Tuesday, September 4, 2012

hair talk {dove conditioner}

Being a hairstylist I am always asked, "what's a good, inexpensive shampoo and conditioner?" and I never know what to say because I never buy my shampoo and conditioner from the grocery store. It's not that I'm a snob, but I really do believe in salon grade products, and I'm not willing to skimp on my hair! To keep it long and healthy looking, I need to use good products!
When I was contacted about reviewing Dove's Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner I jumped at the opportunity! I'm happy to say that I am thoroughly impressed with this conditioner! The Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner is a dual phase treatment that is supposed to deeply nourish hair without a greasy feel, as well as sealing the cuticle and smoothing frizz. I was happy to find that the conditioner is good and thick but when I dried my hair it was light and bouncy, instead of greasy and weighted down by the conditioner. Side note: One trick I use to keep body in the roots of my hair is to gather my hair into a pony tail and only condition the hair hanging from the pony. I never put conditioner on my roots! Like I said before, it keeps your roots light and bouncy for body and it should prevent oily roots a tad bit longer. And the product smells amazing (not that you should buy products based on the smell, but it's definitely a perk)!

Seriously, look how awesome my hair looks! This conditioner is a great one to have during the summer. We all know how damaging the sun, chlorine, and salt can be when we spend our days outside and swimming! But no one ever realizes how damaging the winter weather can be to hair as well. It snows all winter long in my neck of the woods, but somehow all the moisture is sucked out of the air and it's painfully dry to my hair and skin. So this conditioner will also be a life saver during those dry winter months!
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Be sure to visit Dove®Hair.com to get a coupon for $1.50 off Dove Hair Therapy products.

P.S. I'm happy to say that I'll be regularly posting "hair talk" tutorials and hair care tips! If you have any more requests of what you'd like to know, ask away! :)


Laurie @ Stylin Savanna said...

I've tried several hair conditioners, including Dove. When I used it I loved it, however, If I stick witha certain brand to long it's like my hair grows immune to it or something and it makes it crazy greasy and frizzy:( I've been using the new brand CLEAN for a few months now and I'm loving that. I do a WEN deep cleaning treatment 2x's a month. SO far so good! Will have to look into Dove again though:) Thanks for sharing!

Afton said...

I actually was still wondering what you used in my hair when you colored and cut it back in Feb. I die.

Alicia Marie said...

I love all Dove products! And it's the only soap that doesn't make me itchy.

Katie Did What said...

Ahh, Zack just got this for me a little while ago! I've been anxious to try it, but I still have to finish my current conditioner (I'm very anal about that- haha!) before I start a new one. But now I'm even more excited to use it, because, girl, your hair looks GOOD!

Ashley said...

I never condition my roots either and do the conditioner in my ponytail as well...Glad to know from a pro that I"m doing that correctly!

Julie said...

I have that as my next shampoo to try - with my hair being naturally curly, I can never find something that really works

That Girl said...

I haven't used Dove shampoo in a while, but there was a time it was a regular on my shower shelf.

33bbhair33 said...

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chantal marie said...

thanks for sharing!! your hair does look great!

Jana Faith said...

Wow! This is a very useful review. I'm not a fan of conditioners usually and I'm also "cheap". I'll definitely be trying this the next time we go to the store. Thanks!

Niina - My Paper Chaos said...

I think I need to try this conditioner because my hair is so damaged at the moment. Being a blonde is never a good thing for your hair haha :)

Hope you're having a great week!

Niina - My Paper Chaos said...

I think I need to try this conditioner because my hair is so damaged at the moment. Being a blonde is never a good thing for your hair haha :)

Hope you're having a great week!

Megan said...

Your hair looks great!!

I'd love to know your favorite hair tools to use (flat irons, curling irons, etc) and your favorite heat protecting products!! :)

Chelsea said...

Please please give us all of your tips! Your hair always looks sooo amazing!

Janna Renee said...

I don't put conditioner on my roots either! Wait...I might have learned that from you. Haha.

Tere Shake said...

oh.. i would never use store bought on my hair. im not a snob either, but i know what they say about store bought. sometimes it comes from the black market and the product is not always what they say it is. you are daring girlfriend. there are tons of salon brands that are the same price as store bought brands. just my 2 cents. love ya.

caucasian hair cut said...

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