Friday, July 3, 2015

all American sweets

Happy 4th of July eve, my friends!! I've been MIA these past couple of days because our computer is having issues, again! Second time in a matter of weeks... sheesh! And to make matters worse (because who likes spending money on repairing a computer?) it will be out of commission for like a week and a half, UGH! Luckily we are visiting family for a few days and I can use their computers in the mean time!

Anyway, we are huge 4th of July lovers over here and I can't wait to celebrate with Mia! Each year gets better and better with her and I'm counting on this year being the most exciting for her yet :) It's also no secret that I love to stuff my face and a holiday is the best excuse to indulge! I've seen some simple, adorably festive ideas on Pinterest and wanted to share my favorites here. I definitely won't be making any due to the fact that I'm pregnant and visiting family... and just plain lazy ;) But if I were to make something... fruit is first on my list! So refreshing, so simple, so delish! This watermelon, these fruit kabobs and these strawberries, yum! This fruit parfait would be just as refreshing and so patriotic! Try and tell me there's nothing more satisfying than popsicles in the summer? These would be perfect for the 4th! And because I do like a good treat these oreo pops are SO easy and SO cute and I'm a total sucker for chocolate dipped pretzels!!

I hope you all have the happiest of celebrations tomorrow and stay safe! Eat lots of good food ;)

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

a million photos & zero apologies

My mom recently sent me a coupon code to order a free photo book and it got me thinking about alllllll the photos we have (especially since Mia was born). Then for some reason I thought about all the articles I've read that advise putting down the camera and living in the moment (you know what I'm talking about?), the "rules" about over sharing pictures (there's an unfollow button for a reason), etc, and you know what? I don't care that I take a million photos or that I might be at risk of being an "over sharer"! If anything were to happen to any of us, we would never be sorry for the photos that  bring back a million memories... a way to remember that moment in time and the love and happiness we experienced!

If anything were to happen to me, I would want Mia to look back on our pictures and see how obsessed mommy was with her! I want her to see how her manly daddy ;) was a big ol' puddle for his daughter. If anything were to happen to Eric, I would want Mia to frame the photo that shows a happy 2 year old Mia cuddled in her daddy's arms wearing the dress he picked out for her from Mexico. She looks so beautiful in it and it holds such special meaning to each of us! I want my kids to see that mommy and daddy went on trips together because it was important for us to make time for each other! To reconnect, relax, enjoy each others company and remember how/why we fell in love, and why that love is so worth fighting for! Date nights, though few and far between, are documented because it's one of the little (but big) things we can do to grow closer together instead of apart in this busy life. I want our baby boy to see how loved and wanted he was before even being born! There are good times and there are bad times in every marriage, and all families experience the high's and low's of life. For some reason, the bad times are hard to forget, so I want pictures of alllll the good times because that is truly what I want to remember! Yes, we learn valuable lessons from the hard times, but remembering all the good, the little stuff as well as the big stuff, makes the hard times easier to endure! I want to remember the sweet moments that are too easily forgotten as life carries on, like when Mia had a hard time falling asleep just a few nights ago. She finally called me into her room and asked me to rock and sing her some songs. Usually I sing her a couple of songs and she is ready to be tucked in again and puts herself to sleep. Not that night. My two and a half year old asked to sleep in my arms, and my sweet baby let me rock her to sleep! I don't remember the last time she fell asleep on me (just another reason I want to document) and as much as Mia needed me and the comfort I had to offer her, I needed that moment where my big girl needed to be my baby again.

So, Eric may hate pictures and put up the biggest fight about taking them... and I have family and friends who love to tease me about my picture obsession... but I don't care! I will always be that mom/wife who snaps a few hundred pictures for memories sake then puts the camera away and lives in the moment so that I can truly make the memories that will be attached to the photos!

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Monday, June 29, 2015

26 weeks {babybrink#2}

Size of baby: the size of a scallion (who comes up with this unappetizing food comparisons?!) or nearly as long as a zucchini.

