Thursday, January 13, 2011

continuing with our reception

After the Temple we headed straight for our luncheon.  I don't think we got any pictures of that which is way too bad because it was the best food EVER!  I may have loved that food too much because having forgotten to eat breakfast I was starving!  I just wanted the luncheon to be light and as little fuss as possible and it turned our perfect!  We had crescent sandwiches, chips and dip, fruits, desserts, all that yummy stuff.  And it was so fun to be able to visit with family that had traveled to celebrate our perfect day!
We had our reception that night and it was a blast!  I was so worried it was going to be the lamest wedding ever but it really wasn't!  We still get compliments about how fun that night was!  Our reception center was beautiful!  It was at a club house on a golf course and we were able to hold most of the reception outside.  The food and gifts were about the only things inside.  Weather was perfect!  I could not have asked for a more perfect night in St George!

hilarious!  caught Eric doing the air guitar :)
crap!  I wiped my dad out :)
Eric's family.. we weren't able to get a picture at the Temple

We had a line at our reception which I wasn't happy about but now I'm glad my mom made us do it (dang it..our mom's are always right!) It was non-stop people for over an hour and a half and the first break in the line my dad, me, and Eric all ran for it :)  I know people kept coming after the line was finished but I was so unaware of them.. I was just too wrapped up in Eric haha.  That's why I'm glad my mom made us do it.  We got to actually see our friends and families who took time out of their lives to help us celebrate!
For music we were just going to put together a play list on our iPod and hook that up but with my dad being a musician he said he wanted live music.  That's the only time he put his foot down in planning the wedding.  So who better to provide live entertainment thatn.... my dad's band!  The Lawn Darts played for our wedding! :)  They were a major hit!  Having them for our live band made the reception!  Everyone felt so comfortable dancing and playing!
When my dad couldn't play with them (because he was standing in the line or dancing) my brother stepped awesome!
first dance as husband and wife
daddy/daughter dance. yes that's a wet cheeck..I was totally crying
Eric dancing with his mom
oops I may have just kicked my husband in the mouth..
we had a money dance!  ok I'll be honest...Eric made bank!  I didn't do to well...I was tired haha!
I was so ready to go but Eric wanted to stay and keep dancing...what?!  isn't the guys supposed to be dragging the girl out!?
finally!  we're outta here and off to honeymoon!

Well this was a super long post.. congrats if you made it all the way through :)  I'm so grateful to have the most amazing husband ever and I'm so glad I'm finally documenting this stuff!  After 2 and a half years I've already forgotten so many details!  So stick with me as I continue updating my blog to present time :)


Danielle said...

I loved your guys reception as well, it was in a beautiful area.

Laura Darling said...

This looks like it was so much fun! Love your dress!

Jillian said...

it looks like you guiys had a blast!!!

Antoinette Musik said...

I fond you through another blogger and I am just loving reading through your posts.
Looks like you had the most fantastic wedding day! Love your dress! I am so sick of the strapless dresses that almost every bride wears and I just love that you worse something a little different.
I wish you a beautiful life together. Being married to the man of your dreams is the best!

Roberto said...

From the appetizers, salads, vegetables and main dishes, to desserts (so many of them!), everything was so delicious! This was probably the best wedding food I've ever tasted!
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