Friday, November 21, 2014

BFF's {Poppy Lane and Co}

A dear friend once showed me her matching "best friend" bracelets with her baby girl, and you better believe that I've been on the hunt ever since to find the perfect pair for Mia and me! I can't even tell you how happy I am to share that my friend started Poppy Lane and Co and she offers beautiful bracelets and the perfect mommy + me pairs! I can't wait to add more colors to our collection!
Even though I love it, I'm not one to wear much jewelery... except for my wedding ring and bands. I love wearing those every day! Ever since receiving our matching bracelets though, Mia and I have been wearing them every single day! I'm happy to say that I will be wearing my bracelet each day, along with my ring (and maybe, just maybe, I'll start branching out with some arm candy and other jewelery!)
headband c/o Emma's Kloset bracelets c/o Poppy Lane and Co

Thursday, November 20, 2014

happy 23 months to my love bug

How is it possible that my baby will be 2 in just one, short month?! I feel like she should be 3 months old, not 23! But goodness, I would never wish away one second I've had with her. Mia is the best part of Eric and I... we love her SO much!
- I don't even know how to keep track of Mia's vocabulary these days because it develops SO much! I feel like she learns multiple words, as well as sentences, every single day! But I've written down words when I remember to and she now says: "honey", "bunny", "gween" (green), "cow", "in-i boi" (inside voice), "Mourney" (Courtney), "gucker" (sucker), "horse", "ba-oo" (balloon), "house", "cuh-dee" (color), "tor-tee" (turtle),  "tiss" (kiss), "door" (but when she says door, she's really asking me to open something for her, weird!) "pu-pwe" (purple), "aggs" (eggs), "mouse", "boots", "much", "see ya soon", "what".
- She still has  her own alien/gibberish language that I love so much! I need to sneak a recording of it before it's gone, because I know I'll miss it one day!
- We are officially binky free! I have a separate blog post coming next week telling you all about it! But the first time she ever went to sleep without her bink was on Halloween night!
- Halloween was also a big day because... that's the first time Mia ever pooped in the shower. Lovely! She actually cried out as soon as it happened, like she knew that was a no-no. Instead of scolding her, because she clearly didn't mean for that to happen, I explained to her that that was poop, tell momma "I poop" or "potty!" Since then she has told us more than once "I poop" then a couple minutes later she has a poopy diaper! Yay! Hopefully that will help when it comes time to potty train!
- Oh, Halloween was also Mia's first time trick or treating :) She was so small last year that we didn't take her out. Goodness, a lot of firsts that day, ha ha!
- Mia can now point to her cheeks and her chin... we've almost got her whole body figured out!
- Eric is officially "daddy" and I'm still "momma", but lately she's been calling me just "mom", ha! It's kind of cute and kind of sad at the same time. Makes her sound older!  
- We pulled out the Christmas tree a few days ago and Mia squealed all sorts of girly squeals when we plugged in the lights, it was so cute! I'm waiting until Thanksgiving to pull out the ornaments and finish decorating the house for Christmas, but I know she's gonna LOVE it!
- Mia is still very much in the independent play phase when it comes to playing with kids her age. She loves the babies and absolutely adores playing with older kids! But kids her size, age? Everything is "mine!" and they hit a lot. Yikes! We are doing our best to teach Mia to share and "we don't hit our friends!". I won't mind when this phase passes (if it ever passes, HA!)
- She wears clothing sizes anywhere from 12-24 months! Size 4 and 5 shoes, although I did get her a pair of winter boots at size 6 and she does pretty well wearing them!
- I remember thinking Mia would be in size 3 diapers until she was potty trained. Obviously we moved her up to size 4 but we are officially in size 5 diapers now! (Size 4 is kind of pointless, I would have just sized her straight up to 5 if I had realized!)

