Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I can't believe I'm saying this... but this is Mia's last monthly update in her second year of life! She's turning three NEXT MONTH! I know I say it all the time, but time seriously FLIES! Mia is sassier than ever, but she's also the sweetest girl, the BEST big sister and such a tease! Our lives are better because she's in it! We love her SO much!

Momma Mia!
- Mia's imagination has really picked up! She is so into make believe and role play with her toys, especially dolls, and it's so fun to listen to her! Right now her favorite is "princess 'fia" (Sofia) doll and a make believe "Stistoph" (Kristoff), ha ha!
- She is quite the artist and loves to draw and color, but painting is her favorite! 
- Every night before bed she loves to watch a little clip on an animal or insect (she picks a new one each night). She loves learning about animals! 
- Mia has become obsessed with dancing and I love it! Every day she has to "dance for baby brudder!" I can't wait to get her in a dance class!
- We've hit the nudist stage with Mia... she is not a fan of leaving clothes on when we are at home. It started with running around pantless, but lately she just strips from head to toe! 
- She's developed a pickiness with her socks (that drives me crazy!) where the seam over the toes has to be just right or else she screams "ouch" and rips them off if I don't get it just right. Eric finally figured out to just turn the socks wrong side out so that she can't feel the seam, but she likes a lot of her socks because of their design! The things that girl is OCD about, it's the weirdest thing!  
- Mia is SO excited for "Missmas"! We already set up our Christmas tree (no ornaments yet, but we can't resist the lights. Plus the season is just too short, and with our warm weather in Arizona, we needed to get started even earlier with the decor to get the feel of Christmas in the air ;)) and she adores it! She knows that her birthday and Christmas are both in December, it's such a special month for us! 
- She mainly wears 2T and 3T clothing. She can wear size 6 sandals but we bumped her up to size 8 closed toe shoes.
- We had her in size 6 diapers all the time, but that drove me nuts so we are back to size 5 during the day and 6 at night. We start potty training in just a few days though so wish us luck!!


P!nky said...

THREE, what, THREE!?!?!?!? I can't believe it! Well, actually I can after reading your post and looking at the picture. She is such a big girl and soooooo cute!

Jenn said...

I can't believe she's going to be three already. Time really does fly. I love that she's wearing her little baby carrier in that photo!!!

Lynn | Motherhood in Motion said...

So cute and love her zest for life. Love her baby wrap.

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

Aria is so excited that her birthday is coming up and then Christmas. Best time of the year! 3 though, wow. Where did that come from?

Elizabeth [Chasin' Mason] said...

My gosh!!! December is an exciting month for Miss Mia! And starting off the excitement with a trip to Disneyland this week... she's going to be having the best holiday season ever!

She's a big star said...

3... that blows my mind! I started reading just a week or 2 before you had Mia so 3 years sounds crazy to me!!

Mandie said...

My little niece who is two calls Sofia "Fia" as well. So cute. Mia really is a great big sister to lil James. Such a sweet lil lady. :)

According to Kiki said...

Good luck on the potty training! Don't be too hard on yourself if it's not clicking with her. My mom said I was a pain to potty train and that sticker charts helped me finally learn! (;

Anonymous said...

ohhh my word. THREE!! and her hair I JUST LOVE IT.

Shaunacey Bonneville said...

OMG that little carrier!! hahah so cute
I can't believe she's almost 3!!! such a sweetheart

Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

Our Pretty Little Girls said...

She is so sweet! I didn't realize she was a Christmas baby :).

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