Wednesday, November 26, 2014

stuff yo' face!

A little throwback to Mia's first ever Thanksgiving, just outside of Zion National Park. You guessed it, she loved it!

I am willing to bet my slice of lemon meringue pie (it's the only kind I like, sue me!) that you're all as excited to be filling your belly's with Thanksgiving food as I am ;) Just in case you need a few last minute ideas, I have some appetizer recipes that are b o m b !

Eric can't get enough of this cheese ball... and to be honest? For not being a cheese lover? I really dig this! Plus, it's so easy to make it's stupid. But delish!

The apple snicker salad is my contribution to Thanksgiving this year (and every year that we spend it with the Brinkerhoff's... because I can't, or won't learn, to make a pie. Sue me!)

Blame it on the fact that I'm a toffee lover, but this cream cheese toffee dip is my FAVORITE! I may or may not be drooling right now...

If you love bacon, I happen to believe that this broccoli bacon salad goes with ANY meal, including a Thanksgiving feast! I could even eat this as dessert, mmm mmmmm!

Last but not least, I am offering 50% off any and all ad spaces through the rest of the week! Visit my sponsor page and use the code "givethanks" to receive half off your spot! I am so thankful for all of the wonderful connections I've made here in blog land. I truly appreciate all of you and the love you show my family! I am forever thankful for my corner of the internet that has brought so many friends into my life. Love you all! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

just some randoms {23}

Two peas in a pod, ya'll. Definitely one of my favorite photos of my two favorite people (despite the real life mess on the floor, ha!)

Mia found a little nook at Grandma and Papa's house that is the perfect size for her! I think I'll find her hidden her more often than not when we are visiting Eric's parents!

The last photo I ever took with Mia and her binky. (I forgot that this week was Thanksgiving when I promised a post on ditching the bink, so now I pinky promise that I'll have it next week!!)

Mia and her obsession with her sunglasses! It is dark outside but she still insisted on "gasses" to play in the snow!

Mia's favorite game is to play hide and seek with me while I make my bed each morning! She runs to the end of the bed and burrows between the comforter and the bed then laughs and laughs while she waits for me to pull the cover up. Silly girl! She reminds me on the daily that it truly is the little things that make life so happy!

Monday, November 24, 2014

weekend highlights

Our weekend was one for the books! Once again, it was nothing out of the ordinary, but it was the perfect amount of family time! I feel like we did a lot, but also had a lot of relaxing time! Can every weekend be like that?! Here are some highlights:

 We pulled out the Christmas tree over a week ago, sans ornaments, hoping the newness of the tree would wear off by the time I decorated it, so that Mia would leave the ornaments alone. Well, Friday evening I couldn't resist anymore and busted out the ornaments! This is the first time I've ever put a tree up before Thanksgiving and I have to admit, I don't hate it! This time of the year is even more magical with a little one!

bracelet c/o Poppy Lane and Co
Saturday we spent our day in sunny St George! I gave Mia another haircut (her 4th or 5th, can't remember?) and this is the first time her sides have been long enough for me to trim, YAY! This little diva is sporting the cutest little bob but couldn't be bothered for a photo, obvi!

My parents watched Mia so that Eric and I could go on a much needed (and totally overdue) date! It seemed like the universe was against us that day but we made it to the temple and of course, it was just what we needed! After, we enjoyed a gourmet dinner (this NEVER happens!) at the Cliffside Restaurant and I am just kicking myself for not taking any photos! The food was delish and soooo affordable (we were told that the prices will be going up now that the owners have determined the restaurant will be a success, so anyone who's wondering if they should try it, now's the time!) and there were the most gorgeous views of the mountains. Ah! We are dying to go back asap (and I promise I'll take pictures next time)! We ended our night with a very unsuccessful shopping trip (ah! is anyone else flustered with their Christmas gift list? Christmas is so close and I still have so much to do!) and ice cream.Although, watching Eric walk around Target in their adult superman onesie pajama thing was pretty entertaining ;) and the ice cream made up for the lack of success, of course!

