Tuesday, May 3, 2016

8 years

where it all began

We did it!! We beat the 7 year itch... not that I was worried or anything ;) Jobs, vehicles, cities, states and so many other changes, too many to list, we've experienced together- it hasn't always been easy, but there's no one else I'd rather experience the ups and downs life has to offer with! 
Back in the day, when Eric used to smile willingly for the camera ;), I never could have imagined the life we would build together in 8 short years. Our life, our two precious babies, our marriage, it's all just so good! It's worth fighting for, and that can be hard to come by these days. My cup runneth over.
8 years down, eternity to go! Happy Anniversary to us!

 I'm waiting to get family photos back, but in the meantime, it doesn't get sweeter than this! LOVE my family!

Friday, April 29, 2016

lookin' so fly {Lunaby Baby}

I am so excited to share Lunaby Baby with you all today! Lunaby Baby is a brand spankin' new shop and they already caught my heart with these adorable bandana bibs! I'll be honest and admit that I didn't know what the fuss was about with these bandana bibs (I don't think they were around when Mia was a babe?) until James started drooling... then teething. Have I mentioned that James has two teeth now? Nursing is super fun now... but I digress! These bibs soak up all the drool and keep James dry and lookin' fly ;) ha ha! I couldn't resist. But seriously, I love how these bibs dress up any outfit, or a naked baby for that matter (as pictured above) and they go with everything! Look how adorable our set is and that free pacifier clip is a total bonus! I kind of wish I could get away with the girl bibs because those prints are so stinkin' cute!
But back to keeping James dry... poor kid has had a rough go with his neck (or lack there of) and it gets really red between his little neck rolls. We've discovered that putting cornstarch on his neck each night really helps heal the skin, but with all of his drooling, etc, we've had a hard time keeping the skin nice and dry during the day. These bibs have been heaven sent as they soak up all the drool and give his little neck rolls a break and keep them dry. 
As I mentioned above, Lunaby Baby is a newly launched shop and have a lot more goodies coming our way soon! Be sure to sign up for their newsletter to receive 10% off your first purchase and to be the first ones to know when new product drops! I love supporting new shops and can't wait to see Lunaby Baby take off!

Bandana Bibs c/o Lunaby Baby

Thursday, April 28, 2016

happy 7 months to my little love

I can't believe James is 7 months old now! There's something about passing the 6 month mark that makes him seem so much bigger, older... we are going to be out of babyhood before I know it :( But we are loving every second of life with our sweet boy! James is such a happy baby and he brings so much joy into our family! Watching his relationship with Mia grow with each passing day is almost too much for my heart to handle... they are the sweetest siblings and I'm so thankful!!
- James is finally sitting up! We work on it every day and he's getting better at it, though we still have some work to do to perfect it. Surprisingly, he's most sturdy in the grass, ha! 
- Speaking of grass, James likes grass! He sat on it for the first time just a couple days ago and he sat up for SO long! Then when he finally toppled over, he rolled around and played in it for quite some time without any protest!
- He's working real hard on becoming more mobile! James rolls all over the place (like across rooms and everywhere in between), he does "sit ups" when he's on his back, and he's testing out getting on his hands and knees.
- James got his two front bottom teeth! I have to admit, this was one milestone that I was totally okay with not hitting for a couple more months, ha ha! Teething is the worst! And teaching a baby how to nurse around those teeth is also the worst.
- His favorite "toys" are water bottles and packages of wipes. Those trump toys every. time. 
- We are finally getting more sleep (for the most part)! James is pretty much up once in the night... the best is when he doesn't wake up until 4:30-5 because then I just stay up and get my day started. I accomplish so much that way and then I catch a nap when the kids nap. Some nights James wakes up crying for his binky more than other nights though, and that's what can be the death of me.
- Speaking of nap time, James kind of has the schedule of being awake for 2 hours, then napping for a couple hours (usually). But his nap always lines up with Mia's so they are both asleep for an hour or two at the same time each afternoon. Woo hoo!
- Now we just need to work on breaking the swaddling habit. James is such a swaddle bug, but he also likes to sleep on his belly. He usually pulls his arms out of the swaddle within seconds, but he has to start out swaddled! When we have a few days in a row where I know we will be home all day, I'm really going to focus on sleep training without the swaddle. Mia broke the habit on her own so this is all new to me!
- James is eating solids now and loves it! The first couple of weeks were a total pain as he was getting the hang of it but he's got it down now and is loving every new food we introduce him to! Just yesterday I fed him a banana in small chunks instead of having to mash it up for him which is a pretty big deal! Sweet boy is growing and catching on to things so fast!
- I think James is going to say "mama" before "dada"...mostly because he already has, ha ha! When he's really upset and crying he will look at me and (scream), "mama!" Even Mia has pointed out a couple of times, "hey! He said mama!" He's a momma's boy ;)     
- Last month I mentioned that we finally pulled out his 6 month clothes... and they lasted for 2 weeks :( I've pulled out his 9 AND 12 month clothing and both fit! He's such a chunker! And now I need to do some shopping because I wasn't expecting to build a 12 month size wardrobe for a few more months... ha ha! We seriously have like two 18 month outfits and he'll be in that size before I know it, yikes!
- He's wearing size 3 diapers... this size should last a little longer than the smaller sizes. We'll see ;) He's also wearing the swim diapers that Mia wore last summer (when she was 2 1/2)... baby got back ;) HA!  

