Friday, February 5, 2016

nursing mom necessities {Shuga Bebe Couture}

I am so excited to be featuring some goodies I wish I'd had from the moment James was born! I received the most AMAZING nursing pillow, swaddle/nursing cover and onesie from Shuga Bebe Couture when James was around 2 months old, and I've been using them for two months (and have the most random pictures to show for it) now to give the most honest review. So if you know any momma's who are currently nursing, or will be giving it a try, be sure to recommend these products that will make life a little easier (when nursing a newborn is anything but easy in the beginning!)

 Outfit c/o Loved Baby

Let's start with the nursing pillow, my very favorite item of all! Oh how I WISH I'd had this from the beginning! I have the boppy pillow but I found myself stuffing 3 more pillows under it to get it high enough for nursing. What a pain! This pillow is the perfect height and sturdy enough to help support the baby without any discomfort (or bending/slumping/etc) on my part. My body was so weak after James was born and I wish I'd had this just for the support it gives! I'm able to have perfect posture without straining to hold James in place! I need to have another baby JUST to be able to use this from day 1 ;) ha ha! 
Fast forward 4 months... I have a HUGE baby (he weighs almost 16 pounds and he's just barely 4 months, whoa!) and I haven't been able to build my strength up in my back the way I want, plus our mattress is the worst (we are in dire need of a new one!) and I keep tweaking my back each time I workout. Seriously, I am a hot mess right now, ha! This pillow has once again been a saving grace! I thought nursing pillows were only needed in the newborn days, but I've been proven wrong! I seriously can't say enough good things about this pillow! It's the only one I'll ever recommend!  


Moving on to this darling swaddle/nursing blanket. The muslin material gets softer with each wash, plus its a simple, cute print (that also makes a great background for Instagram photos ;)) The bonus is the snap on one side that allows me to throw the blanket over while nursing in public, but snaps in place around my neck so that James won't rip the blanket off. Then I can take it off and swaddle my little burrito up and snuggle him close. 

Last but not least, the organic swaddling body suit. This is another gem I wish I'd had from the beginning! I am obsessed with elephant prints for the kids so this onesie was already a win in my book, but when I discovered it's secret, I was sold! Notice those little snaps on the shoulders of the onesie? When changing a diaper, instead of just pulling the onesie up out of the way, you can actually roll the arms up nice and snug then snap them in place at the shoulder snaps! Diaper changes were extremely stressful after his circumcision, and the flailing newborn limbs did not make life easier on me, ha ha! James would have lived in this onesie (or I just would have bought more, ha!) until he healed just to ensure less stressful diaper changes knowing that his arms were one less thing I had to keep track of!

So there you have it, my honest, obsessive review on Suga Bebe Couture products ;) They are a necessity in my opinion!


BLovedBoston said...

His face in the photo with mia is so darn cute, like he's not quite sure about things! That pillow looks so neat! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

Hannah said...

What a little cutie pie :) Also, that nursing pillow looks amazing. I don't have a Boppy - I tired it once and thought it was useless, I saw this pillow and wanted one to use forever and always. Though, I still don't have one. It looks like the perfect nursing pillow!

Shaunacey Bonneville said...

he's the sweetest!! that pillow looks AWESOME!!!
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Evelina said...

How does that swaddle onesie work? Sounds brilliant!

According to Kiki said...

I too am crazy for elephant prints. My two year old's room is done in elephants. (; I love Mia's hair clip! Nursing pillows sure have come a long way. Personally I used a Mumbo, which is similar to a Bobby, but it vibrated. I really like yours though! (:


So nice and sweet pictures, like so much!! ;)


Mónica Sors



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