Thursday, April 14, 2016


Loving: my incredible husband! He has been my rock since James was born (and before that, obvi) and I'm so thankful for all he does for me! He gives and gives of himself (and I take too much!) and does all that he can to make my life easier. He busts his buns at work to provide a good life for us, one where I can stay home with our babies. He busts his buns at home on his days off, and often in the evenings after working a full day cleaning the house or whatever I need help with! He is constantly reminding me to enjoy my days with the kids because they will grow up in the blink of an eye. He does all of this and more while fighting his own personal battles and sometimes I just plain don't deserve him. I am definitely feeling lucky in love and so blessed to call him mine, from here to eternity!
P.S. I was introduced to s'mores with starbursts this week and that is totally worthy of a shout out here as well ;) Somethin' 'bout that melted marshmallow, melted starburst and graham cracker that makes one killer combination for the taste buds. YUM!

Reading/Watching: I'm not reading anything for myself right now, shocker! Just reading to the kids and day dreaming about the day that I can spend at the spa/pool with a good book and no interruptions ;)
I finally finished The Bachelor (thank you, Hulu!) and I've got a long list of shows to catch up with on Netflix, but guys, I HAVE NO TIME! Add that to my day dream, a full evening of binge watching my shows and a tub full of calorie-less ice cream, ha ha! But Eric and I have been watching Fixer Upper and we are totally ready to take on our own fixer upper... HA!

Trying to: soak up the last days of Spring weather before it is hotter than you know what outside. We are playing outside as much as possible... I will be super envious of every one's gorgeous summer's when we are hiding inside to avoid the triple digit heat (but I'm not complaining too much after experiencing our first, gorgeous Arizona winter! It's worth it to endure the summer heat!)

Wishing: I could get my life together and cross everything off my to-do list! I will say that my kids have a routine, are happy, healthy and thriving and no one is starving at the end of the day, which is truly what matters most ;) I need to give myself grace as I know that life will fall into place a little more each day as time goes on, James grows and we get more sleep at night! I'm pretty sure if I could have cleaners come to my home weekly, that would be the answer to all of my problems though ;) I kid, I kid! Sorta.
But one thing at the top of my to-do list is update my blog and give it a bit of a face lift. The problem is, I've been in and out, but mostly out, of the blogging scene since James was born, that I don't know where to look for a designer  (and my girl is not currently in business). Any recommendations?!

Excited for: I'm gonna be honest for a second and tell you that I've been super bummed since we got home from our California trip a couple weeks ago. We have NOTHING else planned for the rest of 2016 as far as vacations go, and I'm the kind of person that lives for vacations! I was feeling a little bummed about our lack of itinerary until Eric suggested making the most of our time here in Arizona. So, I'm excited to take on the challenge of making our time at home and Eric's days off, feel like a vacation even though we aren't actually going anywhere. I'm sure I'll try to sneak in a road trip here and there, but I'm excited to just enjoy the day to day moments with my people! I'm also crossing my fingers that we get more visitors in the coming months because it feels like a vacation when we have friends/family in town- hint, hint ;)


Jenn said...

I think it'll be great for you guys to explore Arizona more. Lots of little day trips can definitely be something that you look forward to. But, I understand how you were feeling about the lack of trips. When we cancelled Aruba I was like "nooooooo" because that was the only real vacation we had planned (other than a week at the shore with my in-laws). Hopefully we will both get another one on the books one way or another!

P!nky said...

Yup, grant yourself grace lady. It will get done and you just need to enjoy all the times with your sweet babies. I think lots of staycation trips will be fun, Arizona sounds like a fabulous place to be. Maybe I'll head out there one day soon.

You and your husband are adorable and fabulous together, I love y'all.

According to Kiki said...

Aw, I'm sorry you feel in the dumps! Especially with kids, I know all too well how awesome it feels to get away and go somewhere! Maybe you can look around and do some "staycations." (: Cut yourself some slack girl, getting your life together doesn't matter when you have two beautiful, happy children that love you! <3

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

Right, healthy and fed is a job well done at the end of the day. And, I'm with you on a cleaner. I mean that would make things so much easier.

Tawnya Faust said...

I so want to go to Arizona for a vacation and you know it's not out of the question this year ;)

Your hubby sounds a lot like mine and I can totally relate to feeling like I take too much sometimes. I would love to have a cleaner too though, it's just hard to justify when I'm home all the time. UGH it's just so hard to cross off the to-do list with two kids though... I've had to learn how to let a lot of things go...

Brittany said...

So many thoughts on this. First of all, Eric sounds super dreamy and you deserve that kind of guy! Your snap of a Starburst s'more changed my life and now I can't wait to try one. What a genius idea! I'm also someone who "lives for vacations," but I've gotten very good at creating little vacations out of home. It's amazing how many cool things you can find to do when you do a little research on your area! Also, as far as blog design goes, I definitely recommend Erin at Love, Fun, and Football! She's seriously great and just upgraded my blog!

Erin LFF said...

Starbucks and s'mores?! I am definitely intrigued!!! :)

Kristin DiCristofano said...

I totally get you on living for vacations and the endless to do list. Some days (okay most days) I just can't keep up!

Krista said...

Lots to do in the Prescott area! We are new in AZ too, and I'm looking forward to exploring as well.

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