Friday, September 18, 2015


Sunday marks the day that Mia will be another month older. 3 more months until she turns 3, say what?! And this is her last monthly updated before officially being upgraded to a big sister! I am so excited for her and I just know she's ready for this change! Funny thing, I always said it would be great if my kids were 2 years 9 months - 3 years apart. I can't believe this actually worked out! Anyway, back to Mia! She is the star of our lives and this blog after all ;)

Dress and Purse c/o Arden Store
- Mia is saying little phrases that are constantly shocking me. I am always surprised at what she remembers hearing and she always repeats them at the right time (and when it's not the right time? It's too funny!) Little things like, "no problem!" or "holy cow!" or "I can't 'weive (believe) it" while burying her head in her hands, ha ha!
- She can count to twenty (I tried to teach her to count to thirty yesterday and she told me to stop talking around 29, ha ha!), knows her ABC's and has a few songs memorized! She also remembers certain Spanish words that Eric has taught her and uses them whenever she feels like it. My favorite is when she asks for "a'ua" instead of "water" It takes me a minute to remember that she's speaking a different language :)
- I feel like I've taken away a bit of her childhood by making her shower these days, but I just can't bend over to wash her down in the tub. Thankfully she loves showering and she will be back to baths after brother is born (but maybe not until he can bath with her?! She really likes showering and I really like that it only takes 2 minutes, ha ha!)
- Mia is very opinionated! Especially when it comes to her clothes, shoes and hair. She has a hairstylist for a mom but asks for a dang pony tail every. single day.
- She is the best listener and follows the rules like no other toddler I've ever seen, but lately she's testing the limits. She took a (washable, thank goodness) marker to our kitchen table, some of her toys, etc. I can't decide if she's "lashing out" due to the changes coming our way with the baby, or if this is a phase she was going to test out whether these big changes were coming or not.
- We are obsessed with Mia's big girl bed! I still can't believe how easy the transition was (like, there wasn't even a transition period!) She did fall out of her bed early one morning while sleeping and hit her head on the corner of the wood bed frame, so we bought one of those ugly guard rails to keep her safe!  
- Mia gets sassier by the day and it's kind of terrifying, ha ha! At first I was blaming it on the pregnancy and changes she knows are coming... until a friend mentioned how the 3's are worse than the "terrible 2's"... that's when I realized that this won't go away once baby is born. Things just might get crazier until she turns 4?! I guess we'll find out :) She's still the sweetest ever, when she wants to be ;) 
- Lately when she wants my attention, Mia will holler, "Courtney!" whether we are in public or at home. I immediately respond with, "what's my name?!" and she looks at me like duh mom as she replies, "mommy!" ha ha!
- She still wears mainly 2T clothing, but her clothing sizes range from 12 month - 3T. Size 6 shoes. Size 5 diapers. The cute girls at my doctor office weighed Mia and she weighs 28 pounds!

We are just obsessed with this girl and love that she's ours forever!  


Jenn said...

I love that! I can't be-wieve she is almost 3!!!! Love all of her adorable stories, and I can't wait to hear the cute ones that come when she's a big sister!! :)

Pamela {Sequins and Sea Breezes} said...

Aww her little mannerisms are so cute! And love that she let you curl her hair for that picture instead of requesting a pony tail haha! How cute is it that she asks for a'ua instead of water? Love it!
<3, Pamela
Sequins & Sea Breezes

Jenn said...

P.S. does her dress come in adult size because it's adorable!! :)

P!nky said...

GAH, she is so adorable, just alil girl now, not a baby. What the heck?!?!

BLovedBoston said...

I die over her little comments - she's the sweetest and cutest! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

Tawnya Faust said...

She is so darling, I freaking love that dress! UGH the threes are turning out to be a nightmare over here... S turns three next month and I've been noticing a change in her this past month. She used to be so sweet, mild and listen but now she's testing limits left right and centre and VERY opinionated. Fits happen at the drop of a hat, or the word "no". I'm not looking forward to the 3's.... This has definitely been the most challenging part of parenting for us thus far, we keep saying that our parenting didn't really start until now and we are at a loss at times!

Our Pretty Little Girls said...

3's are TOTALLY worse than the 2's. I thought the 2's were fantastic.

She is such a doll and I love that little purse. So sweet. Happy Friday!

Shaunacey Bonneville said...

little fashionista!
Annabelle said "oh my God, that's ridiculous" the other day... I nearly died but also couldn't help laughing. Little ears are listening all of the time!

elle jo said...

She's so cute! Sophie's close to 2, and she comes up with the most hilarious times to imitate us (she'll drink out of an empty bottle whenever Kyle does it).

I think it's hilarious that she calls your name like that, my cousin's daughter does that too especially when she's looking for attention same exact thing.
liz jo @ sundays with sophie

Emily said...

Have I mentioned she's adorable?! She's going to be so a great big sister!

allison_cooley3@hotmail.comson said...

I giggled at the counting to 29 one. She's getting so big!

'Tis Our Life Blog

Anonymous said...

Whew! Glad I'm not the only one who's been having a testy toddler. Some days are ROUGH and result in lots of timeouts in her room.. the struggle. And showering the babe (especially while pregnant!) heck yeah! Some nights I Rae just showers with me and my husband hands me Aubrey so we all shower at once then he gets them ready for bed and I finish showering haha. So much faster!

Erin LFF said...

She is soooo cute and looking so grown up these days!!! :)

Evelina said...

So funny that she calls you by your first name! Does she do the same with your hubby?

Annette said...

What a cutie. Yes, the 3's were harder than the 2's in this house... I'm sure she'll be looking for more attention when her baby brother arrives, but you never know, maybe she'll love being 'Mommy's Little Helper' (or 'Courtney's Little Helper - ha!) Enjoy!

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