Monday, August 25, 2014

the perfect end

Bunker Hill Monument
Like a kid in a candy store... except for he's an adult on the USS Constitution, ha ha!
 Exploring more of the Freedom Trail
 Finally got to meet Jen!
Had to throw in a photo of the 1 bedroom apartment we stayed in! It was so fun feeling like we actually lived in Boston for a few days!
Not the best picture of us... but that's okay because THE GREEN MONSTER!
 Oh Boston, how we love you so!! Our last day in the city was exhausting but perfect in every way! We saved the Freedom Trail for the last day, which was a little crazy after walking 33+ miles the past two days, but we were excited to spend a little more time diving into Boston's history. We started at Bunker Hill Monument. Eric told me we could walk up the stairs of that tall, skinny building to the top and when we found out it was 294 steps... I scoffed at it and told Eric I could do that no problem! Not one to turn down a challenge, Eric said "Fine! We're doing it!" 10 steps up and we were already regretting our decision, ha ha! We made it to the top... eventually! We were passed by two little boys, they were probably 5 years old! Did I mention it was the hottest, most humid day of our trip? Great way to start our day... by the time we made it to the bottom we were pouring sweat and our legs could barely hold us up! Then we managed to walk 15 more miles that day... #stupid. 
We spent a bit of time exploring the USS Constitution and learning more about that amazing ship. My FIL served in the Navy and that holds a proud, soft spot in Eric's heart and he loves learning about anything to do with the Navy whether it be past, present or future! We kind of skipped the North End of the Freedom Trail since that's where we stayed and we explored each day! But we hit up Mikes Pastry for a third time as we passed through ;)
We met up with Jen at Fanueil Hall... the perks of blogging! Friends wherever we go! Jen and I have been friends almost since the beginning of my blogging days! It was such a treat to finally meet and explore a little bit of the city with her!
Eric and I headed back to our place for a little bit to rest and gear up for the big game that night! (I mentioned in previous posts, we stayed in a 1 bedroom apartment, pictured above, in Little Italy. We LOVED the location!) After resting we went to Fenway Park to soak up the pregame fun, take pictures next to the green monster and watched the Red Sox play the Yankees!! We planned our whole trip around this game and had been looking forward to it for sometime! We need the energy would be incredible, and we were right! It was a million times funner than Wednesdays game (not that the first one wasn't fun, but this was fantastic!!) The Red Sox won and we really couldn't have asked for a better ending to the perfect vacation! 


She's a big star said...

You guys are troopers climbing the Bunker Hill Monument! I did that a couple of years ago and that is NO joke... took me a bit to get my legs back after we were done!

Anonymous said...

I'm exhausted thinking about all that walking. You guys are troopers! I'm just dying to visit Boston and your posts have made me want to visit even more. I loved all of them!

Danielle said...

You're a beauty! Looks so fun!

Hannah said...

Oh, it sounds -and looks- like you all had so much fun!! What a fun and special little get away for you two! I don't know how you left Mia [though it's a good thing you did, you probably would have had a very different trip with her in tow] I'm still trying to wrap my mind around leaving Emerson for one night! yikes. Ihaveissues. I'm glad you all had such a fun trip!!

Julie said...

Kudos for all those stairs!! But now you can say you did it if people ever say they are going to do it :)

Marli said...

ohhhh, so fun. loved seeing your pics on ig. happy y'all had such a great time!

Sarita @ it's my girls' world said...

You guys are insane with all the walking #jealousandawedatthesametime :-)

sara [at] journey of doing said...

You guys are the cutest!! My favorite part of Boston is all the walking!! And watching the Red Sox beat the Yankees... ;)

sara [at] journey of doing said...


Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

oh geez all those stares! I remember back in the old days of high school...we had a forum trip and our hotel room was on the 7th floor so we thought it was super fun to just run those steps instead of the elevator. What the heck were we thinking?
Sounds like such an amazing trip!!! I love it all!

Nadine said...

My goodness that is a lot of stairs! And so much walking! I always thought it would be cool to visit Boston. I love to see other bloggers meeting each other while on vacation! Such a cool community we have!

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