Friday, July 25, 2014

our extra holiday

dress c/o Olive The Things
July is an extra fun month if you live in Utah because we celebrate an extra holiday... Pioneer Day on the 24th of July! Eric actually had to work (bummer!) but my parents came up to play and we are so happy they did!
Our town celebrates by starting the morning with a mile long race (very family friendly) and I had so much fun running it last year! Unfortunately for me, I've been battling a cold all week so I had to skip the run, but we still went to the parade! Parades are like a million times better with a kid, ha! Mia has got the waving thing down... she definitely needs to be in a parade someday! (Of course she'd be the kid in the corner of the float shoving as much candy in her face as possible, instead of waving and throwing it out to the crowds, ha ha!) Next, we went to lunch and enjoyed some amazing BBQ! My parents went home when Mia went down for her nap, but we are so glad they came to play! When Eric got home from work he grilled our dinner, we played outside with Mia, and we enjoyed an at-home-date night when Mia went to bed! It was a goooood day :)
I love having this month to celebrate our country and our freedoms! Without the freedom of religion, we would not be celebrating Pioneer day! I especially love any excuse to change up our daily routine with a fun plans for Mia :)

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Oh how I need to read every one's advice from today's link up! This whole "learning to communicate" is definitely a learning curve that Mia and I will hopefully overcome... eventually? Just to give you a little feel for our daily interactions, here's a sneak peek :)

"Mia, let's change your diaper!"
"Nnnnnnno!" as she runs away screaming.
(But really, her favorite word is "no". It's just the cutest thing.)

When Mia gets frustrated with or at something she doesn't hesitate to give an ear splitting, high pitched scream that seriously tempts us to throw her out the window...
But we love her so much that we would never throw her out the window, duh :) Instead we tell her in our calmest, nicest voices that "we don't scream when we're frustrated, Mia! Be nice!"
She usually stops screaming... until she gets frustrated again :)

Mia is really into pushing kids her size these days... once again? So. Much. Fun.
The moment I catch her pushing, I gently grab her hands in mine and tell her, "we don't push! Be nice/soft. Say sorry and give him/her a hug!"
Mia smiles and eagerly gives the child a hug... which means I've just created the funnest game. Push, hug, repeat!

"I love you, Mia!" Since she doesn't know how to say it back, she gives us a kiss! So at least we are doin' something right!

Mia communicates so well without using words that I sometimes wonder if she'll ever find the desire to really pick up a vocabulary :) Actually, she loves to jabber so much and she's really picked up words and loves to mimic us! This stage is sooooo fun but I often worry that I'm not teaching her correctly. We can see more than ever what a sponge her little brain is and that she's soaking up every move we make! I just want to be the best example for her... so I am looking forward to all the advice I can get on the positive ways to teach her to communicate!     
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

we be roadtrippin' {the Grand Canyon}

The Grand Canyon... wow! Just WOW!! I can't even explain how this place took my breath away with it's beauty! 
It's no secret that I love to be outdoors and exploring, and of course Mia is even more obsessed with the outdoors than I am! I hadn't been to the Grand Canyon since I was little and really have no memories from that trip, so when I realized we could take a detour on the way home from Flagstaff to visit, I knew we had to! It was the perfect pit stop to let Mia have a break from the car! My one regret is that we didn't spend more time enjoying this beautiful corner of the Earth!
The drive to the north rim is gorrrrgeous! You are in the mountains with trees for days and beautiful meadows! We saw buffalo on the drive (my first time seeing them in the wild!) and enjoyed the greenery. I don't know what I was expecting when we arrived at the Grand Canyon, but my jaw dropped with the colors and beauty we witnessed. I could go on and on about how much I loved this place, but instead I'll share the two newest goals added to my never ending bucket list :) I want to escape life for a weekend and stay in one of the cabin's with a view to the Canyon! The second will probably kill me, but I want to hike from the south rim to the north rim... someday! 
If you ever have the chance to visit the Grand Canyon, it's a must see!! I'm so glad Eric puts up with my wanderlust and visits these amazing places with me!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

we be roadtrippin' {Flagstaff. AZ}

headband c/o Sweet Angel Kreations
I forgot to get a picture of the 3 of us (Mia's first time bowling milestone, ha ha!) but a picture of us taking turns bowling with her counts, right?
Having so much fun with cousins!
This is my uncle's backyard... AH-mazing! But that baby? She's all mine and even more AH-mazing ;)
The only picture I managed to get at the wedding, and on my phone :( Such a shame because it was a beautiful night!

