Wednesday, July 29, 2015

g i v e a w a y !

Since Wednesday can be a little rough (at least it's all downhill from here to the weekend, right?!) I thought this would be the perfect day to share a giveaway with all of you! I know you've seen Firmoo glasses all over blogs/social media, and if you've ever been curious to try a pair yourself, then this is the giveaway for you! We have a pair of sunglasses (as I don't need prescription, although the next time Eric needs a pair of prescription glasses we will be ordering from Firmoo!) that I reviewed a few months ago! Do yourself a favor and enter below (easiest entry options ever!) for the chance to win a free pair of glasses for yourself! Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

weekend highlights

This past weekend was such a good one! One that was full of simple fun and relaxing time. One where it feels like there really isn't anything to blog about, even though it was so good, but I'm still blogging about it because you know... documenting ;)
  • Friday night was a simple one (but it doesn't really count as part of the weekend anyway, does it? Between working that day and being exhausted from the whole week of work, not a lot really goes on anyway, ha!) Eric worked late so Mia and I enjoyed a movie night (or at least 30 minutes until bed time of that movie ;)) of Mulan. She is obsessed with swords so once she started talking about Mulan's sword, I knew why she chose that movie, ha ha! When Eric got home we enjoyed our own little date night in with ice cream and NCIS on Netflix :)
  • Saturday was a special day! My friend threw me a baby shower to celebrate baby boy! I have more details coming later this week! During the shower Eric took Mia on a little date and they had the best time! They got snacks, went to Cabela's, went to the outlets (where Mia got a new shirt because she spilled chocolate milk on the one she was wearing, and they picked out an outfit for baby brother. SO cute!) Mia loved telling me about all the animals she saw, plus she got to "ride" in a boat and on a four wheeler. Dates with daddy are way funner than dates with mommy, ha!
  • That night we ordered pizza and finished watching Mulan together. It was the perfect end to an amazing day, and so relaxing!
  • Sunday was spent at church and relaxing at home. Mia ended up waking up at 6:30am but we brought her into our bed, turned on a show and Eric and I continued to sleep in until 9am. NINE AM!! I seriously don't remember the last time I've done that. It was so needed as I haven't been sleeping good at night! So that's definitely worth documenting, ha!
  • Monday was another special day. Aside from the fact that we got another 3 day weekend with Eric (woo hoo!) we got to see baby brother again!! I didn't have another ultrasound after Mia's 20 week anatomy scan so this was super exciting to have one more with baby boy! We were able to see his features so much better (obviously, since he's developed so much more!) and it was so fun! Everything checked out normal which is always a relief to hear! I can't wait to see him next time, because next time we see him, he will be in my arms!
I'm so glad we were able to soak up one more 3 day weekend that was full of special little moments and lots of relaxing time because work is about to get super crazy for Eric again. Family time is just the best and we try to soak it all up, every chance we get!

Monday, July 27, 2015

30 weeks {babybrink#2}

Size of baby: a large cabbage. Keep growing, baby boy! (But it's okay if you come out on the smaller side like your sister. I don't mind giving birth to 7 pound babies, or a little less, HA!)

Movement: the kind of movement that moves my whole belly around :) This kid is all about the action moves, which will absolutely be the best news to Mia as he grows. She's all into swords and pretend fighting (I mean, seriousssssssssly) so having an active little brother is exactly what she'll need!

Cravings: Bruges waffles and frites... which you can only get in northern Utah, ha! Other than that, no specific cravings. Just lots of trigger cravings (dang you, social media!!)

Miss anything: sleep!! Oh man, the third trimester sleep regression has hit and it's the worst! I don't fall into a good sleep until just before it's time to get up. And poor Eric is suffering from my tossing and turning as well, ugh! It's not even that I'm uncomfortable this time around, I think it's just what happens in the third trimester... the worst kind of prep for having a newborn, ha!

