Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine's day!

Kiss & Tell:
  • You burn 26 calories in a one minute kiss.
  • The average person spends two weeks of their life kissing.
  • Eskimos, Polynesians and Malaysians rub noses instead of kissing.
  • Romans kissed each other on the eyes or the mouth as a greeting.
  • African tribes pay homage to their Chief by kissing the ground where he has walked.
  • The scientific name for kissing is philematology.
  • Longest Kiss- 29 hours by contestants in the "Breath Savers Longest Kiss Challenge" in New York on March 24, 1998.  (Eric and I will beat this..NOT!  That doesn't sound like any fun haha)

(I bet you can't tell that I love kissing my man, right?!)

Happy Valentine's Day!  Eric and I have no fun plans today :(  He works all day then has school tonight ha.  So I'll be making him a Valentines's card, a special dinner, and yummy Valentine's treat.  And when Eric gets home from school I'm going to kiss the crap out of him!  (Gross.  Ok I'm not going to kiss the crap out of him but.. you know what I mean! :) 

I can't wait to catch up on my blog stalking and have much happier posts on my blog :)  I was crazy busy working out of town last week and didn't have time to read ANY blogs so prepare for comments this week :)  But since I'm so out of the loop right now.. tell me!  What are you doing for Valentine's Day?!


brittany said...

Here's a little idea that I did for my man this morning. You could do it and have it ready tonight when yours comes home :)
I wrote a little note and left it on a door saying that I wanted to tell him a few reasons why I love him... Then I left little hearts all over that said things that I love about him. They were in the bathroom, his sock drawer, laundry room, etc... there were probably 15 or so hearts. (You could do more or less :) Just something cheap and simple, but who doesn't like getting tons of compliments from their lover!?! :) Hope you have a lovely valentines with your hubby!!

aftonbrooke said...

So I'm not sure what we're going to do completely , because I told Gregg to surprise me. We did however decide to make dinner together , since all the nice places will be packed.

Katie said...

I saw on the today show today someone got the record for kissing 36 hours! really did not look that fun!

tifsong said...

i nominated you for a silly little blog award.

Gracie said...

Sounds exciting! I do hear kissing has some great benefits :) I hope you had fun!

Kissing for that long, that would be painful I think.

Crowley Family said...

Naomi and I have been sick, so Cory and I said Happy Valentine's Day! I helped Naomi make Cory a card for Valentine's Day! It was so cute she made sure we added glitter to it. But our anniversary is in a couple weeks, so we figure we'll make big plans then.

Jillian said...

oooh great facts.... all the more reasons to keep on kissing!!!

Eva Marie said...

Happy Valentines Day :)

Love the cute facts

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

Cute facts I love it. Well the hubs and I have a rule to make each kiss last longer than 3 seconds. That's 78 calories. WAhoo!

Write it in Lipstick

Unknown said...

YOu are so stinkin cute! Hope you had a great valentine's even if you didn't get to see much of your man. :)

raveninthewolfden said...

What a cute post. thanks for sharing, and stopping by my blog. YOur pictures are gorgeous!

Meredith said...

holy moly, i guess me and the old hubby need to get back to our kissing roots. 4 yours of marriage has pretty mush squashed those kissy fests we used to have. sigh. to be young and in love again;) haha!

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