Wednesday, March 4, 2015

SNOW much fun

I just have to say a quick, huge THANK YOU for all of your sweet comments on yesterday's post! This community is so amazing and as always, I appreciate the love and support! I wish I could give you all a big hug!
So as I mentioned last week, Mia and I spent a week in Utah! The reason we went back for a visit so quickly after moving was for our annual weekend at the cabin in the mountains with my Crowley family! I was so bummed Eric wasn't able to go back with us, but we made the best of it while missing him, and I'm really looking forward to him coming next year!
It's been a pretty dry winter for Utah this year so we didn't have any fresh snow... until the day we were leaving, of course! It basically hasn't stopped snowing since our trip, ha ha! Brianhead just received 53+ inches of snow over the weekend! But we still had the best time snowboarding/skiing and I even took Mia out sledding with my siblings. She LOVED it!
Check out all that snow we woke up to Sunday morning! Mia LOVED it!
It really was a perfect weekend at a beautiful cabin with my family! Snowboarding during the day, fun games, lots of food and laughing at night! I love this family tradition!
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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

10 things I love about myself

I woke up to a sweet surprise on Instagram yesterday... a girl left a comment on one of my photos, a photo of Mia and myself to be more specific, with some "free golden advice" to get my nose fixed. My first reaction was shock, then violence (like- I want to punch YOU in the nose, ha ha. so mature.) then sadness. I really wanted to cry because my nose is actually a huge insecurity of mine. It's very large and in charge (ha) and I have a hard time seeing anything else in a photo of me besides my nose. I suppose a nose job would be nice but would that really make me happier? Would I love myself more because of it? I don't know and I won't be finding out. So once I got over my initial shock of the comment I quickly realized that this girl was a troll who gets sick joy out of scrolling photos and leaving snide comments. I deleted the comment and blocked my newest follower (why follow after leaving a comment like that?!) with the intent to forget and move on. But it just bugged me all day. I think it would have been easier to brush it off if she had mentioned something I actually feel confident about, but more than that, what's the point of bringing someone down? Why intentionally leave a comment that will hurt someone's feelings?
I really love the selfie movement (as annoying as they can be at times, ha ha) because I admire girls who have the confidence to post close up pictures of themselves. I am my worst critic and have a hard time liking and posting a picture of myself, but I don't want that to stop me from taking pictures with my favorite little girl and posting them by the millions on Instagram :) So today I'm sharing 10 things (inspired by my girl, Pinky) I love about myself. Because we should love ourselves! I want Mia to love herself and she's going to learn by my example! I love these 10 things about myself because they make me happy, make me a better person and help me to grow as I change through the years.
Totally fuzzy, but hey! Crappy phone selfies are just a normal part of our daily ;) Unless Eric wanted to surprise me with a new phone...
1- my hair.
2- my body. I am so thankful for my health each day. I am grateful I was able to grow a baby inside. I love that I have the ability to be so active. My body is strong and I am able to sculpt it to look a way that makes me feel confident when I work hard at it.
3- my ability to laugh easily. Especially at myself :)
4- my faith.
5- my hands. I'm kind of weird and always notice people's hands. I love long, skinny fingers because they always make me think of instruments, music and artists. I actually like the way my hands look and I played piano for years. My fingers always memorized the music and knew just what to play next. I am really good at doing hair (if I say so myself) and I love that my hands create just the style that makes my client feel good about themselves. I love my hands and all that I get to experience because of them!
6- the way I easily make friends. At times I feel shy and totally want to hide in my shell, but for the most part I am able to be outgoing and friendly and I have a lot of amazing family and friendships to show because of it. I am so blessed to be influenced by so many people I've met in life.
7- how deeply and passionately I love. There are obviously different levels of love I feel for those in my life, but I think it's very easy for me to show my love and build up those around me!
8- my wanderlust. I love to explore and go on new adventures with my little family! But at the same time, I am perfectly content with our day to day life. I just really appreciate my yearning for travels and memories with Eric, and sometimes Mia ;)
9- I know what I want in life.
10- my heart. Because I didn't even tell Eric about this post I was writing, but last night he rattled off different things he loved about me, and I thought it was so sweet when he said this. I care, and I would rather care than feel nothing at all in my heart! He also said he likes my tush, but I thought it would be better if I said my heart ;)

