Sunday, November 25, 2012

what goes?

I feel like Eric and I have pretty much prepared for our baby girl's arrival as much as possible... except for packing the bags. With this being our first experience EVER of welcoming a new one into this world, I truly have no idea what to expect!

We got this bag for 20% off... woo hoo! And it's not very girly but Eric helped me pick it out and told me he'd carry it around ;)
The diaper bag- Am I packing it full of items to use in the hospital? Or does the hospital provide everything we'll need? Do I only pack her going home outfit (which I still don't have picked out, oops!) and a blanket? Or do I pack it full of... I don't even know? Help!!

The hospital bag- I am not one who likes to pack excessively. If I don't need it, I don't want to deal with it. So what do I absolutely NEED to take to the hospital? The only items on my list are socks (I hear your feet get cold?), my going home outfit (we found a cute sweats outfit, I want to be comfortable!), nursing bra and my boppy pillow (or does the hospital provide one so I don't have to take mine?). If all goes well, I only want to stay in the hospital for the necessary 24 hours and then go home so I can be truly comfortable! Of course I understand these things can't be planned.... so that's where I need your advice! What the heck do I pack in my hospital bag??


Sam said...

I have no idea, but my friend who is expecting pinned this on Pinterest!

Maybe that will help you!

Denise said...

The hospital provided everything except going home outfits for us. And the boppy, they didn't provide that either. I was in the hospital for 4 days so pack your tooth brush and deodorant ect. We were allowed to take home everything they provided at the hospital too!

Mindy said...

Courtney, we ate in Springvale. It was called "Switchback" I think ??? It was wonderful!

Hannah/ Mommarazzi said...

First of all I LOVE your diaper bag, you know your a mom when your checking out other mom & babies gear :) & secondly how exciting to be down to the nitty gritty like packing your bag!!

I am the opposite & would rather have too much than not enough, but for the sake of what you really really need I would suggest:

Take home outfit for mom& baby
boppy ( not all hospitals provide them)
socks ( cold & with your feet swelling because of all the fluids they pump into you the whole time you labor & deliver)
snacks for daddy
blankets & pillows for daddy ( if he is staying, hospital has extra if you don't bring yours though)
baby book- not necessary but when they take your baby's footprint right after birth they can stamp them directly in, so you don't have to hassle with it later...or forget
The hospital provides all the diapers & wipes, & blankets you'll need so unless you want something special they are super helpful.

Madeline said...

one of my biggest regrets was only having one outfit and out blanket for my daughter in the hospital. I so wished I'd brought cute headbands or a hat that was cuter than the hospitals one.... The one good hospital picture we have of her is in the ugly striped blanket they let you borrow and the hat they give you. Pretty bummer. Bring a glue stick and a little ribbon bow or a head band at least. You'll be so glad you did. And I think you'll be good in sweats. I didn't even want to put make up on right after having her ha

Amanda said...

I, of course, don't know any of the other things, but I love the diaper bag :) && the fact that he wants to carry it.. Precious! :)

Unknown said...

SNACKS!!! Especially once the baby's born then you're allowed to eat again finally! (and sometimes the hospital food isn't so great) We packed games too for during labor, made time go by faster.

For baby I'd pack everything especially since each hospital is different on what they provide. I asked a couple of my friends that had delivered at my hospital to find out what they give you, and they provided everything WHILE SHE WAS A PATIENT. Once we were being discharged we had to have clothes (duh) and blankets and everything to keep her warm, BUT they gave us the diapers and some formula (I didn't breastfeed) and wipes and some bath stuff ;) I'm so excited for you!! It's getting close!

The Stylers said...

going home outfit for you and baby is all you NEED but i would take some cute things for baby's head and a couple of cute blankets! and all your toiletries! hospital pretty much has everything you need and then some!

m+b said...

Way cute diaper bag! But don't take it to the hospital. Here's what I have in mine-a bunch of diapers (especially when they are teeny, they go through a lot in a day), nursing cover, ALWAYS have an extra outfit ( you never know when she'll have a blowout!), a couple of rattles, a travel size lotion & powder & diaper cream, disposable diaper bags to put stinky ones in, an extra binky & tissues.

