Friday, October 10, 2014

Collectively Yours + Jacob's Scarves

shirt c/o Collectively Yours to see more photos of the me wearing the shirt in action, click here.

Let's ignore my ultra cheesy hair for a minute (what can I say? I couldn't resist matching my hair to my shirt) and talk about this shirt from Collectively Yours. It is so adorable, so comfy and fits just right! I love how versatile it is! It can be worn as a lounging shirt at home, a casual outfit (for example, a play date at a farm!) and I plan on pairing it with my pink, fluffy tulle skirt  for a fun, girly outfit! This top paired perfectly with the scarf picture below... obviously this is going to be quite a staple in my wardrobe! I kind of want one in every print now, ha ha!

Since I paired the shirt with my scarf I decided to talk about both in one post, because I'm head over heels for my scarf from Jacob's Scarves! I actually know the owner, I've known her most of my life! They are doing an amazing thing with the shop and funding educations for children that wouldn't receive it otherwise. They offer the most gorgeous scarves and again, I want one in every color (gosh, I'm greedy today!) To be honest, I love scarves on everyone else but never felt like I could pull them off myself, so I was really nervous about show casing this. But obviously this infinity scarf could make anyone look good ;) The best part is that it's so soft and light weight, I think I'll be able to get away with wearing it all year long! What a beautiful accessory and I can't wait to add more scarves to my wardrobe!

On a different note... Eric took a few pictures of us at the pumpkin patch when I asked if he would get some of just me and the scarf. My sweet, loving husband lost his patience with the camera (ha!) snapped one photo and told me he was over it. Thank heavens it miraculously turned out perfectly (at least I think so!) because there was no way he was taking another picture. I think I need a photographer because I'm pretty sure he just quit on me...
(But that won't stop me from pestering you to get pictures, babe. Sorry, not sorry!)
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Shaunacey Bonneville said...

love the shirt and scarf!!!
Can't wait to take Annabelle to the pumpkin patch!!

BLovedBoston said...

That really is such a cute skirt - I can't wait to see how it looks when you pair it with your tulle skirt!! I'm sure he doesn't mind taking pictures of his gorgeous wife!! Have a great weekend!!

Pamela {Sequins and Sea Breezes} said...

Love that shirt and that scarf!!! So cute and comfy!! And your bow hair literally made me look twice! I thought I was seeing things! ;)

<3, Pamela

Tracy said...

I love the bow shirt! And your hair! :) I have a sweater very similar to that but sadly don't have the skills to match my hair to it ;)

Kelly Mock said...

Too much cuteness in this post!

Mandie said...

Are you just the cutest lil thing! I love the scarf. :)

Mandie ~

Mandy said...

Cute pics and hair!!! Random hair question:: My hair hardly even stays in a ponytail without falling out because my hair is super straight and fine and soft....any pointers's fine but I have a good amount of it and I swear I can't ever wear a high ponytail because of how slick it is. I don't know a THING about hair, can you tell? Anyway, cute pics and girls.

Elizabeth [Chasin' Mason] said...

Love the scarf!!! I am a scarf lover so I might have to check them out and see what cute goodies they have!

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