Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Solo Por Ti...

Caution: Try not to fall in love with Eric as you picture him translating this song :) And yes I'm listening to this song as I blog so be prepared for some sappiness!                                                                                                                           

Solo Por Ti
By: Josh Groban

Dime que haría
De mis dias?
Quien soñaría
Si no estas?
Como podría
Respirar el aire, lejos de ti
Cuando no estas aquí?

Solo por ti caminaría
En la infinidad
Afrontaria contigo
La eternidad
Solo por ti

Dime lo que
Siente tu alma?
Dime porque
Vive en mi?
No se, pero voy muriendo
Lento, solo, sin ti
Triste me quedo asi

Solo por ti caminaría
En la infinidad
Afrontaría contigo
La eternidad
Solo por ti

Te dare mil poesias
Las escribire para ti
Cantare mis melodias
Con la musica de tu alma

Solo por ti caminaria
En la infinidad
Afrontaria contigo
La eternidad

Solo por ti caminaria
En la infinidad
Afrontaria amar por la enternidad
Yo solo
Solo por ti

Only For You

Tell me what I would do
With my days?
Who could dream
Without you there?
How could I
Breath the air, far away from you
When you're not here?

Only for you, I would walk
In infinity
I would face
Eternity with you
Only for you

Tell me what
Does your soul feel?
Tell me why
It lives in me?
I don't know why, but I'm slowly dying
Alone, without you
I remain sad

Only for you, I would walk
In infinity
I would face
Eternity with you
Only for you

I will give you a thousand poems
I will write them just for you
I will sing my melodies
With the music of your soul

Only for you, I would walk
In infinity
I would face
Eternity with you

Only for you, I would walk
In infinity
I would face to love for all eternity
Alone, only for you

This song is gorgeous!  Please listen to it the first chance you get!  I loved this song even before I knew what it meant.  What does it mean to me now that I know what it means?!  This is our song.  Yes we have a song :)  And isn't it just so cute, and sappy, and romantic?!  Aw I love it!
This song made me realize I love Eric :)  Here's the story:
Eric was over one night just hanging out and for some reason I got on the computer and started showing him songs I liked.  Well I loved this song :Solo Por Ti: but had no idea what it meant.  Then I realized Eric speaks spanish!  He can tell me!  So we listened to the song together then I played it a second time and after each line Eric would translate.  The word to call the feelings I felt is love.  I was in awe, scared, surprised, emotional, excited, shocked, and everything else you can imagine!  I'm in love with his boy!  Every time I hear this song it takes me back to that moment and I still remember how it felt!  It was so scary and exhilarating all at the same time!  This song marked the beginning for me (Eric was already head over heels :)) and I never looked back!  
Eric is my best friend, my support system, my partner in crime, and my lover. I don't want to ever find out what life would be like without him.


Tara said...

Hey Courtney! It's Tara from The Dating Divas! :) We got yer comment. You can just send your friends to that post on our blog if they are interested in the Canvas Promo. We weren't sure if you wanted to email them...but if so, here is the link to that post:

You can just copy & paste that into your email. You are gonna love yours! I just found the perfect spot in our house for mine....and I am wondering if I should do some type of collage on our wall with some more! {WINK} XOXO, Tara

Amy said...

Hey girl.. LOVE LOVE LOVE that song to!! It is a good one and YES I love your story about it, soo CUTE!!

Jillian said...

This was the sweetest post I have ever read! It is so sweet that you can pin point the exact moment you fell in love.

My husband speaks spanish as well, it is so sexy hahaha.

This really is a great song. Have a wondeerful day!

Jacqueline said...

What a cute post. Love your picture in front of the Temple (is that ST. George?) What a wonderful love story.

aftonbrooke said...

This has actually always been my favorite Josh Groban song... Super pretty

Anonymous said...

Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

- Daniel

Courtney B said...

Daniel- I'm no expert. My husband is though :)

Baby Sister said...

That's one of mine and my Hubby's songs too. Only I translated it for him. SUCH a cute song. I LOVE Josh.

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