Friday, November 28, 2014

workout wishlist {}

 This is my "Wow Mia, that is SO cool!" face :)
I love this fun, little surprise detail in my top! Jacket and tank c/o

So let's be honest here, these pictures are obviously posed for this post (I don't workout with my hair down and there's always a nice shine to my skin from the sweat, ha!) but I really can't stress how much I love my jacket and workout tank from!
I couldn't help but laugh at the day I chose to post my review... I'm still recovering from my Thanksgiving food coma, which means I'm sitting on the couch shopping the online sales (and most definitely not working out) ;) But then again, what better day to shout my love for these workout clothes? Not only are they offering some amazing black Friday deals, but has made our lives easier by creating a Holiday gift guide that benefits anyone and everyone! So while you're crossing items off your Christmas lists, be sure to visit (but good luck not adding more items to your own wishlist! I personally just added this top, these shorts and these awesome socks for my piyo classes to my own wish list!)

P.S. As pictured below, I really do wear these clothes while I workout ;) Happy shopping!