Thursday, May 19, 2011

tutorial: how to create a "stale" marshmallow

Oh my LANTA.  Friends.  I had no clue my stale marshmallow love affair would create such a controversy in blog land.  (Ok, "controversy" may be spreading the truth a little thin, and maybe "stale" was the wrong word to use?)  But because I love you all, here is the most simple tutorial for the perfect way to eat a marshmallow :)
I'll be using peeps as my example:

1.  Take a knife and slice a small section of plastic wrap.
2.  Stick peeps in your pantry (or somewhere hidden so that you won't eat them before process is complete)
3.  Let them sit there anywhere from a week to a month.
4.  Dig in... Enjoy.... then you may come back and thank me.

Yes.  I'm for real!  I just can't believe ya'll have never tried them like this!?  That's ok though, we can still be friends :)

p.s.  I don't like the mallows in months old.  I'm not that weird or disgusting!  This makes sense...right?  And I don't eat the Jet Puff type marshmallow's "stale".  Those go in my freazer though :) 
p.p.s.  I was serious when I said you can thank me after you try this :)

p.p.p.s.  Is 23 too young to be in a book club?!  Seriously, all I want to do right now is talk about the Mortal Instruments series!  Gah!


Christy said...

Umm...yeah. I don't like Peeps anyway. So I'm not going to try this. But hey---whatever works for you! ;)

ConnieB said...

I think it sounds kinda good! hehe! If I had any peeps left over this is what I would've done (:

Jennifer said...

OMG I love my peeps the same way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY I'm not the only one.

Anonymous said...

I love my peeps and marshmellows that way also. At Walmart they have the big fire roasting marshmellows and they are the best when they are a little hard on the outside and then they are still a little soft on the inside. I love marshmellows the same way. You are not the only one.

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

I dont like peeps and I think I would hate them stale. I hate stale food. I microwave my mellows and when I get peeps for Easter they go in the microwave.

Megan said...

Hahahaha. You are SO funny!!!

Candace said...

I'm totally a fan! I was actually talking to my husband about it around Easter and he was making fun of me because he says no one eats them like that. Glad to have found someone else though! Mmmm, I wish I had some now..

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Stale Peeps are the best thing ever. You know what else I like, that is weird, but sort of kind of the same thing? I like to leave my Lucky Charms in the pantry with the box lid open so that the marshmallows get all smooshy. (sidenote: I only eat my cereal dry. NO milk for me. Blech.) ANYWAY...I like to pick out those smoothy marshmallows and enjoy them. YUM.

I'm glad you shared the stale marshmallow trick with the rest of the world. THEY WILL THANK YOU, for sure. ;)

Unknown said...

um like the best thing EVER!!!!! I LOVE marshmellows period. But Peeps stale ROCKS. But whats even better, putting marshmellows in the microwave hmmmmm YUMMY!!! I love this post. Best EVER

Emily said...

Oh man! I love doing this. It's the only way to eat peeps I swear.

Amy said...

LOL you are too funny, that sounds sooo not tasty.
BUT - I'm 24 and I'm in a book club, and it's seriously the highlight of my month. SOOOOooo good. Start one!

Sarah Eldridge said...

I do the same thing with peeps! I think one week is the perfect amount of time to "simmer".

Tatiana said...

Hahaha you're too funny. I'm not a huge peeps fan, but make them stale, and I may just throw up allover my shoes. Or yours. Whateves. Love ya though :-)

Sharstin said...

this is to funny!! i love it:) happy weekend!

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

Kay Court, you have officially grossed me out! haha

Ashley said...

hahah this is SOOOOO FUNNY. You should go search for all the left over peeps from easter at the dollar store! Im sure theyre stale now! :) haha i love it

Shay said...

I don't know dude, that is a big price to pay if I don't end up liking them, ha...I really can't waste sugar;-)

Maggy said...

whaaaat? I'm confused, how are they better? this is too funny.

his little lady said...

ha, i can honestly say i've never eaten stale marshmellow peeps. next time i get some i'll make sure to test this theory out! thanks for sharing!!

Alyssa :) said...

I do! haha They're yummy, but Kyle is way more obsessed than I am. And thank you for your sweet comment, you're gorgeous too!! It was really a nightmare with those brizesmaid-zillas!!! Good thing they're out of the picture now!

Raven said...

how did I miss the stale peeps post? Can I just say that I hate peeps NUMBER ONE so I'm sure I wouldn't like them any better if they were stale. glad you do though :)

mary said...

Oh no! I should have sent you all our leftover peeps to enjoy! Aww next time...giggles! xox!

Anonymous said...

This is funny! Just might have to try it.

I want to join a book club as well!! haha.

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons said...


I'm intrigued ;)

Haley said...

i don't think you know how happy this makes me :) My dad and i used to always do that to our peep every easter!!! SO GOOD.

Ashley from Sloanbook said...

Hahaha. Random. Oh and DEFINITELY go buy an external hard drive. Just go to Best Buy and see what they have. SO WORTH IT! Don't wait to do it!

Ashley Sloan

Loran said...

So I've ALWAYS eaten my Peeps stale - very, very stale. Stick em on top of the fridge right after Easter and have perfect stale Peeps in a couple weeks. ...Not so this year! They've been up there, plastic completely off, since Easter morn and they're still soft! Has anyone else had this problem?? I'm wondering if they changed the recipe or something. So bummed, too! Dying for some stale Peeps!

Deveny said...

Not so sure about stale peeps.... lol but I did want to say I totally agree about the book club. Being in a family ward with almost no younger couples puts a damper on potential club reads. :) I'm on the third Mortal Instruments... faintly reminds me of Star Wars... siblings kissing... barf. hahaha

John said...

I try to leave my peeps sitting out for a couple of years before I dig in and today being Easter, I tried one of my peeps from a few years ago. It was not up to my standards of hardness. It had the consistency of a circus peanut. I'll see if I can find a way to accelerate the staleness.

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