Movements: he finally reached my ribs! One day he was exploring above my belly button and he kept knocking my ribs that whole day. I was hoping to hold out a little longer before he could reach that high, ha ha! Also, his movements are so big now that you can watch the movement move my belly around.

Cravings: I don't recall any specific cravings... maybe that's because I was bad and ate whatever I wanted. No time for cravings when I'm stuffing my face with Krispy Kreme donuts, oops :)

Miss anything: I can tell you that I'm getting to the point where I will miss eating pain free. I've been experiencing more heart burn as my belly grows! Thank goodness I don't totally despise tums! Those were my best friend by the time Mia was born, ha ha!

Random: I'm discovering the faintest signs of linea nigra. I had it with Mia and I must admit, it's not my favorite, ha!

Best moment of the week: so this hasn't only happened this past week, but it needs to be documented! As I've mentioned before, we've told Mia the name we think we will use once he's born (we will wait until we meet him to officially decide if it's the perfect fit) and sometimes we ask her what baby brother's name is to see if she remembers. It's quite common to get this for her answer- "um, baby Jesus?!" It cracks us up every time! She adores baby Jesus so obviously we should name her brother after Christ :)

Friday, June 26, 2015


I haven't been the best at documenting our adventures here in Arizona on the blog... and now I have to admit, the only place we dare venture out to is the pool when we aren't hiding in our house (if I could fit, I would curl up in my freezer all day!) from the extreme heat wave we've been experiencing the past few weeks! In fact, we only swim in the morning because I can't stand to be out in 113-115 degrees even if we are in the water, ha ha! So I'm sure everyone will (if they haven't already) grow tired of all our pool pictures... but here's a fun day we got to enjoy with friends! Mia was definitely loving life- donuts, swimming and goggles- what more could a 2 year old ask for?!

Sunglasses c/o Arden Deals

Happy Friday, my friends! We are welcoming this weekend with open arms as we get 5 whole days with Eric! He worked 22 days straight this month (if you're trying to do the math since we got to spend Father's Day with him- 6 of those days were a crazy night shift schedule because of a specific project he had to work on). I didn't advertise this info since he was gone 14 hours a day, but we have never been more relieved for him to have time off and soak up so much family time! Thankfully they have finished the projects and his work schedule will go back to normal (for the most part) and I'm looking forward to regular 3 day weekends with him! So we are definitely shouting Fri-YAY at the top of our lungs!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

just some randoms {30}

She's really taken to dressing herself these past few weeks... she did come ask me for help with her shoes because for some reason, she couldn't get them over her tights :) ha HA!

Mia had a rough time falling asleep for her nap a few days in a row this week. One day I noticed in the monitor that Mia grabbed her baby and snuggled her close, rocked her, patted her back, etc. After awhile of "soothing" her baby, Mia fell asleep herself :) It was so sweet to see her little momma instincts come out! And thank heavens it put her to sleep ;)

It all started when I was cooking dinner. "Look at my hinger, momma!" I turned and saw that Mia got into the aquaphor and was rubbing it around her mouth (she gets dry spots around her mouth with all the swimming/sunscreen we do) I helped her rub it in but told her that she's not to get into it again without help from mommy or daddy- it's not a toy! She happily replied with an "OKAY!" while she ran back to her bedroom. Awhile later she came out and said, "look momma! Take it off ma hand!" I guess she thought the tub of cetaphil was fair game since I only specifically mentioned the aquaphor this time (although she's been told the cetaphil is off limits as well) Mia was so, so proud of this mess, ha ha! I felt like I should be mad about the mess (the carpet was fun to clean as well) but I could barely give her a stern "no!" as I was cleaning her up because she was so proud of her lotioning skills, ha ha! Also, let it be known that Mia picked this outfit (she's obsessed with the shorts because of the pockets, and obviously thought this shirt would be the perfect match!) and it just wasn't worth the fight to get her to change her mind before we left to run errands :)

Sweet, sleeping angel who is forever obsessed with Mickey and Minnie mouse :)

"I'm Ariel, mom. Watch!" As she jumped up and down, dunked under the water and pranced around the best that she could in the water, ha ha! Such a fun imagination and she's getting so good at handling herself in the water!