Thursday, July 24, 2014


Oh how I need to read every one's advice from today's link up! This whole "learning to communicate" is definitely a learning curve that Mia and I will hopefully overcome... eventually? Just to give you a little feel for our daily interactions, here's a sneak peek :)

"Mia, let's change your diaper!"
"Nnnnnnno!" as she runs away screaming.
(But really, her favorite word is "no". It's just the cutest thing.)

When Mia gets frustrated with or at something she doesn't hesitate to give an ear splitting, high pitched scream that seriously tempts us to throw her out the window...
But we love her so much that we would never throw her out the window, duh :) Instead we tell her in our calmest, nicest voices that "we don't scream when we're frustrated, Mia! Be nice!"
She usually stops screaming... until she gets frustrated again :)

Mia is really into pushing kids her size these days... once again? So. Much. Fun.
The moment I catch her pushing, I gently grab her hands in mine and tell her, "we don't push! Be nice/soft. Say sorry and give him/her a hug!"
Mia smiles and eagerly gives the child a hug... which means I've just created the funnest game. Push, hug, repeat!

"I love you, Mia!" Since she doesn't know how to say it back, she gives us a kiss! So at least we are doin' something right!

Mia communicates so well without using words that I sometimes wonder if she'll ever find the desire to really pick up a vocabulary :) Actually, she loves to jabber so much and she's really picked up words and loves to mimic us! This stage is sooooo fun but I often worry that I'm not teaching her correctly. We can see more than ever what a sponge her little brain is and that she's soaking up every move we make! I just want to be the best example for her... so I am looking forward to all the advice I can get on the positive ways to teach her to communicate!     
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P!nky said...

You're doing a great job of teaching her to communicate and understand her emotions. keep it up, lady!

Ashley @ said...

Gosh she has too much personality bundled up in the tiny body! It sounds like you're doing a great job of positive reinforcement for her. I always wonder why parents yell/scream at their children to not yell/scream. Totally hypocritical!

Julie said...

Just wait until she starts calling you guys by your first names - unless you guys say Mommy and Daddy all the time, even to each other.

Sarah said...

oh gosh, she's a spit fire that one. sometimes it's so hard not to laugh or think something is so cute when they're doing something wrong, cause then it just makes them keep doing it. Often times we'll ask him, we can do this the hard way with a consequence or the easy way, it's your choice. And if he does chose the hard way we do whatever it is, like washing hands, we don't talk to him at all, don't look at him, just pick him up wash his hands for him and then he gets a consequence along with it, like no reading books before bed, or no playing before bed. Which he really dislikes when we do that, after the first time he almost always chooses the easy way. But we didn't start doing that until he really understood us, so might be a little early for you yet. :) You're doing a good job mama!

Hannah said...

At least she tells you when she doesn't want something, right? :) Emerson just runs off -sometimes crying and sometimes laughing when it's time for a diaper change. I figure if I just keep talking a lot and using a nice voice he'll eventually learn to use his words... right? It sounds like you are doing a great job with Mia though! She will learn through your example :)

Mandie said...

All kids learn at different paces & it sounds like you're going a good job. I think the best thing to do is the repeat game. Good luck! :)

Mandie -

Kimberly said...

Hahaha, so cute!!! Axel says "no" but even when he means yes. Do you want a cookie? No.

And it's super cute how all his sentences start with I WANT! I want more, I want Dad, I want . . .

Ashley Brickner said...

Why is no cute?! Waverly says ... Stop it! And I can't help but think it's cute (most of the time!). ;)

Danielle said...

We are just starting to figure out what Milo's words are. It's SO FUN! Right now if there's anything he needs/anything wrong, the word is "mama!". Best thing EVER!

Anonymous said...

Don't you love the "no" business!? Greyson wasn't a big "no" sayer until recently. Luckily he doesn't usually use it in the defiant context.

But we're right there with ya on the being physical with others, except ours is hitting. Good thing most moms understand that they're not trying to be mean & don't freak out! ;)

Elizabeth [Chasin' Mason] said...

Sweet, innocent Mia is screaming no and hitting? Say it ain't so! She looks so sweet and cute and innocent in pictures that it's hard to believe... but she is a toddler just like all toddlers so it's bound to come eventually :) Haha. Mason does the same thing and sometimes I have a hard time being serious when I think it's funny (oops!)

Ashleigh said...

You are doing a wonderful job mamma! Just remember patience is the key always even when it can seem the hardest to do! She will get there in her own time :) Hang in there! PS I think all little ones love the word NO hehe...

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