I packed Ainsley's going home outfit & a bow, a set of pajamas for her. The hospital will provide diapers, but I wanted my own wipes because the ones at the hospital I had to get wet first & they were a pain! Definitely take your boppy your own breast pump (if you're using one) a couple of outfits for yourself (I just wore a cheap nightgown I got at target after I gave birth & honestly for the most part I wore the hospital gowns because I didn't have to worry about getting blood on them & they were nice while breast feeding too). The mesh underwear they provide are the best & I would say to use them as long as you can, but I bought some cheap underwear that I wore for like two weeks after so I didn't ruin my other ones. Take your own shampoo/conditioner & soap because you will want to shower! I only wore mascara home & my hair was pulled up (totally thought I would get all ready before going home, obviously didn't happen). Bring your camera, phone charger!! I was in too much pain to read or look at magazines, but I did watch tv a little. Make sure you take advantage of the lactation consultants, don't be embarrassed to ask them questions!!! I also LOVED having my own pillow! I took a squishy foam ball to squeeze during contraction, but it depends on how you deal with pain! OK I think that is all! Sorry for the novel, but I was SO glad that people gave me this advice so I'll share! Good luck! I was totally freaked out, but it's so worth it! Can't wait to see her & find out her name!

Shannon said...

Don't forget your camera and laptop/iPad/iPhone whatever you use to update the interwebs. Bring a backup outfit for the baby in case she has an unexpected blowout. Check with your hospital to see what they provide, some provide a lot others don't.

Lisa Campbell said...

Let's see. I brought a camera, baby outfit, um, makeup :), outfit for me to go home in, and that's just about it. But I do highly recommend going home after 24 hours if there's no complications. I did that with my second baby and it was so much nicer. I can hardly sleep in the hospital because they wake you up all. the. time. I'm excited for you! And good job getting a backpack style diaper bag. If I need a new bag someday, I'd like a bag like that.

Megan said...

We are working on packing our bags right now, too!! I will probably bring more than just a going home outfit for E, just because I want her to look cute in pictures!! Haha! So I will probably bring extra cute blankets and her own hats/bows. As for me, I pretty much plan to stay in the hospital gowns until I leave! I've heard nursing bras are a pain while in the hospital!

Kira said...

Our hospital provided everything the baby could possibly need and gave us lots to take home. I also think its standard for the hospital to provide you with all of the post-birth sanitary items you will need too. you probably will want to bring a couple changes of clothes for yourself. You can put clothes on a few hours after having the baby that are much more comfortable than a hospital gown! And we ended up having to stay an extra 24 hours so I'm glad I brought extra!

Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

I had a csection so my bag might be different from yours, but heres what I did:

2 pairs of PJs
Snacks for the hubby
Hair brush
Cell phone and charger
2 newborn outfits

Alyx said...

Dude. I don't know... but when you figure it out, can you shoot me a list? hahaha sorry!

April Rowell said...

First of all - thanks for the blog comment and I'm very thrilled to find a new blog to follow :) especially since I see that you are expecting a baby.....and a girl :) My baby is about to be 5 months old. I'm excited to see your adventure with your new one.

Second of all - here are a few things that I found useful.....notebook, pen, deodorant, hairbrush, chapstick and face wipes. My hospital did not provide a boppy but to be honest with you I brought mine but didn't even use it. They wanted me to do skin-to-skin and the boppy just kind of was in the way.

dlpower said...

Everything I am reading is great advice and I am grateful you did a blog post about this. I need all the advice i can get. My friend just had a baby and she said the one thing you have to watch out for is the hospital will charge you for everything. Medicine, pacifiers, etc. She recommended I read this article and I found it helpful: Hopefully that helps. Again, thanks for posting this. I am in need of this wisdom as well.

Anna & Kirby said...

This is all I used (actually packed, is a different story)
-a cute outfit for the hospital (not necessary at all)
-his going home outfit
-nursing something(bra, tank)
-going home outfit

Now I had a c-section so i also packed another outfit for myself because I wanted to feel good while I stayed. Other than that you don't need it or the hospital gives it to you.

So excited for you!

Eleanor at Mirror Of My World said...

hello! so sorry its been a while! congratulations on having a baby girl soon, how exciting!! :) my best friend just had a little girl and she has the best changing bag.

come visit me at, it would be fab to hear from you!

ellie xx

Court said...

the hospital will have everything for baby except for a going home outfit and carseat. they give you diapers, wipes, everything! i wouldn't bring the nappy bag. and if you need something for baby, ask them... they'll have it. they also have lansinoh for you, you just have to ask for it. all you need is comfy pajama's, toiletries, boppy, and an outfit to go home in.

Andrea said...

Just pack your personal items like makeup, hair stuff, shampoo and all that...and pads although they will provide those huge mesh panties/pads for your stay but some people dont like those (i did) they are huge and you don't have to worry about messes!

Pack gripe water and a soother!!

I usually brought three sleepers, and at least one of my own receiving blankets. AAAND jammies and a comfy outfit for myself. Also my first labour was 24 hours long so we brought our laptop which was a brilliant idea! Also don't forget your camera!

Andrea said...

Oh and baby powder and snacks! The hospital usually can provide most things including a nursing pillow. They also provide diapers and wipes

My Happily Ever After said...

