Friday, January 23, 2015


Since it's my birthday weekend, I figured what better way to ring in 27 than talking about myself?! I wish it wasn't true, but I do like talking about myself (ha ha) so when I saw this fun post on my girl Pinky's blog, I knew I had to participate in the fun!

Four names that people call me other than my real name:

1- Barbie
2- Beba ("babe" in Spanish)
3- Mommy
4- Court (I don't really have nicknames, ha!) 

Four jobs I’ve had:

1- Arctic Circle (I went home and cried when I got hired because I was a snotty 16yr old and was way too good for fast food. Turns out that it paid the bills, until I changed jobs, and I made good friends! I'm still in contact with one, over 10 years later!)
2- Babysitting. (I was the queen of babysitting.)
3- Server (Even though I was only 18, Tony Romas hired me as a server. The bartender took care of all my alcohol orders.)
4- Hairstylist (I'm still at the salon I started at when I finished hair school, 8 years ago?) 

Four movies you’ve watched more than once:
1- Frozen
2- Tangled
3- Pride and Prejudice
4- Red

Four books I’d recommend:

1- The Alchemist 
2- The Mortal Instrument Series
3- Harry Potter (I bought the first book on audio for Eric since he refuses to open a book, ha!)
4- The Napping House (It's Mia's fave, ha ha!)

Four places I’ve lived:

1- Southern Utah
2- Northern Utah
3- Small town Southern Utah
4- Now you know why I'm so nervous to move to Arizona and start over new :) 

Four Places you have visited:

1- Boston
2- Hawaii
3- Mexico
4- Disneyland/California (All since being married) 

Four places I’d rather be right now:

1- Disneyland (Of course! Now that it's on my mind, ha ha)
2- The beach (A warm, sunny, tropical beach!)
3- Vegas
4- Snuggled in bed with Eric and Mia, watching a good movie. (Probably Frozen or Tangled ;)) 

Four things I don’t eat:

1- Cottage cheese
2- The fat on bacon unless it's totally cooked to a crisp. (I don't do chewy.) 
3- Black licorice
4- Mushrooms (Or at least I try my very hardest not to eat that fungus.)

Four of my favorite foods:

1- Pizza
2- Icecream
3- White chocolate covered popcorn
4-  Pasta (Does it get any healthier?? I really eat very healthy, I promise!)

Four things I’m looking forward to this year: 

1- Getting settled in Arizona! (Wish us luck! The nerves are coming on stronger the closer it gets to moving time!)
2- Taking Mia to Disneyland.
3- Having friends and family come stay with us in Arizona! We love having company come stay!
4- Lots of mommy + me activities! (Dance, tumbling, swim lessons)

Four things I’m always saying:

1- I love you so much!
2- "Babe" (So much so that Mia called Eric "babe" all morning yesterday for the first time, ha ha!)
3- Sorry. (But not when it really counts, of course. Working on my pride, babe!)
4-  Shut up?! (As in: you're kidding me! Or: no way! Yeah, I'll be changin' my phrase real fast when Mia starts exclaiming "shut up?!" to everyone, ha ha!)

There you have it... lots of random little things about me that you never cared to know ;)
Shirt c/o Collectively Yours Skirt c/o Eshakti


Jessica @ Better Together and Forever said...

I have one of these kind of posts sitting in my drafts to be submitted one day! I love this! I am with you on the fat on bacon I hate it unless its really crispy!! :) Happy Friday!

Kelly Mock said...

The Napping House is a favorite here too!!!

sara [at] journey of doing said...

Happy birthday girlie!!!! I started giggling at Mia calling Eric babe. So cute!!

Kaleigh said...

i was a tony romo's girl too!

P!nky said...

YAY! Loved reading this about you. Such a fun post right?!?!?

Let's meet in Vegas and have pizza, pasta and ice cream together!!!! So excited for your move, might have to plan a AZ trip!

Jenn said...

Im with you on the fatty bacon...that's a no go. I like my bacon extra crispy, please and thank you!!
I think your move will be great! I might be taking some inspiration from you in the upcoming year or so!

