Friday, September 4, 2015


We finally introduced her to nightgowns... How will I ever get her to wear anything else? Like ever?! (And why didn't these pretty things exist when I was a little girl?! Obsessed!!) Mia twirled in her new nightgown, said "pretty girl!" then threw herself in my arms for the biggest "thank you" hug ever... Melt my heart!!

We live for family fun days!

Big sister is already trying to swipe baby brother's stuff (including dad's hat because, "I need ma hat, mom!" Eric has just as much influence on her as I do) Eric is so excited about this jersey & he couldn't resist trying it on Mia... In return she said, "baby brudder won't like it. It fits ME!" Sorry sis- belly shirts aren't allowed, ha ha!

Things I'm loving about this photo, despite all its imperfections: The bump (but kind of over it at the same time, if you know what I mean). My hubs (who is cheesin' it hardcore for the photographer). The photographer (who happens to be 2 1/2. It's been a fun week letting Mia take some pictures on my phone). We're feeling all the feels over meeting baby boy soon: excited, nervous, anxious... EXCITED!

 Mia LOVES my doctor appointments! She tells me it's because we get to hear baby brother's heartbeat... but I suspect it's actually because the nurses love her & she has them wrapped around her fingers, ha! She walked in the room, climbed onto the table and said, "it's Mia's turn!" before I set my purse down, ha ha! But she did have a huge smile on her face when we listened to baby's heartbeat!

Little moments I don't want to forget:: the way she says "I ho'd you?!" when she wants to be held.
 How obsessed she is with swords (this actually stresses me out because she plays HARD! Trying hard to find the balance between teaching her to avoid hurting others and just letting her play #helicoptermomalert) She is the perfect mix of girly girl and tomboy!  
Listening to her exclaim "my back hurts!" or "my belly's growin'!" She must hangout with her pregnant momma all the time, ha! It's been the sweetest thing to see how in tune she is with this pregnancy... and how hard she tries to convince us that baby brother is actually in HER belly!

Family date night at the ball game!

So, crazy thought.... there is a real possibility that September could be baby month. AH!! We be soaking up these last weeks as a family of three (and spoiling Mia rotten in the process) so follow along @courtbrink to see all the fun! And I'll be honest and tell you right now, Instagram will be the first to know when baby brother arrives so if nothing else, be sure to follow along when we finally introduce him to the world for the first time!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

big girl bed {the transition}

We did it! We finally transitioned Mia to a big girl bed a little less than two weeks ago! If it weren't for baby brother's arrival in the coming weeks, she would probably still be in her crib, ha ha! You see, at 2 1/2 Mia has only ever climbed out of her crib once (this was months ago and she either scared herself doing it, or got hurt and hasn't tried since!) and just really loved her crib. I was a nervous wreck to switch her to a bed where Mia could enjoy all the freedoms of not being caged in, ha ha! Why fix something that isn't broken, right?

I seriously freaked myself out the weeks leading up to the transition. So much so that I couldn't make up my mind when it came to picking a bed (Eric steered me in the direction of getting a bed with drawers, a feature that we are all loving!) and I avoided taking Mia shopping to pick out her bedding. I think a tiny part of me was struggling to let go of the fact that my baby girl truly isn't a baby anymore, but I was mostly just really nervous that we wouldn't be getting any sleep for a couple of weeks with her new found freedom. Why I underestimated Mia, I'll never know!!

Mia was thrilled (an understatement) to pick out bedding for her big girl bed (and I was thrilled with her choice!) and her reaction was priceless once Eric put together her bed! She wasn't expecting the surprise when we walked in her room so she stopped dead in her tracks, took in the view of her bed then whispered, "Wow!! Dat's amaaaaazing!" My heart almost burst!! I didn't even know that she knew how to say "amazing" or what it meant, ha ha! And I love that she was so in awe of her bed that she whispered!! Oh man, her excitement had me kicking myself for waiting so long to transition!

When we tucked her into bed her first night, I explained that she had to stay in her bed and sleep (or else she would have to sleep in her crib... I couldn't help myself from threatening her a little, ha ha) all night long. She rolled right over and didn't move until she was asleep! And that's seriously how it's been ever since! Sometimes during nap time I'll see her on the monitor picking books and bringing them in bed to read until she falls asleep :) I can't believe how easy the transition was! Mia loves her bed so much, and I love how much she loves it! Hopefully potty training will go just as smoothly when the time comes (and yes, I realize at this point that I'm the one holding her back. Nothing I can do about it until after the baby comes at this point, ha ha! Sorry Mia! Momma can only handle so much change at one time!)

