Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

"A father's calling is eternal and it's importance transcends time. It is a calling for both time and eternity."
Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful, hard working men out there, especially our dads! And an even more special Happy Father's Day to the man that make our (mine and Mia's) world go 'round. Eric, you are the sweetest, most attentive, most loving daddy and Mia completely adores you! I love watching you two interact, it's like you're in your own little world together :) Thank you for working so hard for our little family, and loving us to no end! You're the BEST!


Alycia said...

Aren't daddy's the greatest!

Alycia//Crazily Normal

Unknown said...

This is beautiful. Watching my husband and our son has been more than I could have ever wanted. I'm so glad that you and Mia have that, too. :) Happy Daddy's Day, Eric!

Elizabeth [Chasin' Mason] said...

So sweet! What a wonderful photo of them! You can truly see the love :) Happy Father's Day to your husband!

Angie said...

I adore that photo!
Hope you all have enjoyed a wonderful day!

Kayla Dolen said...

Love that picture!!!!

Boy, oh {mamas} boys

NewlyLoved said...

great post!
xo Jessica

Dawn said...

SUCH a sweet photo. Happy Father's Day to your hubby!

Life Happens said...

Love that quote. And the picture is just precious! Hope you guys had a fabulous father's day weekend!

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