Mia is so smart and SO much fun! We can't imagine now having her in our lives! Here's hoping the next month doesn't fly by too quickly!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

it's just my thang

Gotta love how off centered this photo is, HA!
So I have this thing where every time we go on vacation (outside of Utah, or in a major National Park) I pick up a magnet for our fridge. I think I got the idea from my parents, but now I love looking at our fridge and reminiscing on where Eric and I (and now Mia) have been together! There are special memories to each magnet and I treasure them so dearly! 
The Homestead magnet is the first Eric and I ever bought together, it's from our honeymoon! We have a Disneyland magnet from when we went after being married 5 months. Those three Mickey Mouse magnets? Those are from Mia's first visit to Disneyland- we couldn't resist picking up magnets to trigger those fun memories! The Fenway Park and Boston magnets are from our trip this past summer, Eric's dream vacation! Now it's our dream city and we can't wait to go back! If we could figure out how to make it big, I'd buy a second home there someday! The monkey magnet is the first magnet that Mia ever picked, from our trip to the Phoenix zoo a few months ago. She also picked the Elk magnet from our girls trip to Washington last month! It is SO fun to include Mia
It's not a huge collection, but I hope to someday run out of room on the fridge :) Do you pick up certain trinkets from your travels?!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

a wishlist... or two

I gotta be honest, I kinda suck at gift giving. Occassionally I come up with a really great idea, but for the most part I'm not very creative and have a hard time thinking of good gifts. Plus my brain has been fried (hello pregnancy turned mom brain!) so I never remember stuff. This is why wish lists are my best friend! I always appreciate ideas from everyone else, so here's Mia's birthday and Christmas wishlist for those that need one... because, you know, she totally told me exactly what she wants ;)

1- These backpacks are so adorable (plus hello? a stuffed animal that detaches as a bonus!) and would be so perfect for traveling! We are on the go all the time so Mia would love pulling this around!

2- Mia is becoming super obsessed with "babies" so I thought a doll stroller would be the perfect addition to playing with her babes. I was just informed this has already been taken care of, oops!

3- Santa is giving Mia a kitchen but doesn't really want to get the extra stuff, HA! Probably because Mrs. Clause doesn't want to deal with the added mess around the house. But if no one gets these for Mia, I have no doubt that Santa will make sure Mia's taken care of ;)

4- I can't believe we haven't bought this for Mia yet because she is obsessed! Anytime we are at someone's house who has this car, she claims it for herself and I literally have to pry her away when it's time to leave!

5- Mia looooves puzzles, but we only have two! We are over due for changing it up. Plus these are another fun way for her to learn names of objects, etc and practice her motor skills (that she is a pro at, by the way!)

6-  Mia is turning into quite the artist! She looooves to color, draw, paint, etc. Good thing because we will be stuck indoors most of the winter so I need little projects (like painting) to keep her busy!

Mia is super easy to please but she is also obsessed with books, baby dolls, blankets, clothes, dance clothes, etc. Thank heavens she's not hard to shop for... her daddy is another story ;)

Monday, November 17, 2014

wedding shenanigans

Headband c/o Emma's Kloset Bracelet c/o Poppy Lane and Co

Over the weekend we went back to Eric's hometown and celebrated gaining a new brother in law and niece! I've been in the mood for a family wedding lately and since my younger brother has yet to find "the girl", I was ecstatic when my (Eric's) sis announced her engagement! The actual wedding was very intimate, family only, and the open house was very busy with extended family and close friends. It was so much fun and Mia was crazy happy about the all-you-can-eat cake (or so she thought, she helped herself to her own plate on more than one occasion, ha!) and cousins galore! Even though it was a crazy busy weekend, and we were a little sleep deprived (Mia ended up in bed with us the first night, no one sleeps when we all have to share the bed! I must admit that Mia's 5am wake up call was NOT wanted, it was hilarious to suddenly wake up to, "Mourney? Mourrrrrney?" (Courtney) Oh dear!) we had so much fun soaking up family time! We can't wait to go back for Thanksgiving!