Friday, April 1, 2016

no place like home {Rugs USA}

I never understood the need for rugs in a home until we moved to Arizona. I love a good, soft carpet but the style in Arizona is tiled floors (I'm assuming to keep the house cooler?) and suddenly I want allllll the rugs!
We are in a rental home and while the square footage is nice, we've had a hard time with the layout of the floor plan, the lack of carpet (and old, crappy carpet that is in the bedrooms, if I'm being honest!) and just plain making this house feel like home. We are just itching to buy a home (maybe that's a sign that this is it?! maybe this means we will stick around long enough to buy a home and feel "settled" for a bit?! only time will tell!) but in the mean time, I'm really trying to decorate our rental and add as many personal touches as possible, to make it as homey as possible! As I mentioned above, one thing we've really been missing in our main living areas is carpet!
Rugs USA came to the rescue and sent us this beautiful rug that we placed in our living room, and let me tell you, we are so in love with it! While they offer every type of rug you could ever imagine, I chose a nice shag rug because I wanted a soft, cozy place to sit and play with my babies! I still remember the way my heart skipped a beat when I walked in the house and saw the play mat sitting in our living room after receiving our rug... We always left James in our bedroom during tummy time, etc, because we were worried about his head hitting the tile too hard when he was still building neck muscles and had little control over his head movements. As incredibly cheesy as this sounds, this is so much more than just a rug to me! It has made our living room a more inviting place where we are all more comfortable to get down and play with each other! I catch Mia and James playing and giggling together on the daily, instead of hiding them away in a bedroom for the softer floor!
I can't wait to buy more rugs to add that "homey" feel to our house, as well as decorative uses! Just searching "kid rugs" gives me SO many fun ideas for decorating the kid's bedroom and play room! I'm pretty sure there will be a rug in every single room in my house once we finally settle down and buy a home now... ;)

Rug c/o Rugs USA


Brittany @ Perpetually Daydreaming said...

Love that rug! We had all hardwoods in our last house and I kind of hated it, because it wasn't comfy!

Vanessa Esperanza said...

Love the rug! I feel ya on the crappy carpet in rental homes (so annoying). I bet this looks great in your living room! Happy Weekend. xo

Tawnya Faust said...

LOVE this rug! I have been eyeing up a few from Rugs USA but with the exchange rate I just can't bite the bullet!!

Evelina said...

That rug looks so comfy! Everyone seems to love Rugs USA! I wish they had easier ordering from Canada though!
Evelina @ Fortunate House

Elizabeth [Chasin' Mason] said...

Cute rug!! We have half rugs (upstairs) and half linoleum (or whatever it's called downstairs). If we had more room (I swear my floor is covered in toys most of the time, ain't got no room for a rug! LOL), I would totally love the rug you chose!

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