We decided to have the kids share a room to keep the guest room available (hint, hint! We love visitors!) so this isn't my dream bed for my dream girl, but it's pretty perfect for the time being! Our big girl is absolutely LOVING it! And when she does get her own room again? I will definitely let myself enjoy the bedroom makeover next time around ;)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

maternity photos {PT 2}

My Earrings c/o Happiness Boutique

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

take me out to the ball game

Another weekend for the books!! At the beginning of August Eric told me about daddy/daughter date night at the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game, but he wanted to take both of his girls! How could we refuse?! We've been meaning to go see a game this season so this was the perfect opportunity to have some family fun! We ate our weight in junk food (and probably paid that much money for it, too, HA!) and while we totally regretted it not even half way through the game, it's just one of those things we had to indulge in since we never do this, ha ha! I'm still suffering with heart burn from that night ;) I'm sure Eric would have enjoyed being able to focus more on the game but in the end, the memories we made while eating, chasing Mia around and more eating were totally worth it! Mia crashed on the drive home so we quickly changed her into her pajamas when we got home. She woke up for a minute and fell right back to sleep with the biggest smile on her face and giggling. It doesn't get any better than that!! She's been talking about the baseball game ever since Saturday night :)

These two... such hard balls when it comes to taking their picture!
We are a weird bunch... but Mia doesn't seem to mind! Yet... ;)

Sunday was another perfect day of rest, with some reality thrown in there as well ;) We brought Mia in our bed when she woke up and hung out together until 9am, heaven! Eric painted Mia's nails (he's actually really good!) and I'm tellin' ya, that was the sweetest thing to witness! Plus their conversation? So cute! He really is the BEST dad! We went to church, took naps, avoided cooking and had a family movie night. Of course there was a melt down or two from Mia (too much fun and sugar all weekend long finally caught up to her!) and pregnant swollen feet, but you know, it all still made for a really great, relaxing Sunday!
Monday was another good day of working out, going out for lunch and getting things done around the house. It's so crazy to look at our to do list for the next couple weekends... it's all about getting ready for baby because he will be here before we know it! But we are definitely enjoying our time as a family of 3 and soaking up these weekends together. This is what life is all about!

Monday, August 31, 2015

35 weeks {babybrink#2}

Real life with a blur of a nakey toddler running around ;)
Size of baby: honeydew melon. And boy does it feel like there's a melon in there, ha ha! It's getting hard to maneuver around him!

Movement: night time is still party time for our little man! I really hope that changes when he's born, ha ha! He also really loves to hang out in my right side. And I mean alllll the way over in my right side. I don't know how he reaches that far over, ha ha!

Cravings: peaches! Oh man, peaches are totally hitting the spot!

Miss anything: I'm a little embarrassed by how vain I always am with this part... I having skinny toes and shapely legs ;) The swelling actually hasn't been as bad this pregnancy, I definitely couldn't wear my wedding ring by this point with Mia, but it's definitely becoming more and more prominent as the days go by!

Random: my brother and sister in law had their precious baby girl over the weekend and I'm SO excited to be an aunt for the first time on the Crowley side! I was showing Mia pictures of her new baby cousin and I explained to her that she would soon be seeing pictures of mom and dad holding a new baby. I tried to explain that brother would come out of my belly as well and we would have a new baby to hold. She got SO excited to hold baby brother and it ended up being the sweetest conversation! I know we will have our adjustment trials, but I just can't wait to see Mia be a big sister to her new baby brother. I have no doubt that it's going to be the SWEETEST thing I've ever seen!

Best moment of the week: going to the doctor and hearing the beautiful sound of his heartbeat! It's my (and Mia's) favorite! They always find his heartbeat to the left of my belly button but this time they couldn't find it. It only took a few seconds longer to find it on the right side, but it was just long enough for me to pause and wonder when I last felt movement. I haven't stressed about his well being as he always sends me reassurances with his movement, etc, just when I need it. But those few extra seconds made me that much more grateful for a healthy pregnancy!