I still brought my diaper bag even though I didn't use anything in it until on our way home. You never know if they will have a blow out or not. I made sure I had the outfit they were going to come home in the diaper bag and a blanket. (we weren't allowed to take any blankets home but that all depends on the hospital. For my bag I made sure to pack a couple of comfy clothes and shampoo and conditioner and such. I take a shower as soon as I can and change into my clothes because I don't really like the hospital gowns. I do pack make-up but I really only use mascara. Obviously a toothbrush, toothpaste, deoderant, etc. I think that is all for me. I did packed Vince a pair of comfy clothes and pj's. Phone charger (forgot that the last time) and I think that is everything. Just keep it simple. Even if you do stay longer than 24 hours Eric can always run home! :) Can't believe it is getting so close!! Can't wait to meet her! :)Love you!

Leslee said...

I agree with all posts above. Best advice though........ASK QUESTIONS!! Sometimes you get nurses that just expect you to know what to do and how to do things.....make sure they remember you are new to this and don't work at the hospital every day like they do. If you need something....ask for it....they most likely will have it for you. But they won't offer it half the time. Oh and make sure someone tells you about all the After math of having a kid. No one told me Anything about what your body does after the baby comes. Nothing to be scared of....just would have been nice to know.
GOOD LUCK!! You will do great. that little Girl will be worth every second!


Kendra L. said...

Diaper bag: I brought mine just in case, but you probably won't need it, especially if you live close to the hospital and your trip home will be pretty fast. I packed the baby's outfit, the basic diaper bag stuff-- a few diapers, wipes... (But the hospital provides all of that, so you won't need it in the hospital), just for your way home. If you are delivering at an IHC hospital, they might give you the option of Bella Baby newborn pictures. We had them do Crue's and were so happy we did! If you do something like that, I would bring a baby blanket and/or a hat or headband or whatever you might want for pictures.
For you: I definitely made sure we had our laptop, cell phones, camera, chapstick, my own pillow, my nursing pillow, overnight stuff like your toothbrush, shampoo etc (I felt so good to shower after the baby was born) hair and make up stuff. My hospital gave me socks and they were really comfy, it's true though- your feet get cold! I think hospitals have nursing pillows, but I think you might as well bring your own to get used to what you will be using.
Also, when you leave, take everything you can! (they expect you to so don't feel weird about it) Take the diapers, wipes, pads for you, even mesh panties, definitely take the Tucks and the numbing spray...I took those and even ended up going to Walgreens to buy some more--I used Tucks LIBERALLY lol they feel so good. That way you will also know exactly what to shop for if you do need more.
I can't think of anything else that I needed... I just looked at all the hospital bag lists I could find online, and narrowed it down by what I knew I would want and what I knew wouldn't matter. Such an exciting time for you! I get all emotional thinking about that time with my is THE BEST!!!

Afton said...

For the baby I seriously suggest packing nothing but the going home outfit and a blanket. The hospital (at least ours)lets you take home everything in the bassinet except the linens which meant we got to take the diapers , wipes ( I still have some from the hospital), shampoos, nose bulbs...everything. So everything I packed in our diaper bag , I didn't even need.

For your hospital bag , I'd pack a change of clothes. ( hospital gowns get old real quick)socks for maybe after labor. I was too into what I was doing to really notice if my feet were cold or not. Nursing bra , boppy , pillow, and all the electronics you want. Bring something to do , because the first few hours when you're waiting to progress get really boring. Snacks for Eric. Nothing else was really useful to me. Maybe it would have been if I didn't have a csection , but I feel like I seriously over packed.

Randi Gardner said...

For you just pack like it's a sleepover - with sore breasts lol! Just the basics, deodorant, tooth brush, comfy pants and loose shirts that are easy to nurse in - if you're nursing. I wish I packed something a bit cuter because people were visiting and even though I had just had a baby i wanted to feel pretty. So buy yourself some victorias secrect lounge waear or something.
And a loose robe or flowy cardigan is nice.
In your bag you'll also want a nursing bra and lanolish breast cream for sure! Slip on shoes, and I forgot body wash and shampoo. Thats a good idea if you decide to shower - of course.
Snacks for Eric is nice and also an extra toothbrush for him.

For baby you'll have diapers and stuff at the hospital but I would just pack how you would normally pack a baby bag. Binky, blanket, burp cloth, two outfits, a hat, lotion, a few diapers and wipes, - you never know what will happen on the ride home. lol
I found a checklist online that I used also. I think I found it on
Another note. Take everything from the hospital. Take the squirty sanitizing water bottle in the bathroom, (handy for showers afterwards) take the left over pack of diapers and wipes, take the ugly panties, take the binky.. They have to throw the half used stuff out anyway so might as well take it. But dont take any unopened stuff the the extra pack of diapers. That will cost extra and oh! remember each tylenol costs freaking 10 dollars. haha

Alexis Kaye said...

