Wednesday, February 3, 2016

our last day at Disney

Two nights ago during Mia's bedtime prayer, she thanked Heavenly Father for Disneyland (seriously!!) and I've been reminiscing about our trip ever since! So of course this was the perfect time to recap the last day of our trip!

We started our morning in California Adventure with the goal of hitting all our favorite rides. We had so much success the day before so we were totally let down when the rides we wanted to go on were closed down, and we missed the sing a long show by just a few minutes... so we took a few pictures and let Mia pick which rides she wanted to go on before heading over to Disneyland.

One of Mia's favorite rides! She loved crashing into daddy!
One of her favorite rides was the little bugs bumper cars. I got to ride with Mia and she LOVED crashing into Eric. It's a good thing those little cars crawl along at the slowest speed, Mia would be a total maniac if she could get them to go any faster, ha ha! 
After eating lunch we made our way over to Disneyland! Our main goal was to meet as many princesses as we could and ride the last few rides on our list. 

Ariel was by far her favorite!! Eric is less than thrilled to be taking a photo, but this was our favorite part of the day!

One of my oldest blogging friends (who is no longer on social media) told me to look her up if we ever went to Disneyland so that she could give Mia a special meet and greet, and she did not disappoint! Mia still talks about Ariel almost daily and tells me they are best friends, she wishes she could play with her, etc. It was so sweet and my heart felt like it was going to burst when we had our time with Ariel! You can just see the adoration on Mia's face in every single picture on my phone! 

I can't remember all the details from our last day at Disneyland (this is why I blog, because I forget things even more easily now that my kids have fried my brain, ha ha!) but I do remember indulging in beignets, cinnamon rolls (holy cow, those are bomb! First on my treat list for our next trip to Disney!!) and riding the train and It's a Small World, Christmas style. We hit that ride at the perfect timing as Small World always has the LONGEST line! We went during the afternoon parade and walked right on the ride with no wait time at all! Mia loved the ride (and it's not nearly as annoying hearing Jingle Bells over and over, ha!) so we decided to do it again. As we were walking through the line (again with no wait) the princess float just happened to be going in the parade right next to us. The area was closed off so there were no crowds watching and we had a perfect view of the princes and princesses, and they had a perfect view of us! They ALL waved at Mia, blew kisses, etc. ALL FOR MIA! Oh my gosh, I seriously almost started crying I was so happy, ha ha! Mia has no idea how big of a deal that was, but I won't ever let her forget how magical it was in that moment to have all that attention, ha ha! I know I'm so cheesy, but c'mon! This was like all of my childhood dreams coming true for my daughter! So special!

Clenched fist and smile... this picture cracks me up! Mia was SO excited to talk to Cinderella! 
We also got really lucky with meeting the princesses in their little area next to the big castle. We literally walked right in (but there was the longest line when we came out!) and first met Cinderella. Mia was so thrilled! I still laugh every time I think about Mia saying, "look at my Nike's!" She obviously remembered that shoes were very important to Cinderella, ha ha! Next we saw Snow White (again, and she was obsessed with James!), Belle and Merida. We don't really know the Brave movie so Mia was a bit more shy around Merida. I noticed Merida tucked some hair behind Mia's ears, then Mia quickly pulled it back out, ha! But now EVERY. TIME. I tuck her hair behind her ears, Mia tells me, "don't do dat! Only princesses do dat!" ha ha!

Mia wasn't that into Minnie, but boy was she in love with Mickey!! SO cute!
We hit up toon town when it was dark and were so bummed that we forgot to take Mia there! That is definitely first on our list next time we go to Disneyland! We met Mickey Mouse though and goodness, it was so sweet to see how star struck and in love Mia was! We watched the parade and ended the night with Mia falling asleep sitting up just before the firework show :) That girl played non stop those 3 days and didn't crash until the very end of it all! Of course the fireworks were amazing and then we drug our tired bodies back to our hotel. It was seriously such an amazing and exhausting vacation! Eric swore we were never going back but we are already day dreaming of the next time we get to take our kids back :) We love Disneyland!


Emily said...

After years of going to Disney as older children/adults, I always swore I would never take my young kids when the day came. But then again how could I not?! Seeing how special it is for Mia and all the other children?!

Jenn said...

Why wouldn't she thank God for Disneyland--it looks like it was the best time ever! So glad that she has those memories, and is so thankful for them!

P!nky said...

Thanking God for Disney land, so so so cute and so sweet. I LOVE IT and her smile with fist clenched is so hilarious!

Lynn | Motherhood in Motion said...

So cute. I cannot wait to take Evie someday.

Hall Around Texas said...

Disney truly is the best and most magical place! We've never been to Disneyland, but love DisneyWorld!! We are so ready to go back. You got some sweet pictures of your precious family!!

Caroline The Petite Fashionista said...

Love these photos!! Mia is beyond adorable with those princesses!! I'd be excited to meet them too!! :-) I'm glad that you guys had a fun trip and I hope that you are having a great week so far! :-)

Evelina said...

I loved bumper cars when I was little too!! So much fuN!

Shaunacey Bonneville said...

omg cutest!! mia looks like she's having a blast, James, well he looks sleepy :)

Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

Annette said...

What a great trip! I would totally be looking to meet all the princesses too if I was there. (And, of course, Mickey Mouse!) You have the sweetest family!

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