Thursday, October 23, 2014

one year and beyond

So here's the deal. I've posted on this subject "Keeping In Shape...." multiple times so I'll link you to those posts here, here, here and here if you'd like to read them! I posted here that I am stronger and more in shape than I've ever been, and I'm a mom now! Getting in shape is not easy! In fact, most of the time it just plain sucks, ha ha! Eric never had the 9-5 work schedule so I found myself at the gym at 4am before, and I've taken Mia on hundreds of runs in the stroller, and now that I'm brave enough to take Mia to the germ-infested gym daycare, we have a good routine! But I'll tell you what, as bad as it sucked getting back in shape, I never once regretted it! I have high energy, I can keep up with my toddler and I feel good about myself! Something that every woman deserves! It took me months of trial and error to figure out the "diet" (I didn't really diet, just cut out foods and ate less of some, and more of others) and the workout routine that worked for us. Now I just get to maintain my eating and workout habits and it doesn't really feel like work anymore! But chasing after Mia as she's running away from me to get to the park before I can take into our house? That feels like work!
Now on another note, that has absolutely nothing to do with this post, those pictures of Mia killll me dead! We've been dying to get pictures of her in Eric's boots and hat (she loves to wear this stuff) and these did not disappoint :)
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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

our situation (a not so fun update)

Eric received the worst news while we were driving down to Las Vegas last weekend. The company that Eric had sacrificed so much for, poured his blood, sweat and tears into (okay, maybe the tears were from me) and just plain worked his butt off for... closed their doors and basically laid everyone off. We did NOT see that one coming and the fact that they blind sighted us felt like the biggest sucker punch we've experienced in a long time. The way they handled it was SO wrong. Eric was the head electrician and should have been one of the first to know about this. Instead he received a phone call from an employee asking "what the heck is going on?!" It took Eric a couple hours to track down a boss to give him the info. It was just a disaster and the worst beginning to our vacation. But more than ruining our vacation, it felt like our world was spinning in chaos. I basically wanted to barf or cry every second that we were in Vegas, while Eric was trying to get a handle of the situation and let his electricians know the horrible news. We felt like we were drowning in Vegas, we just wanted to get home to face the facts and start making a game plan (not to mention how pissed I was that they didn't give us a heads up so that we could have cancelled our reservations, stayed home and kept that money in the bank, ugh!)
Now that we are home I still feel a little sick about our situation, but Eric is in really good spirits. He's determined to make the best of this and I love him for it! We still feel awful about not knowing this was coming. We are feeling the weight of his electricians that depended on Eric as their boss to have a job, and to be warned if something was going to be changing. We wish we could have given them the proper warning that we have appreciated having.
We also feel free (obviously). A few months ago we were ready to build a home! We were pre approved and Eric had talked to the builder but I just had a feeling that we weren't ready. We have been praying real hard to figure out what direction we needed to be going in life, because we've felt like we've been in limbo the whole time we've lived here, almost 3 years! It's no secret that I had a hard time adjusting and really resented Eric's job for taking him away from me so much (60+ hour work weeks were the norm) There is more behind the story, more than I could ever share with the world wide web, more than anyone needs to know... but let's just say that the company didn't have the best interest of their employees in mind. So maybe this is God's way of answering our prayers... We are so dang stubborn, maybe this is the only way we would accept an opportunity that we would have turned down before? ha ha! I don't know! I'm feeling completely lost at the moment but I am doing my very best to put it all in God's hands and trust that we will be okay in the end. But more importantly, I'm trying real hard to find peace in everything we've been through since we moved here and to let go of all my anger (I have a lot of it, unfortunately) because they don't deserve an ounce of my energy. We are grateful for the tremendous resume builder Eric received from being the electrical superintendent, but it is time to move on now (in the electrical field). Thank heavens I have my little family to help me through it, Mia has kept us grounded through this ordeal, she is such an angel! Not to mention the support of our family and friends... we love you all!
I know there are much harder trials and hardships that we could be experiencing, but this still feels so big right now. Prayers would be so appreciated!
Reminding myself everyday that they are reason my world goes 'round!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

