Saturday, November 28, 2015

happy 2 months to my little love

I can't believe my sweet James is already 2 months old! These have been the fastest 2 months ever, but in some ways they have also been the longest. Life with two kids is just the sweetest, but it obviously comes with it's challenges! James is a dream baby and he really only truly cries when he's hungry (I believe the word that best describes it is hangry ;) he inherited that from both mom and dad, ha ha!) or super tired. He is the smiliest baby the rest of the time and is constantly melting our hearts! I am feeling the effects more than ever of being short on sleep and stretched thin (emphasize on thin) between sharing my attention with 2 kids, cooking the meals, cleaning the house and keeping us all alive and sane while Eric is working the craziest work schedule. This is when it's hardest to live so far from our family and my dearest friends who I could ask for help on the days that I just can't keep it together. I thought we would be out of survival mode by now, but it actually feels like we've only just entered this phase. I wouldn't trade the craziness for anything in the world! I love my family!

- James found his voice when he turned 1 month old on September 28th. His coos are the sweetest sound! We love when he has a lot to say ;)
- Eric got the first giggle out of James (he did with Mia as well!) at 6 weeks on November 13th.
- And I got his first blow out, ha ha! We've only had a couple little blow outs, not bad! I know it will get worse as he grows though :) (Side note- did you know that the sun bleaches breast milk poop stains? If it doesn't come out in the wash, just lay in the sun to dry and it's gone!)
- Nicknames: buddy, chunky monkey, baby brother, handsome. We like to keep things real original around these parts ;) ha ha!
- James has been in the bumbo twice now! He's real proud of himself and flashes the biggest smiles when we sit him in it, but he doesn't last more than a minute or two. That head is just so heavy to hold up, ha ha!  
- He is obsessed with ceiling fans!
- Last month he wasn't a fan of baths or diaper changes... now he loves them! He will cry until you start to undo his diaper, then he is all smiles because he knows he's getting a clean one! 
- He loves, loves, loves the Christmas tree lights! He could stare and talk to them all day!   
- This boy is all eyes for his family! Anytime Mia is around he follows her with his eyes and smiles the whole time! When I'm holding James and he hears Eric's voice he instantly searches the room until he finds him. And when Eric holds James and I'm in the room he follows me around with his eyes and smiles when I acknowledge him. He makes us all feel SO loved!!
- We find out his stats next week. He was born at 6 lbs 14 oz and weighed almost 10.5 pounds at his 1 month check up! CRAZY! I'm curious to see if his weight has shot up again in the last month. His rolls have definitely doubled ;)
- James blew through his newborn clothes this last month! 0-3 month fits him perfectly (some are even getting too small) and I'm pulling out his 3 month sized clothing. AH! Stop growing so fast, baby boy! 
- He's wearing size 1 diapers. 
 Moccs c/o Freshly Picked
We love our happy boy SO MUCH!


Unknown said...

He is too cute! I can't believe how fast two months went!!

Ashley Brickner said...

Sweetest!!!!! Totally agree, some days are complete survival mode!! But it's ohhhhhh so worth it! Xo

Anonymous said...

Little cutie!!! Yay for baby giggles!

Evelina said...

I love that he adores the Christmas lights! This Christmas will truly be like no other for your family :)

According to Kiki said...

Um wow, two months? Already?! No. You just had him! haha. Time does fly. He's beautiful and I can't believe he's already sitting in a bumbo! What a strong little boy. (:

Tammy Jo said...

Omg the tie!! To darn cute!!!

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