Seriously though, can every weekend be like this one?!

Friday, November 21, 2014

BFF's {Poppy Lane and Co}

A dear friend once showed me her matching "best friend" bracelets with her baby girl, and you better believe that I've been on the hunt ever since to find the perfect pair for Mia and me! I can't even tell you how happy I am to share that my friend started Poppy Lane and Co and she offers beautiful bracelets and the perfect mommy + me pairs! I can't wait to add more colors to our collection!
Even though I love it, I'm not one to wear much jewelery... except for my wedding ring and bands. I love wearing those every day! Ever since receiving our matching bracelets though, Mia and I have been wearing them every single day! I'm happy to say that I will be wearing my bracelet each day, along with my ring (and maybe, just maybe, I'll start branching out with some arm candy and other jewelery!)
headband c/o Emma's Kloset bracelets c/o Poppy Lane and Co

Thursday, November 20, 2014

happy 23 months to my love bug

How is it possible that my baby will be 2 in just one, short month?! I feel like she should be 3 months old, not 23! But goodness, I would never wish away one second I've had with her. Mia is the best part of Eric and I... we love her SO much!
- I don't even know how to keep track of Mia's vocabulary these days because it develops SO much! I feel like she learns multiple words, as well as sentences, every single day! But I've written down words when I remember to and she now says: "honey", "bunny", "gween" (green), "cow", "in-i boi" (inside voice), "Mourney" (Courtney), "gucker" (sucker), "horse", "ba-oo" (balloon), "house", "cuh-dee" (color), "tor-tee" (turtle),  "tiss" (kiss), "door" (but when she says door, she's really asking me to open something for her, weird!) "pu-pwe" (purple), "aggs" (eggs), "mouse", "boots", "much", "see ya soon", "what".
- She still has  her own alien/gibberish language that I love so much! I need to sneak a recording of it before it's gone, because I know I'll miss it one day!
- We are officially binky free! I have a separate blog post coming next week telling you all about it! But the first time she ever went to sleep without her bink was on Halloween night!
- Halloween was also a big day because... that's the first time Mia ever pooped in the shower. Lovely! She actually cried out as soon as it happened, like she knew that was a no-no. Instead of scolding her, because she clearly didn't mean for that to happen, I explained to her that that was poop, tell momma "I poop" or "potty!" Since then she has told us more than once "I poop" then a couple minutes later she has a poopy diaper! Yay! Hopefully that will help when it comes time to potty train!
- Oh, Halloween was also Mia's first time trick or treating :) She was so small last year that we didn't take her out. Goodness, a lot of firsts that day, ha ha!
- Mia can now point to her cheeks and her chin... we've almost got her whole body figured out!
- Eric is officially "daddy" and I'm still "momma", but lately she's been calling me just "mom", ha! It's kind of cute and kind of sad at the same time. Makes her sound older!  
- We pulled out the Christmas tree a few days ago and Mia squealed all sorts of girly squeals when we plugged in the lights, it was so cute! I'm waiting until Thanksgiving to pull out the ornaments and finish decorating the house for Christmas, but I know she's gonna LOVE it!
- Mia is still very much in the independent play phase when it comes to playing with kids her age. She loves the babies and absolutely adores playing with older kids! But kids her size, age? Everything is "mine!" and they hit a lot. Yikes! We are doing our best to teach Mia to share and "we don't hit our friends!". I won't mind when this phase passes (if it ever passes, HA!)
- She wears clothing sizes anywhere from 12-24 months! Size 4 and 5 shoes, although I did get her a pair of winter boots at size 6 and she does pretty well wearing them!
- I remember thinking Mia would be in size 3 diapers until she was potty trained. Obviously we moved her up to size 4 but we are officially in size 5 diapers now! (Size 4 is kind of pointless, I would have just sized her straight up to 5 if I had realized!)

Mia is so smart and SO much fun! We can't imagine now having her in our lives! Here's hoping the next month doesn't fly by too quickly!!