happy 22 months to my love bug

Mia turned 22 months yesterday and I'm kind of dying inside... just 2 more months until our baby turns 2! Not sure why she has to grow so dang fast?? ha ha! I'm sorry this post is a day late, I've been so caught up in our stresses that I totally spaced posting this yesterday, ugh! I promise to be posting an update tomorrow on what's going on. But that's not important now... talking about our Mia girl is! She has been so much fun lately! She such a little jokester and is always laughing! She makes life so much more fun and totally brightens our world! We are so in love with our girl!
- Mia's vocabulary is soaring and it's so fun to hear her mimic us and learn new words! She probably learns a word a day, but here are some that I remembered to write down. "papa", "see ya!", "pwwwease?" (please), "grma" (grandma), "dan!" (dance), "kitty", "go away" (courtesy of little friends... I think we squashed that before it could really become a habit, but I'm sure we will be hearing more of that in our future!), "hurrr" (hurt), "bupple" (apple), "guy/guys", "Sam" (my parents dog), "so-wys" (sorry), "amen", "potty", "flies" (we leave the door open when she plays out back, so we've had a lot of obnoxious flies in the house), "owie", "mine", "owight!" (alright), "r-rr" (water).
- She now shows us head, shoulders, knees, toes (like the song), feet, hands, chin, hair, head, tongue, teeth, eyes, ears, mouth, nose, lips... and tries to repeat the words as we ask her to point to them!
- One night (October 1st) Eric was working late so we face timed him before I put Mia to bed. As we were hanging up Eric said, "I love you!" Mia replied in gibberish ending in, "too!" We are positive that she said, "I love you, too!" in the best way she knew how. Hearts MELTED!
- She has started calling Eric "daddy" and it's so adorable! I'm still "momma" for the most part but every once in awhile she says "mom" or "mommy", but it's rare!
- Mia isn't really interested in potty training, but we sit her on the toilet each night before bath (where she lasts 2 seconds before grabbing toilet paper and flushing) but has yet to actually "use" the potty. But she's created a super fun game where she will flip the lid of the tiny toilet in her Tiny People house, try and sit on the toilet (or as close to it as possible), stand up and put the lid down (it makes the flushing noise) and pull her shirt down or her pants up, ha ha! She will do that on repeat for 5 minutes straight!
- On October 6th Mia took a swig rubbing alcohol. Not the funnest parenting moment. I called Poison Control asap and they told me to feed her to keep her blood sugar levels up, and that she might get drunk. Awesome. When they called back at the hour mark of consumption, she was still acting totally normal so they told me she should be fine! Phew!     
- Mia is kind of obsessive about being clean! When we were painting pumpkins I stripped her down so that we wouldn't get paint on them. Anytime she noticed a drop of paint on her skin she would instantly get super worried, point and say, "uh oh! Oh no! Oh no, no, no!" until I wiped it off. Only then would she continue painting. Since then I've really noticed she runs to me for every little mark she finds on her skin, ha ha!
- We pulled out last year's winter clothes and most of them still fit... yes!! So she will be wearing last years clothes as she still fits in 6-9 month, 12 month and 18 month clothes. She is wearing size 4 and 5 shoes.
- She is still in size 4 diapers.
P.S. I'm selling some of Mia's old clothes and shoes (a lot of them are brand new with tags still attached) as well as a couple items from my closet on agirlycloset's Instagram account! Check it out here if you're interested!  
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Monday, October 20, 2014

Vegas was callin' our names

In all the times I've been to Vegas (I've been a lot) I've never had my photo taken in front of this sign! We actually stopped by on our way out of town, but it felt right to post this as the first photo, ha ha!
Check out that chandelier... I want one in my house someday, HA!//Mia's first time night swimming. 
Kissing babies//After the kiss :) These babes are the sweetest!
Mia's first time actually playing in sand, and it's FAKE sand!//My phone camera is dying and my pictures are fuzzy :(
Mia loved riding in the tube in the lazy river!//Snuggle time is so rare these days!
She is her father's daughter!//Oh Mia, just trying to ride a stuffed Sven! HA!

