Thursday, April 28, 2011

past pictures in Vegas

Yesterday we woke up to a little winter wonderland.  That's right...everything was covered in snow.  Disgusting.  (Although, I am grateful it was snow instead of tornadoes, praying for our family and friends safety!)  I was craving some warmth and wishing we could just pop down to Vegas for the day.  We used to live a short hour and a half away and would find any reason to go play... 
"Oh you want Cheesecake Factory?  Let's go to Vegas!"
 "Shopping?!  Vegas!" 
"Want to walk around until our legs are about to fall off?  Vegas!"
"What should we do today?  VEGAS!"
"One year Anniversary?  Vegas!"
"We're going to California?!  We have to stop in Vegas on our way back!"
So today I am daydreaming about Vegas, it's shopping, it's warmth, and it's pools.  Here are some past pictures :)

My very large virgin pina coloda ha!

Mandalay Bay
Dang Cheesecake Factory...get's us everytime!
Treasure Island
Caesar's Palace
We love and miss Vegas :)

p.s.  I bet you're all jealous and wishing your man could look as thrilled as my man does while taking some of these pictures.  It's a gift really :)
p.p.s.  Vegas has FREE valet parking!  Who knew?  After all the countless time's we've been there... I just found out in January.  Geez louise!


Our Little Bubble said...

we were just there 2 weeks ago. my first time and loved it!!! can't wait to go back!

meme-and-he said...

ahh this looks amazing!! and warm!!

SNOW? really?? bless your poor soul.

m&msmommy said...

Addorable pics! And I am SOOOO jealous...I want to go to Vegas SO bad! But I am not jealous of your snow, YUCK!!!!!! ;)

Lauren said...

How cute, I still haven't been to Vegas!!

Unknown said...

Ahhh love, LOVE Vegas! I love looking through old photos :)


P! said...

Never been, but after seeing this, I just might have to! Cute post!

monster cakes said...

It's supposed to snow tomorrow where I live! Lame?! I'll be praying that you and I both get some sunshine soon! xo

ps. I've never read Thief either, so let me know if it's good!

Haylee Caplin said...

Let's take a road trip sometime!

Megan said...

Awww, such fun pictures! How awesome that y'all have gotten to go there so much. I've never been!!

Vale ♥ said...

Your blog is so sweet, I love the fact you are so in love, I am a very romantic person and me too I feel blessed to have my soulmate by my side ! Best wishes for everything ! Love from Italy xoxox

Raven said...

where the heck do you live where it is SNOWING??????

and Vegas. Awww Vegas. One of the best places on Earth. An adult's playground. Makes me wanna go back. Your pictures are adorable :)

CaseyWiegand said...

girl I came home from vegas pregnant with aiden! haha! i love vegas, so so fun!!!!! hugs!!! xoxoxoxo

Alexis Kaye said...

I'm getting a little jealous of all your trips right now! P.S. you look gorgeous in all these pictures :)

mary said...

SNOW? Snow? SNOOOOOOWWWWW? oh my. These pics are just what can perk up a snowy day! ps~i love your shoulder length do with the side bang = adorably beautiful! xox!

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

I think both our husbands share the "thrilled' look. I dont know why they cant take a serious picture. Come on guys it's not that hard. hahaha

Antoinette Musik said...

WOW these photos are amazing! I have never been to Vegas and wanna go so badly!! You two are one of my fave couples! It is obvious tat you are very much in love. Soooo adorable.


Christy said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! Love the pics! If you can believe it, I went to the Cheesecake Factory for the FIRST time last weekend and did NOT get cheesecake! Crazy. I know. But I'm trying to lose weight! I know, I know...WHY go to CHEESECAKE factory when you're trying to lose weight??? Well, it wasn't my choice! But the food was delish! Looks like y'all had a great time!

Tatiana said...

Snow??? That should be illegal!
You guys are so cute together! I love the love you show through your pics!

Job and Rachael said...

How fun! Dang, we lived in Vegas for 3 months and it looks like you had more fun in your little day trips than we did our whole time there ;) We need to go with you guys next time! ;)

Liesl said...

You are truly both the cutest things ever!!! I had no idea Vegas had free Valet...awesome! Looks like you had a lovely time!

Liesl :)

Ashley from Sloanbook said...

Ah, I love Vegas! I totally want to go back and see more Cirque de Soleil! Looks like you had fun! And so far Kevin hasn't taken me back to Italy yet (his mission) but we are planning on attending the Rome open house...within a few years...if we can afford it haha. Happy Anniversary!

Ashley Sloan

Mariel Torres said...

how cute! it looks like you two had a marvelous time

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