Man, I look back on the weekend and can't help but smile so big! Don't get me wrong, there were so many not-so-good moments mixed with the good moments... but I am happy to say that the good outweighs the bad :) The ups and downs were so worth it and this past weekend was one for the books!
Friday night we drove down to Flagstaff, AZ. The drive started out pretty good until... Mia threw up in the car for the first time ever. She's experience car sickness before, but she never got sick until we were home and I tried feeding her food. Let me tell you, vomit in the car is definitely the worst experience! We didn't make it to our hotel until 11pm (midnight our time) only to find that the inside was... not up to our standards. Call us hotel snobs, but we like a good, clean place! We were so exhausted and pretty frazzled after dealing with cleaning up puke and driving in the smell of it (so awesome, I'm tellin' ya!) that it was pretty devastating to find a crappy room. I didn't even read reviews because that's where the whole wedding party was staying... Eric tried to convince me to stay somewhere else but I decided we just had to make the best of it! Eric unloaded our stuff and while I worked on getting Mia showered and ready for bed, he found a car wash and sprayed out the car seat. He didn't even make it back to our room until 1am (2 our time) and at that point we were so delirious that we just laughed hysterically at how awful our night was!
Saturday was a MUCH better day! We discovered that the outside of our cabin-like rooms was gorgeous! We stayed more towards the mountain so it was beautiful out! And perfect for Mia to roam and visit with our family! The best part was that my parents were staying as well so they took Mia while Eric and I tried to catch up on some sleep (because Mia was up at 6am... such a sweet little wake up call, ha!) Anyway, we went bowling (Mia's first time!) with family, explored the mountain with Mia (the trees are endless and it's gorgeous) and attended my cousin's wedding that evening up the mountain. It really was a perfect day with family!
Sunday was another adventurous day and I can't wait to blog about it! But the bummer is that Mia got sick again :( We took a detour on our drive home which had as traveling all day and around dinner time Mia started crying, was miserable and uncomfortable, and wouldn't eat a thing. We finally got home around 9pm (ugh!) and Mia was in a much better mood! I woke up to her coughing sometime after midnight so I went in and checked on her... and there was not the most pleasant surprise waiting for me. Poor baby!! Short road trips don't seem to bother her but if we have to deal with this on any road trips longer than 4 hours, I'm going to be soooo sad! I'm hoping we can find ways to avoid her getting sick, even if it's driving through the night so that she can sleep through it all? Ugh! But like I said, we still enjoyed an amazing weekend even with our not so pleasant experiences ;) Flagstaff is gorgeous and I'm so happy we got to visit!

Monday, July 21, 2014

happy 19 months to my love bug

Yesterday our sweet daughter turned 19 months... which is blowing my mind! How is she on the downhill to turning 2 years old?! Time is flying! This post is going up late because I'm a slacker and didn't type this up ahead of time, and I've been busy being a momma (the not so glamorous side of having kids) who's cleaning up puke and snuggling her poor baby! We are pretty sure that Mia has inherited my poor stomach and gets car sick (insert the ugly cry) which I'm heart broken about! We love to road trip so I'm hoping for some tips on how to travel with littles that get car sick (read more below)!
I shared this on Instagram but had to share here as well! Mia is all dressed up for a wedding... and wearing the exact jellies that I wore when I was her size!!
- Mia went to nursery for the first time a couple weeks ago and she did great! Kids don't go to nursery at our church until 18 months, so I'd been counting down the months for this one so that I could enjoy a couple hours of actually getting something out of the lessons ;)
- I forgot to mention a couple months ago that she can put on her own shoes! It's so fun to tell her to get her shoes and watch which ones she grabs and if they end up on the right feet!
- Her vocabulary is increasing so much these days! She's totally into mimicking us and it's so fun! She's like a little sponge, totally interested in soaking up all the sounds her little mouth can make.
- Mia now says "wee!", "um" (which is so funny, she will say "Um, lkajs kwlje osis, um!" It's been kind of horrifying to realize how often I say "um" :)), "nana" (banana), "bir" (bird) "mama" or "baba" depending on her mood (for the longest time I thought she wouldn't say mama until I finally made the connection that she called me "baba", ha!). She also counts "two, eeeeee!" (three) She skips one but will often walk around the house saying "twooooo" to get me to start counting and she will count with me!
- She has pretty much mastered drinking water from a cup! I still won't give her milk in anything but her sippy because I don't want to deal with the mess if she does spill it all over :) But she's getting so good with the cup and she's so proud of herself each time she drinks from one!
- Mia now points to her teeth (and says "eeeee") and "shows" us her muscles! 
- Little girlfriend is turning into quite the dancer! Her little body sure can bust a move and it's the CUTEST thing :)
- Mia is still a pretty dang good eater, and I'm counting my blessings! Her all time favorites are: eggs, cutie oranges, yogurt, string cheese, and grapes. I'm sure there are more but that's all I remembered to write down.
- She is obsessed with books, coloring and puzzles! 
- We have been having so much fun this summer just being outdoors! This girl loves to be outside, it's definitely her favorite ever!
- I'm so, so, so sad to say that we experienced too much vomit on our road trip this past weekend. The drive down she threw up in the car, the drive back she waited until we were home but I could tell she wasn't feeling well towards the end of our drive. We are on the go all the time and I really don't want to stop, but I don't want to make Mia feel sick (or deal with cleaning up puke while traveling, totally selfish, I know!) Are there ways to ease the motion sickness? Would it be better to travel early morning or maybe at night when she can sleep through it all? Ugh, this is seriously such a bummer for us! All tips would be appreciated!
- Mia is wearing all sizes of clothing. 6-9 month, 12 month and 18 month, with some random other sizes in between :) At least we are getting our money's worth out of each size! She's moved up to size 4 shoes.
- She still wears size 3 diapers.