Friday, September 6, 2013

let's play a game

Flashback Friday. 31 weeks and one of my very favorite pictures when I was pregnant!

1- I never take selfies. It's so much easier to post pictures of me with other people because a) I feel so awkward taking selfies (aka they always look awkward) and b) no one focuses on me if there are other people to look at. Phew! But I want to start having more confidence in ME, so watch out for the random selfie every now and again on Instagram :)

2- I will probably have hearing aids at a young age. I got tubes put in my ears when I was a little girl and the holes in my ear drums never closed up. I ended up having surgery to close them up and I suspect my hearing sucks because of that whole process. I usually have to read lips to catch every word that is said.

3- When I turned 16 I borrowed my dad's car all the time until I got my own car. My parents told me I had to get a job (babysitting didn't count anymore) if I wanted to keep borrowing. I collected job applications from locations near our home, thinking I'd just turn them down (because I wanted a glamorous job) if they actually wanted to interview me. When I returned my application to Arctic Circle... they hired me on the spot. And I went home and bawled my eyes out, ha ha! This definitely wasn't the "glamorous" job I had in mind!

4- I H A T E feet. I almost died in cosmetology school when I learned that pedicures were a requirement to pass. And I've been quite rude in the past, pointing out my friend's ugly feet to their face (I am SO sorry about that! I've learned to keep my mouth shut!). BUT, I could kiss Mia's feet all. day. long. I dread the day that she starts getting gross, stinky kid feet.

5- I have to have a treat (or 2 or 3 or....) every day. This is the reason I work out. And have permanent cottage cheese on my bum (if that doesn't make me avoid treats, I don't know what will)!

6- I was the queen of babysitting while growing up! I've always loved kids and I'm really good with them, too. Because of that I think people were shocked that I didn't start having my own babies right after marriage. 5 years later..... and I could not be happier about it!

7- I was voted "most likely to look 911 up in the phone book" in 9th grade. Charming, I know. I've definitely grown out of the "ditsy" stage but I'm still very naive. I don't understand why someone would say something if they aren't being honest, you know?

8- One thing I regret most about high school is that I didn't get involved in extracurricular activities. I actually quit everything because I thought my social life was most important. I didn't realize you could have both!

9- I danced (ballet, to be specific) for years and I've never done the splits. Not even once.

10- I feel totally and completely satisfied being an almost stay at home mom. I work one day a week (because I truly love doing hair and I love my clients. I just can't let them go yet. Also, I feel it's a good thing to have Mia around other people than just me.) and I don't have the desire to work any more. Days that are filled with Mia are the BEST kind of days.

Tell me one thing (or 10) about yourself that most people don't know. I really want to get to know YOU better! Seriously, don't hold back!


RadiantKristen said...

I love these random facts about you! I think babysitting is a real job... I paid for a trip to FL and two trips to Europe with babysitting money, if only you could have gotten your parents to see it that way too!

Dee Stephens said...

I did a ton of babysitting growing up too but never really thought I wanted kids of my own until I hit 30.
Random facto about me: I was Miss Teen of Arkansas back in 1991 :)

smug princess said...

I worked at a bank in high school and I wish I did something less glamorous. It wasn't a "fun" job and I never really did get to have a "fun" one [my idea of fun anyway].

I love feet. Especially mine. I think that people hate feet when they don't like their own feet [just a theory]. My husband also has amazing feet.

My mom does hair and nails. She owns her own salon, too. Which makes me getting my hair done a problem. I don't trust people with my hair and I lived in Hawaii for 4 years and SC now for 1.5 years. My mom lives in Illinois. So every time I see her I have to get my hair done. I actually have all the stuff to do my hair here at my house, but it's just for when my mom is here visiting.

I have treats, too. I love dark chocolate and salted caramel so I but the Ghirarrdelli packs at the store and whenever I need a snack I go have one.

I did gymnastics for years and I can't touch my toes. lol. I mean, I can, but I have to bounce. I am way more flexible backwards. So weird.

That's all I have for now. =P

Jessie said...

I think working a little bit is good for you, Mama! Loved this. Don't know if I have the energy to think of ten random things though. haha

Nic at Haus of Harnois said...

I'm the same way with photos! I was actually just getting emotional with my hubby the other day because I have so many pictures of him and our daughter and not me because I'm always the one with the camera!

Erin said...

Haha the 911 one is hilarious. I can't imagine wanting to work when I have kids either. I mean I'm already a nanny now so I'm basically a stay at home mom as is haha. No way I'll go back to a "real" job.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I only take selfies with my pets - that way I can justify it :)

Random fact: I always know EXACTLY how many days there is until Christmas. I'm a bit Christmas-crazy.

Shelley said...

I loved learning random things about you!!

eray said...

I HATE feet, too. They're like hands that you walk on... Haha. And for some weird reason that totally grosses me out.

Unknown said...

