Wednesday, May 1, 2013

wanna get to know us?

does NOT like heights. He won't ever ride in a ferris wheel or hot air balloon, closes his eyes when a roller coaster climbs a big hill and will never cliff dive.

 Eric's dream is to retire young, build hot rod's and muscle cars for fun (he really wants quite the collection), and eat ice cream every single day until he dies. Not a hard man to please at all....

One of his pet peeves is when people chew with their mouths open. If he's in an especially good mood (totally sarcastic here) chewing food in general irritates him.... even if your mouth is closed. :)

Eric is a proud Red Sox fan! That "B" means more than just "Boston" to him... he is a Brinkerhoff after all. (Seriously, I think he thinks the "B" was made for him!)

 Eric loves to bake! And he is SO good at it. That man can out bake me any day.

I could care less about weighing myself. In fact, the only time I've been weighed regularly was while I was pregnant. Since I've had Mia, I've only been on the scale once and that was at my 6 week check up. I care more about how my body looks, not how much it weighs.

I've never colored my hair anything but blond! Did I mention I'm a hairstylist? I'm supposed to be adventurous with my hair!! But I did chop off 15 inches after Eric and I got married. That's about as adventurous as I get :)

I have a horrible habit of cracking my knuckles that I just. can't. break. It's like the harder I try to stop, the more I crack. Ah!

My favorite feeling in the world is having my hair played with! I sure hope Mia will want to play with my hair, I may even pay her to do it as she gets older ;) Because Eric only does it once in a blue moon these days, ha ha.

I wish I could sing. I actually hate singing unless the music is turned up so loudly that I can't hear myself :) When I was young, I messed up during a voice recital and that has scarred me forever. I think my fear of messing up holds me back from ever developing a good voice.

Is such a snuggle baby and I LOVE it! We have discovered that when she's snuggling you, she rests her forehead against you and keeps a serious face. You can't get her to smile for the life of you.... until she is done snuggling. Then she pulls her head up and gives you a brilliant smile :)

Mia loves to have the skin around her nose and mouth touched. Which is makes it easy when we need to clean out her nose. She just smiles while we use the nose sucker, ha ha!

We haven't found a ticklish spot on her body yet. I wonder if that will develop later? 

She has one binky that she favors above all, even if they are the same brand! Pray that we never lose it ;)

Mia is the smartest, happiest, cutest, funniest and most perfect baby in the world. And we're not biased in any way, ha!  

Love to laugh!! Listening to Mia's happy laugh just reaffirms how important it is to have constant laughter in the home!

Eric's love for guns is rubbin' off on the whole famdamily. He taught me how to handle a gun safely, and how to shoot. And we will teach Mia the same when she gets old enough. We will have the knowledge and skills to protect ourselves if the need ever arose. 
We love to dance! Eric and I are looking forward to the days that we can have dance parties with Mia! We are going to have SO much fun :)
Eric watches chick flicks with me, I watch action movies with him, and Mia just loves to watch the TV in general (even though we don't let her watch it. But anytime it's on, her eyes are pulled to it like magnets, it drives me crazy!)
Sometimes we want to kill each other, but mostly we just love to love each other!   


Katrin said...

I wish I could sing too! I only sing when the music is so loud that nobody can hear me. :)
And I also hate it when people chew with their mouth open. It freaks me out!

P!nky said...

This is just the most precious post ever! Love how you wrote about everyone, so much fun to read.

Your baby is beyond beautiful and adorable and y'all are such a cute family.
Family dance parties sound divine :)!

Julie said...

I have the same mindset about weight. Unfortunately as I get older, its not pretty but then again its ok!

Alex[andra] said...

Ah, don't crack your knuckles!! My dad always said it'll give you arthritis.

I wish I could sing too. :(

Mia is so adorable. Such a great picture of the three of you!

Pamela said...

I crack my knuckles too :/ B fusses at me, which makes me do it even more ha! LOVE YALL!

Jennifer said...

My husband loves muscle cars as well. He would love to be able to build one up.

Paula said...

A beautiful little family! Thanks for visiting my blog today

Ashley said...

Awww. I haven't met you in real life, but I just love you guys! :) My husband wants a collection of cool old cars some day too.

I don't really ever get on a scale either. What's the point? I hope Mia plays with your hair too... isn't that the nicest, most relaxing feeling.

That's too funny Mia isn't ticklish. She is so darn cute!

Amberly said...

So cute!!! I'm kind of jealous that you don't care about weighing yourself, I think that is awesome!!!

Amanda English said...

I love my hair being played with too. ;) I'm also with you on the not weighing myself vs how does my body look. xoxo

dlpower said...

What is with babies and their fascination for tv? I just try to never have it on while she's awake. ha You guys are fun and seem like such a down to earth family. I love little Mia stories. They are so fun.

J and A said...

I never weigh myself either and even now it's just at appointments!! Loved this post. You have the sweetest family. :) PS. Your hair is beautiful!!!

lori said...

i love this post! so sweet that you love to dance together :)

mail4rosey said...

This is such a great post! Now I feel like I know a little bit about each of you, and your little one is just precious.

Anni said...

I can't believe she smiles when you clean out her nose! Mine both have a meltdown!

Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

I'm scared of heights like him and never weigh myself like you.

Great post!

Life Happens said...

You guys are so funny! And of course, Mia is the cutest!

Kristen said...

I've just stumbled across your blog and seriously love you guys already!! You have the cutest family. Mia is adorable, and theres nothing cuter than girl clothes, just saying!!

My fiance is afraid of heights also. Of course though, he doesnt mind flying planes...I'm not sure how that works? But anyway, you say Boston. Do you guys live there??

Tatiana said...

awww, this was really sweet :3 I can't believe your hair was long enough to chop off 15 inches, wow! and I'm jealous of your family dance parties ;)

plus mia is super cute, ohmygoodness!

Amy said...

Okay, you had me at Red Sox fan! :)

I'm totally with you on the weighing myself thing. I'm all about how I look or feel, not how much I weigh.

And Mia is sooo cute!

Kelly said...

Loved this post! I have always dreamed of being able to sing, but I admit I stink at it. Love the first pic of your tough! :)

Dinah Gacon said...

I loved reading more about you guys, so cute!!!!

xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

Veronica Watts said...

You guys are precious! What sweet lil baby girl.

Marli said...

agh! i loved getting to know y'all better through this!

i LOVE having my hair played with too. if someone wanted to play with it for hours...bring em on! :)

happy day, courtney.


Meghan said...

Y'all are adorable! & I too love having my hair played with!

Cayla said...

What a sweet post!! I too crack my knuckles, to the point of my husband freaking out, and I looove getting my hair played with. Same with ya though on not having it done often enough. I have to really beg for it!

Jeff and Cali said...

If I could pick a best friend just from a blog post, not gonna lie, it would probably be you guys. Love it.

Jamie Hart said...

Eric and I would get along quite well.. I cannot stand for someone to make noises while they eat, chewing with your mouth open makes me insane. My fiance will breathe funny sometimes while he eats and I will give him a look and he knows what he's doing. Confession: I made him tear up once because I hurt his feelings SO many times about the noises he makes while eating (and no he's not a puss). He's such a caveman, and my food is just THAT awesome!!

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