Friday, February 4, 2011

i love my husband(s)

In honor of love month I thought I'd share the personality/looks of the man I love :)  Prepare to be entertained!

my handsome husband (clean cut)
my muscle car loving man with his 69 chevelle he is rebuilding
cowboy ;)
crazy crazy child :)
sexy (wanna-be sexy?) ;)
my scary little mexi.. don't be alarmed or offended.  this is for real!  Eric thinks its the best to creep me out with his stache.  and that jersey is from Mexico, he speaks spanish and Eric served his mission in Mexico and really does  have a love for the people (so much that he wants to be one ha)
swimsuit model ;) yum!
tough guy (ok so he doesn't look "tough" here and I don't have a good picture but every time we go out in public and Eric wears his tapout shirt, hat on backwards, and spy sunglasses he always gets called "tough guy" ha)
silly dork :)

Do you wish your husband/boyfriend's as versatile as mine?!  :)  These pictures don't do justice but I tried :)  There is never a dull moment when Eric is around!  I love that my man can be crazy and dorky, sexy and good lookin', caring and kind, and most of all I love that he loves me.  He is such a hard worker, so honest, and completely dependable. I am the luckiest girl!  I love you babe. 


aftonbrooke said...

Haha What is it with the Brinkerhoff boys ? Gregg can pull off almost all of those too. It kind of scares me sometimes.

Lauren said...

How cute!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind words! You are so sweet! I love that your blog is dedicated to your love story ♡

Eva Marie said...

These are too cute (and funny) lol

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

Oh my goodness his stache is classic. Lol. My husband thinks he's Chilean, that's where he served. These guys.

Cassie Brendan said...

Such a lucky wife! You've gotta love that muscle car too! I'm also lucky to have the most handsome, the strongest, the funniest, the sweetest, and the HOTTEST husband ever! <3 Now we're both fortunate to have the hottest guys in town! =))

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