Whoee, there were a lot of milestones and changes for James between month 6 and 7! My only wish is that time would slow down! But thankfully, every day with this boy is better than the last! We love our James SO much! 

Friday, April 22, 2016

when you're pretty & you know it {Zaza Couture}

Mia and James' outfit c/o Zaza Couture

I am so excited to share the darling Zaza Couture with you all today! James and Mia received the most adorable outfits and we are so obsessed! I'm in love with the nautical theme, especially when the weather is warm (although I do wish I was on a sailboat on the ocean instead of melting away in the desert, ha ha!) and James' outfit could not be cuter! Mia literally swooned over her outfit! Actually, to be honest, I'm not entirely sure that I know what "swooning" actually is... but the that's the first word that comes to mind to describe her reaction over her new outfit, ha ha! Mia threw the shirt and skirt on in the blink of an eye, then ran to the mirror where she twirled and admired herself for a few minutes. Then she came twirling up to me and told me how "'eutifole" (beautiful) her outfit was. Then I watched her saunter over to James, curtsied, then twirled for him while asking, "do you like my 'eautifole clothes?!" I mean, SERIOUSLY! I was dying!! Anything that gets that kind of reaction out of her is a win in my book! One last plus? The fabric is super lightweight, a must to survive our summer heat, and SO SOFT!
I highly recommend checking out Zaza Couture for adorable, unique and just plain beautiful clothing for children AND adults! Alsooooo, hurry and get entered in my giveaway on Instagram for the chance to win an outfit of your choice (subject to size and availability)! As always, thank you for the support, my friends! xoxo

Thursday, April 21, 2016

a place after my own heart

 I couldn't resist :)

Our last and final stop on our California vacation was Legoland! This has been on Eric's bucket list since Mia was born, and it did not disappoint! The only thing we wish we could have changed was the crowds, ha! That's what we get for going during spring break! Legoland was sooooo cute! I wish we lived nearby; I would totally get a membership! This park has everything a kid could want: rides, splash pads, park/play areas, lego building areas and a water park!
Funny story- there was one ride we wanted Mia to go on, but they only let children 4 years of age and older ride it. So being the responsible parents that we are, we told Mia she was 4 for the day! Mia more than owned her new age... every stranger that looked her way she proudly told them she was "four now!" while holding up four fingers! In fact, it took us a couple days to bribe her to be 3 again... ha! So never lie to your kids about their age. It's harder to undo than you'd think :)
We left Legoland early because we couldn't resist a stop at the beach while we were so close! We weren't prepared with swimwear or towels but that's okay, Mia was totally content to run around on the beach and watch her cousins brave the icy water! We celebrated my nephews birthday with cake while we were at it... that's my kind of beach time ;) ha ha! It was so fun to spend a bit of time at the ocean with the Brinkerhoff family! This was James' first time touching the ocean... the first time I think he was too shocked to react but when the second wave rolled in? He let us know he was NOT a fan of the cold water, ha!
Good and "rough" memories were made during this trip (as with any vacation, I'm sure! Especially when you travel with children and hangry husbands ;)) but it was worth all the effort and every penny to experience this with the whole family! I'm still feelin' "blue" knowing we won't be going back any time soon. Thank heavens for a million photos to look back on anytime we want to reminisce :)

Mia's bow c/o Teeny Bow Nation
James' very first time touching the ocean!