Thursday, April 28, 2016

happy 7 months to my little love

I can't believe James is 7 months old now! There's something about passing the 6 month mark that makes him seem so much bigger, older... we are going to be out of babyhood before I know it :( But we are loving every second of life with our sweet boy! James is such a happy baby and he brings so much joy into our family! Watching his relationship with Mia grow with each passing day is almost too much for my heart to handle... they are the sweetest siblings and I'm so thankful!!
- James is finally sitting up! We work on it every day and he's getting better at it, though we still have some work to do to perfect it. Surprisingly, he's most sturdy in the grass, ha! 
- Speaking of grass, James likes grass! He sat on it for the first time just a couple days ago and he sat up for SO long! Then when he finally toppled over, he rolled around and played in it for quite some time without any protest!
- He's working real hard on becoming more mobile! James rolls all over the place (like across rooms and everywhere in between), he does "sit ups" when he's on his back, and he's testing out getting on his hands and knees.
- James got his two front bottom teeth! I have to admit, this was one milestone that I was totally okay with not hitting for a couple more months, ha ha! Teething is the worst! And teaching a baby how to nurse around those teeth is also the worst.
- His favorite "toys" are water bottles and packages of wipes. Those trump toys every. time. 
- We are finally getting more sleep (for the most part)! James is pretty much up once in the night... the best is when he doesn't wake up until 4:30-5 because then I just stay up and get my day started. I accomplish so much that way and then I catch a nap when the kids nap. Some nights James wakes up crying for his binky more than other nights though, and that's what can be the death of me.
- Speaking of nap time, James kind of has the schedule of being awake for 2 hours, then napping for a couple hours (usually). But his nap always lines up with Mia's so they are both asleep for an hour or two at the same time each afternoon. Woo hoo!
- Now we just need to work on breaking the swaddling habit. James is such a swaddle bug, but he also likes to sleep on his belly. He usually pulls his arms out of the swaddle within seconds, but he has to start out swaddled! When we have a few days in a row where I know we will be home all day, I'm really going to focus on sleep training without the swaddle. Mia broke the habit on her own so this is all new to me!
- James is eating solids now and loves it! The first couple of weeks were a total pain as he was getting the hang of it but he's got it down now and is loving every new food we introduce him to! Just yesterday I fed him a banana in small chunks instead of having to mash it up for him which is a pretty big deal! Sweet boy is growing and catching on to things so fast!
- I think James is going to say "mama" before "dada"...mostly because he already has, ha ha! When he's really upset and crying he will look at me and (scream), "mama!" Even Mia has pointed out a couple of times, "hey! He said mama!" He's a momma's boy ;)     
- Last month I mentioned that we finally pulled out his 6 month clothes... and they lasted for 2 weeks :( I've pulled out his 9 AND 12 month clothing and both fit! He's such a chunker! And now I need to do some shopping because I wasn't expecting to build a 12 month size wardrobe for a few more months... ha ha! We seriously have like two 18 month outfits and he'll be in that size before I know it, yikes!
- He's wearing size 3 diapers... this size should last a little longer than the smaller sizes. We'll see ;) He's also wearing the swim diapers that Mia wore last summer (when she was 2 1/2)... baby got back ;) HA!  

Whoee, there were a lot of milestones and changes for James between month 6 and 7! My only wish is that time would slow down! But thankfully, every day with this boy is better than the last! We love our James SO much! 


Jenn said...

I saw the sit up workouts this weekend--go James go!! :) He's such a happy little guy. I love hearing his laughs :)

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

aww such a cute little chunk! So big though. Two blinks and 7 months.

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

Well isn't he the cutest thing?! Time needs to stop moving so fast!!

Erin LFF said...

What a little doll! :) Hard to believe he's 7 months already, right?!

Jen Arthur said...

Ahh! He is growing up SO darn fast! I can't believe he's 7 months old. But YAY for sleeping better! That is the hardest part. He is so stinking adorable, I can't handle it.
xo, jen

Elizabeth [Chasin' Mason] said...

Seven months?! When did that happen?? I love seeing his happy, smiling face on my snapchat everyday :)

According to Kiki said...

Looks like Baby James is so close to being into everything! I just love seeing he and Mia on Snapchat. They are the cutest little siblings! (:

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