Wednesday, January 12, 2011

blogging about our past.. for our future!

It is time for me to get to work!  I need to catch up my blog from our wedding on so that I can have this thing ready to print into a book!  So here goes....

Best Day of Our Lives:

May 03, 2008

Perfect day.  Seriously!  I couldn't have asked for more than I got on our wedding day!  Here's a quick break down of that morning.  I woke up and headed to the salon.  I did my hair while one of the girls did my make up.  Then I went back home, gathered everything up, and we were off to the temple!  (I hope you all noticed I'm missing a big detail that should be a part of every one's morning...) I couldn't wait to meet up with my husband to be! :)  When we got there I was whisked away to prepare for our sealing (getting SOOO excited!  I had crazy butterflies :)) In the middle of all this craziness my tummy started hurting.  What the?!  Then Eric asked if I had breakfast.... what the?!?!  I FORGOT breakfast (there's that big detail...)  I never forget to eat.  EVER.  Because I need my food.  Other than forgetting breakfast it was the perfect morning :)  At 10:00 AM we were sealed for Time and All Eternity!  I have never felt such pure happiness in my life.  Eric's mine forever and ever!  Picture's speak louder than words right?!  Here we go..

Mr and Mrs Brinkerhoff
never wanted anyone more..
cheesy/I'm the only paying attention to the camera picture :)  (my mom is going to kill me haha)
eric's parents
big happy smiles :)
grandma and grandad
picture on the Temple steps that everyone has :)
my family
St George Temple
so happy
love him
we're married!


The Stylers said...

Crazy I played out at Tuachann with your dad in Joseph! he is an AMAZING guitar player!!! Such a small world! Cute pics!!

ConnieB said...

So beautiful!! I love that temple!

Sandy a la Mode said...

awwww i LOVE seeing wedding pictures! soo beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Wedding photos are my favorite! You looked gorgeous on your special day! Beautiful photos, beautiful couple! Thanks for the comment on my photo! Have a great weekend! xo

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