Alycia said...

Aww fun!! We have the same birthday weekend! Mine is today! :) Happy birthday to you, my friend! :) Hope you have a great weekend!

Hall Around Texas said...

You are adorable! Happy Birthday weekend! I hope it's one of the best yet. :)) (Mine was last weekend! Yay for January bdays!) Tony Roma's was my dad's favorite restaurant and we used to go there almost every single weekend. ha! I'm going to copy this post. :)

Brooke said...

I hope you have one AMAZING Birthday weekend!! I would totally rather be in Disneyland right now haha!! And I'm totally obsessed with your outfit at the end!!

Ashley Brickner said...

Love reading about you!! Have the BEST weekend - you deserve it!

Jamie @ The Jamie's + 1 said...

What a fun post!! Loved learning more about you!!!

chantal marie said...

Thanks for sharing! Happy Birthday!!

Jessica said...

ahh love the napping house :) Happy Birthday!!

Brittany said...

I love this and I love learning little bits about my favorite bloggers! Harry Potter is the absolute best, hands down. Have a great weekend, love!

Amanda {Tickled Pink} said...

You're too adorable! Loved reading more about you! Have a fabulous weekend!!!!!

Bethany said...

It's my birthday this saturday! Yay for weekend birthdays. I am going to borrow this post and link to yours. I love it!

Marli said...

i just LOVED reading all these things about you. happy birthday!!!

Brittany @ Perpetually Daydreaming said...

Happy Birthday!! Love your skirt in that picture. Too funny that Mia called your hubby babe. And I'm totally with you on not doing the chewy bacon thing. Eww. Have a fab weekend!!

Shenine joon said...

Happy Birthday!! How cute that Mia was calling her daddy Babe. so stinking cute!!

Kelsi Strong said...

You are so cute! Hope you have a great birthday! Good luck with the move! I'm excited to see pictures :)

Jeff and Cali said...

What part of Arizona are you moving to? I was born there, and moved back right after we got married! (Gilbert/Mesa area). It's a great place full of great people. Aside from the heat, it really is a wonderful place to live!

Erin LFF said...

Happy Birthday weekend!!!! :) Your 4 foods you don't eat are EXACTLY the same as mine!! haha, i love it! :)

Christy said...

Love this and might have to steal it! :) And that is such an adorable outfit! Wish I could steal that, too! ;)

Anonymous said...

this was so cute!! said...

I loved learning so much about you! Your move to Arizona will be great-- how fun that you get to try out a new state!
Melanie @

Caroline @ Windy City Chic said...

I'm with you on the black licorice and ew to chewy fat on bacon!! Happy Birthday to you too, and I hope that you have a fabulous birthday weekend. You deserve it lady!! :-)

Jessie said...

Happiest of Birthdays! I loved reading this. Too cute. My boys have suddenly started saying, "what the crap?" Haha Maybe I should change my phrase too.

Elizabeth [Chasin' Mason] said...

Loved reading about you! Hope you have the BEST birthday weekend! Can't wait to see the goodies that you post even though I will be drooling over here and sad I can't eat them lol. xo

Sarita @ it's my girls' world said...

haha… love this list--- I did this a while back. yeah, shut up might be an issue! you don't what to know what my two year old picked up from me-- let's just say it rhymes with bit ;-s

hello erin said...

i loved this post! you're seriously adorable. have the best birthday EVER!!!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday girl! I cant believe Mia called Eric Babe! How cute!!

Love Always,

Kimberly said...

Happy Birthday!! I want to do this post too! And Olivia used to say Shut up!! because I would say it too, just like you. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! |
I'm the same way when it comes to bacon - it must be crispy or I won't touch it. Surprisingly I am the exact opposite with toast - if it's too crispy I, or dark in any way I won't touch it.

Suget said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!

And I have a book recommendation for you! I really enjoyed the Paper Magician series!! haha
I loved reading your Vegas recap! I miss that place.

tina bumblebee said...

How can you not eat mushrooms?1?!?! SO GOOD

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