Okay I was told the hospital charges for EVERYTHING. Ibuprofen, diapers, etc. And it's like a million times more expensive. I'm bringing some newborn diapers, wipes, diaper cream, nipple cream, burp cloth, blanket one out fit and one pair of PJs for each newborn and 0-3 months because you don't know how big they'll be. As for me, Im all about comfort. I bought a fuzzy robe I figured would even be god on top of the gown because youre....kind of exposed in those things. I'm also bringing cozy socks, sweats, nursing tank, sweatshirt, flip flops for walking the halls or shower. then of course I'll grab the laptop and phone. Oh and a bunch of nursing pads! I hear they never have those because they're not totally essential...I'm planning on bringing snacks too. And lots of gum- I seriously hate bad breath. And lotion and toilitries like shampoo and conditioner- i hate the hospital crap. It makes your hair feel like wire. Good luck :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I have no idea what to pack except maybe comfy clothing to go home in? Love the bag!

Katie said...

The hospital will provide everything baby needs. Just take an outfit to bring her home in and of coarse her car seat! For you I would just suggest a comfy pair of Pj's in case you have to stay longer and can get out of the dreaded gown, socks, slippers or flip flops and something to wear home. I wouldn't take the boppy you won't be there long enough and I wouldn't want nasty hospital germs to get on it! lol Good luck so excited for you!

nellenamarie said...

Well you really didnt even need to worry about if eric liked the daiper bag or not, I did that with tyler and seriously the only time they really carry it is in church! So next go round, Im just getting whatever bag I want cause Im the one hauling it everywhere:) You dont need very much for the hospital though, I brought a coming home outfit for her, a cute sleep sack cause they clothes they give you for your baby are not cute...and I brought some cute hats that I made for her too cause the hospitals are cute either. Something I didnt think about when I brought the blanket was pictures...they will take pics for you at the hospital and you HAVE to buy them. We paid WAY too much for ours....except not, I wouldnt trade them for anything in the world because your baby will never be that new again so trust me you will want them. Anyways had I thought of it I would have brought a cuter blanket. The only other thing I wished I had was makeup! I dont know what i was thinking but when people came to visit and for pics I was like I look like a mess haha. But other than that, I mean there really isnt anything glamorous about having a baby so dont worry about you too much cause there really just isnt a whole lot you can do:) Oh, but I did bring a headband for delivery and that was very nice to keep my hair out of my face! Good Luck! Dont try to plan it out too much though or you will be disappointed when not everything goes your way, which it wont....that was the best advice I got, just be open minded and ready for anything:)

Laurie @ Stylin Savanna said...

Was going to comment but it looks like everyone already took all my suggestions, my biggest thing I almost forgot was facial wipes, you never know when people will come see you and its always nice when your face feels fresh and clean:] hair ties or headbands, I put my hair in braids that way I had cute waves for when people wanted to take pictures. Make sure you take a book or something to read or an ipad or kindle if you have one. I have horrible skin and hate being seen without makeup so I kept a tinted foundation with me as vain as it sounds lol my husband thought I was nuts but I felt better:) I agree too about a cute blanket for pictures!

Molly said...

If you're going to an Intermountain hospital, they gave us a diaper bag full of stuff: diapers, wipes, formula, bottles (baby needed formula to supplement before my milk came in). All that I actually used there: hair ties, Chapstick, socks, clothes and toiletries for husband, roomy clothes to go home in, laptop, phones + chargers, camera, DVDs for labor (before the epidural), blanket and one outfit for baby (and the car seat, of course). We left with so much more than we went there with.

Hilary said...

So I was going to read through all of your comments to see if someone had mentioned this, but there were a TON! :-) Before you guys leave the hospital to go home, make sure you take EVERYTHING! Diapers, blankets, creams, etc. If it's in the room already, you've been charged for it - you might as well take it!

That Girl said...

I was induced and when I knew I was going to be I added some stuff to my bag - my favorite movies, a computer, and trashy magazines - all distractions because I knew I'd be there a while. And I was. I went in Friday night and sat around for over 24 hours waiting for something to happen. However, if you go into labor on your own, they'd be completely unnecessary.

What I used:

Toiletry bag - face wash, toothbrush/paste, contact stuff, glasses, shampoo, bodywash, brush, ponytail holder, headband

otter pops - so much better than ice chips during labor

pillows - with different colored pillowcases so they didn't confused with the hospital stuff

camera/video camera/phone/chargers

footwear - socks/slippers/flip flops

A robe, 2 nursing tanks and a pair of yoga pants, which I wore in the hospital and for going home

stuff for the baby - cap, 2 outfits (because we didn't know how big he'd be), swaddling blanket

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