Friday, September 26, 2014

serious talk {win a Coach purse}

I like to keep my corner of the Internet light hearted (for the most part) and focused on my family, because this is my online journal after all :) But sometimes people reach out, in this case it was a dear friend from high school, and I just can't say no. If this can help even one person, how can I deny posting?
Have you heard of Safe Harbor Crisis Center - Davis County Coalition Against Violence? I hadn't either until my dear friend emailed me. They are apart of a neat fundraiser right now called Purple Purse Challenge. Basically, any donation of $20 enters you into a drawing to win a purple Coach purse designed by Kerry Washington, donated by Allstate (donation of $100 = 5 entries. make sense?) If you'd like to be entered into the drawing check out the official page here.

So, how is your donation benefiting Safe Harbor Crisis Center? Here is a little background on the center that my friend sent me: The Center deals rape victims right after their attack, all through their court dates, and the many years of healing after. We also have a shelter where they house women and their children who are in immediate danger due to domestic abuse. We are a high crisis center, pretty much everyone staying there's life is in jeopardy. They can stay in the shelter for 30 days or longer depending on their situation, we help them get jobs, safe housing, and the counselling they need. If men need our help we have a deal with a near by hotel, it's not nearly as safe but for now it's all we can do with our funding....did you know 40% of domestic violence victims are men? Crazy, huh?

We also have what is called Transitional Housing where the women can stay for 2-4 years, they pay low rent based on how much they make and live in an apartment complex we have tricked out with major security systems. It's basically a reverse jail, it's pretty cool. 

We also have two Protective Order girls who all they do, all day long is file restraining order, protective orders etc, for anyone in the community that seeks our help, men or women. 

And what we call "Outreach" it's where anyone can come and get counseling from the community along with their children.

We may be in Davis County (Utah) but since people are fleeing from their abusers they come from all over the state, so fundraising for us helps the entire state, not just women of Davis County. 
Your donation money goes to the services mentioned above.

I realize that this is a hard topic, and mainly geared for my Utah readers, but it got me thinking. I really don't know anything about any of the shelters in Utah. I am grateful they are there... but is that enough? I need to educate myself on the help that is offered (and what help these shelters need from me) because violence is too real these days. It's heart breaking and scary to talk about, but it's necessary to be educated. There is no pressure to donate, of course!! If anything, I hope this is eye opening to the things that are easily ignored until they are suddenly needed. I will be putting more effort in involving myself in the community and serving those around me!


Chrissy@SimpleJoysBlog said...

Sounds like a great cause!

Janna Renee said...

This is great! I recently heard of this, and I love the idea <3

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