Friday, January 8, 2016

so much love

Today's round up of Friday features has one thing in common... love ;) I have absolutely loved these products and feel so fortunate to have received these for review! My one complaint is that James is growing too fast and can't wear some of these outfits anymore :( but I suppose there's no one to blame for my chunky little man, ha ha!

Baby nightgowns are my absolute favorite, especially for the middle of the night diaper changes! I have multiple nightgowns but my favorite by far is this sweet "Sleepy Bear" gown from Loved By Hannah And Eli! I'm still squeezing James into this because I can't seem to let it go! I made sure to pack this in my hospital bag (look at my freshly born James in this photo!!) and he's worn it as much as possible since! This is probably one outfit I will cry over when he's officially done wearing it (which probably should have been a month ago, ha)!

I find too much joy in matching my babies (including matching myself to my babies... I have a sickness ;) ha ha!) so you can imagine how these outfits from L'oved Baby make my heart pitter patter! Combine that with the soft, organic fabric and I might never let my kids grow out of these... or I suppose I'll have to buy an outfit in every size ;)

Binky clips are a necessity that are so easily overlooked until you find yourself in dire need of one... am I right? I spaced buying some for James so it was such a relief when Loved By Sophia Claire reached out and wanted to send us some, as well as a matching bow for the proud big sister! These leather binky clips are my favorite! They are the cutest for girls and just perfect (and masculine enough) for boys! I always have one clipped in the car seat and another one clipped to my diaper bag so that it's ready to go at all times, no matter where we are! I clip them on to my wraps while I wear James and it's so nice to never worry about them falling to the floor when he spits them out! 
Remember how I mentioned bows? You can also find the cutest and most dainty leather bows here as well! One stop shop for baby boy and/or girl ;)


P!nky said...


Brooklyn Terry said...

Adorable photos!! Such sweet children!

Jenn said...

Mia is SUCH a good big sister. You can tell how much she loves and dotes on him! Love it!!

BLovedBoston said...

Ok girl you are giving me serious baby fever here - I love how sweet Mia is to her baby brother but of course we all knew she'd be the sweetest! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

Anonymous said...

That second picture of your littles is beyond precious!!

Mandie said...

I just cannot get over what a great sister that Mia is. I love it. :)

Foxy's Domestic Side said...

OH my goodness too much cuteness! Those matching PJ's, love, love, love!

Kelly Mock said...

Aww! What adorable photos! Just love!

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