Friday, March 4, 2016

our baby wearing experience {Happy Baby Wrap}

I've had so many inquiries on wraps and our experience with baby wearing (which I LOVE! Don't ever hesitate to shoot me an email, ask on Instagram or whatever! If you have questions, please ask away!) that I figured it was time to share our experience with a blog post! Let me introduce my love for Happy Baby Wraps and all the perks we scored with baby wearing!
Hat c/o The Posh Plum

I never wore Mia as a babe unless we went hiking, and even then I used a crappy, cheap carrier that probably wasn't comfortable for her (sorry Mia!) I don't know if wraps were just coming out then or if I was just completely oblivious to the world of baby wearing, but I am sad I missed out on experiencing that with her! To say I was excited to try baby wraps with James is an understatement! I couldn't wait... and our experience did not disappoint!
I first wore James when he was just 5 days old and I immediately fell in love with how cozy and snuggly it was for him! I made it a point to wrap him to me each day, even if it was just for a walk to the mail box, so that we could get used to it quicker! Once our parents went back home and it was all on me to keep both kids alive (while staying sane) it became necessary to wear James almost every day! Wrangling a toddler is no joke and I often feel like I need two pairs of hands to do it... but since that's not possible, keeping both of my hands free is key ;)
My favorite thing about baby wearing in public (besides the obvious- keeping my baby snuggled close) is that people tend to keep their distance when James is strapped to me. We were out and about as a new family of 4 when James was just 2 weeks old and we stopped for a quick lunch. We left James in his car seat with a cover, and some strange lady seriously came over and lifted the cover up, then stuck her head in the car seat. Umm, excuse me?! He was covered for a reason!! Strangers have no problem invading sweet baby's personal space, but an adult? That's a different story. I've never had a stranger (over the age of 10, ha ha! kids are a different story) try to touch James, let alone stick their face in his while I'm wearing him... can I get a hallelujah?! Baby wearing for the win!
When I look back on the first five months of James' life, I just didn't have the time to sit and snuggle him all day the way I did with Mia, unfortunately! That's all I wanted to do because I knew this time around just how quickly the time passes, and it's just not fair! But James isn't my only baby and Mia needs my attention as well! My favorite thing about wearing James at home (or anywhere for that matter) is that he was snuggled close to me and that's all he knew! It didn't matter that I was making dinner, playing with Mia, doing my hair, etc... for all he knew, I was sitting on the couch and doing nothing but snuggling him! We both had that closeness we needed and craved (it was a tad more relaxing on his end ;)) and I was able to tend to my other duties as well! So if you haven't caught on by now... I'm a huge baby wearing lover and recommend it to all momma's! We adore Happy Baby Wraps (we own 4, ha ha!) and definitely recommend the brand!

Wrap c/o Happy Baby Wrap

James is such a big boy (he weighs over 17 pounds now! Holy cow, kid! Slow down!) and I'm sad to see the wrap days come to a close, but I am looking into a carrier for more support. I'm sure I'll still use my wraps when I will only be wearing him for a short time, but I need more support for longer periods of time (hiking, etc) I am totally open to (and would love some) suggestions/recommendations!


Nikki said...

I LOVE baby wearing! It's something I miss so much! Now that #babybigtruck is pushing 2 it seems as though the only time I wear her is when we are flying and I wear her on my back. Other than that someone is just too independent to be worn. I miss it!

Jenn said...

Im so glad that the baby wearing experience has been a good one, especially since you're busier now than when you had just one babe to look after. I can't believe that woman lifted the blanket!!! In the words of Stephanie Tanner "HOW RUDE!!"

Krista said...

Before you go with Ergo, look into lillebaby. I have both, and my lillebaby fits me so much better than an Ergo. I am 5'5" and 120 lbs (when not preggo, ha), and the Ergo seems to sit too widely on my shoulders. My sis likes it, but she is bigger boned than me. My lillebaby fits me like a glove and I will never buy another SSC. Plus, it has way more carry options than an Ergo. Good luck! There's a Babywearing on a Budget group on fb that had nothing over $100, if you're interested, and lots of carriers posted on there.

Evelina said...

I am definitely looking forward to baby wearing when we have a baby! It seems like such a great solution for mama and baby. There are so many companies that seem to sell them though! What do you think sets these ones apart? And I also can't believe the lady lifted the blanket while James was in his carrier! That's crossing the line.

Brady and Lindsay Wood said...

I would totally get an ergo. I LOVE mine and you know my boys they are HUGE. and I have back problems and it gives me the support i need much more than the bjorn I had with Ryker.

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

I wish I'd worn Aria when she was a baby too. I had a mei tai and she hated it so I gave up. If we have another we'd definitely get all the wraps!

Hannah said...

I love baby wraps, especially for those tiny newborn days. Any chance I had to strap Oliver [or Emerson when he was a nugget] to me, I was all for it. I'm so thankful they make baby wraps, it makes getting tasks of all kinds easier, and gives you the joy of cuddling your babe close! :)

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