Monday, November 8, 2010

Picture happy?

Not today!  Today is a sad day!  Remember how I said more dating pictures to come?  Well here you go!

I hope you enjoyed that...  It's all we're getting :(  Our computer crashed and we lost all of our dating pictures because I didn't back them up.  Ah!  Stupid!  And sad!  Safe to say.. I learned my lesson!  ALWAYS have multiple copies of pictures!
It's funny to think my kids will read this and tell me how ancient digital pictures are...ah!  I don't want to get old and outdated haha :)


Danielle said...

My dad is super busy but if he has time he may be able to recover your pictures for you. he is a computer whiz and did it for my sister.

Jessica and Trent said...

oh so sad :( i should go back up all of our pictures right now

Niken said...

i really get that sad feeling. like last year my external HD got infected by viruses. i lost 300 GB data from 500 GB. and those 300 GB data were mostly photos. felt like the world crumbled. now i've known have back-up more than just one, and keep my external HD save!

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