same exact picture with stickers on the legs in the car seat! Love it. Great tips, our trips are typically 2-3 hours too.

Mandie said...

I love the stickers all over the place! Ha!

I think that's a great list of goodies to bring with. :)

Mandie ~

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