Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Loving: all things pink, red and sparkly; little hearts, big hearts, and all things lovey-dovey. I really think I love Valentine's day/month just because everything is SO cutesy! Tell me I'm not the only one?!

Reading: books with Mia. The girl LOVES books! But I'm ready to dive into a new book/series myself. Any suggestions?

Trying to: not lose my mind. Most mom's hate winter because their kids are sick the whole time. Well, this winter Eric is the one that's been sick the whole time! Last Wednesday he felt like death, stayed home from work which never happens, and went to the doctor. Ours wasn't in, so he saw a different one in the office who assured him he had a viral infection, even though we suspected strep (and wouldn't test him for it). Thursday morning Eric felt even worse and stayed home again. This definitely never ever happens, so I called our doctor. He called in a prescription for strep and I prayed that was the problem. He stayed home again Friday (what?! he was miserable!) but by evening he started acting like his normal self. Saturday he woke up and felt pretty good, hallelujah!! Until Saturday evening when he went to insta care for PINK EYE!! I'm not even sure how he got that since he never left the house... AH! It's safe to say that we are sick of sickness.

Wishing: and hoping and PRAYING that we haven't lost all of our pictures of Mia!! Saturday night Mia accidentally knocked our lap top down. It was a tiny spill but it landed just right so that the screen doesn't turn on anymore. We bought a new laptop and I'm eagerly awaiting it's arrival so that I can get back to blogging like normal ;), and so that I can hopefully project the old laptop onto the new one and pull all of our files and pictures off of it! Do you know what else I'm wishing? That I wasn't such a procrastinator! We bought an external hard drive for Christmas and obviously never made use of it. Ugh!

Excited for: our Valentine's date! We are celebrating on Saturday and my parents are taking Mia for most of the day! Eric and I need this one on one time to reconnect and just have fun. I'm totally looking forward to it!


Laurie @ Stylin Savanna said...

OH NO!! I know people talk about "the man cold" but honestly, when Nick is sick he never complains, so when he stays home sick, I know something is legit wrong.Pink eye? ugh!! I feel bad for Eric! :(

Hope you didn't lose the pictures. I'm looking forward to a Valentine's Day date this weekend as well, BUT we are supposed to get a FOOT of snow Thursday which really just sucks. I'm hoping it doesn't ruin or 8:30 Dinner reservations on Friday=/

Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh, i hope Eric is feeling better now.I hate when either Chris or Sydney get sick.

But yay for a Valentines Day date! I hope you two have fun!!

Kirsty and Seth said...

Poor Eric! I hope he is feeling much better now.

Have fun on your Valentine's date! Seth and I are meant to be having an early Valentine's date being as though my mum will be here to look after Caleb but I've been ill for the last week so fingers crossed I will be better in time! Xx

kirstyandseth. blogspot.co.uk

Lauren said...

Ughh...having a sick daddy/hubby is NO FUN at all, My hubby is definitely not the best patient!

We celebrated Valentine's Day spontaneously last night with a fun date night out!

~Dawn~ said...

Uugh, I feel your husbands pain. I had strep a few weeks ago and literally thought the next phase was death. It was AWFUL! I hope he's on the mend really soon and that you and Mia stay healthy!!

Enjoy your Valentine's Week!

Kelli Gilbert said...

fingers crossed for those pictures not being gone!!

Kelli Gilbert said...

fingers crossed for those pictures not being gone!!

Linzi Scarsella said...

I love this love month too! I hope you guys have an awesome Saturday together. You've got some great support over there!

Shauna said...

Yikes, I hope you can recover the pictures. Happy love week.


Anonymous said...

Valentine's Day is my favorite day of the year!! :) I love all the reds and pinks and hearts and flowers too.

Hope Eric feels better soon! That sounds awful. He's had a rough go.

Pamela said...

Girl, I hope yall have a wonderful time Saturday! You two def deserve & need time ALONE! :)

K&R said...

ughh i hope you are able to get things figured out with your new computer. back that baby up haha!

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