Friday, May 6, 2016

wood ya look at that {Mulberry House}

We live in a rental and we are seriously dying to buy a house asap (Fixer Upper has NOT helped curb our desire to find a home and make it ours, ha ha!) but unfortunately we haven't felt settled enough to take the plunge and put some roots down (evident by our move every couple of years! We moved 3 times in Utah, and now we are in Arizona!) With each move and new rental, I become less and less motivated to decorate the house, but I've discovered that though the home isn't ours, these personal touches help make it feel more "homey" until we do buy our own home!
When we moved to Arizona, we had Mia's room completely unpacked and decorated in the first couple of days. The move was such a big change that we wanted her to have something familiar, a safe place to go that felt like hers. Now that she and James share a room, I just keep adding to the decor and their room is definitely our favorite place to be. It feels like home :) I can't wait to share a full reveal of their bedroom, but below is one corner of their room with that beautiful "Be Brave" sign from Mulberry House.
I'm ashamed to admit that our bedroom (the master bedroom) has never been decorated... I keep waiting for the day that we buy a house, can paint the walls, buy the bedroom furniture we truly want, spend the money on decor knowing that the color scheme will be there to stay for awhile, etc. But as soon as I saw those "LOVE" letters from Mulberry House, I knew I had to have them! I LOVE the feel they bring into our room and I'm actually feeling inspired to keep decorating! Even Mia noticed the letters and she's always mentioning them when she's in our room. It just feels so good to have something personal hanging on the wall, and I can't wait to keep filling up empty wall space!  I may even get a little crazy and splurge on some accent pillows ;) ha ha!
So if you haven't noticed by now, I'm completely obsessed with Mulberry House! The shop is based in Arizona and they have the most beautiful wood art! I was just scrolling through the shop to check out their new items, and I fell in love with a lot of their older ones all over again! I want to (and will!) fill my house up with all of their fun, timeless designs! There are so many great gift items as well- Mother's Day (for all you procrastinators... I belong in the club with you, ha ha!), teacher gifts, home decor, etc. I've got nothing more to say besides, check 'em out, NOW! ;)

Wood Letters and Sign c/o Mulberry House


Ashley Brickner said...

LOVE that they share a room!

Hannah said...

We're in the same boat as you all - I can't wait until we can buy a house one day and I can actually decorate it and buy "real" furniture. haha.

How has Mia and James sharing a room gone/going? We started out with Emerson and Oliver sharing a room, but had to move Oliver's crib out [to the laundry room! :/]. I'd love for them to be in there together, but am scared for what would happen/how they would sleep/not sleep. I'd be curious to hear about their room sharing.

Kimberly said...

We've lived in our house for 2 1/2 years. I've painted the whole downstairs and the bathrooms and kids rooms but my master is still AWFUL and may not get done before we sell in a year! hahaha, but I love your letters! I need to do SOMETHING to my room eventually ;)

Mandie said...

Cute! I cannot wait to see the full room! :)

Kirsty and Seth said...

The sign looks amazing! I love the "LOVE" sign above the bed too. Although we own our apartment, the boys share and we cannot wait to move to a bigger place at some point in the future! It's quite cute having them sharing at times and hearing them play together in the mornings when they wake up. It's not so cute when Caleb doesn't want to go to sleep and his playing wakes Levi up ;). The joys of a two bedroom apartment!

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