Friday, November 20, 2015

nom nom nom {Oat Mama}

You know how there's just something irresistible about baby toes that makes you want to munch on their little feetsies?! I can't be the only one with that sickness ;) Well I'm discovering the same thing with baby rolls (check out that roll on James' thigh!!!) I just kind of want to nibble on James all day long, ha ha! You see, Mia was long, lean and just plain tiny. She never ever had rolls, not even where her wrist meets her hand. James was born just a couple ounces smaller than Mia was, so we were expecting to have another small baby. He is definitely proving us wrong as he's turning into a chunky little man with all sorts of new rolls appearing weekly. The latest is a roll crease right where his biceps will be... his rolls are seriously blowing my mind!

Lactation Granola Bars c/o Oat Mama
Anyway, back to irresistible snacking... these lactation granola bars from Oat Mama are absolutely delicious! I first learned about Oat Mama from a giveaway I won on Instagram but have since turned into a loyal customer. Yes, I received bars in return for this blog post, but I've purchased bars in the past, and I don't know how I'll stop as long as I'm nursing. I mean, have you seen their sneak peek for their upcoming release of the new holiday bar?! Yum!
These granola bars are filled with all sorts of healthy ingredients that are good for mom and baby! They go a long way as I tend to eat a third or half the bar (depending on if he's having a growth spurt... or if I can stop myself at just a third of the bar, ha ha!) every night. I always have one packed in the diaper bag in case I find myself out and about with no food on hand. I would rather snack on this than grab some fast food to satisfy my hunger until I can get home to healthy food! The only problem I have with these is that Mia has discovered how good they are, so now I have to hide my bars so that she doesn't eat them all, ha!
I highly recommend these bars to any nursing momma, or really anyone who is on the hunt for a healthy, satisfying snack! Oat Mama is offering you 10% off anything in the shop... it's the perfect excuse to try these out ;) Just use the code "brinkmama10" at check out!


P!nky said...

Never eaten a LB, but I hear they are super helpful for mamas. Glad you found some you like!

Jenn said...

Good to know there are good things like this out there if needed!

Pamela {Sequins and Sea Breezes} said...

Glad to hear these are yummy! I'm always hesitant about granola bars but good to know if I ever need them! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

oh yum, both the oats and the baby chunk =) I'll send my friend this link since she is pregnant again.

Lynn | Motherhood in Motion said...

Oh I nibble on baby toes on the regular.

allison_cooley3@hotmail.comson said...

Those thighs though! I wish i knew about all these fun nursing things when I was nursing A few years ago.

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