This is awesome! Loved reading this post! :))
hah. Full of fun, and honesty. Well done you!
And hey - be confident! You're gorgeous! And even though that selfless are a bit awkward - there's nothing wrong with them! :)
I think it's nice to do them. But obviously there's a limit! Looking forward to see them :P

Julie said...

I am in the same "hearing" boat as you and have traveled quite the path with my lovely ears. If you ever want to compare stories, let me know!

Unknown said...

Can I just respond to some of yours? I have so much to say!

1. I never wanted to post pics of myself, but I love seeing them of other people. It makes you feel like you know the blogger better, ya know? So I've tried to be better.

4. Olivia's cute baby feet are pretty much gone. She's 2 1/2, so you've got another year and a half, maybe a little more.

7. I often get called gullible. I prefer trusting.

9. I did dance for a couple years but quit to take sewing lessons. Still, I practiced the splits all the time. Never could do them.

10. I love being a stay at home mom too! I do think you're super lucky to get to work one day a week. I sew my designs on my kitchen table during naps. When Axel is a little older I might get a sitter once a week so I can work in peace!

Ashley Smith said...

Im addicted to powder substances (not in drug form lol). Whenever i see flour, sand, sugar, baby powder my mouth will literally start to water and i have an urge to take a clump of it in my hands and squeeze really hard, eat it, or put my feet in it. My husband knows to keep the house stocked with fun-dip..i call it my crack lol

Sarah said...

i danced too! loved reading this about you mama :)

Unknown said...

Lol@ #2 and #7!!

And I managed a nail salon for a few years but worked as a manicurist too. Like you, I HATED DOING PEDICURES!!! The salon I managed was a very popular choice for Duke University students so we had a lot of easy girls (one would think they'd be a little snooty but they weren't!) but the Duke Hospital employees..? Oh gees, most of them were always in a hurry because they were coming in between lunch times... I mean come on. Seriously.

I'm so glad you left a comment on one of my entries! I love this place, your honesty, and the welcoming humor. :) Thanks for following me! I've followed you via Bloglovin!

Cece @Mahogany Drive said...

I can do the splits but I had to work very hard at getting them back and keeping them is even harder! I LOVE ballet. I was never all that good at it though. I don't know how anyone can do pedicures! Some people are just okay with it. I did a totally random confessions post today too if you want to check it out.

Erin @ Love, the Campbells said...

Aww I love this picture of you with all the pumpkins in the background! It's perfect :)

Erin @ Love, the Campbells said...

PS. I'm totally with you on the "I hate feet" comment. They are DISGUSTING no matter what they look like! Haha!

Jaclyn Y said...

I was the same way in high school! My social life was too busy and important for me to get involved in anything else...which I also now regret. I had surgery when I was younger as well too - I was cross eyed! Thank you mom and dad for fixing that!


Audrey said...

Most likely to look up 911 in a phone book? I can't believe they put that in a yearbook! XD

I either feel overly narcissistic or awkward, so I try to avoid being alone in photos...

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comment and for following my blog dear! I'm following back and loved this post! I also hate feet. Of course I hate my own feet because I was a professional figure skater and my feet are gross due to wearing hard figure skates for 15 years straight! xx Pip

Easy Outfits by Pip

Bri Buzali said...

I hate feet too, they've always weirded me out! Haha hope you're having a great weekend!

Unknown said...

I love learning random facts about people! This was so fun to read. I might have to model after you and share a few random facts about me. If I were as beautiful as you, I'd take selfies everyday! :)

Liesl said...

I LOVED learning more about you, Courtney, and I just love following you on Instagram, so, your thought to do more "selfless" I think is are beautiful, inside and out!!! :) You and my younger sister are right there with the hating of feet...I had to laugh out loud! And here's to us both having our blonde moments! ;)

eliz said...

Hahaha I hate feet too...mostly because my feet are horribly destroyed from wearing heels...but I kiss my lil girl's feet all the time.

Lucky on only working one day a week...perfect schedule if you ask me!

Emily said...

HAHA I loved that you went home and cried because you got the job. I always liked having jobs in highschool, because then I could afford gas money to go places, and clothes I wanted. I had tube in my ears as a kid too. I still say "huh?" sometimes or don't properly hear someone so I just nod my head and mumble okay - :) lol.

Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

These are great getting to know yous- I loved reading it :)! I regret the opposite in high school- I had so much going on that I didn't have enough for fun stuff. I wish I had taken some more fun classes and quit some stuff.

Dinah Gacon said...

I always enjoy reading "getting to know you" posts!! So fun!!

I have decided that I am going to be a stay at home mom when baby girl arrives...I have worked my booty off and its time to focus on life and my lil girl coming!! So glad you enjoy staying home mostly!

Funny thing about me...I actually hated babysitting when I was a kid..and didn't even think I was a kid person...sheesh, I know once we meet our lil one things will change.

xo Dinah @ Sunshine super glam

Janna Renee said...

IF we had kids, I think I'd still want to work one to two days a week to change things up. Seems like a great idea. Considering you say you have so many treats, you look AMAZING. I work out so that I can eat treats too ;)

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