Wednesday, April 20, 2016

celebrating the big three oh!

When I turn 30 I would love to have a spa day, a huge surprise party, go on a killer vacation, or... actually, I want it all ;) ha ha! What did Eric want for his 30th birthday? "I just want to sit at home and do nothing." Like literally, nothing. Good thing it's true what they say, that opposites attract, ha ha! I'm not sure Eric got his wish exactly the way he wanted it (I mean, there's not much "nothing" happening with two young children and a needy wifey around) but I sure tried to give him a relaxing birthday weekend!
We started the celebrating Friday night by going out to dinner with friends! We never go out on a Friday night so that was a fun change of scenery! We started our Saturday off with working out, then Eric washed the car, I took Mia to the store while James napped and gave Eric approximately 20 minutes of alone time to do "nothing" (but hey! I offered to disappear with the kids all morning and he declined!), then Mia took him on a birthday date to get ice cream... she even picked up the tab ;) We all took a nap that afternoon, watched TV and went for a walk around the neighborhood. It was a pretty lazy day, if you ask me! We went to church Sunday morning then spent the rest of the day being lazy bums once again! I cooked a roast and baked Eric's favorite- a german chocolate cake! Mia topped it with Star Wars characters and we cut into the cake a whole day early!  
Monday, the big day, his actual birthday, started out with workouts, and then Eric... wait for it... washed the jeep. I mean, seriously!! That was first on his list for the day, ha ha! We went to lunch at BJs, Eric's favorite, for pizza and pazookies! Our server was so sweet and surprised him with extra pazookies and a discounted tab! Next, we dropped the kids off at my friends house for a hot date at... wait for it... home. HA! My friend suggested the idea and it was really kind of genius! James won't really eat food for other people, and he definitely won't take milk any other way than from nursing (little stinker!) so it was nice to know we were just a few minutes away from the kids if we were needed. We were able to relax, watch a movie, eat whatever we wanted and only worry about ourselves in the middle of the day! That never happens now that we have kids! It was a relaxing couple of hours doing just what Eric asked... nothing!
I'm not sure I delivered 100%, but I sure tried to make Eric's birthday weekend a special one... one that he asked for, but I hope he had the happiest of birthdays! I truly am so blessed to have Eric as my husband and the father to my babies. There's nothing he won't do for us and always put himself last to make sure we are all happy and content first. I don't deserve him even on my best days. I love my "old man", as Mia says ;) SO MUCH!

P.S. Eric has gifted himself a 30th birthday gift... he's growing out his beard (where are the emoji icons when I need them most to express my emotions on this "gift"?!) "I'm a grown man and I've never grown a real beard!" So Eric spent his day marking "week 1" on the calendar, taking selfies, googling beard kits, and weird crap like that as his gift to himself. I am NOT a fan of facial hair but I'm really trying hard to be passive about his newest hobby, and even trying to act a little supportive about it... wish me luck. HA!
P.P.S. What I'm lacking in nice photos for the blog, I really make up for with the best videos on snapchat (not that I'm biased or anything...) Find me, courtneybrink, and follow along!
A really crappy selfie but do you expect anything more from me now a days?!


Jenn said...

He obviously enjoys life's simple pleasures which is awesome! That means the reeeeeeally big stuff means that much more. I love that you guys had a date at home together--I think its really cute :) Happy birthday to Eric!!

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

oh may you have strength in the beard growing department. Chris wanted to grow out a stupid hobo beard right after Aria was born. It was hideous. I don't mind the groomed beard at all. But he wanted it long and it was just scraggly! ugh. I finally got him to cut it for our anniversary, over a year later. It was a dark year lol.
Other than the beard =) Sounds like a great birthday! Relaxing.

Evelina said...

Wishing him a very happy birthday and best of luck with the beard haha!
Evelina @ Fortunate House

Erin LFF said...

I love it!! Sounds like you made his whole weekend/birthday special and as relaxing as possible!

Sarah said...

That sounds like my husbands ideal birthday- to do nothing! Must be a guy thing :)

Caroline The Petite Fashionista said...

Chris does not mind celebrating his birthday but he really doesn't like to make a big deal about it. I'm glad that he enjoyed his day though and that cake looks yummy! Love that Mia picked up the tab with the ice cream too!! So cute. :-)

According to Kiki said...

I love your stay at home date idea! I mean, why not?! Eric's cake is sooooo cool! (:

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