Thursday, May 15, 2014

who came up with this word?

W e a n (ing)... seriously. Who came up with that word? Or am I the only person that thinks it's a really weird word? Anyway... I don't have anything really profound to say about adding cow's milk to Mia's diet but here goes!
I added cow's milk to Mia's diet a couple days after she turned 1. Before her birthday I kind of stressed over which milk to put her on. Almond milk? Coconut milk? Cow's milk? I finally came to the conclusion that since Eric and I drink cow's milk (and there's no way Eric would switch to another kind) that it was a no brainer to just give Mia cow's milk. So we went with organic whole milk plus DHA Omega 3.
The first time I gave Mia her sippy of milk she sucked up a huge gulp, gave me a weird look, swallowed and pushed her sippy away, ha ha! Since I was still nursing (and super nervous for the weaning process from that) I decided that Mia would only get milk in her sippy's, not a bottle. She didn't use bottles and I didn't want to wean her from one thing, just to get her hooked on another that I would eventually have to wean her from. But the question was... when do I give her milk? I tried giving her the milk at the times we normally would have nursed, which didn't work. Mia wouldn't touch it. My mom suggested just giving her milk at meal times. Sometimes she would have a sip or two, other times she wouldn't touch it. I took Mia in for her 12 month check up and asked my doctor if she had to drink a certain amount of milk per day, or if she was okay. He told me just to give her milk with each meal and if she drinks it? Great! If not? That's okay as well.
I decided that I had stressed enough in the past over nursing so there was no way I was going to allow myself to stress over the fact that Mia didn't like milk. I tried warming it up for her once and when she didn't touch that? I never tried it again. I figured she would eventually get used to milk and the less maintenance for me? The better. So cold milk it was! I gave it to her with each meal and after a little over a month, Mia started sucking it down. It helped that we were babysitting 5 boys at the time and they were laughing about something the same moment Mia took a drink of milk. She started laughing with them and kept sucking it down. It became a sort of game for Mia that night and she has loved milk ever since :)

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Pamela said...

Aw yayy!

Jamie @ The Jamie's + 1 said...

Love you story!! My mom always told me to try warming up my sons milk to and I decided I was not starting that trend!! Cold milk or not at all!! hahah!!!

Kimberly said...

I had to give Axel a bottle when I was weaning him because that boy would not take a sippy cup! Finally I realized that he would drink from a sippy with a straw because he didn't have to tip it up. I weaned him using a bottle and I was sad to do that, but once he got a hang of his straw sippy cups he gave up bottles on his own. Thank goodness. Getting him to take cow's milk wasn't hard, but when I thought he had a dairy intolerance I tried to get him on almond milk or coconut milk and it took some convincing! But now that I know he doesn't have allergies he's back on cow's milk.

Sara McCarty said...

We also did cold milk, in a sippy (never a bottle) at mealtimes and it worked really well for us too. Great story! Loving this series!

Sara {Rhapsody and Chaos} said...

That's good to know about persistence! We've just introduced K to whole milk and she takes one sip, makes the FUNNIEST grossed out face, and pushes the sippy cup away. I'll just keep trying though and hopefully she'll end up loving it, too :)

Hannah said...

How cute that she thought it was a game! And how nice that she has been drinking it ever since. E made a funny face the first time he tried cow's milk and tossed his sippy onto the floor. ...and he still doesn't like it :)

Ashley Brickner said...

Weaning is totally a weird word, haha! Good job, Mia! XO

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

That is a cute story! I don't even remember giving Aria milk for the first time. I always made her oatmeal with whole milk though because the kind with water makes me want to gag. So I guess she was just use to it from the start.

KelseyB said...

We do cold milk in the sippy cups as well. It just works out better that way. My last two never took a bottle either, and it was so much easier to wean them!!

Sarah said...

funny you mention warming up milk, my son is almost 3.5 and STILL likes to drink his milk warm! Actually more on the hot side than warm side! Luckily when we're at restaurants and stuff, he'll drink it cold, and now that it's getting hotter he's drinking it cold, but that just started in the last couple of months. Ever since he's was 1 warm milk it's been. Pain in my BUTT! But this is also coming from a kid who drinks a cup of warm prune juice every day. Yep you read that correctly, warm prune juice...yucky! but we have to do it, else he gets backed up if you know what I mean. :)

P!nky said...

I think weaning sounds like weinie....hahaha, so yeah it's weird.

Mandie said...

I think that's great that you didn't go from boob to bottle to cup. Like you said, that's just one unnecessary step & a headache for you when it's time to be rid of the bottle. Good job, girlie! :)

Katie said...

so did you just gradually cut out a nursing time? how long did that take?

Karen G said...

My doc pretty much said the same thing. If he drinks it he drinks it if he doesn't he doesn't. I just offer milk at meals and water all day and try not to stress. Gosh these babies. If it's not one thing it's another.


The Olive Tree Blog said...

great post! i missed this weeks link due to a little thing called will get em next week! Glad she is taking to the milk and I am glad you went organic!

Heather Leigh_A beautiful ministry said...

Love this. Maybe I should start laughing at Evie when it's veggie eating time?? :)

Elizabeth [Chasin' Mason] said...

Seriously, that picture of Mia?! I die of cuteness! You take the best pictures of her! And she takes the best pictures!

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