What happens in Vegas... doesn't stay in Vegas when you're a blogger ;) When my soul sista (ha ha, butseriously) Courtney, told me they were planning a trip to Vegas, I was so happy that our schedules aligned and we were able to go down as well! We live so far apart that we basically plan our travels together so that we can see each other, and we bailed on going to Mexico with them earlier this month, so I was missing her bad! Turns out that Eric's feeling (the reason we bailed) was a warning sign, more details to come in another post. Our weekend didn't turn out to be the relaxing, care free weekend we had hoped for as a huge bomb was dropped on us during our drive down, but we tried real hard to make the best of it and soak up our family time! 
Our first night we met up at the Cosmopolitan (hello, amazing chandelier! My dream come true, ha ha!) and ate dinner at Holstein's which was delish! I made the mistake of ordering the maple bacon shake, that's a hard one to slurp up, but it was a fun experience to try something totally different :) Eric told me he let me order it (knowing that I wouldn't love it) so that I would have something to blog about... For someone that isn't a fan of blogging, that sure was a sweet gesture, HA! Then we went to our hotel (Tahiti Village- LOVE staying there!) and took Mia night swimming for the first time! Holy cow, that was the funnest experience and totally helped us forget about our stresses! I always loved night swimming as a kid, and it was even better with my own kid!
Saturday morning was spent at the pool! There is a fake beach that Mia wasn't too sure of, but she ended up having fun with the sand! She is such a fish and loves being in the water, I love it! Her favorite part was riding in the tubes down the lazy river! After swimming and lunch, we indulged in a family nap then went shopping! Shopping with Mia is no joke. She loves to thumb through the clothes like we do, it's also super fun to play hide and seek in the clothes... hence the leash! And poor stuffed Sven, Mia tried her best to ride him! "Go! Go, Spen, GO!" Then we stuffed ourselves silly at Cheesecake Factory! I was so sad to say goodbye to Courtney and Ryder after that... someday we will be next door neighbors (and actually take pictures together, #fail)!
We were able to meet up with our closest friends that actually just moved away from us to Vegas on Sunday, and it was soooo good seeing them! She just had twins (she also has a daughter a week younger than Mia, they are BFF's, obviously!) and Mia was all about the "babies!!" She just wanted to hold them, pat their backs and steal their binky's... oops! Our happiest moments over the weekend were spent with our amazing friends (we feel so blessed to have met the best people during our years of marriage, moves and blogging!) and soaking up our time as a family of three. Mia was such an angel the whole trip! She never put up a fight with sleeping, and she handled herself like a pro when she did miss a nap or went to bed way late. She is our little slice of heaven! I'm ready for a totally stress free weekend back in Vegas, asap! ;)
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Friday, October 17, 2014

a mommy app

I was given the opportunity to review A Mommy App and I have to admit, I'm really loving it so far! I'm showing a few of my favorite features of the app and of course I couldn't help designing Mia's page as girly as possible :)
Where was this app when Mia was born?! I was so out if it her first couple months of life and I did my best to remember her "firsts", but I know I missed writing a lot down and I don't remember now! These prompts are just what I needed and I can't wait to use them with my next baby. I can easily find this tab on Mia's page, along with two other tabs where I can write down Mia's "likes" and "dislikes". I love that I can find all of my notes in one place to make it easier to write up my monthly updates on her!
These simple games are genius! Mia is obsessed with the bubbles, it literally saved our sanity when we got stuck in the longest, slowest check out line at the store the other day!
Here is a photo of the home page. As you can see, there are so many fun options! I can't wait to use the pregnant part... you know... in the future ;) But a couple of my other favorites worth highlighting are the "stress relief" which offers the most relaxing white noise! I can tell you right now that I'll have the "flames" playing all winter long! Love the sounds of a crackling fire! I'm also loving the featured blogs, shops and instagrams! I love connecting with other momma's (and finding more shops to spoil Mia with goods) so this is a fun feature that makes it easy to discover more women!

I'm really excited about A Mommy App and have no doubt that I'll be using it throughout the years with pregnancies and keep track of special "firsts" with my kids!
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