Random: I am kind of worried that baby boy is not in position (head down). In fact, I still think he's horizontal in there and it's not really workin' for me, ha! It feels like he's trying to come out my sides when he moves around and it's actually quite uncomfortable. I don't know how to explain it... but it feels so different than with Mia. I always had the sorest ribs (he still get me in the ribs, don't get me wrong) as if she was always head down. But maybe this is totally normal and there is still plenty of time before he needs to be in position?

Best moment of the week: one night last week as I was falling asleep, Eric had his hand on my belly and baby boy was moving around like crazy. I couldn't help but smile and soak in the moment as Eric and I were able to soak in those sweet reminders of another little miracle babe that is about to change our world, for the better! These little moments are what life is all about!

Friday, July 24, 2015

I want it all {Arden Deals}

Mia's top and my Necklace c/o Arden Deals

You know how there are those shops that you fall in love with because they have something for everyone?! That's how I feel about Arden Deals, my friends! They are hittin' the spot with their goods and I quite literally can't get enough! They have beautiful clothes and accessories for adults (like my necklace that Mia totally wishes was hers) and the most adorable clothing for kids (like the top Mia is wearing that I wish was mine... oh and her skirt. Seriously, how do I get this stuff in my size?!) as well as the cutest accessories for littles! The funnest part is the free sheet of gold tattoos that come with every order. Mia is obsessed with our matching "steekers" and loves to show them off! 
So, if you're in need of retail therapy (or even if you're not) I highly recommend checking out Arden Deals! I promise you won't be disappointed with their goods or the prices! ;)

Skirt c/o Arden Deals

Thursday, July 23, 2015

playing catch up

Between sharing our Utah recap a couple weeks late, and now our weekend highlights a few days late (but hey, at least tomorrow is Friday, yay!) I'm totally on top of getting these blog posts out on time, ha ha!
  • Friday night ended on a good note when Eric came home from work a little bit early to take his girls to Dairy Queen! I'd been craving a blizzard for 2 weeks so that totally hit the spot! Great start to our weekend!
  • We were supposed to have some major storming all weekend long so I thought Saturday morning would be the perfect time to go enjoy the "snow day" at the Phoenix zoo. I thought the storms would bring a nice cool down... I was wrong! The storms didn't roll in until that afternoon so it was 100 (million) degrees that morning with 80% humidity. Freakin' miserable! But Mia had a lot of fun (along with the rest of Phoenix... I still have the small town mindset and didn't realize that the whole city would know about this event and show up as well, ha!)
  • We went to lunch at the Old Spaghetti factory and were lucky enough to sit up in their little train section. Mia kept looking out her "window" and getting so excited when we were still "eatin' in the TRAIN!" ha ha!
  • After lunch we went home and enjoyed a family nap- the best! The heat really sucked the life out of us that morning, ha ha! My nap was cut short due to the fierce nature of a short monsoon storm that ripped through our neighborhood. How Mia and Eric slept through it, I'll never know! When Eric woke up he was staring out the window into our backyard when I told him, "you missed the craziest storm during your nap!" His reply? "I know, it knocked the tree down!" (pictured below) I was shocked! The storm was no longer than 20 minutes but it brought a lot of damage in that short time. Welcome to Arizona monsoon season, ha!
  • Sunday was a relaxing day of church and taking it easy at home. 
  • Monday was another fun day! We started out at the pool and soaked up spending that time together! Mia loved having both mommy and daddy to take her down the slides and swim with!
  • After nap time we met up with friends to see the Minion movie! Call me old fashioned or lame, but I was not impressed! I totally didn't think this movie was very kid friendly. Thank goodness Mia is just young enough that most of the humor and gestures went over her head. It's not a movie we will be seeing again! (Seriously, why do they do that to kids movies?! Save it for the adults and quit advertising it for children!) We ended the night with dinner and Cold Stone. Bless that sweet husband of mine for indulging in my ice cream cravings and helping my back side to grow as big as my front side (baby bump) ha ha!