So let's hear it, what do YOU love about yourself?!
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Monday, March 2, 2015

still in denial

Happy March (2nd)! Am I the only one in denial that February has come AND gone?! Sheesh! That month flew by for me. My family experienced a lot of BIG changes last month and I'm so proud of how well we handled it! When I say we, I am definitely including myself, because I handled our last move poorer than poorly... to put it nicely :) I also couldn't be more happy with how everything is turning out! For those that are wondering (hey mom and dad! both sets ;)) Eric's job is awesome! He is working soooo much right now, which is totally lame when it comes to quality family time, but we knew that life would be crazy our first couple of months here. But my wifey heart is totally bursting with pride as Eric's been taking that place by storm and is showing them what he's made of (could I be any more cheesy?!) It's so amazing that he's finally working for a company who acknowledges Eric's skills and knowledge, that wants him to succeed, is already investing in him by planning training trips and compensates him for his hard work. You can't even imagine what a relief it is that this has turned out to be as good as we were hoping!! We are so, so grateful! And the people here are pretty amazing! Each week we are blown away as we meet more people and they are so kind and inviting (literally, always inviting us over for dinner) and genuinely want to be friends! It's encouraging me to get out of my comfort zone and be more outgoing when it's much easier to play shy when I don't know anyone. I really think this was a good move for us :) Yay!
We are itching to get out and play and explore, but until work settles down for Eric in the next few weeks, I'll take a simple family date night with my people anytime! We kept Mia up past her bedtime Saturday night while we stuffed our faces with pizza and pazookies from BJS (we are so excited to live close to so much good food!) Then we spent a relaxing Sunday being lazy at home, going to church and eating popcorn while watching movies! These simple days mean so much to us through these months of craziness!
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Friday, February 27, 2015

five on Friday

Five on Friday... is that still a thing? I completely dropped the ball yesterday when it came to this ol' blog. Mia and I got home late Wednesday night from Utah and instead of blogging, I chose sleep. Since vacation is still on my mind, I thought I'd bring back the good ol' 5 on Friday and share five pictures from Utah. I totally dropped the ball (sound familiar? I'm getting lazy.) and hardly took any pictures of our fun with both families :( But I got a few "gems" that wouldn't normally make it to the blog or Instagram, but are definitely worthy of the family scrapbook (if I scrapbooked, that is) for memory's sake :)

"I swingin'!"

Breaking the rules and playing on the pool table with Uncle Trevor. He's mostly a bad example but her excitement over this was too much :) The rest I could've done without... like when he tried to teach her to tell me, "Mommy, I sit my pants" (instead of poop) He thought it was all sweet and innocent- "I'm teaching her to say sit!" Or when he tried to convince her to cry, scream and yell "NO NAP!" when I told her it was nap time. All I gotta say is pay back when their baby is born ;)

My little thrill seeker loved sledding!

She loves taking pictures with her mommy, HA! (Note- she's totally pushing my face away. Can't say I blame her with that expression I pulled, ha ha!)

We aren't usually cat people, but I have to say that my heart holds so much gratitude for this cat and the patience she has for our little Mia. Mia LOVES "kitty" and chases her around "papa and mramma's" house and picks her up every chance she gets. I just happened to walk outside with my phone at this exact moment... Mia was SO proud to be holding "kitty" and the poor cat patiently waited while I snapped some photos and helped Mia lower the cat to the ground, ha ha.

I can't stop myself from smiling each time I see these pictures, so I hope you enjoyed them as much as I do :) Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

exploring Arizona

So Mia and I have been in Utah for a week now (surprise!) but we made sure to explore our immediate neighborhood in Arizona to cure our cabin fever and take a break from unpacking the first week we moved! It's a little overwhelming being new to the area and I can't wait for this place to feel like home! I'm excited to be living just minutes away from this little slice of heaven, though. Palm trees, lakes (more like ponds) and ducks galore! This makes for a gorgeous view on my runs and Mia is in heaven watching all the ducks! I plan on taking some bread next time I go running here and we'll see how much Mia loves the ducks when they are flocking her for food ;) ha ha! I can't wait to share more about our new state as we explore and learn to call this place home!