Tuesday, February 1, 2011

happy love month

Since Eric and I are super in love I thought I'd post what I'm lovingPerfect day for this post right?!  And seriously... we are super in love :)

I'm loving my husband.  He is my rock, my best friend, my lover. 
I'm loving our families.
I'm loving our friends.  We are blessed with the best friends ever.
I'm loving food.  All the time.
I'm loving the bachelor. What can I say?  I'm weak.
I'm loving the gym.  Seriously.  Spin is what I love most but I've never enjoyed the gym as much as I do now.

I'm loving the beach.  April can come a little faster..
I'm loving the sunshine.  I'm made for the sun, not the snow.
I'm loving babies.  Always babies.
I'm loving pink.  Does that surprise anyone?
I'm loving my job.  I love getting paid to make hair pretty, gossip and make friends.
I'm loving that I finally started this blog and can share our life.  I also love meeting people through blog land.  I've pegged some of you as my newest friends even though you don't know it.  Ok.. I've pegged myself as your wanna-be friend.
I'm loving the temple and the peace and comfort it gives me.
I'm loving games.  Can it be game night every night?
I'm loving music.  Music inspires me in so many different aspects of my life.
Update:  How could I forget?!  I'm loving that my husband finally shaved and he finally had me cut his hair.  Woo woo!

What are you loving?!
What are your Valentine traditions?  Eric and I need to start some of our own!


tifsong said...

this is CUTE.

Brét said...

I'm loving you blogging, cuz it almost makes me want to do it, ha I'm so behind. I'm loving my kiddo's and that I'm surviving life with 2 kids, not sure I was going to for a while. Loving my new pedicure, new ctr ring and that I'm going to Vegas this weekend. ok I'm really going to post for the first time in months and copy you!

Randi Gardner said...

I'm loving a lot of the same things! I'm loving being creative especially though... its finally reaching a high in my life and it makes me feel so good. And by babies you meant my baby I'm sure! :)
I think you know my tradition of the Valentine countdown. It starts today and ends on valentines day... also homemade coupon books... I KNOW you know that one!
I'm loving YOU too! Ugh Court I really miss you and wish I realized how much I would.

Rissy said...

I'm loving cute, happy posts like this one!

Sandy a la Mode said...

you love the gym!??! that is insane! i wish i loved it b/c i could use a workout!! i am loving snow days because i can work from home with my hubby! :)

The Terry's said...

cute! i should do this! I'm loving the life!

Living Foxy said...

I love the photos of you and your hubby. You guys look so in love.

So, I'm loving that my little Lauren is old enough to go to nursery. I can now go to Relief Society the full hour.

krista jo said...

I found your blog via facebook...and I have been meaning to say that I really do want to go to spin sometime!

I didn't get your message about lat weeks until the next day :(

Jillian said...

awww that first picture is so cute!

i love Valentines day! It make sme happy

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I am loving this list and your blog!

Danielle said...

I also love this post and think I will be doing it as well sometime during the month!

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

you guys are so cute. What music do you listen to?

Unknown said...

I love love love it all!! :) Your pictures are so beautiful.


:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Aw, I'm loving your list! Makes me feel all warm and happy :)

My Valentine tradition is to celebrate Valentine's over breakfast with my husband (this will be our first as a married couple!) and then spend the rest of the day celebrating his birthday!

x Jasmine

Moniek said...

Lovely and cute!

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

What a cute post!!! :)
Thanks for stopping by earlier. Love your blog!

Kileen said...

very cute post and i'm loving your pictures. how perfect for February!

enter my csn stores giveaway!

Claire said...

LOVE your wedding pics that I just looked through you looked beautiful :)

erica said...

How cute. Loving all the pictures. I wish that I had a cute valentine's day tradition.


Anonymous said...

oh, this is sweet! i love your blog... it is full of sweet words and photos! ♥

Bella said...

This is the type of lovely post that reminds us how fun love can be! Loved reading it!

Sierra said...

glad to hear that you LOVE so much and thanks so much for stopping by my blog - have oh so much at Disneyland, it's amazing there!!

Gracie said...

Hehe this is so adorable! I love that you made a list of things you are loving. It's such a sweet little post.

Amy said...

Your "WILW" is so cute!
And I love your blog!

My Valentine's day tradition is that Justin has to ask me to be his valentine or else we don't make any plans for the holiday. It's nice to feel as if he doesn't just assume that I'm going to be his Valentine! :)

Vanilla said...

Happy love month :) thanks for stopping by my blog

Love, Vanilla


monster cakes said...

Thank you for your sweet compliments! Actually, it's quite funny that you of all people asked me about my hair... I had always wanted long blonde sexy hair! haha I tried all through high school but I never had thick long locks. My curly hair was always out of control and not staying straight (It's normally really naturally curly). I never felt "sexy." By the time I got married and turned 22, I finally realized that I will never be "sexy" bombshell--I'm more "cute" bubbly, so I decided to finally do a pixie cut. I had always dreamed of doing it but it would have been very "uncool" in my high school. And I've never been happier about myself! I feel much more me than ever.

ps. I love your blonde long locks. ; ) Now I can appreciate what I never had without being sad. haha

Pria said...

Thanks for dropping in and leaving some love ..and what a cute and love filled post ..You've already seen what my tradition is on Valentine ..its a month long of Love bytes on my blog and I hope you keep dropping in to read all :)

OneCraftyFox said...

Fabulous post, I'm Loving it!! ;)

I'm also loving...

...my kitty curled up in my lap while I am blogging on the computer

...the anticipation of making a homemade smores from scrap (who knew marshmallow goo was so easy to make) with the recipe I found on the This Free Bird Blog

...Curling up in bed with my Hunny tonight to watch movies and fall asleep in each others arms.

Happy belated birthday!! And thanks so much for visiting my blog, I'm so glad you dropped by :)

Dana said...

You guys are adorable!
Learning Chinese is hard by the way...so many characters!

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