Wednesday, November 20, 2013

happy 11 months to my love bug

I seriously teared up over these pictures (I took like 20 and they are all adorrrrable!) and had the hardest time choosing which ones to use (don't worry, I am sharing a couple more on Instagram if you're dying to see them, ha)! Eric gave me this bear for Christmas when we were dating, and now my 11 month old (not possible!) is loving playing with it! This girl.... *sigh*

- Mia started standing up (like sitting/squatting on the grown and standing up without holding on to anything) by herself on October 27th.
- She has mastered waving to everyone and she loves it! She will wave to everyone the whole time we are grocery shopping! And she waves on demand! Everyone says her wave is like Lane Frost's (from Eight Seconds) and it's just the cutest!
- Mia took her first accidental step on November 8th.
- But in the last week she has been taking deliberate, steady steps! The most she has taken is 5 in a row so far. She things it's the funnest game to walk between mommy and daddy and she loves to make us cheer for her :) 
- Her talk is sounding less babyish and more alienish, ha ha! I think she is trying to sound like us... instead of making the same sounds over and over (like dadada, make sense?). I really love listening to her jabber when she has a lot to say!
- Mia has started dancing to music and it's my favorite thing!
- Her favorite play time activity is to dump things in her box. There is one box I haven't unpacked in our living room because Mia loves to stand and play at it. She will open and close the flaps, and now she loves to throw stuff in and close the flaps!
- Mia got her top front two teeth! They were a beast compared to her bottom two, but they are here now and she is loving biting into food with them :)
- She is still wearing 6-9 months clothes. I haven't even tried the 12 month clothes on her yet.
- And she still wears size 2 diapers. 

We are so thankful for these past 11 months! They have definitely gone too fast, but we have loved every second of having Mia in our lives! She is kind of our favorite ;)

If you want to wish Mia happy 11 months, you can do it by voting for her! ;) Please and thank you!
Kirsty and Seth


Jamie Hart said...

Awww! I love the photos! I gave my goddaughter a bear similar when she was born and it was so fun watching her grow (and play) with it. Seriously though, can Mia get any cuter?

Pamela said...

Just voted again! :)

Jane said...

Awww! She is darling!!!

hello erin said...

Sweet girl!! I love her!! And yay steps... She'll be walking in no time!!

Sara said...

She is so adorable!! Look at that smile!
Miss Elementary

#mommylife said...

so cute! and i really need to do a better job at remembering to note the "firsts" dates down! I'll get pics but never mKe note of the date !

birdie to be said...

So cute! I love that giant bear!

Nat said...

She is so cute!! Yay on the standing and taking steps!

Anonymous said...

She is adorable! She's going to be walking before you know it.

Kristin said...

Happy 11 Months sweet girl!!!

Julie said...

She is getting sooo big!

On a different note, how do you get that banner on the bottom of each of your posts? I have one I need to add and it never stays!

Brooke Tolly said...

I voted and HAPPY 11 MONTHS!

Unknown said...

She's growing up!!! That's amazing that she took her first steps! Terrin has NO desire to even crawl haha he'd rather just sit there than work for a toy he wants. She's a doll. She's gonna be so outgoing when she's older! Uh oh!

Printed Bonnet by AyoBE said...

Oh she is an absolute cutie! I can see why it'll be hard to choose.

Congratulations on 11-months as a mommy. It isn't easy work but you're rocking it!

Linzi Scarsella said...

Happy 11 months Miabelle!!!

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

6-9 mos clothing?! What a lil' peanut! I love her little teef. :)

Saira Naomi said...

She is freakin' adorable! We're TTC no. 1 so your blog is mega exciting to read :) x

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