Friday, February 20, 2015


Another month, another update on the fasted growing girl we know (at least, that's how it seems!) Mia experienced a lot of change this last month and she's handled it like a champ! She is such a blessing and our lives are so much happier with Mia in it!
- Mia's vocabulary continues to explode! It blows our minds each day as we have conversations with Mia, and listen to repeat new words by the minute! I'm putting together a list of "Miaisms" that will be fun to share with you all!
- I wasn't great at writing down the new words this month, but I did remember to record a few. She's definitely our child... obsessed with food. She's been learning how to name everything we're eating! She says, "e'cine" (medicine), "'isgus'ing" (disgusting), "owas suice" (orange juice), "pot pie", "dilla" (quesadilla), "ostco" (Costco), "oh my gosh/goodness", "oh toodies" (oh toodles, from Mickey Mouse club house, ha!), "spill", "sticker", "cereal", "izza" (pizza), "'prise" (surprise).
- Since we made the decision to move to Arizona, Eric has been more motivated to start teaching Mia Spanish. She now asks for "agua" and "water" equally. She knows that milk is "leche" and he is trying to teach her to say "te amo" for "I love you" :) Anytime they talk about animals he tells her their English, then Spanish  name. I'm excited for her to learn more Spanish because it's actually helping me learn Spanish!
- This has been going on for awhile now, but Mia is great at remembering names/faces. Family, friends, etc. She asks for new people each day and gets so excited when she sees pictures of them, facetimes or sees them in person!
- We don't really have colors nailed down, at all. She can say the names of all the colors, but can't match the name with the color at all. Everything is "orange".
- Mia can point to everything on her body- cheeks, toes, forehead, etc.
- She moved to a new state! This is obviously old news, but Mia handled our move to Arizona so well! She did regress for a week or so where she babbled on and on in this high pitched baby talk. It was actually really weird for us to see that because for the most part, if she's not saying actual words, she's trying to make her babble sound like real words. I think she's mostly over the baby talk now, ha!
- Poor Mia got her first ever sore throat (that we know about) She also woke up in hives one day, I still have NO idea what she was allergic to. But that was her first time getting hives. 1/2 teaspoon of children's benedryl and it cleared right up!
- Mia mostly wears size 24 month/2t clothes but still fits in most 12 and 18 month clothes. She is currently wearing last summer's clothes (since it's in the 80's in Arizona!) She still wears size 5 shoes.
- I have Mia in size 5 diapers but I'm having the WORST time finding diapers we like in this size. I absolutely love the way the Target diapers fit her, but she's allergic to the elastic band on the back. She pees right through Luvs and Huggies if she's sitting down (example, she can be in a brand new diaper but if she had a lot to drink and I stick her in her car seat? It all just leaks out of the diaper. It's infuriating!) I am going to try Pampers next but I don't know which to try after that, if Pampers doesn't work out? Maybe this is a sign that we need to start potty training, ha ha!

Aside from the diaper mess we are trying to figure out right now, life with Mia couldn't be better! We love our two year old!      


Jenn said...

Oh toodies might be my favorite! I love seeing kids' vocabularies grow (but maybe that's the speech therapist in me getting excited haha). I think it's awesome how well Mia has adjusted to all of the changes around her, but that's really a testament to you two keeping things steady for her and just showing her love during the big changes.
She's adorable in that Hello Love shirt!! I just can't even :)
Have a great weekend and enjoy your warm weather--I'm totally envious :)

Kelly Mock said...

Cuter by the minute!!!

Laynah said...

I can't wait for the mia-isms! Kids crack me up haha

Caroline @ Windy City Chic said...

Oh my gosh her sandals!! SO cute!!! I hope that you have a wonderful weekend! :-)

Heather Leigh_A beautiful ministry said...

She is so stinkin cute!! I just love how they talk at this age. :)

BLovedBoston said...

She's such a smart little cookie! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

Afton said...

It might also be the type in a certain brand. Like with Huggies we can only use the easy ups or cruisers. If we use baby dry she leaks right out of them. Pampers we use the cruisers or now that they make the swaddlers in her size we use those as well. Otherwise she leaks/gets rashes.

tina bumblebee said...

Maybe you'll have better luck with the pull ups? If you are thinking of starting potty training in the coming months then it's important to use the pull ups first anyway. However, they might be even less absorbant, so I don't know! There are lots of brands like Seventh Generation and Honest Company that you could try!

Elizabeth [Chasin' Mason] said...

I know this is probably horrible, but I think it is so cute when kids say "disgusting". Like such a big word for a little kid to tell you they don't like something lol. said...

This is such a cute picture! I love it!
Melanie @

Lauren said...

For awhile everything was ORANGE for Elyse as well...which cracked me up because to me that is one of the hardest colors for them to say!

Tara said...

Haha everything is "pink" over here :)

we just potty-trained Kaya and it really wasn't as hard as I expected (although there were definitely days I wanted to quit)!

Brittany said...

I just wish you posted endless videos of her talking. I could listen to her precious voice all day! :)

P!nky said...

I love oh toodies! Toodles is so funny ;)!

I like disgusting, too!

jack!e @ One Saturday Morning said...

One of my favorite things about my baby growing into a toddler/preschooler is being able to communicate and see them learn and grow and start saying new words and funny things every day! It's so fun! We had so many fit issues with diaper with my son, too. Love the Target diapers, but they seemed to irritate his skin also. I liked using the Huggies overnites (he is a big boy, in size 6 and was leaking all over the place, too... we're are potty training now, thankfully!) and those worked better. I like Luvs for a while, too. It's so hard to find the right fit because every child is made differently! God luck!

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